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Vol. LXXI. No. I42 Ker 2' University of Kentucky
Monday. Apr" 16. "79 an independent student newspaper Lexington, “mm“!
— —
PI/ot program approved
‘ R l t' d transcripts will exist this fall
, By DEBBIE McDANlEL total number of students in the course. were that course prefixes. such as HIS of the report and proposals. Although contain research articles by U K faculty In other business. the council set the
Capy Editor “From this information. Dean for History are incomplete. and 1979-80 senate chairman Joseph members. agenda for the special University
V . Sands can provide relative transcripts ran as “HI.“ Information on the Krislove voted against each proposal. Establishing a cabinet-level Senate meeting, and voted to placethe
Relative grade transcripts Will be for any student who asks for it." number of students in each course the council reworded the report‘s administrative unit headed by a vice withdrawal policy last on the agenda.
available 10 students this fall " 0" a Bryant said. receiving the same grade or higher as conclusions into recommendations president of research. “I Can't stop discussion, but I can .
voluntarbeVaVsis 7- as part Vofa pilot Names are listed by by social well as their rank inthecourse was not which will go before the University Establishing a non—tenured delay discussion until we get our
2 program initiated by I‘iSSOCIfile Dean .security number. and programming included. but could be in the future. Senate April 30. research title series with ranks parallel business done." Bryant said. At the .
of Arts & Sciences Donald Sands.V costs forthe print-outs was $22. Sands Sands wrote. The recommendations include to the regular professorial series. “We last senate meeting. discussion of the
- . The Senate . CounCIl gave him said. “It appears that the expense of He supplied the information when i ‘ have those people now and they don‘t proposed withdrawal policy took up
. permission Friday to refine the this service will be minimal.“ he stated the council requested data on the cost Improving the quality and have the recognition they need.“ the entire session. and three items on V
transcript process 0"" the summer in a handwritten memorandum ‘0 and feasibility or providing students quantity of publicity given UK Eichhorn said. “It will support the the agenda were held over for the
. 3ft" chairman .loe Bryant showed Bryant. Whh relative transcripts earlier this research so it will reach the national teaching program,and allow facultyto special meeting.
- themastack ofcomputVer printouts " Sands wrote. “My thought Is that semester. research community and the be better qualified in their teaching If the senate fails to finish its
approx1mately three mChCS ‘3“ “ students desiring such a record would The council also discussed and Commonwealth. Eichhorn named the area.“ business in time to discuss the
, from A&S students enrolled last request it. and the program would be approved seven recommendations fin-mph," Alumni Weekly as one l’ublishinga research handbook proposed withdrawal policy. it will
. semester. . . run once a semester. or more often if relating to the report from the example ofthe type ofresearchjournal on research opportunities.policies and carry over to the first University
2 The transcripts list the student‘s the demand was high. U niversity Senate Research UK could publish. 'l‘hcjournal would funding. Senate meeting in September.
name, the course title. credit hours. “A new page would be run for each Committee. which asks for an
and the student's numerical grade in student. and only those students increased focus on UK research. - WNW222-2222222222"va W N 2.... ‘
the COUI'SC- In addition, the transcripts reQUesting it would be included in the Council member Roger Eichhorn. » 2 ~ ' ‘ *WMW - M § '
show the “"389 grade in the COUTSC. print-out." who was also chairman of the research . VV V_ W W.....2-MW2~WW~ W'“W”‘”“W“ r“ s... .. _ "7 2
the average grade point average and Some defects in the computer run committee. spoke Friday onthe merits ' I I I V _W Mm-uw»~-~~m....2.. W m, ‘
L I h I h I , . . ,.. "44“” 2e" 4"” ”W V .. VVVVVVV Vh-Vu-v-2th-2-- - ~-‘>-«—~vf¢w-~0‘~'» - ..v-u,fl.~.”.~.W-m.m.W.ww .. ‘ 2- ~-~-—-«.---« .0 .wQ 4am! .h-CVQ-stQ.-r‘..a-h~mh’ ' ~--- -,..,‘,,.._..‘-

 t .v . ». .n- - - “ w -.~... . . .»--«vo ~‘r-I' “”“"~<-i~».,. .- ... ,........ ~o»-.-. _ v».--c~.~““t --. -i_.. .
l i
erne Slm huh-w Ik- IMm-rd I’m ”a" Waller Tunis iii-iii. vmiu rout Moran
Mirror in ( ‘lin-l kill/until lzilimr le Foam Adh‘ Iii/mu Spam tilimr Dim-1m at Phirlirgraphi'
Debbie McDaniel
Stove Massey
. Richard MCDOMM um; Fields Ruth M-Itlnsly (‘ary waits John ("by , Linda Campbell
Managing fit/"W “In”. Webms F' Jenny T." .'f\.\l\lll"l Adli tiliiiir Man Richerd Phirlir Manager ,
. 'it . l & CW Amululi' l‘t/IIH’\ ('u/ii‘ Int/[Inn Autumn Slim/i L'iIiIirri
. U I I I h
. l
Victim of Vindictive press?
