xt7cfx73w48b https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7cfx73w48b/data/mets.xml Lexington, Kentucky University of Kentucky. Libraries 19840824 The title, The Green Bean, was not used until December 14, 1973. During 1992-1993 some issues were sent via email with the title: Green Screen.
Unnumbered supplement with title, Wax Bean, accompanies some issues. journals  English University of Kentucky. Libraries Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The Green Bean The Green Bean, August 24, 1984, no. 437 text The Green Bean, August 24, 1984, no. 437 1984 2014 true xt7cfx73w48b section xt7cfx73w48b I [ I " COP}! QL
` 8-2*4-8'4 A NoJ437
Aug. 2M Fall Library Faculty Meeting at
· Carnahan House, 8:30 a.m: _
Sept. 1-30 Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month
I Read a New Book Month ‘ V _
Sept. il ' Fire Alarm»Check I
V Sept. 13 & lil Integrated Online Library Systems
I Sept. 17 Deadline for Sumner Stipends Proposals _
 Sept. 18 The Incredible Usable Microcomputer
Sept. 19 Southern Ohio Chapter of" ASIS Meeting
Sept. 20-23 Annual Meeting of the Oral History S
- Association I
0 I Next "Green Bean" issue: Friday, September -7, l9_8U., ` L
Deadline for inclusion: Tuesday, September U, 198U. · · _
- Production Staff`: Cecil Madison, Sandy Hardwick, I
Rob Aken (Editor) · A

 I · I ,INFORUM ‘ · _ » .
Phone Listing Changes _ A , I
As noted on the new phone listings, Administrative Services phone
number is 7-5609. However, to reach Pat Lloyd, call 7-3801. _
Cataloging's phone number is now 7el0Q0. `
I Fall Semester Hours l V n .
I Please make the_following changes in the Fall Semester Hours.
Reference will close at l0 p;m;_on Monday-Thursday and Sunday.
‘ Chemistry/Physics Library will be closed Saturdays but open 2-97 `
Sundays. ` _
Fire Alarm Check I .. . l ' l · A 9
7 The fire alarm system in King North and South will be checked
between 7:35 and 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, _September U. It is not
necessary to exit the buildings at that time. I
7 From "Book Notes" in The Register (Spring l98H)_ ‘; ` ‘ en
Descriptive guide to the Lawrence W. Wetherby Collection at
the University dof Kentucky Library's Special Collections · _
V Department Modern Political Collections. Compiled by .Suzy (°
Ireland and Glen AA. McAninch. (Lexington; University of
Kentucky Libraries, 1983. Pp. 30. Paper, $M.0O.) · _
In 1983, there appeared the Public Papersmgfmgoxernor
Lawrence W. Wetherby, 1950-55, ably edited by John Kleber. A
collection- of the governor's speeches and other material, that
volume made much easier the study of the too-long-neglected
I Wetherby administration. Now, with this guide to the fifty boxes
and thirteen scrapbooks that comprise the Lawrence W. _Wetherby
Collection at the University of Kentucky, such study is even more
feasible. As lieutenant governor, governor, senatoriali .
candidate, ·and state senator, Wetherby was involved in numerous
parts of the Commonwealth's recent political past. This guide
r should direct future students of history to those sources
necessary to recapture that past (James C. Klotter). ·

V Smiraglia, Richard P. Cataloging Musicim_A Manual for Use with
AACR2. Lake Crystal, Minnesota: Soldier Creek Press, V
l983. (ML/lll/.563/1983)
V Swanson, Gerald L. Dewey to LgMConversionWTaples, New York:
CCM Information, l972, —YREF/Z/69t/,UH/SQFT
The following training programs are available to UK non~faculty
employees. Programs are held in room l5 (basement) of Memorial
Hall. To enroll contact Rosemary Veach (7—l85l),
Personnel September M, l0 a.m.»noon
Marsha Green of the Personnel Division provides instruction on
how to complete various Personnel forms such as the personnel
requisition, affirmative action, staff appointment, end—of—
probation performance appraisal, disciplinary report, and
separation sheet.
_ "What You Are ls..." — Morris Massey Film
‘ Lecture Sept. 5, 9~noon or Sept, 6, l~H p.m.
Dr. Morris Massey discusses how each of us has come to think and
act as a direct result of our values, our unique socialization
and our role models. He presents his theories on how prejudices
are formed, how recent events have shaped the value systems of
whole generations, and how to deal effectively with people
holding different values.
A Life Is Tough-Coping with Stress Sept. 7, l»3 p.m.
This short seminar will show you how to recognize, cope with, and
reduce stress with specific techniques to help relieve the
Research Accounting Sept, il, l0 a.m.»noon
Conducted by Rita Carter of the Research Accounting Department,
this session provides instruction regarding correct business
procedures to use for PADR’s and account ledger sweets in
relation to special Research Accounting requirements.

