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They way
we were

This weekend I saw a
preview for a
"Growing Pains"
reunion movie. Soon
memories of my
adoration for the hip
Kirk Cameron came
rolling back. For
everyone who once
planned out their
wedding to Mike
Seaver or Doogie
Howser. M.D., see
how you fare on this
‘805 TV quiz.

1. Who was Mallory
Keaton's fiance?

2. What is the name of
the cat in the

3. What's the connection
between Benson 8
“Growing Pains?"

4. What was the name of
the dog in “Fraggle

5. What was the name of
Punky Brewster's

6. What was Angela's
son's name in "Who's
the Boss?"

7. What was the name of
the school mistress
in "The Facts of

8. What were the names
of the four main
characters of ”The
Facts of Life?"

9. "The Jeffersons" was
a spin off from what

10. What actor was
famous for the line
"nanoo nanoo?"

11. Name the three
children on “Kate and

12. What actress played
Laura and Almonzo's
niece on "Little
House on the

. What was the name
of Deputy Roscoe P.
Coltraine's dog?

. Which famous talk
show host made a
guest appearance on
"Laverne 8 Shirley?"

. 1n "Knight Rider,"
what does K.1.T.T.’s
name stand for?

. On “Punky
Brewster," how was
she abandoned by
her mother?


1. Nick Moore

2. Azriel

3. Missy Gold was the
daughter in Benson
and her sister was
Tracey Gold, Carol in
“Growing Pains."

4. Sprocket

5. Brandon

6. Jonathon

7. Mrs. Edna Garrett

8. Jo Polniaczek, Blair
Warner, Natalie
Green, Dorothy
“Tootie” Ramsey

9. "All in the Family"

10. Robin Williams for his
character Mork from

11. Jenny, Chip and

12. Shannen Doherty

13. Flash

14. Jay Leno

15. Knight industries Two

16. Her mother went into
the grocery store
and never came out.

- Compiled by:

Tracy Kershaw

- Source:


7.3 5.9

It should be a good
night for Halloween.
Don't let the gloomy
clouds keep you from
going outside

initiative sit;


VOL. 8106 ISSUE 3847


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; I


October 30, 2000

l“l‘(‘Slllllt‘ll step
up in Blue-Vt'hite
scrimmage i 4





Buchanan wants

more than

'A Republicratic state': Supporting third
parties important, Buchanan volunteer says

By Ashley York

Presidential Reform Party
candidate Pat Buchanan does-
n‘t expect to win the election
next month, but hopes more
voters choose to press the hilt-
toii for a third party candidate

because it matters.

"We need to support third
party candidates." said .leffJa-

tras. an assistant to the chief

of staff and national volunteer
coordinator for Buchanan and

Ezola Foster's campaign. “If

(third party candidates are
suppressed) and the Green or
Reform parties don‘t survive.
our whole s "tem of democra
cy is in jeop. dy."

.latras said voting for a
third party candidate is signif-
icantly relevant to the future
of America because the coun-
try's politics tend to keep
merging toward a Republicrat»
ic state. meaning the Republi-
can and Democratic parties
represent and agree on the
main issues.

“When two parties stand
for the same things. we are in
danger ofcreating a one party
Republicratic state. as advor

catedl i3. thi national news me—
dia." latras said

.Iati as said the. failure of

the media to represent third
party candidates effects the
outcome of elections because
people select the candidate
they vote for based on whom
they see on television. .latras
said that since (lore and Bush
were the only faces America
got to see debate. then they are
privileged to win over Nader
or Buchanan.

“Sixty percent (of the peo-
ple) felt Nader or Buchanan
should have been included in
the debates." he said. “If Pat or

Nader were in the debates,
this election would have been
a lot different."

tlatras referenced the 1992
election to illustrate how sig
nificant the debates are to the
candidate that wins. He said
that in 1992 when Ross Perot
ran and debated he received 19
percent of the vote: however.
in the 1996 election. when l’er
ot wasn't allowed to debate. he

received only seven percent of

the popular vote.

.latras believes the elec-
tion would turn out differently
if Buchanan could debate. but
said the Reform Party will
continue the fight to rid the
notion that a vote for a third
party candidate is a wasted

He claims people will vote
for Bush or (lore because thev
have no other choice.

“Conservatives are only
voting for Bush because they
are afraid of Gore.“ he said,
“Nobody likes these candi-
dates. they just don‘t like the
other guy more."

.Iatras said many people

would vote for a third party if

they thought they had a
chance to win.

"The people who like fiore
would vote for Nader if they
knew he had a chance but
they can't win because people
don't see them on TV." .latras

.latras encourages those
who want to vote for a third
party to do so because it really
does matter.

