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University of Kentucky
  VOL. VII. LEXINGTON, KEN'l‘UCK,Y ·MAY 20, 1915. V Nm 34_
° Hi h F' I ‘ I 1 `
x . Lexmgton g rrst n i 91 5-1 6 Staff Selected
nt¢T8C 0 G8 1C OUTT1 y I OT QC! and 8171211
l I h I ¢° '1't lllll AI [I|l[F[A'I]I F ‘Id ’ M
I   _ ` ¥TY* 
’ First With Total of 34%/2 Points; Louisville Male Hlgh Tricky Chinese Take the Sk€tCh€S Of Staff Members Who Will Assist in Getting
' H •
. Second Wlth 32%/2 Counters, 8Yld Score of Other Long End Of 3 640.4 Score Out   IDEA" Next Y83!‘ Indncate That
........ - ’ ' . . ‘ M
High Schools Bflllg   UIC Rear . In an Interestlng. Game P3p€l'   Be 3. Hummer"
Stoll Field this season the Hawalleus **1
1 Hl h B h l t k that   ·—~—-—~r~-———-——·— T
A Lex nsw!. I c oo 00 won out over the Wildcats 6-4. It was l he stan of THE IDEA for next
    "°"°‘‘ "‘     "°“’   °’‘°“° ""‘“ FIVE llllllllllllll IIEEIIEES hard * Ough ·         ·· ·~ Mlllllll BAMPIIS |IIH{Z|1S’ ’i“'   °°°“     '” “
  T°¤'¤•¤*°¤t which ‘"' h°'d h°"° time was the game sate for either lfouowsi `
  Thursday, Friday and Saturday of lent team. The Wildcats led ol! wlth the t EDITORIAL STAFF-
: w••k. The   score in the t0ur¤a_ lscoring in the fourth,   three   Franklin C0ru......Edltor·in-Chief
. w , a ee more . . . n · ·- · ·
l •·, ....... t... l,..,...,t.,.. 35 ..5 .,.....t..\ ~gg;·_gy;6g*;et,;j·;;;jg°*j; jg? M €`l.‘2'§L‘ §`;.EZ.'“é2'lg;;°‘X`IZF‘§£Zf EZIIZI
Louisville High, 32%, l¤d I NON °YIMgn to Rqc?]VQ D€(§I‘€€S In me sixth.   Ul PFIZQS to be Given; Kenneth Doris ...... Paragraph Editor
°*h°"' *° uw "°*"· I I-Ia,veA1I V1S1t,€d the Ol- Mcclcnmd me mm S rmheld Entry LlSt Closes lll Miss Rebecca smnn ··c0.ednm···
TM ¤·¤¤¤ w·· ¤¤¤ ¤·¤¤¢ ·¤•=¤···*··*.°* lege This Year '· Y ·° ° K Next Few Days mmm s sl Uni,} s Ed.
‘ lad, started the game and Hung a good » y nr son .... e c tor
its klnd ever held ln Lexington endl -- —_
wom one hundred high school pup". The faculty or State University de- game untll the sixth heme, when he The annual Campus Circus wm bel Bart N· Peak -···-··· A¤¤l¤t¤¤t Editor V
. from an over the Sum were in Lax clded at an meeting last week to award was touched up for several blngles. given ln a mammoth ten; on the uni. DEPARTMENTAL 3*rApp_
muon for the toumunem Gold s"_ live honorary degreeswo men of dis- T0 the joy of the fans. Captain Jimmy { versity campus Tuesday, June 8th, and J. T. Gooch .......,., Loca]; and Lgw
wr md Mono medus were awarded tlnctlon at the comlng graduation ex- Park made his lnltlal appearance on some of the best talent ln the ingtitu- J. Wolf ....... . .....,.,, Mechanics]
Wim winners md Maw every mmol erclses ln June. the mound when he started the sev- tion is being made ready to make lt] S. J. Csudlll ................ Mining
` umuea one trophy . The men upon whom degrees wllllenth. In his three innings nlne men . the best "clrcus" yet. James McConnell, Jr, ,,,_ Agrjculturg
Léxmgmu got l long lad on me be conferred are Henry S. Breckln-lfaced hlm without a hlt. The score This year's "coicus" wlil inclndelhee McCl•.l¤ ........,.. Fraternities
other schools in me mu·ic·l‘·nd 0n_ ridge, Assistant Secretary ot War; Dr.|by innings: • humorous "take offs" on everyday Mlm Martha Willi; ..,,,,. Sororigigg
mrmu contuu held Thunday md Prederlck Sheets Jones, ot Yale Uni-I First Innlng—Ayau flled to Spald- items. a sure `nuf mlnstrel show with Miss K. Mitchell .... Home Economicg
· FHd·, Icormz thru ant. mr · mtu versity; Dr. Aqullla Webb, ot Louis- lng, Lal hit a hot one to Turkey, but end men, the interlocnmr and the inev- Miss Elsle Heller .....,,,_ Education
of nnuumomu md It wu tm. had vlue; Col. Bennett H. Young, all ot wu an easy out at first; J. Chln out, ltable bones, _a stun} with a menageriog gEpORTER8_
I mn g·" Morton High the necessary whom will be given the honorary de- Dutch to Squlrrelly. of wild animals thatwlll make you Est"] wood.
