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The Board of Trustees ofthe University of Kentucky met at 1:00 p.m. (Lexington time) on
Tuesday, February 21, 2012 in the Board Room on the 18th Floor of Patterson Office Tower.
A. Meeting Opened
Dr. E. Britt Brockman, chair of the Board of Trustees, called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m.
and announced the swearing in ofthe newest faculty trustee, Dr. John Wilson. He acknowledged and
thanked Dr. Hollie Swanson and the faculty senate council for an outstanding job of organizing an
election with the departure of Dr. Peek in December. Dr. Brockman stated that Dr. Wilson came to
UK in 1977 with a PhD from the University of Michigan. He is a professor in the Department of
Behavior Science in the College of Medicine. He served four tenns in his college’s faculty council
and he chaired it on two occasions.
Dr. Brockman invited General Counsel Barbara Jones to administer the Oath of Office to Dr.
John Wilson. The Oath was administered. At the conclusion of the Oath, there were congratulations
offered and applause.
Dr. Brockman asked Ms. Sandy Patterson, secretary of the Board, to call the roll.
B. Roll Call
The following members of the Board of Trustees answered the call of the roll: William C.
Britton, E. Britt Brockman (chair), Sheila Brothers, Jo Hem Curris, William S. Farish, Jr., Micah
Fielden, Oliver Keith Gannon, Carol Martin "Bill” Gatton, Pamela T. May, Billy Joe Miles, Terry
Mobley, Sandy Bugie Patterson, Erwin Roberts, Charles R. Sachatello, C. Frank Shoop, John
Wilson, Irina Voro, and Barbara Young. C.B. Akins Sr. and James W. Stuckert were absent from the
meeting. Dr. Brockman announced that a quorum was present.
The University administration was represented by President Eli Capilouto, Provost Kumble
Subbaswamy, and General Counsel Barbara W. Jones.
The University faculty was represented by Chair ofthe University Senate Council Hollie
Swanson, and the University staff was represented by Chair ofthe Staff Senate Mike Adams.
Members ofthe various news media were also in attendance.
C. Consent Items
Dr. Brockman called attention to the three consent items on the agenda. They included the
minutes for the regular meeting ofthe Board on December13, 2011, PR 2 which deals with personnel
actions and FCR1 which is the extinguishment of the Dale Edward Albers and Doris McNeal Seeley
Research endowment. Dr. Brockman asked for a motion to accept the consent items. Mr. Mobley,
moved approval and his motion was seconded by Ms. May. Dr. Brockman asked if there was any
discussion on the consent items.

Ms. Patterson noted that there is an amendment to page 13 ofthe December 13, 2011 minutes
in section 0. "It passed without dissent” was inadvertently left out and is now added.
Dr. Brockman stated that the record should reflect that the change will be enacted on the
minutes. There being no further discussion, a vote was taken and the motion in favor of the consent
items carried without dissent. (See consent items listed below on the Board of Trustees website,
www.uky.edu/Trustees, under agenda.)
Minutes — December 13, 2011
PR 2 Personnel Actions
ECR 1 Extinguishment ofthe Dale Edward Albers and Doris McNeal Seeley Research
D. Resolution Honoring Ms. Peggy Way
Dr. Brockman then asked for Ms. Peggy Way to stand and be recognized. Ms. Way is the
senior administrative staff officer for the President’s office who has been the liaison to the Board of
Trustees since 1981- 1982. She has served the University for 41 % years. Dr. Brockman noted that
in 1981-1982, the year Ms. Way began working in the President’ Office, it also happened to be the
year that he served on the Board of Trustees as a student, as the student body president. Dr.
Brockman asked Ms. Way and Board of Trustees member Ms. Shelia Brothers to come forward for a
special presentation.
