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Larry Johnson Rebounds
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Brown Pushing For Post Season
Tourney In SEC
By Oscar L. Combs
If LSU Coach Dale brown has his way, the Southeastern Conference would offer fans an eight-team post season tournament to select its second representative to the NCAA tournament.
Brown took the opportunity to push for the plan after his Bengal Tigers suffered an 87-72 loss to the Kentucky Wildcats at Rupp Arena for the Tigers' fourth league loss against two wins.
The firey LSU boss says it's high time for the basketball coaches in the SEC to take a peek at the football bosses in hoop scheduling.
Brown has two items high on his list of priorities.
First, Brown wants to eliminate the complete, round-robin scheduling in basketball.He insists conference teams are just killing each other off while many independent teams can choose their opponents and thus end up with better records.
Secondly, he would like to see the SEC adopt the policy of sending the conference champion to the Mideast Regional, as in the past, but to sponsor an eight-team tournament to select the other representative. With the proposal, the SEC club with the worst conference record would not be premitted to play in the tourney.
"I think we're making a major mistake playing each other twice each season," Brown said following the game, "I think it cuts our records apart. The football people of the SEC have got much more vision."
"We, the basketball coaches, voted 8-2 and the athletic directors approved it 7-3 to forget about the round-robin and have a tournament at the end of the year and I think we've got to do that," added Brown."
"I think it would be good for basketball and I think by letting the first place team go to the NCAA and the tenth place team not getting to play in the tourney and let the other eight teams play, wow, I think we've got a heck of a set-up," argued Brown.
"Right now, we send two teams to the NCAA, but if you'll notice, in the records, we had only two teams in the SEC with less than ten losses, Tennessee and Alabama," Brown continued, "and the same thing is going to happen this year."
Maybe but Kentucky might not hit double digits this time.
Wonder why Brown offered his two long-sought innovations in Lexington?
It just so happens one of the two coaches to vote against the measures was Kentucky Coach Joe B. Hall.
And until you hear Hall's side, the two plans seem to be good ones. The other side of the issue. "The way we have it now, you get the true champion," said the UK mentor, "but if you drop the true round-robin, then there would be some teams with a definite home-court advantage because he would not have to travel to some schools in certain years."
A clear example might be: "LSU has to play every SEC team once, but five of the teams twice. Of the fourteen games, two of the teams would be played on the road only and two of the teams at home only. If the two home only games were say, Kentucky and Tennessee, LSU would be in the driver's seat. Eventually, each school would end up in the same matter, but it would still be a distinct advantage for schools which usually aren't basketball powers."
Thus you can understand why Kentucky and Alabama were against such a plan.
What happened to the proposal? It was  shot  down  by  the SEC presidents, mostly because they figured it would take the students out of the classrooms even more.
"A lot of people may not know this," said Hall, "but we tried this type of plan in the SEC a long time ago and agreed the present round-robin is better."
The idea has tones similar to the NCAA which likes to tax the rich and give to the poor. Only in this situation, they want to take victories from one and give to another.
For a coach and school which have never  won   a   basketball   game   in. Lexington, you can't blame them for trying.
After Saturday night's 87-72 loss, LSU's basketball record stood at 0-19 in Lexington and 3-43 overall.
Look for Brown to continue his ">t selling program for spring.  PAGE 3   THE CATS' PAUSE, JANUARY 29, 1977 ft^/tm mm*^ff nVtV" ni^V* *Vfr<'"je>eVfre%a^^ew^se^^>w%^^
C<*ts9 Pause Publisher
^4nd iYow Two Big Ones At 'Bama And State
Rupp Arena is the home of the Kentucky Wildcats, finally. It was so proclaimed Monday night by the Big Blue in Big Blue fashion.
It took quite a few efforts but the Wildcats blistered the nets for a torrid 62.1 clip while demolishing Ole Miss 100-73 to serve notice on SEC opponents that the Cats are back.
For they had better be.
Kentucky will be facing its toughest road assignment thus far as Coach Joe Hall's crew invades Crimson Tide land Saturday for a duel with C. M. Newton's natives before journeying over to Starkville Monday and a date with Mississippi State.
For the Wildcats, it is a must situation. Meanwhile, Alabama and Mississippi State cannot afford to lose at home.
Alabama was knocked from the ranks of the unbeaten Saturday by Tennessee, then forced into overtime before   finally   turning   back pesky
Georgia, 78-74, Monday.
