MINUTES OF THRE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,Jun-6, 1906 Page 94(cont'd)

     Met pursuant to adjournment at 2:30 PM,1.same day,same
members present.

     Mr. Nicholas submitted the Report of the Oommittee ap-
pointed to visit various institutions of learning and Experi-
ment Stations of the Country, and read same to the Board.

     Upon motion of Mr. McChord, seconded by Judge Lafferty and
carried, said report was received and ordered filed.

     Judge Kinkead offered the following resolution:-
     Resolved that this Board ask the next Legislature to ap-
point a Committee of ten from the House, and five from the
Senate to visit the various institutions of learning in other
states, and Experiment Stations, which the members of the Cora-
mittee of this Board visited, as a matter of experience, and
then to come to the City of Lexington and see our college and
its deficiencies, after going to these other colleges and
seeing what they have done.

     Said motion was seconded by Mr. McChord put upon its passage
and carried.

     Judge Kinkead offered the following resolution:
     Resolved that the position of Director of the School of
Mechanical and Electrical Engineering be created, that the
salary of $3,000.00 per annum be attached thereto, and that
this position be tendered Prof. F. Paul Anderson.

     Said motion was duly seconded.

     Thereupon President Patterson moved that the matter re-
ferred to in Judge Kinkead's motion be referred to the Com-
mittee on salaries, to consider the Proposition an(d reoort
back to this Board.