(IN MEMORIAM)

                There it lies broken, as a shard,-
                  What breathed swveet music yesterday;
                  The source, all mute, has passed awuay
                With its masked meaniingys still unmnarred.

                But melody will never cease.!
                  Above the va-st cerulean sea
                  Of heaveni, created harmonrll
                Rings and re-echoes its release!

                So, this dumb instrumnent that 1i s
                  All ptou erlesss,-[ with spirit flown,
                  Beyond the veil of the Unkniotwn
                To chant its lov e-hymned litanies,-]

                Though it may thrill us here no more
                  With cadenced strain,-ini other spheres
                  Will rise above the vanquished years
                And breathe its music as before!
[Louisville Times]
Written December 7th, 1914.
                                               Rose de Vaoux-Royer.

  The spirit of Madison Cawein passed at midnight from this world of inti-
mate beauty "To stand a handsbreadth nearer Heajen and what is God!"