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        Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Board of
Trustees of the University ol Kentucky, January 16, 1959.

        The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of the University
of Kentucky met in the President, s Office at 9:45 a. m. , CST, Friday, Jan-
uary 16, 1959, with the following members present: R. P. Hobson, Chair-
man; Dr. Ralph J. Angelucci, J. Stephen Watkins. Absent, Harper Gatton.
President Frank G. Dickey and Secretary Frank D. Peterson met with the

        A. Approval of Minutes.

        Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried, the minutes of the
Executive Committee of November 8, 1958, were approved as published.

        B. Financial Report Approved.

        Mr. Peterson submitted financial report of the University for the
six-months period ended December 31, 1958. The report consisted of a
balance sheet and related financial statements which presented the complete
financial picture of the period for all funds of the University.

        The Report was examined in detail, Members being satisfied,
upon motion duly made, seconded and carried, the Report was authorized
received and filed.

        C. University Purchases Approved.

        Mr. Peterson submitted list of University purchases from October
1, 1958 through December 31, 1958. The requisitions and other purchase
documents were submitted for consideration, and upon motion duly made,
seconded and carried, the following were authorized ratified and approved.

S. D. Orders -                         Inclusive
State Requisitions -------------------- Inclusive
Emergencies, State ------------------- Inclusive
Special Orders ----------------------- Inclusive
Job Order Vouchers  ---------   ---- Inclusive
Stores Vouchers ----------------------Inclusive
Vouchers -Inclusive
Order by Letters ---                   Inclusive
Athletic Orders  ---------------------- Inclusive
Emergency Purchase Orders --------Inclusive

Stores Material Requisitions ---------- Inclusive
Food Storage Center Orders ----------- Inclusive
Request for QuotatiQns ---------------- Inclusive

9665 - 10107
5701-6501 & 1-4
B39 2-B844



         D. Assignment of Patent Right by Carl A. King.

         Mr. Carl A. King, who has invented a chair that can mechanically
 walk upstairs, has applied for letters patent of the United States and has de-
 scribed the nature of his invention in the specifications of said application and
 filed it in the United States Patent Office on the 12th day of November, 1958,
 as Serial No. 773-346.  Mr. King is in the employment of the University of
 Kentucky. He has agreed to make an assignment, according to legal docu-
 ment submitted and, for the consideration of $1. 00 in hand paid and accepted,
 has sold, assigned, transferred and set over to the Board of Trustees of
 the University of Kentucky the entire right, title and interest in and to the
 invention as evidenced by patent application.  Upon recommendation, and
 upon motion duly made, seconded and carried, the assignment was authorized
 accepted and approved and the consideration paid.

         E. Patent Assignment of Carl A. King Transferred.

         Mr. Petexrsen advised that the assignment of Carl A. King of patent
rights to the University could best be handled by the Kentucky Research
Foundation and that the assignment, given Serial No. 773-346, November 12,
12, could be sold and transferred to the Kentucky Research Foundation, and
he so recommended.  The Committee being advised, upon motion duly
made, seconded and carried, authorized the patent referred to assigned and
transferred in its entirety to the Kentucky Research Foundation for the sum
of $1. 00 and other good and valuable considerations, the receipt of which
is acknowledged.

         F. Campus Book Store Contract Renewed.

         Mr. Peterson submitted Agreement between the University of Ken-
tucky and James E. Morris for lease of the Campus Book Store for a two-year
period beginning January 1, 1959 and ending January 1, 1961. He explained
that the renewal was identical with the existing lease and that the arrange-
ments under the lease had proven to be satisfactory.

         Members of the Committee asked questions and, having received
answers, upon motion duly made, seconded and carried, the Agreement was
approved and authorized executed.

        G. Purchase of Athletic Department Interest in Bath House Approved.

        Mr. Peterson explained that, at the time the University constructed
the Food Storage Center building, the Kentucky Athletic Association joined
in the transaction and paid for the facilities of that building used by the Ath-
letic Department for showers, dressing rooms and offices.  The original
construction cost paid by the Kentucky Athletic Association was $86, 374. 67.
It was explained that the building and built-in fixtures had been amortized
at the rate of 21% per year of use.  The depreciated value as of June 30,



1959 will be $77,456. 20. President Dicke-y and Mr. Peterson recommended
that the Kentucky Athletic Association be refunded the amount they have in
the building since, after July 1, 1959, the Athletic Association will not be us-
ing the practice field adjacent to this building and will have no further use for
the building. He further explained that the Food Storage Center could make
use of the space for enlarging the warehouse facilities.

