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Media Pnlicies and Prucedures -
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    Media Services A   service lee or e-mail document delivery lee, The    
*  ‘·=F¢¤-»-¥·*¤¢¢`;—»¤`1·¤`·-* Interview Puricies-General — All inter- lollowtng documents can then be selected;  
° [rgdgntial Pgligy views with University ol Kentucky basketball play- Entire Release ..................,,, 1720   i
The University of Kentucky Follows ers or stall: members mttst be arranged through the Statistics .......................,. l721 E vi
guidelines set forth by the NCAA and the Media Relations ollice. The \Vi1dcat Lodge. team Notes ........................,,, 1722   I
Southeastern Conference governing the locker rooms, and other team quartets are private Roster/Schedule .i...............,,, 1723   i
issuance ol; credentials. Credentials lot UK team areas. Media members are not permitted in Quotes ............. . ............ 1724 U
home games are issued to authorized tnll- these areas unless accompanied by appropriate Uni- Previous Box Score ..............,.,, 1725   E
time. salaried representativeoli or a rept·esen— versity personnel. _- ·
tative who regularly and customarily per- For those media members without Internet
Rirms services For, such an entity and they are Practice/Press Ennferences — Genera1» access. the same information can be accessed by  
non-transferable. A ly, UK basketball practices are closed. Player inter- acquiring a pin number at 77()—399—0O‘)6. Once  
’ As early as possible, credentials should be views are conducted 30 minutes prior to practices the pin number is obtained, media members can 1
requested in writing on company stationary the day before games. Coach Smith meets with dial 770—$$8—(¤000 tirom a lax machine and enter  
and must originate only From sports editors members ofthe media in press conference settings the pin. The SEC passcocle is 732 and once in the
oil newspapers and national publications at scheduled times to be announced. system, the document numbers above will allow I
and/or sports directors oii radio and televi- those documents to be faxed automatically. 1
sion stations. iieleprmne Player Intenziews — Request t
Season credentials will be granted only to telephone interviews at least 24 hours in advance Accessing Publicity Phutns/Lugus -- ,
daily newspapers and television/radio stations through the Media Relations olitice. Telephone Media members wishing to obtain photos and <
that cover menls basketball on a regular basis, requests will be returned when players schedules logos ofthe University oli Kentucky men`s basket- l
i.e. press conferences, practices and all home allow. ball team may do so by utilizing a Media ileam» ·
games. Otherwise, televisitm/radio stations, link account. Head shots ol: each team and stall 9
weekly newspapers and national publications Radin Call-In Ehnws/Internat Chats -—- member, team photos and the official UIQ logo l
will be granted credentials on a single-game, As specified by the Southeastern titmtmsee, no are all accessible in a high-resolution. color lor- Q
space-avai1a1w1t· basis. ln addition, no recruiting players will be allowed to participate in live radio tnat. Users oli Media il`eamlink.com will utilize it  
services. \Veb sites, etc., will be credentialecl at shows or on live chat sessions on the Internet. in the satne manner, but instead oli choosing a   *
the University oliKt·ntucky. Coach Smith may not participate in any radio team once the Southeastern Conference option .
show other than those specified in his contract. has been selected, users will click the icon at the  
~ Internet Policy bottom olithe screen marked °`Digital Image Plat-  
, Internet services will not be cretlentialed to Pustgame Interviews — Following each torni." Users will then have a choice olichoosing 1
any UK home game. Only the official \1Veb site game, there will be a 2$—minute coo1ing—otl: peri- various sports photographs, logos, etc., that can  
ol-each participating institution and representa- od, during which time the players will shower and be downloaded automatically.  
tives oleontractttal riglits-lee paying media will dress. Approximately I0 minutes aliter the game `
be granted access. Other tnedia representatives ends. (ioach Smith will conduct his postgame 5EC Senxices -— Coach Smith, along with the  
' not earning credentials through the criteria list- press conference. A player will be taken to the UK other I I conlerence coaches. will participate in the  
— ed above will not be granted credentials to UK Radio Network. Following Coach Smiths press Southeastern Conferences teleconference call. The ,
tnenls basketball games For the purpose ol. conference and the cooling—olI` period. the UK calls are conducted on l\-tlondays and >l`hursdays  
stalling .1 \Veb site. locker room may be opened to members ol" the during the conlcrence portion ot the schedule. lior ll
media lor 15 minutes. the phone number to participate, contact the SEC .
y 5EC Internet Pulicy Media Relations olilice at (205) 458-5010. lnlor— 1
illhe University oi Kentucky also abides by UKathlet;ics.cum — il`he omeial \\Yeb site {or mation also can be obtained on the web at
the Sotttheastern (lonlereneeis Internet policy University oFl(entucky Athletics is updated 24 hours www.secsports.com.
concerning real time transmissions olatlnletic before each game with the latest game notes and Telacnnfzrence Schedule [ET]  
events. '1`he policy states the Following: quotes liom Coachiliibby Smith and selected players. 1 1:00 a.m. ....... Kevin Stallings (\Ctnderbiltl  
By acceptance and use ol` media credentials, liollowing each game, the site will post a game 1 1:07 a.tn. ...... Dave Odom (South Carolina  
the Iioltler agrees to the lollowing conditions Har box score with summary. postgame quotes and I 1:14 a.m. .......... Billy Donovan (bloritlal Yi
any and all tnen`s basketball games hosted by the notes lirom all home games and updated season 11:21 a.m. ........... _Iim Harriek (Georgia) ~·l
SEC and its member institutions. statistics. 1 1:28 a.m. ............ SEC \X/omen`s Coach li
ililic SEC and its member institutions 1 1:55 a.m. ...,i.... lubby Smith (1{enttlCl<}`l  
grant a media organination a limited license to Accessing Infnrmatiun —— Kentucky 1 1:42 a.m. ........ Buzz Peterson (Tennessee)
\1$L'L`\f1`1.1111 gatlietetl intotntation on the media releases. statistics and box scores are available to 1 1:49 a,m. ........... Stan ltleath (f\rl allows members to receive inlormation automati- 12:24 p.m. .......,,, Rod Barnes (Ole Miwl
cally the instant it is updated. There is no tnonth— 12:31 p.m. ....,. Rick Stansbury (Miss.Sf¢11¢l
..'.‘~'! • ..`tl(l,.’rt1i /\i'tfi'l:'tll`1` /¥ni~/l’t‘iil»tz//   ;J