Mississippi State blew a big game at Georgia Saturday, then pushed Tennessee for a half before falling, 68-59. So the two clubs will be in high gear for the Cats.
A two-game losing streak and Kentucky would be out of the running. However, a pair of wins would put the Cats right back in business.
+     + +
Tennessee's colorful coach Ray Mears made the quote of quotes Monday while declaring anyone (Kentucky) with a home court loss out
SEC standings
Conf. All W. L. W. L.
Conf. All W. L. W. L.
Tennessee 8 0 W 2 Vanderbllt 3 4 7 8
Alabama 6  1  15 1 Auburn 2 5 8 6
UK 6  1   13  2 LSU 2  5 9 7
Florida 4 3 11   4 Miss. 1 6 7 9
Miss. St. 3 4 11  5 Georoia 17 6 10
OVC standings
Conf. All W. L. W. L.
Conf.  All W. L. W. L.
Murray 5 1  13 4 East Tenn. 3 3 7 9
Austin Peay 5  1  15 2 Tenn. Tech 15 * 10
Mid. Tenn.      4 2 12 4 Western 15 4 11
Morehead 4 2   8 4 Eastern 15 4 9
AP college basketball poll
Records through Saturday's games
Pos College, ist-place votes                Record Pts.
1. San Francisco (47) .............-.....19-0 1,049
2. Michigan (3) ____________....._______13-1 895
3. Alabama          -........-.............14-1 705
4. North Carolina (4) ----......... ._ 13-2 658
5. Nevada-Las Vegas (1) _.....____._____16-1 566
6. Kentucky ____......_____......                                      12-2 562
7. Tennessee   _.................----------13-2 500
8. UCLA ___________................-14-2 435
9. Marquette  ........................13-2 406
10. Wake Forest..............______-_____      14-2 364
It, LpulSVIIIe___............-........____12-2 359
11 Cincinnati _.........._..............12-2 276
13. Minnesota............................12-1 219
14. Providence ___________..........-.....14-2 121
15. Arkansas _____......._________________14-1 102
16. Arizona .........-.....______.......___14-2 . 99
17. Syracuse................--------------14-2 45
18. Purdue .................________......11-4 33
19. Clemson . '>'-'->--<;~---:---'--*--i--j--'3"3 54 20: Memphis State ~___.-..'.16-2 Ji
of the SEC race.
Wildcat players took the Mears' statement on a low-key note and agreed everybody is entitled to his own opinion.
A few hours later, the Wildcats blistered the nets for 100 points as the lights at Rupp Arena went haywire in the final five minutes.
Officials decided to finish the game although one-third of the lights were out.
Hall later was prompted to say, "I've heard of shooting the lights out, but this goes a little too far."
+     + +
Larry Donald, editor of the highly-respected Basketball Weekly, says Michigan fans are pulling for the Tennessee Vols in the Southeastern Conference race.
"They don't want to face Kentucky in the Mideast Regional at Rupp Arena," said Donald, "and they figure Tennessee is the best bet to eliminate the Cats."
Donald says Kentucky is the best team he has watched this season, but also noted the ups and downs of the Wildcats.
LaVon Williams, the Wildcats' talented freshman from Denver, Colorado, is rapidly becoming a big crowd favorite at Rupp Arena.
Displaying the talent Wildcat coaches saw in him a year ago, La Von came to play over the weekend and exploded for 12 points in 13 minutes against Ole Miss Monday night.
"He really looked good out there tonight," said Hall of Williams' play, "he's beginning to lossen up and get his confidence. He's going to be a fine one."
Rick Robey was schedule to visit a local hospital after the game Monday night to undergo x-rays on his chest and have his elbow worked on.
Robey has been suffering recurring chest pains as a result of an automobile accident a week ago and he injured his elbow in the Ole Miss game while diving for a loose ball.
+     + +
NBC-TV, which now calls itself the king of collegiate basketball coverage, continues  to   show  its   inability to compile a Top 15 list each Sunday. .^This pas^t Sunday ratings orice again, turned their.-back to the powerful^EC,*
with the exception of Kentucky.
To give the devil justice, how anyone can keep Tennessee and Alabama out of the Top Ten is beyond me. Tennessee, with its sensational play in recent weeks, should be in the top five and Alabama should be only a couple of notches behind. Instead, Tennessee is No. 11 and Alabama No. 12.