        After a general discussion, a motion was made, seconded and car-
ried that the Kentucky Athletic Association be paid $78, 000.00 for their
interest in the bath house, which is a part of the Food Storage Center, and
that the funds be taken from Account 3438, Campus Book Store.

        H. Investment Approved.

        Mr. Peterson reported to the Board that the Federal Treasury had
recently announced the issuance of Treasury Notes dated February 2, 1959
and maturing November 1, 1959. The notes will be issued for a nine-months
period and would bear interest at 3. 45%. It was suggested that $400, 000
of the current operating funds be invested in this short-term paper, thus
earning $10,600, rather than letting the money lie idle in the treasury.

        The Committee was advised that investments during the past cal-
endar year of operating funds on 90-day government notes had yielded approx-
imately $18,000. During the past year, the interest rates on 90-day war-
rants have fluctuated from 3-1/4% to 1-1/4%.

        Members of the Committee thought the recommendation was good,
and upon motion duly made, seconded and carried, approved the temporary
investment of $400, 000 and authorized President Dickey and the Treasurer
to repeat such investments as long as they do not run for a longer period
than nine months and do not endanger the current operating position of the

        I. Adjustment in Dormitory Rates Approved.

        Mr. Peterson -reported recommendation of the Dean of Men, Dean of
Women and Mr. Kavanaugh, Associate Business Manager, and stated that he
concurred in the recommendation.

        (1) That room and board in the women' s residence hails be
            increased from $270 per semester per occupant to $295
            per semester per occupant. It is further recommended,
            for internal control, that $15 of this $25 increase on all
            occupants on Keeneland and Holmes Hall be reserved for
            payment in the bond issues, and that $10 of it be divided equal-
            ly between residence operation of these two halls and the
            feeding unit. We recomnend the other increase in Jewell,
            Patterson and Boyd Halls be continued on the pro rata di-
            vision of 60%--40%, which arrangement has been in effect
            for many years.  We recommend that room rent for the
            summer session be increased from $52 to $56 in all halls
            for women.



        (2) That rates in men, s residence halls be $90 per semester
            per occupant for all rooms in Bowman, Bradley, Kinkead
            and Breckinridge Halls, and $110 per semester per
            occupant for all rooms in Donovan Hall. The charge per
            semester for two meals per day for boys in residence
            will remain at $165 per semester, which may be published
            in the catalogue as $255 for two meals per day per semester
            per occupant for room and board in Bowman, Bradley,
            Kinkead and Breckinridge Halls, and $275 for two meals
            per day per semester per occupant for Donbvan Hall.

        Mr. Peterson xeported the Dean of Men and Dean of Women have
made studies of comparable rates in 51 schools in this area and have found
our rates to be low.  He reported that the income from residence halls was
close to being inadequate to pay the operating budget and to amortize the
indebtedness on some of the residence hall facilities.

        A general discussion ensued and, upon motion. duly made, seconded
and carried, the room rates in the Men' s Residence Halls were authorized
fixed at $90. 00 per semester for rooms in Bowman, Bradley, Kinkead and
Breckinridge Halls and $110. 00 per semester per occupant for all rooms in
Donovan Hall, with an equitable rate, approved by the Vice President,
Business Administration, for summer session.  The rates in the Women' s
Residence Halls for room and board were fixed at $295. 00 per semester per
occupant.  The Vice President, Business Administration, was authorized
to fix an equitable rate for the summer session.

        J. Advance Payment Authorized.

        Mr. Peterson read the following communication:

                                                 January 14, 1959

        President Frank G. Dickey
        University of Kentucky

        Dear President Dickey:

        The Dean of Men, the Dean of Women, Mr. Kavanaugh and I make
        the following recommendations concerning room reservation and
        payment of charges:

            (1)  In lieu of the $20 room deposit now required with
                  the application for dormitory room, it is recommend-
                  ed that an advance payment of $50 be required with
                  each room application--this sum to be applied to
                  the cost of the room and board should the student
                  register for the school term specified.