musiu io wm our Louhvmo N me grse nr Doctor of Laws; and David Schrader walked; Waters tanned; Sit up and take notice. and other fen- }{_ J_ Evms_
Fun (my hd. were   Munn in Francls crawrerd, president or the Turkey hlt safely between first and tures. all of which are calculated to w, ·r_ C0;n¤ghsm_
me tuck and new event. hold S·mr_ Pennsylvania Railroad Company, who second, but was forced at second,ltivkle your rislbilltles and work on M_ (3_ Finney
uy utomoon will be given a degree of Doctor of when Curt hit to J. Chin; Rusty wa1k—l>‘<>¤¤r huuzhproducinz mechanism until Mrs, Mndmd -I·,yl°,._
; Thu"d“_,s pmgnm included the Engineering. All or these men have.ed, soaking the basesybut Squlrrelly's You could take a 20—mile rlde in a mss Msrssm; gsssgdy_
I dramatic réldmn for gm. piano visited the unlverslty and the lastllong lly to left tailed to materialize. l·`ord and still feel good. BUSINESS STAFF.
          P]'QsidQnt CrawfQrd' delivered! Second lnning*hiarx out, \vat,€rS to T0 m?\kP the Circus   interest-'       . , . . ,    
was victorious in two of mc", Min a. series of lectures before the Col-lSqulrl‘elly; Ylm singled to center and im: to the participants, the alumni of
Lucme Blnnhm winning me Nldmglnese or Mechanlcsl and Electrical En- went to second on a wild throw by The unlv<—rsity have donated $100, This starr which will sssums
s contest and Sidney Freeman tukinglglnogring during the past school year, Chlfbkéll; Lee fulllled; Yap out, Schrad— “'hl(`ll will be glV€Il BS follows: charge at the bgginnjng gf the fall
I I that place in tha violin content. Tha! The rating of students to recelveléf to Sq\llN‘6UY· FO" the best 0¤€·3·€t C0m0dY to D6 term next September, was selected
uno solo contest was won b Missicommencement honors was defined for Spaldlng DODD€d 0\1t to Ylmi Reed Pr0dUC6d· $25- after careful consideration and
v v \
Mary           th€ nfst tifna in 8, ]'Q§0l\][i0['| pa§Xd4drGw 8 pass  Mcclelland   incr the best clown. $5- thought, and ls believed to r9pr9S€nt,
Huh School. In the Num: contest by the faculty at the meeting, The and Schrader flied to Ayau. For the best quurtette, $10. the best talent In this uns In {ns un;.
won by Mus Bannister Mis- wma tlrst law reads as follows: Third luning—Let out, McClelland For the best character song, $5. versity
messy we mesa and me Mase The uw. im “`““‘°‘ °‘ C“‘“ "°‘°“ ‘°' “ “‘““l° '“ Y"' "‘° bm ‘“"‘”"" ““" “°'°"“‘· '* **1* be ¤¤¤¢¤¤ ¤¤¤¤ ¤ ¤¤¤¤¤¢¤· or
Manatee third. Thornton wat"! mb 1. To be eligible for ucommencei left, but was forced when Ayau hlt to $10- radical changes have been made ln
l....,.. ..,.,.,..d ln s..ves.. Colm »¤¤|..,.,m  ·- E. stud t t I S°"'“""" ’“““ ""'“'€" “"“°"‘“ L"‘t ”"" ""`   “`$$“"'""   "°‘ "‘*‘ “S"°‘ m¤¤°m·*¤· 0* me M
. en mus mve r _ _ Y ·
in me Dum num Min Rm Ron wd bam in attendance M the university out, J. Park to Tuttle. _   The Wllldlnlllg $·*" “m be ¤w¤rd¤¤ These changes have been made ln ac-
msg May ar-mk named second and mm, mu ysm_ éJiW“;°'; di’“b'“ ‘° '°“ md ‘““°"¥ NT ;"h‘“’;l S‘“"‘S· ”“"h°’ malls °' cordancc with the intention or running
umd. r“D“¤"ly_ 2. No Student Shan be eligible {Off nnblal; h t a.J slow one to Lal, who ; \\ is lf Wl agpelsr next week. next yemss paper Ou a smcuy sysw
On Fridn, mgm. Mus Duane md_ ucommencemem honursyn if he Shun um e , and lm was site, Waters ro essor . . Weaver who is in umm, and buslneswuke policy, It is
com. of Lexington High. wu given i advanced; Uhicken sacrinced to [,ee_`charge of the event, announces that a believed that the arrangement for