Ms. Brothers read the following resolution:
WHEREAS, for more than 41 years, Peggy Way has ably served the University of Kentucky in its
mission to provide quality education, service, and outreach to the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and
WHEREAS, Mrs. Way, graduate of the former UK Community College System, received several
certificates from the former Lexington Community College’s Cooperative Education Program, and
WHEREAS, throughout her career at the University of Kentucky, she has served many departments,
including the College of Education and the former College of Joumalism, as well as the Office of
Human Resources, and
WHEREAS, in 1982, she began her tenure in the Office of the President and continued there until her
retirement, admirably executing her role with great diligence, intellect, and unrivaled loyalty, serving
several members of the University’s Board of Trustees and five university presidents: Otis A.
Singletary, David P. Roselle, Charles T. Wethington, Lee T. Todd, Jr., and Eli I. Capilouto, and
WHEREAS, having gone above the call of duty, she quietly served numerous individuals and causes
across the University, most notably, her unmatched effort and time devoted to the recent Presidential
Search process, and
WHEREAS, she continues to support the University as a UK Fellow, and

WHEREAS, because of her skilled support to Vice President Albert A. Gore, Jr. during his visit to the
University of Kentucky in 1996, she received a commendation from the White House
Communications Agency; and
WHEREAS, l\/Irs. Way has voluntarily served the Lexington community and Bluegrass Region as a
past Chairperson of the Lexington’s Annual American Heart Walk and UK’s liaison for the United
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the University Of Kentucky Board Of Trustees
does hereby adopt this resolution on February 21, 2012 and express, on behalf of the University
community, our individual and collective gratitude to l\/Irs. Peggy Way for her exemplary service to
the University of Kentucky, the city of Lexington, and the Bluegrass Region.
On behalf ofthe Board of Trustees, Ms. Brothers also presented a Wildcat Alumni Plaza
paver noting that its dedication and unveiling would occur on April 20th. There was a long round of
appreciative applause and a standing ovation for Ms. Way.
Ms. Way stated that it had been an honor and a privilege to work with everyone. She will
cherish the memories of her work at the University and wished the Board well as they make the
important decisions for the future ofthe University.
E. President’s Report (PR lg
Before beginning PR 1, President Capilouto wanted to join everyone in saying hello and
saying goodbye. He welcomed Dr. Wilson and commented that though he has now heard the Oath of
Office on several occasions, he has never heard "dueling” mentioned so many times in just a few
sentences. He extended his thanks to Ms. Way and credited her for him being a quick study. She had
taught him quickly and well so that she could then leave the university. He thanked her for
everything she had done.
President Capilouto was pleased to again spotlight some ofthe tremendous work by the
faculty and students and wanted to draw everyone’s attention to the lists in PR l. He noted the
range of terrific staff members to alums that have been singled out for well deserved recognition.
He stated that he would like to introduce a few people today that are remarkable assets to this
President Capilouto recognized Mr. Vince Kellen, the Chief Inforrnation Officer at the
University. Mr. Kellen has been selected as a Dell Transforrnational CIO. He was one of four
CIOs selected globally to receive this honor by the leading computer manufacturer. Mr. Kellen
was recognized at Dell’s Field Readiness Seminar in Las Vegas on February 9th, where he met
with senior Dell executives and other IT professionals to discuss emerging trends and challenges
facing the world of higher education.
President Capilouto commented that technology is an increasingly critical part of virtually
everything we do at the University. Most critically, is the important part technology plays in
learning and classroom instruction. He acknowledged that Mr. Kellen has been one ofthe true
leaders in the University’s efforts in this regard. President Capilouto thanked him for his great

work and for bringing pride and recognition to our University. The Board gave Mr. Kellen a round
of applause.
President Capilouto next stated that the University of Kentucky‘s Martin School of Public
Policy and Administration had presented its inaugural Distinguished Alumni Award last month to a
familiar face, Mr. Bob Wiseman. Mr. Wiseman is the UK Vice President for Facilities
Management, who eamed his Master‘s in Public Administration degree from the Martin School in
1984. President Capilouto explained that Mr. Wiseman oversees the University‘s entire physical
plant and capital projects management, another very critical component of what we do at UK. He
noted that Mr. Wiseman had a distinguished public policy career before he joined the University
nearly 10 years ago, working in both city and federal govemments in key leadership positions.