Refunds are to be made on the following basis:



                 (a) If the student should decide not to enter the
                    University and he notifies the office of the
                    Dean of Men or Women prior to August 15
                    then the $50 advance payment will be refunded
                    in full.

                 (b) If he notifies of cancellation and this is received
                    from the student after August 15, but before the
                    first day of Welcome Week, $25 of the advance
                    payment will be refunded to the student and $25
                    will be retained as administrative charge and
                    to compensate the housing unit affected.

                 (c) Persons holding housing reservations who do not
                    cancel them by the first day of Welcome Week
                    and who fail to report for registration shall forfeit
                    the entire advance payment of $50.

           (2) It is suggested that the Business Office develop a partial
              payment plan which will permit the student to pay the
              remainder of room and board in not more than three

           (3) Any variation from the schedule of refunds shall be due to
              death in the immediate family, catastrophe affecting the
              family as a result of an act of God, and in rare cases,
              given at the discretion of the Dean of Women or Dean of
              Men with the concurrence of the Director of Accounts and
              Budgetary Colitrol.

           (4) Refunds for all payments to the University shall continue
              on the basis of charging eight per cent per week for the
              time the student uses University facilities.

           (5) We further recommend that an advance of $40, 000 be made
              to the residence halls for men budget for the purpose of
              purchasing dormitory furniture to adequately equip rooms.
              This advance is to be refunded from the income received
              from the increased rates above recommended.

                                               Very truly yours,

                                  (Signed)    Frank D. Peterson
                                               Vice President
                                               Business Administration

           Members of the Committee, being advised, on motion duly made,
seconded and carried, authorized that an advance payment of $50. 00 be re-
quired with each room application, that partial payment plan be developed
by the Business Office, and that refunds be made in accordance with recomn-



          K. Budget Adjustment.

          Mr. Peterson stated that it would be necessary to purchase new
 furniture for Breckinridge, Kinkead and Bradley Halls at a cost of about
 $40, 000. He stated that the furniture in these halls was antiquated and,
 in many cases, unusable. He stated that new furniture would place the
 facilities in these buildings on a par with those in Bowman Hall, justify-
 ing the increase in room rent to that in Bowman Hall. He recommended
 that $40, 000 be temporarily transferred to the Men, s Residence Halls
 account for the purpose of making furniture purchases at this time and that
 the advance be refunded out of receipts from the rented rooms in the Men, s
 Residence Halls.

          Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried, an advance of
$40, 000 was authorized made, with the understanding that future receipts
of the Halls would amortize the advance made.

          L. Patterson Hall Audit Report Received.

          Mr. Peterson submitted to the members of the Committee the
Audit Report of the James K. Patterson Fund held by the Security Trust
Company. He stated that the audit was made by Yeager, Ford and Warren,
Certified Public Accountants, and covered the period August 19, 1922 to
September 20, 1958.  The audit consisted of information on receipts and
disbursements by fiscal years and comparable information at five-year
intervals.  The Report revealed that investments transferred to the Execu-
tors on August 19, 1922, aggregated $159,640. 00. The condensed balance
sheet of September 30, 1958, revealed assets of $542, 271. 35. This figure
is increased some by the appreciations in existing investments held.

          The Report was examined in some detail.  Members being ad-
vised, upon motion duly made, seconded and carried, authorized same re-
ceived and filed and the cost paid for from Patterson funds.

          M. Agreement for Easement to Columbia Gas of Kentucky, Inc.

          Mr. PetEtrson explained that it became necessary to grant an
easement to Columbia Gas of Kentucky, Inc., to run a gas line from a point
near Cooperstown to the site of the new Athletic building. The easement
and plat showing dimensions were submitted, and upon motion duly made,
seconded and carried,the lease was. approved and authorizedexecuted on
behalf of the University.

          N. Clifford Smith Appointed Member of the Council on Public
Higher Education.

          President Dickey reported that there existed a vacancy of a Board
member on the Council on Public Higher Education, He stated that the Council
met in Frankfort generally and that the Board might want to appoint some memn-
ber who could attend the Council from time to time.