"It‘s important to
(Buchanan and Nader) be-
cause when you sign on to
serving the lesser of two evils
you may be making a career
decision and the next elec-
tion you might not have a
choice." he said.

It’s foolish to say you shouldn’t vote for a

third party candidate because if everyone
would vote for a third party then we

would elect a third party president."

— Tim Jones,
CIVII engineering senior and Buchanan supporter



Buchanan is a pro-lilo candidate.

Campaign finance

Favors full disclosure.





Wants control over education to be
returned to the people.


Posing Fat
Pat Buchanan has written five books,
including two bestsellers, Right from the

Beginning and A Repriblk Not an Empire. at c

He wrote foreign policy speeches for lllxon.

Patrick J.


flirtation: Master's hi William Cohmhia
University (1962)





Health care

Snports a health care system that
returns control to its patients.

project power all over the world.


Develop a pay-as-you-oo system so indi-
viduals can develop retirement accounts.







:campus safe
for s udents

Lt. Terry Watts of
the UK Police
Department, dis-
cusses safety
issues with SGA
President Jimmy
Glenn during
Thursday night's
annual SGA Safety

row. “in:

Keeping the lights on: Physical Plant
Division takes note of findings from walk

By Abby Scott


Several spots on campus are unsafe because of poor light
ing. according to findings from the annual safety walk

The walk. sponsored by the Student (ioverninent :\\sti('l£l
tion. is an effort to pinpoint unsafe plat es on campus so that
improvements can be m'ide. Students. faculty. l'lx' l’olice ofli
cers and l’hvsicril l’lant [livision workers made the trek

'l‘wo (itilsll’lli'llttli sites. one between tbs- litigious-ring
(‘otnpli-x :inil the Business and l-lcononiics I‘ilillillll"..' hid the

See WALK on 8

I l

Kohl's takes heat
from students

Human rights: Students protest working
conditions at Chentex factory in Nicaragua

Paul llalter

"Kohls and (‘hentex workers in crime won't give workers an
extra dime."

”Hey hey. ho ho. sweatshop labor has got to go."

More than 20 [TR and 'l‘ransylvania students shouted these
chants Friday night at an aiitirsweatshop protest in front of
Kohl‘s. a department store in Hamburg Pavilion.

The Students. members of l'nited Students Against vaeat-
shops. came to Kohl's to protest what they claim are unsatisfacto
ry working conditions at (‘heiitex. a factory in Nicaragua that
makes clothing for Kohl‘s.

Workers at the themes factory had asked for an eight cent

See KOHL'S on 8


Learning more
than self defense

Kung fu: Organizations teach martial arts

By David McIntosh

, 3 For more informa-
Some students are discovering that tion on martial arts
there‘s more to martial ams than the flashy student organiza-
moves portrayed by Hollywood. tions, call 257-

"It helps build confidence. first it gives 1109.
you discipline from us and then you can
build self-discipline." said John Fernadez.
head instructor for I'K's (‘hinese Karate (‘luh

[K has four student orgammtions dedicated to the martial

These clubs offer students the optmrtunitv to learn about
Aikido. (‘hinese karate. Shotokan karate and Tae Kwon Do.

(‘hinese karate classes run twice a week and cost Slit a month.
No uniform is mandatory. but for those who wish to take it to a
further level uniforms cost around $33. The average class size is 1.3

See MARTIAL on 8







z | noun", OCTOBER 30.2000 i'ite‘iriicitv KERMEI.



The Low-down

We start
with the
month. I
call that
time the
House of

Fishburne. 39.
star of The
Matrix, to
People on
preparing to
shoot two
sequels to the

Five dead in renewed Mideast clashes

JERUSALEM A column of Israeli tanks
and armored personnel carriers rolled into the
Gaza Strip and exchanged fire with Palestinian
gunmen Sunday. a day of renewed clashes that
left five Palestinians dead and dozens wounded.
Aitiid the turmoil. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud
Barak met Ariel Sharon. leader of the hawkish
Likud party. iii an attempt to forge a coalition
government. No immediate agreement was re-

Budget deal remains elusive
WASHINGTON (‘ongress‘ final budget
battle with President Clinton resumed with a
rare Sunday session. Republicans vowed to stay
until Election Day rather than accede to the pres-
ident‘s demands but held out hopes that a deal
could be struck in the next two days. ’ There are
some ideas being exchanged." Majority Leader
Trent Lott told reporters after convening the Sen»
ate. Lott said earlier yesterday on ABC‘s ”This
Week" that Clinton was demanding that Republi-
cans “cave to what his demands are." Clinton.
calling on lawmakers to put aside partisan de
mands. also said a deal was within reach.