\ l
l l l l l i
Curcr sho uld can tIn ue drscrplmary measures '
. Although he probably didn‘t mean to. Fran Curci In several of the references, Curci is simply off is of interest to readers. not just flimsy puff pieces for a situation that will give him more control over i
' took the heat off his football team last week in an base. When Derrick Ramsey speculated that about how toughthe defensiveline isgoingtobethis his team. Evidently the situation hasdetcrioratcd to
unusually frank press conference that opened a new Kentucky fans booed him because he was black. it year. lfa player is involved inasex crime, busts upa the point where football players must be isolated i
campaign in his long-running feud with the news might have been a rash statement made in a hurried bar or beats up someone witha tireiron, people will from other students, for the benefit of everyone. i
media. moment. But it is a revealing comment, and a good want to know about it, because it has bearing on a Certainly the latest escapade wasn‘t caused by l
Curci took the televised opportunity to sportswriter would feel compelled to include it. team they‘re interested in. ‘regular" students interfering with football team g
characterize publicin about analleged rape by C'ght Also. a ‘snowball fight" that Curci criticized Still. it‘s easy to sympathize with Curci. He‘s had actiVities.
UK. football players. as another example'of the coverage of was in reality something more. The a lot of bad luck, often from things he has little The University does not need another athletic
prejudiced and negative pUth‘W he says h's team brawl involved a fire poker,clubs.anda UK student control over. One can almost agree with him that a dorm —~ the kind of money that coal and tobacco
recTehvi: sure Curci admitted, the players were not who received 3 broken jaw.. . critical preéss does pay too much attention to the barons are presumablyready to donate could be
in the right. He took correct, if minimal, action in In another example, credit for the the light negative 51 e. . . spent‘on much better things, “kc energy research, a
suspending them for one year. Curci‘s criticism was punishment Ult received from the NCAA. for 43 But it there is such asense ofenmity on the part of new library Wing. etc.
that this incident was blown out of proportion by a recruiting violations should gotothe aggresswe self- the news media. then CurCi himself must shoulder It would be much better for Curci to continuethe
,. . . investigation the UniverSity administration much of the blame. He has a defenswe attitude et-tou h ol'c l'f' d b h
\lndlcllVC press. . . l h . bl 8 S P t y exernp I 16 y t e latest
He compared it to several other lowlights of past demanded. An athletic program that helped foster toward the press in .genera func ar‘ita e suspenSions than worrying about segregating his
UK seasons: rumors of point shaving. formerplayer an atmosphere in Wthh. those Violations could observers ‘of' last'week s prehs con erenced ouhld team from their classmates. The present image of
Elmore Stephens'involvementinamurdercase.Art occur deserves little credit for the light one—year similarities wit Nixon—and as overreacte int c the football team can hardly get any worse, and “.5
Still‘s disappearance amid rumors he signed a probation. 935‘ to negative coverage. _ time to make sure players understandthatthe honor
contract with an agent while still playingat UK,and What Curci has always failed to recognize is that It’s indicative ofwhatcollege football has become 0f representing UK on the football field requires
several others. any news about UK football or UK football players - and what Curci feels it must be — when he asks exemplary conduct off the field.
.______________.._________..‘__.__—___ M ‘
_ . clarity and libelous statements. The Concern parlir‘ular issues. concerns
. L tt t th Ed (- Letters paper may also chose to condense or or events relevant to the UK
8 e r S 0 e I or . reject contributionsas well as limit community. or remarks concerning ,
_______,__,.*e,__fi_-.-_H,—_______...H,,___.__,___ policy the number of submissions by the operation and rppomng of”... ‘
. . . _ . frequent writers. Kentcky Kernel.