          The membership of the Board of Trustees was surveyed, and
upon motion duly made, seconded and carried, Mr. Clifford Smith, a
member of the Board of Trustees, University of Kentucky, was appointed
to represent the Board of Trustees of the University on the Council on
Public Higher Education.

          0. Mr. Floyd Wright Made Member of Kentucky Research Founda-

          President Dickey reported that expiration of the term of Mr. Robert
C. Stilz as a member of the Board of Trustees created a vacancy in the mem-
bership of the Board of Directors of the Kentucky Research Foundation. He
stated that there are three members from the University Board of Trustees
on the Kentucky Research Foundation Board, and suggested that the vacancy
be filled.

          Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried, Mr. Floyd Wright,
new member of the Board of Trustees, was elected member of the Kentucky
Research Foundation representing the University Board of Trustees.

          P. Mrs. Hernandez Employed.

          President Dickey reported request from Dr. Lawrence S. Thompson,
Director of University Libraries, for the employment of Mrs. J. E. Hernan-
dez. He stated that Doctor Hernandez holds the rank of Associate Professor
in the Department of Modern Foreign Languages and it will be necessary to
make another exception in the employment of Mrs. Hernandez. He stated
that Doctor Thompson had reported that Mrs. Hernandez, s unusual abilities
generally made it desirable to acquire her services temporarily. Some
discussion followed, and upon motion duly made, seconded and carried, Mrs.
J. E. Hernandez was authorized employed for library work on a temporary

         Q. Miss Carolyn Carter Employed.

         President Dickey presented a request of Professor Robert D. Haw-
kins, head, Department of General Engineering, that Miss Carolyn Carter,
daughter of Professor L. H. Carter, College of Commerce, be employed
as part-time secretary in the Department of General Engineering on a temporary
basis. He stated that this vacancy occurred when Miss Joyce Huber resigned
on January 16, 1959, and that Professor Hawkins had found it difficult to
find a capable person to replace her.

         Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried, Miss Carter was
authorized employed aspart-time secretary in the Department of General
Engineering for a period of ten months.



          R. Miss Guenther Employed Off-Campus.

          President Dickey submitted recommendation from Dr. William
Seay, Vice Director, Agricultural Experiment Station, that Miss Ruth
Guenther, Assistant Professor of Home Economics, be permitted to teach
a series of six weekly evening classes of sales personnel at the Lafayette
Area Vocational School. The topic of the class would be "New Textile
Fibers and Their Care." President Dickey stated that, since Miss
Guenther is employed as an assistant professor in the College of Agriculture
and Home Economics, the outside employment should be brought to the at-
tention of the Board. He recommended that the request be granted.

          Upon motion duly made, seconded and carried, Miss Ruth Guenther
was approved for employment to teach a series of six weekly evening class-
es in the Lafayette Area Vocational School during February and March.

         S. Membership in the Graduate Faculty Approved.

         President Dickey submitted a recommendation from Dr. Herman
E. Spivey, Dean of the Gractuate School. He stated that the following mem-
bers have had successful experience in both teaching and research and are,
in his opinion, qualified for membership in the Graduate Faculty:

         Robert L. Becker, Assistant Professor of Physics
         Richard Linn Blanton, Associate Professor of Psychology
         C. Milton Coughenour, Associate Professor of Rural Sociology
                and Associate Rural Sociologist
         Wendell C, DeMarcus, Professor of Physics
         Merrill DeVoe, Professor of Marketing
         Hartley C. Eckstrom, Associate Professor of Chemistry
       WA.Vincent Paul Kenney, Assistant Professor of Physics
         Frank Kodman, Assistant Professor of Psychology and Director,
                Audiology Clinic
         Robert Amis Lauderdale, Jr., Associate Professor of Sanitary
                Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering
         Marcus T. McEllistrem, Assistant Professor of Physics
         Helen R. Marshall, Associate Professor of Home Economics
                and Associate Home Economist
         Joseph Logan Massie, Professor of Economics
         George W. Schneider, Head, Department of Horticulture
         Douglas W. Schwartz, Associate Professor of Anthropology
                and Director of Museum of Anthropology
         Dale Metz Smith, Assistant Professor of Botany.

         On motion duly made, seconded and carried, the persons named
above were elected to membership in the Graduate Faculty.