Ohio braces for world bank protests

CINCINNA'I‘I Police and protesters are
getting ready for a visit next month by more than
100 (‘llti's from both sides of the Atlantic. Execu-
tives from ICurope and the I'.S. attending the
Trans Atlantic Business Dialogue are coming to
talk about trade and investment and to discuss
ways ofeliininating costly regulations. But their
critics will be out in force. saying the group fa-
vors total global economic control by the rich
and powerful and disregards human rights and
the environment. Police say they're ready for
any confrontation. but that most protesters gathe
ering here for the .‘\‘o\‘. 195718 conference will be

Peru's president holds on to power
I.l.\IA. Peru .lust days after his govern
ment appeared to be disintegrating before his
eyes. Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori began
solidifying power by disentangling a web of Ililll‘
tary influence crafted by his former spy chief.
Saturday. l-‘uiimori. once commonly called the
The limperot” here. calmly descended the steps
ot‘tlie presidential palace and announced that he
had accepted the resignations of l’ei‘u‘s three top
military officials. The president said the military
reshuffling would contribute to the process of
institutional fortification in this transition
period ”

a '0

IS til:
American rap-
per Eminem,
whose hard-
core lyrics had
prompted the
Ontario govern-
ment to try to
stop his entry
into Canada,
will be allowed
to perform at a
concert In
Toronto on
police said.
Officials said
the musician's
lyrics promoted
violence against

For actors John
Travolta and
Marlon Brando,
became the sin-
cerest form of
Travolta por-
trayed Brando
in a ‘ ‘Saturday
Night Live" skit
several years
ago that paro-
died the CNN
talk show
"Larry King
Live." When
the two eventu-
ally met,
Brando praised
the actor for
his mimicry.

Report: DaimlerChrysler won't sell

FRANKFURT. Germany , The board of Ger-
man-American automaker DaimlerChrysIer re-
portedly is not considering selling its US. unit
Chrysler. which is blamed for dragging down the
company’s earnings. U.S. analysts have been de-
manding the move. saying that the Mercedes-
Benz and Chrysler brands have more value indi-
vidually than the total group. DaimlerChrysIer's
weak third-quarter results Thursday prompted
that response from some analysts. German maga-
zine Der Spiegel said the board wasn‘t thinking
about selling Chrysler.

Swiss clocks stumped by time change

ZURICH. Switzerland Switzerland‘s repu-
tation for seamless timekeeping suffered a set-
back Sunday when up to 200 remote-controlled
clocks around Zurich were put back two hours at
the end of daylight savings time. Workmen were
dispatched to correct the time by hand. it said.
But they will be unable to finish until Monday
morning. leaving some Zurich residents con-
fused when they return to work.

Aikman pulls himself out of game

iRVING. Texas Dallas quarterback Troy
Aikman took himself out of the game against
Jacksonville yesterday and was then taken to the
locker room late in the first quarter. Aikman had
soreness in his back. His return was uncertain.
The quarterback has been bothered recently by
back pain. and the condition apparently wors-
ened when he was hit hard by defensive end
Tony Brackens as he threw a pass on Dallas'
opening drive.

Waldorf wins Disney Golf Classic

LAKE BUENA VISTA. Fla. ()ii a day when
Steve Flesch played well enough to beat Tiger
Woods. Duffy Waldorf was even better. He blew
past both of them yesterday with a career-low 62
to win the National Car Rental Classic at Disney.
Playing in the threesome behind Flesch and
Woods anti six strokes behind Flesch to start the
day. Waldorf birdied six of his first seven holes to
zoom into contention. then turned back a late bid
front Flesch by holing a 12-foot birdie putt on the
18th hole for a one-stroke victory."Obviously. it‘s
a surprise to me,” Waldorf said after his fourth
career victory. aitd first this year. ”Yesterday. I
got everything I could out ofthe round."

Compiled from wire reports.




Adrian Hayden, a finance sophomore, and Tasha Meal. a pofltical
science sophomore, were crowned Mr. and Miss Black Ill Thursday
night at Memorial Hall.


More royalty

Elizabeth Arnold, a Kappa Alpha Theta and merchandising, textiles
and apparel junior, was crowned Miss Greek UK Saturday night at
the Singletary Center for the Arts. Delta Tau Delta fraternity spon-
sored the event. Proceeds went to the McDowell Cancer Foundation.




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She’s a child,
not a Choice.