President Capilouto acknowledged Mr. Wiseman’s tireless work on facilities throughout the
campus and also in his work with the housing initiative. He thanked Mr. Wiseman for his
wonderful efforts on behalf of his alma mater. The Board gave Mr. Wiseman a round of applause.
President Capilouto next noted that today marked the last board meeting for Mr. Len Heller,
the Vice President for Commercialization and Economic Development. Mr. Heller is retiring.
President Capilouto commended him as being a stalwart the last several years in helping cement
relationships with local businesses in our community and in advocating successfully for the increased
commercialization ofthe intellectual property being developed on this campus and at Coldstream. He
asked the Board to join him in thanking Mr. Heller for his service. President Capilouto offered that
he had told Mr. Heller that the University was going to celebrate his retirement in the future in a more
fun way. He recounted that over the Christmas holidays, Mr. Heller was a guest at Maxwell Place.
There was a pianist and Mr. Heller decided to sing and accompany the pianist. President Capilouto
asked him if he would do the same at his retirement celebration. Mr. Heller said "yes, he had already
picked out his song, I did it ‘My Way’”. President Capilouto thanked Mr. Heller for doing it "your
way”. It was "our way” too. The Board gave Mr. Heller a round of applause.
President Capilouto next fonnally noted that one of our fonner board members and proud
alums, Mr. Dennontti Dawson, was recently named to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Mr. Dawson is
a graduate ofthe College of Education and a fonner UK Wildcat stand-out. Mr. Dawson is widely
acknowledged as one ofthe greatest centers to ever play the game. President Capilouto went on to
say that after his long and distinguished career with the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Hall of Fame
induction is a greatly deserved honor and that the University is very proud that he is a member of our
family. He stated that the University will be inviting Mr. Dawson to join us at a Board meeting
sometime soon so that we can properly recognize such an important achievement by one of our own.
President Capilouto updated the Board on the search for the replacement for Mr. Frank Butler,
the recently retired Executive Vice President for Financial Affairs. A search committee has been
appointed and is ably chaired by Dr. Scott Smith, Dean of our College of Agriculture. He also
advised the Board that the University has retained the national search consultancy, Witt/Keiffer, to
assist the committee. He invited those with suggestions of people who would be good candidates to
contact Dean Smith, as we move forward in filling this critically important position.
President Capilouto was also pleased to announce that April 24, 2012 will be a special day in

the life of the University of Kentucky. The University will be officially naming one ofthe new
residence halls on the north end of campus for our ninth president, Dr. David Roselle. He stated that
Dr. Roselle proudly and forcefully led the University of Kentucky during a tumultuous period in our
institution‘s history. President Capilouto stated he was so proud to be here as we move forward with
this appropriate recognition. He recalled that about three years ago, he had the opportunity to talk
with Dr. Roselle. Dr. Roselle was given as a reference for two faculty that he was trying to recruit
and the two had a delightful conversation. President Capilouto recounted that it was indeed a joy for
him to call Dr. Roselle back to share with him the news of the Board’s decision to name this
residence hall and he is very much looking forward to meeting him. Dr. Roselle will be here on April
24th and the Board will be receiving an invitation shortly and it will include a luncheon.
President Capilouto moved on to introduce Dr. Margaret Szabunio, who is a relatively new
member ofthe team at UK HealthCare. He stated that she is another exciting addition to the team
being assembled by Dr. Mark Evers at the renowned Markey Cancer Center. She is the associate
medical director for its Comprehensive Breast Care Center and Division chief of Women‘s
Radiology. Her area of focus is the early detection of breast cancer using Elastography and
Tomosynthesis. Tomosynthesis is a 3-D mammogram technology that can find cancers earlier and
help prevent false positives. Dr. Szabunio was recruited to the University because of her experience
and expertise and is playing a big part in getting this type of technology to the campus. He noted that
we will be the first in the state to have this technology.
