For the life of her, she couldn't see how Lloyd
ever listened to any other wooing after that. Had
any one sung that to her in that voice it would have
won her so completely that she would have risen
like the Sleeping Beauty at the call of the prince.

        Beyond the night - across the day -
        Through all the world she followed him."

  To her surprise, Phil took up the sheet of music
as nonchalantly as if he had never seen it before.
But when he began to sing it seemed to her anxious
ear that he sang it more feelingly than anything
she had ever heard. It was plain enough to her
now that he had not ceased to care. It wrung her
heart to hear him sing it so, pouring out his soul
in a flood of noble devotion which he knew could
never be requited, but which would live on till the
sun lost its heat and the stars their light.
  " I love that song," said Roberta, laying it aside
to pick up another. " But I'd like to meet that
fiery old duck of a Bedouin when the leaves of
the Judgment Book do unfold, and find out how
long his devotion kept up to high-water mark."
Then she trilled airily, " Men are gay deceivers
  Under the circumstances the remark seemed