How You Can Help Prevent Campus Crime Septu l3, l0 a¤m,~noon
. You'll learn lO tips to reduce theft in your office, a better way
to control the distribution and return of UK keys, and
» recommended procedures to follow when working evening or weekend
hours. Campus police will show you how to spot and report
suspicious characters or oocurenoes, and discuss various self»
defense techniques, The session ends with a special film: "How
‘ to Say No to an Attacker,"
Accounting Procedures Sept. 13, 10 a,m,~noon
236 Service Building
Taylor House of the Controller·s Division shows how to read and
use ledger sheets, account information forms, budget revision
requests, cash transmittals, and lUlV forms,
Introduction to Supervision Sept. ld, 8:3G~ll a.m,
CPR Classes Sept, 20 & ii QR_27 & 28
o a,m.~noon
You'll learn the lifemsaving techniques used io help someone
whose breathing or circulatory system has stopped functioning due
. to drowning, heart attack, choking, electrical shark, or other
accidents. Eight hours of training and successful completion of
the test are required for Red Cross certifications Please be
advised that you should be in reasonably good phyeieal condition
in order to take this course; it requires a good deal of physical
activity to perform CPR correctly,
Payroll Procedures Septc 25, 9 a.m;~noon
Scott Wood of the Payroll Department shows how to fill out PAR*s
— to activate, terminate, or continue departmental payroll,
maintain time sheets, etc.
How to Use the UKSX System
Communication Services provides on~going training on the use of
the UKSX telephone instruments and system, Call RoLert Howling
at 7-6316 to enroll in the next sessionw Open to faculty and

 O I Ll
l Each year the National Endowment For the Humanities awards
several hundred summer research stipends to university Facultyc
NEH not onl" considers ro°eots in the traditional humanities
- - disciplines but also funds projects in the serial sciences that
l have humanistic content or foeusn The stipend is $a,?en for two
months of summer researohm
This year UK will nominate three proposals for tee national
competition. Interested faculty members should prepare a
proposal (see the Director*s Office For g»lde?¥nes; and seanit it
along with curriculum vitae to the Oean‘s Office, Csz]ege or Arts
and Sciences by September 170 A faculty committee will evaluate
each proposal and select the three to be submitted to ¥EH, For
additional information, contact Nancy Dye at 7»nnd¥. _
Integrated Online Library Systems ieett I3 & it
éilanta, CA
Speakers include Richard DeCennare and Ricward %»sse See Rob
Aken for details and registration formsq
The Incredible Usable Microcomputer: Septl lB
Library Applications Universit? o? Cincinnati
Sponsored by the Greater Cincinnati Library ¥¤rsnrt2*m; this
conference features a number of spea*ers; irclu ii; fen fnomas
(M3OO Project Director, OCLC Inch) and Toni Powell fansa ing on
"The Role of the Library in the Micro Agex Home lntorretlon
Services and Their Implications for Library Servioetl, Feast
GLC members ~ $20; non~members ~ $2Sl Deadiine iepxerber 7e See
Rob Aken for further details and registration Former
Southern Ohio Chapter of ASIS éept, 5F, 5:30 p,m, i
Trudi Bellardo of the UK College of t.hrary an? Tnrwrmstisn
Science will speak on "Rhap we fn Mci flaw Q *¤i O@§*ne
Searchers" Following dinner at the iexlnqtwn Marriott Peso.; —i
_   Galbfi .» Dj.l']I'1€i" p1"j_ (EQ2 [r']&EzT1iQ`;€2i*§§ -- V?] 3         i`.     il.    
- students ~ $6, Call Sharon Mll4e» ;~MVMa"; .·‘` w· T ,‘za ..A~ ¤. l` ~»r

Oral History Association
' The 19th Annual Meeting of the Oral History Association will be
held at the Lexington Marriott Resort Hotel on September 20~23,
198U. Topics for this year's meeting include Appalachian themes,
political subjects, oral history as literary memoir, the
integration of college athletics, broadcasting and media topics,
‘ and the ethics and intricacies of the interviewing,
The Libraryls Oral History Program is pleased to host this year°s
meeting. Since 107} the Oral History Program has been preserving
the history of Kentucky and the University by means of oral
interviews. The program concentrates on twentieth century
Kentucky history with an emphasis on political history,
Appalachia, and Kentucky writers. Other topics include Black
history, University of Kentucky history, the history of
broadcasting, the history of sports, and Kentucky medical ·
· history. The collection contains nearly 1,500 interviews
totalling approximately 2,000 hours of tape. The Oral History
· Program promotes and supports oral history research at the
university. The program provides tape recorders, tapes, and
instruction in oral history techniques to all U.K. students and
p faculty involved in oral history research. For further
information about the Oral History Program or the September
conference, call 7~9MOl, (Terry Birdwhistell)
Library Software Conference October EMU
Columbus, OH
Speakers at this conference include Susan Olson (OCLC Local
Systems), Ken Thomas (MBOO Project Manager), and Allan Pratt
(editor of Small Qomputersmln Libraries). Fees vary. See Rob
Aken for details and forms.
(For more information, see the Director's Office.)
A Alabama
Agricultural Research/Reference Librarian, Alabama A & H,
Salary: not specified, Deadline: September 15.
Serials, Music, and Non~print Materials Cataloger, University vg
South Alabama. Salary: $l8,500 minimum. Deadline: August 31.