President Capilouto asked Dr. Szabunio to come forward and tell The Board a little bit about
her work on this critically important health area.
Dr. Szabunio thanked the Board for inviting her and expressed her excitement to speak about
this exciting technology. She noted that the CBCC, Comprehensive Breast Care Center does actually
have the technology and that it has been used with multiple patients. Dr. Szabunio stated that one of
the advantages of this technology is that it will be able to decrease the number of recall appointments
for additional imaging. Many women who have a mammogram often have to retum for additional
views because the Radiologist sees something that requires further study. This recall visit causes
anxiety to women. Dr. Szabunio also noted that as breast tissue is extremely dense, Tomosynthesis
is able to produce 15 projections of images, and then a computer reconstructs it at one millimeter
sequences. This allows the physician to see the breast as a ball with the ability to peel back layers of
the breast individually. This gives the physican the ability to detect cancers early. She stated that
these are the two main reasons why Tomosynthesis is the future of mammography. Because this is
the best tool currently, she is hoping that this will make a difference. Dr. Szabunio also praised the
team of breast experts in oncology, radiation oncology, surgery, pathology and radiology at the
CBCC. She praised the team approach to treating patients. She also shared her big hope to one day
be able to bring this technology to eastem Kentucky. Though she is just leaming about Kentucky,
she feels that eastem Kentucky is an area that is under represented and she hopes one day to have a
mobile Tomosynthesis unit.
Dr. Szabunio reiterated that currently Tomosynthesis is used as more of a diagnostic tool. She
advised that employees of University of Kentucky are given the option of tomosynthesis, should they
have dense breast tissue. The current units are located at Kentucky Clinic South, which is on
Harrodsburg Road. Dr. Szabunio is hoping to add another tomosynthesis unit to the Lexington

campus. She was graciously unapologetic for having a wish list and thanked the Board for inviting
her. The Board gave Dr. Szabunio a round of applause.
President Capilouto thanked Dr. Szabunio. He commented that one of the delightful things he
discovered in Kentucky when he arrived, was the commitment made years ago to make sure everyone
could have high tech, high touch care in their own back yard. He acknowledged that Dr. Szabunio’s
comments and plans is another testament to that commitment.
President Capilouto reported that he had the privilege of hosting the leadership team for the
seventh annual DanceBlue dance marathon. Through the efforts of thousands of dancers and
countless student volunteers, DanceBlue had successfully raised nearly $2.7 million for the Kentucky
Children’s Hospital Pediatric Oncology Clinic over the last six years. He stated that it is the largest
student-run philanthropy in Kentucky and across the Southeastern Conference. He remarked that
these students have tremendous passion and commitment to a cause larger than themselves. They
understand that service to others is an important part of leadership. He said the Board will be very
proud to know that they are part of this precious UK family.
President Capilouto asked Student Government President and Board of Trustee Member
Micah Fielden come forward and introduce the DanceBlue leadership and the video about this
tremendous initiative.
Mr. Fielden thanked the Board and stated it was his honor to introduce to the Board and
guests, Mr. Clay Stanley, the overall chair for DanceBlue and a senior Kinesiology major from
Louisville, KY. After graduation, Mr. Stanley will be a core member with Teach for America where
he will be working and teaching Biology in New Orleans, LA. Mr. Fielden also introduced Ms.
Logan Sparks, the public relations chair for DanceBlue and a junior integrated strategic
communications mag or from Mayfield, KY. In addition to her responsibilities with DanceBlue, she
is the president of Alpha Delta Pi sorority. Mr. Fielden stated that it was truly his honor to call them
both friends and he believes that they are the epitome of servant leadership and the University is
lucky to have both of them at the University. The Board gave them a round of applause.
Mr. Fielden then introduced the DanceBlue video to provide a history on DanceBlue. The
video of DanceBlue was shown. At its completion, there was an appreciative round of applause.