One cannot argue with the No. 1 spot going to San Francisco since the Dons are still undefeated in intercollegiate competition despite losing to the Athletes in Action group. Somehow, Nevada-Las Vegas holds down the second spot and shouldn't even be in the top five with the schools on its schedule not to mention the home-court conditions Vegas enjoys.
Another stumper is North Carolina which holds down the No. 3 spot despite losing to North Carolina State and almost getting knocked off by Maryland. Pollsters, NBC included, just refuses to release a rating sheet which excludes a team from the so-called power conference of the ACC.
The rest of the poll. Michigan in No. 4 and probably deserves it. Kentucky is No. 5 and should be about No. 8 or 9. In the No. 6 spot is UCLA which is probably overrated. No. 7 is Marquette with Cincinnati No. 8, Arizona No. 9 and Louisville No. 10. Cincy has no business in the Top Ten. Rounding out the top 15 are Wake Forest in the No. 13 slot followed by Arkansas and Minnesota.
HITS AND MISSES. . .Footballer Tom Dornbrook, the 6-2 junior offensive guard, will be playing baseball for coach Tuffy Home this spring and look for the hardballers to have a good one. . .Speaking of football reminds us that Fran Curci has set March 7 as the beginning date for spring practice this year. The spring intra-squad game will be played sometime in mid-April. . .Almost twenty high school football recruits were guests of UK over the weekend and attended the Wildcats' 87-72 basketball win over LSU Saturday. Just so happens the on-campus presentation of the Peach Bowl trophies were made at halftime. . .For those who have been wondering, both Richard Jardine and Dan Fowler are in school and will apparently be ready for action on the 1977 UK football team. Jardine, who was injured in an accident last summer, reported out of shape and was redshirted this past season. Fowler, who had academic problems, is back in school and is expected to meet the guidelines. As of last week, four grid underclassmen
were missing from the UK scene. They are Johnny Grubb, Dave Toler, Greg Chinn and Casey Jones. Reports are that Chinn and Jones have decided they want to work rather than persue college at this time. Grubb, according to sources, is headed to a small school known as Northern Alabama. The only other player on the 100-pIus Peach Bowl roster which is registered for second semester classes is All-American Warren Bryant who had problems attending class during the fall. . .With the crowd of 21,680 against LSU, Kentucky established a new all-time season home attendance record even though the Cats still have seven more games to count. The previous all-time home high was 181,295 in fifteen games in the 1969-70 season. After nine games this season, the Wildcats have attracted 187,415 for an average of 20,824 at home. Games played in Louisville also count as home games for Kentucky.  .Basketball Coach Joe Hall has been around the country the past ten days. Hours after the Tennessee game, Hall was on a jet to scout a recruit in Texas, then took time-out while in Florida to eye some high school stars then sprouted wings for a visit to the Big Apple Tuesday after the Cats whipped the Gators. How's recruiting going thus far. "You never know," said Hall, "you can't be sure or even confident of anything until they've signed the national letter.". . .Durand Macklin, the great LSU freshman, made it clear why he chose LSU over Kentucky. Macklin said he wanted to attend a school where he could play immediately. He's done just that, but the Tigers are losing in the tough SEC. Wonder if he's having second doubts now? A man with his ability can start anywhere, Kentucky not withstanding. Which brings to mind the situation next season in the Bluegrass. The Wildcats will be in extreme need of some big people, at least one 6-10, or 6-11 and one in the 6-7 or 6-8 range. And when these kids hear garbage from rivals that "you won't get to play at Kentucky for two or three years," they will only have to look at Jay Shidler and the fact that all eleven Kentucky players get in just about every game. .Rick Robey will celebrate his 21st birthday Sunday, January 30, and teammate Truman Claytor will be 20 years old February 2. Other birthdays are footballers Greg Woods, January 26; Robert Murray, January 30; John Nochta, February 5 and John Pierce, February 6. Pierce and Woods will be 22 and Nochta and Murray will be 23. Some 2,500 tickets were still available (as of last Friday) for the Kentucky-Florida State game in Louisville on February 7. PAGE *t   THE CATS' PAUSE, JANUARY 29, 1977
(D we Cm 'MB-,. /977 PAGE 5   THE CATS' PAUSE, JANUARY 29, 1977
Photo by Ken Weaver
The Goose For Two LaVon Gets Ready For Jumper
Photos Of Cats-Tigers Battle
by Bill Kight
Assistant Dick Parsons Offers Encouragement PAGE 6   THE CATS' PAUSE, JANUARY 29, 1977
1IX        QuttttaM (fact
And About Those 'Super Kittens9 Of Kentucky
Question - Kentucky's offense still didn't play as well as it did before Notre Dame, but the defense appeared to be the difference in the win over LSU. How do you evaluate the team's play?