 ` 6
i, Science and Engineering Cataloger, University of Arizona.
Salary: $16,500 minimum. Dead1ine:‘ October 15.
Reference Librarian, University of Arizona. Salary: $l6,500~ _
$20,500. Deadline: October 15.
Geology Librarian, Yale University. Salary: $19,500 minimum.
Deadline: September 17.
Engineering Reference Librarian, University of Florida. Salary:
$lU,H09. Deadline: August 31.
Education Reference Librarian, University of Florida. Salary:
$lM,UO9 minimum. Deadline: August 31.
N Illinois
Africana Cataloger, Northwestern University. Salary: $16,000. -
Deadline: October 31.
Afrioana Project Indexer (1 year position), Northwestern
University. Salary: $19,000-$21,000. Deadline: September l.
Africana Project Archivist (1 year position), Northwestern
University. Salary: $16,000—$19,000. Deadline: September 1.
Serials Cataloger, Northwestern University. Salary: $l6,000~
$18,000. Deadline: October 31.
Half-time Cataloger of Rare Books and Special Collections, ‘
Indiana University. Salary: $7,900 minimum. Deadline: ·
September 30.
Affiliate Fine Arts Librarian, Indiana University. Salary: 7
$lM,700 minimum. Deadline: September 20. 1
· Reference Librarian, Indiana University Southeast. Salary: 3
$16,500-$18,500. Deadline: September 15.

Cataloger, University of Notre Dame. Salary: $20,000.
Deadline: October l.
I Iowa .
~ Head of Monographs, Iowa State University. Salary: $28,000
minimum. Deadline: October l.
- Technical Services Director, University of Louisville. Salary:
$28,000-$33,000. Deadline: October l5.
Reference Librarian, Louisiana State University. Salary: not
specified. Deadline: September l.
Cataloging Project Supervisor, Roman Jakobson Collection on
Linguistics (one year appointment), MIT. Salary: $l9,U00-
$23,500. Deadline: September l7.
‘ Reference Librarian, University of Massachusetts. Salary:
$20,000-$30,000. Deadline: September 15.
Monographic Cataloging Department Head, University of Missouri-
Columbia. Salary: $20,000 minimum. Deadline: October 15.
Data Search Service Coordinator, University of Nebrask~Lincoln.
» Salary: $19,000 minimum. Deadline: September l5.
New Mexico
Science Librarian, University of New Mexico. Salary: $2M,000»
· $28,000. Deadline: November l.

1 New York
:$ Monographs and Serials Catalogers (2 positions), New York
§ University. Salary: $21,000 minimum. Deadline: August 31.
‘ E Preservation Librarian, New York University. Salary: $20,000
g minimum. Deadline: September 15.
Q North Carolina
E Public Documents & Maps Department Head, Duke University.
Q Salary: $20,000 minimum. Deadline: September 15.
{ Slavic/Western European Bibliographer, Duke University. Salary:
§ $18,MOO-$30,900. Deadline: September 15.
$ Reference Librarian, Duke University. Salary: $l7,000~$18,U00.i
Deadline: October 1.
$ Curator of Rare Books, University of North Carolina at Chapel
y Hill. Salary: $25,000 minimum. Deadline: October 1.
1 ohio
$: Chinese Cataloger, Ohio State University. Salary: $l?,l60~
Q' $20,080. Deadline: September 1.
; Head of Classics, Linguistics, German, and Romance Languages
1 Graduate Reading Room, Ohio State University. Salary: $20,0M0·
$27,8UO. Deadline: September 1.
Reference Librarian, Ohio State University. Salary: $17,160-
$20,0MO. Deadline: September 1.
$ Reference/Circulation Librarian, Education/Psychology Library,
, Ohio State University. Salary: $19,080-$22,MMO. Deadline:
5 September 1.
Q Tennessee
E Agricu1ture—Veterinary Medicine Librarian, University of
Q Tennessee. Salary: $16,000-$20,000. Deadline: October 15.
E Adaptive Cataloging Unit Head, University of Tennessee. Salary:
J $16,000-$20,000. Deadline: October 15.

ZY _””**
Washington ·
Humanities/Social Sciences Access Services Head, Washington State
University. Salary: not specified. Deadline: October 15.
I Coordinator, Washington Health Information Service, University of 4
Washington. Salary: $2U,OOO minimum. Deadline: September 2l. _
(If interested, contact Ann Howell.)
Library Technician IV, grade 6, Law Library. 4