           T. Resolution on Death of Professor Lehre Livingston Dantzler.

           President Dickey submitted a Resolution on the death of Profes-
sor Lehre Livingston Dantzier, Professor of Philology in the English De-
partment, who was associated with the University of Kentucky from 191Z to


                  Lehre Livingston Dantzler was born in Orangeburg,
           South Carolina, in 1878; he died in Lexington, Kentucky, on
           December 19, 1958. He received his A.B. degree from
           Wofford College in 1898 and his M.A. from Vanderbilt
           University in 1902; in 1934 his alrna mater, Wofford Col-
           lege, conferred on him the honorary degree of Litt. D.
           His first teaching assignment was as Professor of Modern
           Languages at the Citadel Military College during 1906-08.
           From 1910 until 1912 Professor Dantzler was Lecturer
           in English Literature at the University of Leipsig.  He
           came to the University of Kentucky in 19 12 as Associate
           Professor of English, was made Acting Head of the Depart-
           ment in 1914, and Professor and Head of the Department
           in 1915, in which capacity he served until his retirement
           fro m active teaching in January, 1947. Though his retire-
           ment came as the result of a serious heart attack, his
           recovery was so complete that up to the very moment of his
           death almost twelve years later he lived with the vigor and
           enthusiasm of his earlier years.

                  Professor Dantzler' s title, as may be seen in suc-
          cessive University catalogs, was that of Professor of
          Philology. And indeed it was his interest in language that
          led to his being recognized as an authority on American dia-
          lects and pronunciation.  The official results of this in-
          terest may be found in the various editions of Webster, s
          International Dictionary, to which he was a Contributing
          Editor; but more importantly, perhaps, memory of it lives
          on in the minds of many generations of students who found
          themselves startled to have their home counties--and even
          their home cities in distant states--identified as they
          responded to a question about Browning, or Chaucer, or some
          other literary figure.

                  These, so to speak, are the facts, but those who were
          members of this faculty before 1947 know that the essential
          flavor of the man could be revealed only if one were to capture
          the spirit of innumerable scenes in the classroom such as
          those alluded to above, or on the campus or in a faculty
          meeting such as this. For Professor Dantzler was a colorful
          character in whose presence it was difficult for ordinary
          things to happen in an ordinary manner.  His enthusiasm and
          his enjoyment of an occasion was such that even a social call
          became an exciting and important event.



                  Finally, those who knew Professor Dantzler will
           remember of the catholicity of his tastes and his wide-
           ranging interest in many languages and literatures.  His
           interest in reading and in talking about books never flagged
           through a long life, and probably no group of people saw
           him more frequently in recent years than those who worked
           at the circulation desk of the University Library. In class
           and out L. L. Dantzler was a fine representative of the
           long tradition of humane letters, and his passing will be
           felt keenly by all those who knew him.

                   Therefore, be it resolved that these resolutions be
           approved by this Executive Committee of the Board of
           Trustees as an expression of its high regard for him; and
           be it further resolved that they be spread upon the minutes
           of this meeting, and that a copy be sent to his daughter.

           U. Resolution on Death of Miss Bessie Boughton.

           President Dickey reported the death of Miss Bessie Boughton,
who had been associated with the University for a period of thirty years.


                  The death of Miss Bessie Boughton, cataloger in the
           University of Kentucky Library since July 1, 1928, deprived
           the University of one of its most loyal and devoted servants.
           Miss Boughton, who died suddenly Wednesday, December 17,
           1958, as the result of a heart attack, was graduated from
           the University of Kentucky in 1927 and from Columbia Univer-
           sity School of Library Service in 1935.

                  Miss Boughton brought enthusiasm and intellectual
           curiosity to her work which was concerned, in the last few
           years. with the cataloging of rare books.  Her devotion to
           her family and friends was deep and enduring.  Her home
           reflected an unusual artistic creativity.

                  Miss Boughton' s work will be carried on by others
           but her place in the community cannot be filled.  The mem-
           bers of the staff of the University Libraries have lost a
           capable, understanding and friendly colleague.

                  Therefore, Be It Resolved that these Resolutions be
           approved by this Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees
           as an expression of its high regard for Miss Bessie Boughton
           and that a copy be spread upon the minutes of this meeting, and
           a copy sent to the family.