Coach Hall- We had two key factors. One of them was the defense, generally. The other was our team play. We moved the ball much better than we have in recent games. The ball was not sticking. We gave a much better team effort and our defensive effort on (Durand) Macklin was good. (James) Lee and (Jack) Givens did a good job on him and we got some other help.
Question - There were a lot of whistles in the LSU game. In fact, there were 55 personal fouls and 70 attempts free throws. How did this affect your game plan?
Coach Hall- You just have to go along with it. With your game plan, you've got to figure in the officials' game plan, too. That was an important factor for both of us. Both teams had people in foul trouble and had to protect them. The game was played very aggressively and LSU is a very physical ball club. They're very big and play with a lot of emotion. All that leads to very physical play.
Question - What about Mike Phillips against LSU tonight?
Coach Hall- Mike played just a super ball game, both offensively and on the boards. He did a great job inside on the boards, both offensively and defensively. I don't know how many he got but he was about the only one we had inside battling two and three people and he protected the ball well after he got it.
Question - Are you satisfied with the team's overall play against LSU?
Coach Hall- We were real pleased, especially the spurt in the second half where we were running well, shooting well and playing good defense. We forced a lot of turnovers in that stretch. We played alert tonight. It's the most alert game we've had since,the Notre Dame game. We were real happy to see that.
Question - Another big defensive assignment went to Larry Johnson. How did you rate Larry's defensive job of Kenny Higgs?
Coach Hall- Larry did another supreme job, but he does every time out. So it wasn't anything exceptional. He plays good offense every night. Take away all the free throws Higgs had-, it would have been a very exceptional defensive effort.
Question - You had a pleasant contribution from substitute LaVon ;Williams tonight, didn't you?
Coach Hall- La Von played his best game since our preseason scrimmage. He played great in our preseason scrimmages but he's been tense and tight and hasn't been shooting well. And that's bothered his game. He was much more alert tonight, got a couple of baskets and that's really going to help him. Tim Stephens is still playing tense and when he comes out of it, he's going to be just another good, exciting ballplayer.
Question - There were a lot of turnovers against LSU tonight. Kentucky had 26. Does this bother you?
Coach Hall- We caused a lot of our own, fumbling our passes. But we played aggressively and when we do that, I'm not going to be concerned about our turnovers. We forced LSU into just as many with our good defense.
Question - What about the practice situation in Rupp Arena. How many
times did you practice in the Arena the week of the LSU game?
Coach Hall- We only practiced once, Friday. We did come down here this morning (Saturday) and did some shooting. Of course, we do this all the time we're on the road. We're going to have to start treating this place like we're on the road. Of course, we won't be able to come down here on Monday because of school.
Question - A reader wrote us recently and wanted to know if Kentucky would be playing the Wisconsin Badgers next year and where the game would be. Will Wisconsin be on the Kentucky schedule?
Coach Hall- No, this was only a one-game contract and there will be no return game at Wisconsin.
Question - Many fans are wondering where all the "Super Kittens" are now after that fabulous finish as NCAA
runners-up year before last. What can you tell us about them?
Coach Hall- Bob Guyette is playing semi-pro basketball in Spain. Mike Flynn plays with the Indiana Pacers of the NBA. Jimmy Dan Conner lives in Louisville where he has various business interests. He also owns a Burger Queen in his hometown, Lawrenceburg. Kevin Grevey is playing with the Washington Bullets of the NBA. G.J. Smith is assistant coach and teacher at Laurel County High School at London. Jerry Hale works for National Mines in Lexington and Steve Lochmueller is employed by Crescent Mines of Lexington.
Question - Will you have a basketball camp this summer for young boys on the UK campus?
Coach Hall- Yes, we have an exciting program every summer at our basketball camp. There will be four weeks of camp during June, July and August. We have excellent facilities and have room and board available in our package. There are air-conditioned rooms and we have four floors. Information can be obtained by writing: Kentucky Wildcat Basketball Camp, Basketball Office, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Ky. 40506.