V'i'l" 1"lrl "7 ( v'liil il l\ 'lllllx l‘.\
l’t"l l"".lil>|nl l"tl ‘siiilt' ~III \
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if: football

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Will a Sfll Ill


Bluegrass alter a 20-year

banishment ill the was lands Ill Tennessee.

[Mill Hill Cllll # 2 ll ‘I'llllllllu S lEllllE llSSlFIEII ADS!











Matt Mulcaliey
Scene Editor
Phone: 251-1915 | E1mailzliernetart0yahooxorn



may IIEIIIIEI I” 1111111111 1111611111311 zooo | 3



Social commentary and



horror don't mix in sequel


A new group at
curious but none
_. too bright knowl-

' ~ edge seekers enter
the needs In Book
of Shadows. the
sequel to the unex-
pected hex-office
smash The Blair
Witch Project.

P1010 MIME

Witch goes to the woods one too many times: No shaky hand-held
cameras, no creepy stick figures and no scares in new horror sequel

By Matt Mulcaliey
5cm [011011 N



The Blair Witch Project was
the kind of cultural phenome-
non that comes along maybe
once a decade. A low~budget lit~
tle-engine-thatcould. proving
millions of dollars and studio
backing aren't necessary to
make a good film.

For trying to make a sequel
that doesn't merely attempt to
capitalize on the originals suc-
cess. awardwinning documen-
tarian Joe Berlinger deserves

However. that credit is only
for trying because the movie is
a colossal disaster.

Berlinger. who also co-
wrote. does comes up with an
interesting appi oac h for the se
quel. The film acknowledges its
predecessor as a “()1 k of tie tion
and attempts to comment on
the factors that made the film :1

The characters are five "ob
sessed" Blair Witch fans who

have come to the real-life site of

the original to take the Blair
Witch Hunt tour. The tour is
led by Jeffrey. a recently re-
leased mental patient. who
mu1h like the 1111111tois ot the


original. has made entrepre-
neurial use of the Internet (he
sells everything from T-shirts
to self~crafted stick figures).

The tour group consists of a
Wiccan (a modern day group of
witches who where offended by
The Blair Witch Project Is depio
tion of them) named Erica. a
Goth girl named Kim and a

tarried couple who are writing
a book about the Blair Witch.

The five of them spend a
night at the ruins of Rustin
l’arr‘s house. the man who al-
legedly killed children at the be-
hest of the Blair Witch. They
get drunk and stoned and wake
up the next morning with their
camp destroyed and five hours
of their lives unaccounted for.

They return to Jeffrey's
house. an abandoned factory
turned into a loft. to sort out
what happened.

The filmmakers claim to be
trying to make sortie sort of
comment on the effects of the
media and mass hysteria on the
line between fiction and reality.
They claim to let the viewer de-
cide if the Blair Witch really ex’

But the characters and
writing do not remotely sup»
port this claim. None of the

tour group is crazy enough to
imagine all of the things they
see. Whether it is intended or
not. the film definitely comes to
the conclusion that the Blair
Witch is responsible for the evil

The characters are also
very poorly defined. We never
learn why Jeffrey was in the
mental institution. The married
couple seems to be writing their
book in a methodical, material
istic manner. not as obsessed
fans. Kim starts the movie with
psychic abilities that disappear

after about 30 minutes. And if

she really were psychic. wouldn't
she have known not to go on
the trip in the first place?
Berlinger can't seem to tie
cide what kind of movie he
wants to make. If the film is i11-
tended to be a social continen-
tary. why not add some back»
ground to the characters and
truly explore the effects of the
media hype of the first film on
them'.’ if the movie is intended
to be a horror film, why not add
at least some chilling moments?
The end result is a social
commentary that makes no
social comment and a horror
film that isn't scary.
Grade: D19





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'(ollege WOTShIp Semis Uplmk Campus Munstnes 7pm (olvuo 8001131

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60 Cats!
. . 3.831.







- The combined shooting
percentage of the
Blue and White teams
in Saturday's Blue
White game.


- UK's shooting
percentage in the
1999-2000 season.


- Days until UK's regular
season opener
against St. Johns in
the Coaches vs.
Cancer Tournament
in New York city. UK
plays its preseason
home opener
Thursday against E.A.
Sports California All-

“In fact,
at 6-9, he's
our best


Tubby Smith,

UK coach. on forward
Marquis Estill's shooting
touch, the sophomore
hit two of three three-
point attempts

today that
they can

-Keith Bogans,

UK sophomore guard. on
the play of UK’s
freshmen Saturday UK's
freshman class
combined for 58 points
and 26 rebounds in the

“We gave
up too

layups to-

day. The
much of

Tubby Smith.