g have incurred a condition nor unless Form W wry W i ht _ d I rmlmber H, mm _ l _1 d b
the decision ofthe judges in the vocallhe Emu have maintained a mimmumlbfu 8 an   nl; nllsse tle A K, it b es lnve s res y gen next year wm be an improvement on
solo contest lud WSI awarded U Kold standing of 50 per cent. A’s, 40 per! A three umm', 'lutue tripled to : rtw \H'· ut that anyone with a that of the past' in that the work wm
medal Over six other contesting. com- RIB. 10 por cent. CDB- rls:;lt,lscorl`1;g {lm. and chulked l1ll¤¤·l;‘·*'*l:;* hue flu? mw Participate lY»be so divided that no one person will
Ruby ¤...,.., ot swam. we we That .1,.,   of sm., students “*’h, “‘°“l “' ‘°‘ °f‘° ‘° "" { "Q, §“"`       "““‘°‘““‘°"‘ "" '°°""°° *° do wy**·*¤=· ¤·¤· me
and and um Margaret Lyle, or Stan- whose scholarship words would make °“'"‘ ““‘“g_J· ‘J"*“ °“‘· J· *’**'“, “" "° “““°' W*’“"f"· work will be divided evenly among s
V1 . 1 · _ `  
mn, mud. mom eligible for ucoummncemem to luttle, Mark tiled out to bthrader.       number of persons. In this way, the
lil the b°Y¤' d°°l¤·m¤U°¤ °°m“t· honors" be submltted by the Regis- Ylm popped to Tama     ••RUTH•v paper wm b° impl-°v°d °“d no °“"
Hugo Faustlne, of Loullyllle Mile- {rar to the tacultles o! their respective Njctéfslansv mmm]; Schrader medl t ——-—- person wm b° °v°r'W°"k°d·
                            to ° ul     3 Scratch d0\vnl Last       (`hural S0.!   is           be
gon County }-H']. 8ch°°|' gcq¤d' ggd of each faculty to consider carefully third; J' Park ined out to Sai' ivlely of Sluts I`|\iver;·;i[y presented thai ll\!`g8l' next year [hgn gygp before and
A, B, Weaver, of Louisville Ml¤¤¤l· the character and personality of each Huh .:l¤_:}¤g—Lé° Peat out u Slow lmmum Mmuhn [www A large and ap` Space wm bo given to R number of
[bird. ’ candidate lad to report In writing               [N`\*('iHuV9 BUdl€Il\‘t* ill [ht) university [ ua", features,     be H,[1l]0u]]cQd
A Klfli Q\ll¤'l·¤t [Wm M*Y¤Vul° wu the Registrar its selection of honor , I El·lmpel` Tha may was given pm“ar`llmH` one of these wm be A su"
judged for urn honurs over two mlxod ` students- heat out a built to MC(l9Ul¤\l1d» till-   ny in honor of the students fl‘01l1 thélmm "‘·’m"0H€d €X€l\1BlV8l)’ by the "<‘0—
quartets from sprlngngld and Cyn- mg he b“*’“· (· ( hm mm Out ul ·’· l .lm'crent hlgh schools which were hold— » *>d¤" Mid lh ellsrse of hte "(`o·ed"ltor.
-.,-_. * » `
mmm, and a male quuwm, from ———••-•-— lurk. and Aysu hlt one to J. Park., s A joint schslsstic mss; usps Miss Rebecca Slllith. The Glrls’ Issue
(tys;ms¤s_ Professor J- 'I`. V. Noe. uf the Ue- f°"°l"g LW M h°"'°· but (mn Parkl Under the able direction ot Protes· this year was such a success, [hat 1;
Loulsvllle Male had only one entryipartuleut of Education, addressed the missed °"° and YW “"°"°d: 1***1 h“`sor llurlowe F llean, Alfred uanrs was thought advlsable to turn nyu- s
ln they eeenta and he carried ol! the H [U ML S li S, to ¤°hr°d°r’ who fuulbmd Md 1*** sau·r‘+· ¢¤l9¤t WHS shown **’““¤ ¤*H*‘¤- hm! Whetller this section
' “‘“"°°“· tl h tm 1 ~-1 - ll. l~ za: ·
Trnk md Phu ‘"”“' 1¢`oluu1bls the next nlaht to deliver the (‘urt Para hit nn; Yap and xvnshl mms ou 0 em N pu unuunw M Q Mw e 0 Womans gunna or me
The mama Hem wu me tau audi U lull who participated. fall fashions will depend on mss
4 vu-.- ,('0|llll\8l1UOI1l8|lt address to the gradu· l**>Pl>•=‘d W Y¤P· luttle walked wld |l•·t·u.us4· nr' lrs length the program Smith IDG her &¤s0¢|¤t0¤.
wuuumwd on Pue Th"`) {ating class of the high school ’ wumlnued on Page Two-) lnnnot be given here. r ·   ~uu— P·—;; TWUJ
. . ` `