Question - You finally got a good shooting performance from your team at Rupp Arena against Ole Miss. Tell us what happened?
Coach Hall - Yes, we shot well. Of course, we got the run-outs, and the steals off our 1-3-1 zone defense really helped our offense and gave us confidence to put up the outside shots. We had excellent shooting but we had an awful lot of good inside shots, and lay-ups off the break.
Question - Were you pleased with the play of your guards?
Coach Hall - Larry (Johnson) played one of his best games, offensively. Jay hit the bucket well and we got 30 points from the two starters and they didn't play but about half the game.
Question - Is the team back now after the dull play for the past three or four weeks?
Coach Hall - It's obvious to everyone that we're totally back now. We're just not that accustomed to playing with that much enthusiasm and we're going to have to get use to it.
Question - Now it's on the road to Alabama and Mississippi State. Is Kentucky ready?
Coach Hall -1 think we're near ready for the task we have in playing Alabama and Mississippi State on the road. I wouldn't say we're totally ready for them but the few things that we can sharpen up this week should help us tremendously. PAGE 7   THE CATS' PAUSE, JANUARY 29, 1977
Shidler Drives Against Ole Miss
'Dewey *Se*ttecf,
Who Declined 1959 NCAA Bid?
1. In the 1958-59 season, Kentucky was 24-3 but did not win the SEC conference title. However, they represented SEC in NCAA when the SEC champion declined the bid. Who was the winner? A] Auburn B] Mississippi St. C] LSU D] Vanderbilt.
2. Coach Rupp went 18-7 in 1959-60 season. This was his poorest record up until that time. True; false.
3. After the 18-7 season in 1959-60, Kentucky went out and recruited two junior college all americans. One was Doug Pendygraft of Lindsey-Wilson. Who was the other?
4. Who was Coach Adolph Rupp referring to when he said, "He's one of the greatest I have ever seen. He seems to be standing around out there and psst, he's got the ball and there she goes. I just wish everybody could see that kid play basketball. It's a treat"? [Hint: he played for an opposing team in the UKIT].
5. Kentucky's biggest win margin over Alabama was 42 points in 1949 [74-32]. Alabama, since then defeated Kentucky by more than 42 points.
True; False.
6. In 1945, UK held an opponent to only two field goals for an entire game. Who was the opponent? A] Ft. Knox, B] Cincinnati C] Arkansas St. D] Ohio U.
7. Which of the following UK teams has hit the 100 or more points mark the most times? A] 1965-66 B" 1954-55 C] 1970-71 D] 1974-75.
8. Who is the former UK guard that ranks as the 5th top scorer in Wildcat history? A] Mike Casey B] Louie Dampier C] Frank Ramsey D] Vernon Hatton.
9. Which one of the following did not reach the 1,000 point mark at Kentucky? A] Jimmy Dan Conner B] Larry Conley C] Bob Burrow D] Tom Parker.
10. Last year's Wildcat team set a best field goal percentage mark. They hit 65 percent vs. Florida on Feb. 21, 1976 and equalled this later
in the season. Who was the opponent? AJ Auburn, BJ Mississippi C] LSU D] Alabama.
Kentucky - Ole Miss Action
'28 tunqny -6 ^ 'iZ qaj atueS Suimojioj aqx V '01
//6I JO} S3UIE
08 P^BId   SJ[E^  u! US'I   fl "8 sauirj cj aioui
10 ooi m m^ u-o/,61 3m d 'i
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"9561 ni [U'lOl] sjuiod SEAl f?*1 jsaSSiq s.eutbjj -3S|ej -c
oiSajsi pQ a^njA '
H-0t>61 n! 8"il sbm an -ssrej -g
Z-Zl sem
^ D1S ul. 1-si sem js ssijv a "i
 m u h
WOODHILL - 269-4668 ROSE & EUCLID - 254-0587
Subscribe To The Cats9Pause
University of Kentucky President Otis Vittitoe Jr.,  who was the country the UK president, is at right. The
Singletary, second from right, receives club's  golf pro for 26 years.  Dr. scholarship money represents contri-
a $15,000 check from Dr.  Michael Gordon  Hyde,   the  country   club's butions by Lexington Country Club
Prunty, president of Lexington Coun- fund-raising chairman is at left, and members and proceeds from special
try Club, to establish a golf scholarship Dr. Robert Drake, special assistant to fund-raising events, at UK in memory of Charles W.
