The motion for the adoption of the Invitation to Submit Proposal and the
Official Statement was seconded by Mr. Bell. After discussion the chairman put
the question and the vote was recorded as follows:

       Voting "Aye": Mr. Jesse M. Alverson, Mr. Thomas P. Bell, Mrs.
Rexford S. Blazer, Mr. Albert G. Clay, Mr. Richard E. Cooper, Mr. Robert
H. Hillenmeyer, Dr. N. N. Nicholas and Mr. James H. Pence.

       Voting "Nay': None

       The chairman then announced that the statement of the Invitation to
Submit Proposal and the Official Statement had been accepted and approved.

       P. Authorization to Execute Lease of Land in Texas (FCR 6)

       Mr. Hillenmeyer said that FCR 6 was merely requesting approval of the
extension of a lease on University owned land in Texas and moved that the Acting
Vice President--Business Affairs and Treasurer be authorized to execute a
lease of 316 acres of grazing land located in Young County, Texas, for a period
of two years from April 1, 1970, for a net yearly consideration of $867. 62. Dr.
Nicholas seconded Mr. Hillenmeyer's motion, and it passed without dissent.
(See FCR 6 at the end of the Minutes. )

       Q. Alumni Reception- -Columnbus, Ohio

       President Singletary extended an invitation to all those who would be
attending the Mideast Regional basketball tournament in Columbus, Ohio, to a
reception sponsored by the Alumni Association to be held on Thursday afternoon,
March 12, 1970 in the Imperial House Motel.

       Mr. Clay, speaking for the entire Board of Trustees, expressed pride  
the Wildcat basketball team which had just won the Southeastern Conference
championship for the twenty-fifth time and would represent the University of
Kentucky in the National Collegiate Athletic Association Mideast Regional tourna-
ment in Columbus on March 12 and 14. He requested that Dr. Creech draft a
resolution of thanks and appreciation to the team to be delivered prior to its
departure for Columbus on Wednesday, March 11.

       R. Meeting Adjourned

       The chairman, having first determined that there was no further business
to come before the meeting, called for a motion for adjournment. It was moved
by Dr. Nicholas. His motion was seconded by Mr. Alverson and without objection