Priorities from the administartion. Many Island, I did not attempt to compare Letters tothc Editor, opinions and
professors haveturned down lucrative liquid sodium cooled reactors with The ”mm/v K” I w l‘ ‘ commentaries may be delivered Opinions;
In four vears of college I have posts-elsewhere out oflove for UKand water-cooled plants, buttried to point and encourageslcontritutiorfsufgre; personally to the Kernel newsroom. Should he 90 lines or less. 60
learned a lofabout life and have had a teaching. It is the quality ofthe faculty out that there have been other major the UK commuhity forpublication on ‘I '4 Joutnéhém hurldlhg SOme‘form characters P" line.
lot of fun. Along the way, however. I and the students which they produce accidents domestically; a fact little me editorial and opinion pages. gfbldentificaiion is required. (live and explain ‘1 Ph-rition
. have made some observations that I that gives this institution its acknowledged by the industry intheir ileum. opinions and commem Eu m'sswns may also be "mm to ”mummy”IOP'MUHWS of'm'm'
. . _ , . . . _ dltorial Editor. Kentucky Kernel. 10M? UK rommunllv.
would like to share With you. reputation. Our faculty deserves a praises of nuclear power. I think it times mu“ be typed and triple- 1" Journalism Building Universlt .
- Asagraduating senior. He worked great deal ofthanks and appremation particularly interesting how the spaced. and include the writer‘s of Kentucky, Lexington: Kentuck; Cowman-“I.
hard and managed to maintain a for their dedication to teaching and government and industry, onthe verge Signature. addressand phone number. “50¢ For contributions being Should he 90 lines or [m 60
cumulative GPA. above 3.7. The research. not their bankbooks‘. of budding. the Fermi plant, UKStudentSShOU'h'"Cthdethelryear mailed on campus, our Speed son rhamriersper line. I
, University of Kentucky is an People Will remember UKs great suppressed information on the a:d3:21)quaniUnivcrsnyemployees numberls04221. Are reserved for articles whose
institution of higher learning; its heart 3-78 sports seasonnfor a few ygars. acmdentts‘at the ftwottli‘xt :reactors fUlll :mziiion “t t 5" department and » Letters' (114150”, ihe editors feel. have special
oes anyone rea y care a out as pro 0 ypes or e ermi pan. ; ,1 y . - . m mug/5, H ("mm ”am", 0,
:ancduiiyflThyiligeihtecitstéems and Harvard‘s football team? It is its Their major concern wasaloss of their alltflzsg’s’i'ggze'fgzeil‘lh:“ghlh’ed” Missy: ’2‘, hi: ”’7‘“ ‘” 1"” 60 other qualifii-ciii’ons (0 addrefs a
‘ Years ago Maxwell Place was the headcmic reputation which makes it capital investment. ” ‘p g‘ grammar ‘ I ' WNW/0' sub/eel.
Site of periodic teas for students. i important. UK has a it” Of the talent Personal slurs aimed at me. I can
realize that today there are far too neccessaryto createastrongacademic take. They're a dime a dozen, and I (f’E—Ttg “:5" V A
many of us to makethis possible. I had repqtatfen for itself. lfwe can beginto usually serve to obfuscate complex '
set myself a goal, however, that ”Phage 0" 't~ 0‘” alumni issues. Last year l was called an anti- S e n SW r r l E
someday I would drink a lukewarm contributions “Md "0‘ have to be Christ forsuggestingthatawoman has I I “I l
cup of tea at this esteemed residence. l SUbJec‘ to the “PS and downs 0f sports the right to decide whether or not to ‘3
am a member of Phi Beta Kappa. the seasons. Would a lukewarm cup oftea bear a child. It's funny that when we n O u eSt I O n S -.
Honors Program and various other be '00 much to 35"? disagree With someone. they SUddChll’ I i is
honoraries. In my innocence, l become‘irrational"or‘shallow,“ and if .
thought that since this is an institution Susan Dmheh . _ we agree. then the writer is‘objective“ \ (a 1,1.
of higher learning, eventually the Latin American Studies senior and ‘unbiased." a I I la . er mt,
administration would see fit to honor Fitz re lies I guess what angers me most is this . ‘ ‘
my academic achievement, p incessant lip service being paid to “We interrupt the regularly the kind ofthingnewsstoricsaremade BeSides. I like comedy shows."
Unfortunately. brilliance in sports The letter of Harned and alternative forms of energy. This scheduled program to bring you the of? Okay, okay, so the victim did geta “You know." I said, “I really feel
seems to be the only achievement Mills.‘aimed’ at me last Friday nation has never seriously attempted following special broadcast,“ said the broken jaw. One, Kentucky snow sorry‘for Warden. He‘s rcallytakcna
really honored whileastudent is still in regarding my column on nuclear research into other forms of energy announcer. packs very hard, and two. the only.one lotnol criticism smce hes been here. .