Golf Scholarship Established
Members of Lexington Country Club have given the University of Kentucky $15,000 to establish a golf scholarship in memory of Charles W. Vittitoe Jr., who was the club's golf pro for 26 years.
Dr. Michael Prunty, president of Lexington Country Club, and Dr. Gordon Hyde, the club's fund-raising chairman, recently presented the check to UK President Otis Singletary and Dr. Robert Drake, special assistant to the UK president.
Prunty said the scholarship money represents contributions by individual
club members as well as proceeds from special fund-raising events.
The Charles W. Vittitoe Memorial Golf Scholarship will be awarded annually to a student golfer of varsity caliber from Kentucky selected by UK. Lexington Country Club hopes to inaugurate an annual golf tournament to honor Vittitoe and produce more contributions to the scholarship. Vittitoe died this past September.
Prunty said that contributions for the scholarship from persons not members of Lexington Country club are welcome.
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Holiday EastSportsman-r-Conlinental liuv^Raoch. MoteJ_____.............
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Johnson, Higgs Go At It
Phillips Battles For Tip
Hear University of Kentucky head basketball coach Joe Hall before and after each .Kentucky game this season on the
over this broadcasting network
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Just How Are Those SEC TV Games Selected, Anyway?
For the past many seasons, Southeastern Conference basketball games of some importance have been televised on Saturday afternoons.
Now in the past there have been several problems related to these games although they are really of very little significance. Joe Dean's voice does have a rather nasal quality to it and the camera work does--at times --leave something to be desired.
But SEC basketball fans have learned to live through adversity. The overall officiating in the conference--in a word--stinks as do many of the facilities ala Gator Alley.
So problems never keep a true Southeastern basketball fan from tuning in the local channel broadcasting the tilt. Trouble, however, has arisen that deserves some note.
Saturday afternoon over channel 18 in Lexington, local viewers were treated to a bombastic contest pitting Mississippi State against Georgia. A more thrilling match-up of squads never existed. Coach Kermit Davis' Maroons are generally regarded as being a year away although they do possess some talent. It must also be noted here that the Dogs were on the weekly SEC broadcast just one week before, against Alabama.
Then there's darling little Georgia. Up until Saturday coach John Guthrie's squad had failed to win an SEC game. They have, in reality, been pitiful. The Dogs lost the two games prior to the Mississippi State outing by a total of 20 points. They entered the fray as the lone SEC team without a conference victory. All season long, the Dogs had been without some performers who could have aided the starting line-up. The fact that they did, indeed, beat State is more a tribute to the Maroon's ineptitude than to the Dogs' talent.
In case you haven't gathered by now, it wasn't a very engrossing game. It ranked right up there with walking down to the bakery and watching the bread rise. One got the feeling the station would be switched if "Mr. T and Tina" repeats were playing on channel 62.
Going into the 1976-77 campaign, it was pretty well agreed that three teams--Kentucky, Alabama and Tennessee--would be battling for the championship. Although the conferen ce has admittedly shown some overall improvement over the past few seasons, the Georgia's and the Ole Miss' still exist.
Would ft be too much trouble to ask, then, what the people, setting up the
television schedule for the National Broadcasting Company take into consideration       the   importance (or impotence) of a certain game? For instance:
Last Saturday, as you probably already know, Tennessee was facing Alabama in a game at Knoxville. Coach CM. Newton's Tide entered the tilt with a completely unblemished record in both conference and non-conference play.
Coach Ray Mears' Vols, on the other hand, were the hottest team in the league--perhaps in the nation. Not only had they torn through the first half of the SEC schedule unscathed but they defeated pre-conference favorite Kentucky in Lexington to do it.
It was a classic match-up. The Ernie and Bernie Show had not made an appearance on the Game of the Week up to this point in the campaign.
So what do we get? Mississippi State vs. Georgia. Marie Antoinette said let them eat cake. An executive for the network undoubtedly said let them eat baloney.
There is really no excuse for it. There are enough games played through the 18-game SEC schedule to assure exposure for everyone. This Saturday, for instance, Kentucky plays at Alabama. That game should be televised. The week after, on Feb. 5, however, there are no games that bear a true effect on the conference race. None of the three top teams are meeting face-to-face. The network can show anything they want to. Heck, if they want to substitute repeats of 'Please Don't Eat the Daisies" in that time slot, more power to them.