I 1

           V. Haggin Fund Budget Amended and Approved.

           President Dickey stated that the Haggin Fund budget for 1958-59
had been approved but he suggested that he would like to submit an amended
budget for 1958-59, showing the income and appropriations which reveal
that approximately $50, 000 of the annual income will not be budgeted this

           Members of the Board reviewed the Haggin Budget and, upon
motion duly made, seconded and carried, approved the budget as amended.

           W. A. Paul Nestor Appointed Associate Business Manager--
Medical Center.

           President Dickey reported that he and Mr. Peterson had conferred
about a person to represent the University of Kentucky Business Office and to
handle and supervise the business and financial affairs of the Albert B. Chand-
ler Medical Center.  He stated that several people from other institutions had
been interviewed but that it had been decided that we on our campus have as
good a person as might be found for this work. He, therefore, recommend-
ed the appointment of Mr. A. Paul Nestor as Associate Business Manager,
Medical Center, effective February 1, 1959, at a salary of $9,000 per annum.
President Dickey stated that Mr. Nestor was an outstanding student in his
undergraduate, as well as his graduate work. He holds the A.B. degree
from Berea College and the M. B.A. degree with a major in College Business
Management from the University of Kentucky. He was the recipient of
several special honors and awards while in school.  He has had twelve
years of experience in the area of college business work, six of which
have been at the University of Kentucky as Supervisor of Purchases, Stores
and Inventory.  He has also had some teaching experience.

           Mr. Nestor is 39 years of age, is married and has two daughters.
While in the service, he advanced from private to captain, and now holds
the rank of major in the 23d Corps Artillery, Kentucky National Guard.  He
is active in civic affairs, having been secretary and vice president of the
Kiwanis Club of Berea, and is currently a member of the Lexington Kiwanis
Club. He is a member of Lexington Chapter, National Office Management
Association, and past president of Presbyterian Men, s Organization of the
Second Presbyterian Church, where he is a member.

           Members of the Committee being advised, upon motion duly made,
seconded and carried, approved the appointment of Mr. A. Paul Nestor as
Associate Businiess Manager--Medical Center, effective February 1, 1959,
at the salary recommended.



           X. Statement of Plans for Future Development of Medical Center

           President Dickey reported that a statement concerning the plans
for future development of the Medical Center was submitted to the Board of
Trustees some time ago and that a committee was appointed to study the
statement and make a recommendation to the Board. He stated that the
report had been delayed, partially due to the death of Dr. Daniel C. Elkin.
He asked Dr. Ralph A. Angelucci, chairman of the committee if the com-
mittee was ready to make a report. Dr. Angelucci stated that the state-
ment placed emphasis upon training more doctors and health personnel to
serve Kentucky, to provide more educational opportunities in the health
field for the youth of Kentucky, to provide medical care for the indigent,
and generally to provide for a Medical Center which will serve the entire
state. He made some suggestions for changes in the report, minor in na-
ture, editorial in some cases, and recommended that the report be approved
and adopted, as corrected. Other members of the Committee being fa-
miliar with the report, upon motion duly made, seconded and carried,
authorized the report adopted and approved.

           Y. Gifts.

                      From: Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative
                             Corporation- -$240. 00.

           President Dickey reported receipt of check from Kentucky Rural
Electric Cooperative Corporation, in the amount of $240. 00, which repre-
sents a gift by them to the Agricultural Extension Service, to be applied
toward cost of exhibit display tables used in the 4-H Electric Project. He
recommended that the gift be accepted, and upon motion duly made, seconded
and carried, the check for $240. 00 was ordered accepted, and the President
was requested to write a letter of appreciation to the donors.

                      From: Aubrey Feed Mills, Louisville, Ky. --$1,000.00.

           President Dickey presented check for $1, 000. 00 from Aubrey
Feed Mills, and explained that this is the second check of Aubrey Feed Mills
in the past six months that has been given in support of the Experiment Sta-
tion' s project entitled "Physiological, Nutritional and Environmental Factors
Affecting the Formation of the Egg". He recommended that the gift be ac-
cepted, and upon motion duly nmade, seconded and carried, the Executive
Committee authorized acceptance of the check and requested the President
to write a letter of appreciation to officials of Aubrey Feed Mills.