UK coach, on his team’s
defensive effort
Saturday. The Blue and
White squads scored a
combined 182 points in
the scrimmage





GEORGIA ............. 23
FLORIDA .............. 34

TENNESSEE .......... I?
S. CAROLINA ........ l4

ARKANSAS ........... I9
AUBURN ............... 21

C. FLORIDA .......... 35
ALABAMA ............. 31

UNLV ................... 40
MISSISSIPPL ....... 43

MID. TENN. ST. ...35

NEBRASKA ........... l4
OKLAHOMA... ........ 3i

CLEMSON ............ 28

The Kernel’s
Hoops 2000






Junior Tayshon Prince dunks two of his 18 points in Saturday's Blue-White game.

What a difference a year makes: Sophomore
ready to play after setting out freshman year

By Luke Saiadin

MANAG Ni; -7, ' if;

Marina». Iistill may have had to
wait .in "\lllt ‘w-ar to start his I'K
basketball career. but after his perr
formant-:- .it Saturdays lilue White
scrininiaue. it looks as though he
feels right .i' home

listiil. 1 Richmond native who
sat out last season for academic and
illi'llli”ll iw'isons. stored the first
"lL’l‘il iliill‘ls Ill the scriminagi. and
tini~h~d \\ no i ';.illi"l'llf.1ll '18.

"After I knocked nit tirst shot
down I got more ioni'ulcnt." Estill
said. who IV'ITXEHV‘N an hour of thera
p_\ even daft tor his lx‘llt‘i's. "Then I
lust got on :i hot streak.”

listill shot ii for lti. including
two to: three from three point
l"lllL‘t' He also collected llllit‘ I‘t‘

'Xlrll'llllls has always shot the
ball well.” sxi'rl l‘K coach Tubby
Smith ‘ile's \er\ gifted and has a
good "'\" lle’s 'hc lll‘sl player we
hate :is far is ‘1 pure lump shooter."

Smith is hoping Iistill and the
team's .31. :1 percent shooting pert'or
malice will carry over into the regu
lat" season

l_.'l\l season the terini shot I33
percent and timer lull\ developed
into the ~llttltlll111 twain Smith hoped
the\ would

‘.\e are ill-launch. .i better
shooting from this year.” said se
nioi point guard Saul Smith. who
had eight assists and only one
turnover Ill 17 minutes of action,
'You could \l‘t' today that once
somebody knocks down a shot it is
crilllnulolls and “\ervone starts

knocking down shots."

The scrimmage was also the
first chance for fans to see Kett-
tucky‘s six freshmen in action. in-
cluding Jason Parker. a North Car-
olina native and former [INC re-
cruit. The afoot-8 Parker finished
with It points on 6 for 115 shooting
while collecting ll rebounds.

I'K‘s freshmen totaled 55 points.
while collecting 26 rebounds in the
scrimmage, (‘oach Smith said the
team. especially the young players.
needs to limit turnovers and im-
prove on defense. As a team. 17K
committed Jill turnovers.

Freshman guard (‘liff Hawkins
committed eight turnovers. but
Smith said it was nothing more
than common freshmen mistakes.

Smith also said that Parker.
along with Marvin Stone. would
have added duties in the paint with
the pending loss of .lules (‘amara
who is appealing a I)l'l conviction
handed down earlier this month.
(‘amara finished the game with 19
points and nine rebounds

tTnder ITK's zero-tolerance poli»
cy. any student who is convicted of
a drug or alcohol related charge au»
tomatically loses their scholarship.

A committee is currently re,-
viewing the policy. and Smith said
he hopes to have (‘amara back by
next semester. possibly sooner.

"You saw what Jules is capable
of doing. We'd love to have him

l'K plays its first exhibition
game Nov. 2 against EA.
Sports (‘alifornia All-Stars at Rupp



39%.; ; : .
Freshman forward Jason Parker shoots over sopho-
more forward Marquis Estill in Saturdays scrimmage.

Parker scored 14 points and grabbed a game high 11
rebounds for the victorious White squad.

Knee: in: 33;“. i
Forward Marquis Estill slams home two of game high
28 points Saturday. The sophomore set out last sea-

son as a partial qualifier. He also had surgery on his
left ltnoe, which he iced after the game.

Freshmen ’

Stone cold


Marvin Stone
elevates for an afloy-
oop in Saturday's
scrimmage. The
sophomore scored 13
points on six of
seven field goal
attempts for the
White team. Stone,
along with freshman
Jason Parker and
sophomore Marquis
Estill will anchor the
Cats' front line this

m tomcat l