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The Gayzette, February 1979

Part of Pride Community Services Organization publications

l I 4: ; . '1 ;l) I n ________________..________________._______________________________________________________.________._______. LEXINGTON GAY SERVICES ORGANIZATION, INC. FEBRUARY 1979 SPEAKER'S BUREAU AND INSERVICE WORKSHOP CALL FOR FINANCIAL SUPPORT PROGRAMS ARE BUSY GSO is operating it's programs on finan This month we have several classroom cial contributions, a few moneymaking speaking engagements coming up. We also benefits, and inkind donations. We are in will be conducting two important inservice need 0f funds to help support a number Of training sessions for area professionals. . projects. Our most expensive endeavor is On February 19, we will be at the Compre the Gaygette. Because printing costs are hensive Care Center in Winchester dealing 50 high, we have decided to purchase our with The Needs and Problems of Gay Peo own mimeograph machine. We also need to ple.l On February 25, we will be with the purchase pamphlets, bibliographies, etc. Division of Children's Services under the ' for our speakers bureau and inservice Urban County Government to deal with the training programs. And, Of course, simple issue of gay youngster. Supplies (envelops, stamps, paper, ink, We hope to continue such services as EtC-) are always needed. frequently as possible. If you are inter~ If YOU can make a contribution, Please ested in taking part in such work, please mail it to G50, P-O- BOX 11471: Lexington, let us hear from you. KY 40511. Your support is appreciated. GAY PERSON IN THE FAMILY WINTER FORUM Doug Burnham, GSO President, will be The Gay Services Organization is spon conducting a workshop March 27 and 28 at soring a series of workshops and forums. the annual conference of the Kentucky Co The workshops are focused primarily toward alition of Student Social Workers. The to- gay men and lesbians, but other interested pic of his workshop will be The Gay Person person are welcome to attend. in the Family. He is looking for gay men, The following schedule is set and all lesbians, and parents of gays who he could workshops will be held at the Unitarian interview for his material. If you are in Church, 3564 Clays Mill Road. terested, please call Doug at 2558173, or, in Richmond, at 6225269. February 23 2pm to 4pm Legal concerns for gay couples and individ GSO TO RESUBMIT GRANT PROPOSAL uals. For the past two years, GSO has submit March 8 2pm to 4pm ted a grant proposal to the State Depart- Mental Health issues for gay men and les ment of Human Resources to develop a drug bians. and alcohol prevention program for gay men and lesbians. Both times, the proposal has March 29 _ 2pm to 4 pm been turned down. Health issues for gay men and lesbians. Well, let's try it again. The proposal will be resubmitted this year. If the pro We hope you will plan to attend. Future P0831 is funded, GSO would be able to hire workshops on assertiveness training and a full time director and one clerical per- selfdefense are being planned. If there son plus rent a space to develop programs are issues you would like to see addressed and deliver services. Much of the services in a workshop, please send us your sugges would focus on education and counseling. tions and ideas.