school. energy. tickles and angers me. My goal such as solar energy, on the same scale 1 looked over at Franklin. “What's who went to trial was a walk-on. You re telling me. l overheard two
Ten years from now, those same in writing the column was to as ourcommittment to nuclearpower. this? I looked over at Franklin. “I‘m not guys coming out ofthe Alumni House
. forgotten dean's list students will be illuminate a reality inthe nuclear field ‘Solar isn‘t feasible" or ‘We need “lt‘s The Jock Warden Show.“ he sure I‘m tOHOWthS this very well." I talking about him the 0th" d3)”
national leaders. long after today‘s . the use of nuclear power is nuclear untilotherformsofenergycan said. said. “What‘d they say?”
sports stars have retired. The more becoming less and less feasible, due be developed“ is the cry. Check the “I thought that was only on during “That he was the worst thing that
talented Of US Will return 50 years later not [0 the efforts 0f protestors closing figures on what was Spent over the past football season.” If kl. d , happened since Adolph Rupp retired."
to receive honorary d§8T§¢S~ a rather down plant construction. but due to five years on solar research. and The cameras focused in on a ran In an me The 0°3Ch SPOkC "P once more.
bciiécféi’oéfeofgggffifietfihhe hav the immature state of the art and the compare it to nuclear subsrdies given handsome. middle-aged man. “I‘d like by 9,999 fields oc‘nihotmgcnlilehnen. l mafr:id we re
8 re e problems 0t nuclear energy that are to Kerr McGee and the rest 0f the to read the followmg statement" he e. n Jim to s ow you
to be self-motivated. Honoraries are pricing it out of the market. It is a energy corporation cartel. Then come said “First ofall it‘s beenareall ‘hard *' ”—————'~-— _. there‘s no hard feelings. I brought a
great. but we pay for them out of our trend that I welcome. back and tell me about our search for decision to make but I‘ve decided to “Me either," he answered. “Maybe few of the brave children from
pockets. I realize the University can‘t The analysis of comparative waste other energy forms_ suspend the eight players who were they'll have Eric Sevareid do an Cardinal Hill here to lead us all in a
I buy all of us steak‘dinners. but would products of coal and nuclear plants in The way I see it, the continued today exonerated of all charges analysis after the show.” rousing cheer of...v.
priniing the dean S “5‘ 'h the KW", the letter was astounding. Harned and building and construction of nuclear against them.“ A reporter St00d UP- “Coach. I was .“Go.Big BluelGo Big Bluci"ycllcda
hurt. , Mills pointed out that a nuclear plant plants, without adequate study A t ~ th d oke u wondering it you think using 3"} w'th. long blonde hair. 0th"
The faculty at UK is exceptional. produces‘a total of two tons of waste beforehand of waste disposal and a “Wh repor er III" ebgrow sp d 3 cheerleaders on the squad might hurt children jomcd the chant. Several
Underpaid' yet motivated. they are per year.“ l hate to bring it up. but it‘s multitude of other problems. is going has“: I ey ing suspen e ‘ attendance." football players came onto the “38°.
», always Willing to spend extratime with the radioactive by-products of that to force us. the‘consumers,“ to absorb coac ‘ ” The coach turned livid. “I AM NOT lifted uP the kids and chanted 310"!
a student. Some ofthe professors he” waste and its toxicity that pose the a lot more than higher costs. They broke'a rule. GOING TO ANSWER THESE withthcm. Coach Warden pulled 0“”
1 are nationally known. recognized as problem. not its bulk. “WhtCh one?‘ IMPERTINENT QUESTIONS!" handkerchief and wiped his eyes. “It
leaders in their fields. Yet I have not As to my ‘comparison“ of past Tom Fitzgerald “The one that says don‘t make the The reporter shrank back. “Oh. just goes to show you," he said,
heard of any praise of them coming nuclear accidents to Three Mile Second year law student administration mad.“ The coach Well, forget it.“ “Kentuckyisateam withahcart.May
paused. “I‘d like to add that because The coach spoke again. “I would the road rise to meet you. may the
. the press has falsely painted our like to add that before any player wind bcalways at your back,and until
' \I (§\ program out to be such a criminal comes here I know all about him. I we...“
' \‘ organization, we will probably be know his family, the kind of dope he An announcer came on With a
,, _ ‘ , .i _ starting junior varsity cheerleaders in prefers and his arrest record, if any. voiceover. “Stay tuned for a play-by-
r a i, \ J, the fall." We recruit only perfect gentlemen.“ play analysis of Coach Warden‘s
v15"; J"; .« .-—’ By. 3: Another reporter spoke up. “Do A reporter stood up. “Pardon me. conversation, ‘Wllh ldi Arnin as guest
‘ “x h‘ i y " you think the press is to blame for coach. but what happens tothemafter commentatorq .. .
‘ . - L g u this?“ they get here?" Lets turri it off. I told Franklin.
, J ‘3‘ “we ‘h‘. _ . ‘ “ch. I do spend all my time car