Mr. Clay Stanley thanked the Board for the opportunity to share something that he feels both
the students and the University are very passionate about. He explained that the video is the
promotional video that is shown to new students as well as high school students. He believes it
epitomizes how the students feel about DanceBlue and the cause that it supports. He noted that it is
something that every student at this University has an opportunity to participate in and it is something
that Ms. Sparks and he, as well as the rest ofthe leadership committee, feel strongly it is a crucial part
ofthe experience at the University of Kentucky. He announced that the DanceBlue marathon in will
be held in Memorial Coliseum on March 2"d and 3rd, starting at 8:00pm on March 2"d and until
8:00pm on March 3rd. He wanted to personally invite each and every one to come and experience
this wonderful event. Mr. Stanley called the Board’s attention to a infonnational sheet that he and
Ms. Sparks would leave with the Board that gives an overview and a history to help answer any
questions. President Capilouto thanked Mr. Stanley and Ms. Sparks.

The Board gave Ms. Sparks and Mr. Stanley a round of applause.
President Capilouto invited the UK Cheerleaders to make their way up front for recognition
and a photo. Calling them a very special group of student-athletes, he related that they recently won
the national championship. President Capilouto noted that this was not the first time that particular
statement had been associated with these incredible athletes. This year was their l9th national
championship. He opined that a common occurrence should not undennine what is an uncommon and
extraordinary display of excellence on a sustained basis. President Capilouto acknowledged that the
University is known for having the greatest program in all of college basketball. But, clearly, we also
are known for having the most significant program in all of cheerleading.
President Capilouto introduced the coach, Mr. Jomo Thompson and their sponsor, Mr. T.
Lynn Williamson. He asked the Board to join him in recognizing these student athletes, their coach
and sponsor, for their commitment to excellence. He continued that when you are around this group,
you realize that, yes, they are here for their activities regarding cheerleading, but they are here for
each other. They are part of that support network that builds student success. President Capilouto
commended them and thanked them for their tremendous effort. The Board gave the group a round
of applause.
President Capilouto shared that he had the delight of being with the team when they were
recognized on the floor ofthe House and Senate earlier in the week in Frankfort. He commented that
he had never gotten so much attention in Frankfort and vowed to take them with him often.
In closing, President Capilouto reminded the Board of that on Wednesday aftemoon, February
22, 20l2, the University would celebrate its continued excellence during the Founder’s Day Awards
Ceremony. Held in Worsham Theater, this ceremony is a special opportunity to honor our colleagues
and the heritage of this great land grant university.
F. Report on the Results of Alumni Member Election (PR3)
President Capilouto asked Secretary ofthe Board of Trustees Sandy Bugie Patterson to report
on the election.
Ms. Patterson reported that the recommendation is that the report ofthe Secretary of the
Board of Trustees on the results ofthe election authorized by the Alumni Association be received and
put to record and that the Secretary be authorized to certify to the Govemor the name of three persons
receiving the largest number of votes, from which list a successor to Sandy Bugie Patterson, whose
tenn expires June 30, 2012, will be appointed.
Ms. Patterson stated that the background of her tenn as alumna member ofthe Board of
Trustees expires June 30m. An election has been held among the graduates of the University of
Kentucky as prescribed by statute and in accordance with the rules and regulations ofthe Board of
Trustees. The attached letter from the Secretary of the Board of Trustees to the President of the
University reports the results of the election.

The three candidates are Kelly Sullivan Holland, Frank Harris, and Tim Skinner.
Ms. Curris moved for the adoption of PR3, with a second by Mr. Mobley. It passed without
G. Proposed Revisions to the Goveming Regulations (PR4)
President Capilouto began by stating that as part ofthe SACS review, the accreditation
review, there were going to be recommendations for some stylistic changes in our Goveming
Regulations. He asked Provost Subbaswamy and Vice President for Institutional Research Heidi
Anderson to make a presentation first regarding SACS, before the forrnal motion and action.
Provost Subbaswamy yielded to Vice President Heidi Anderson.
Vice President for Institutional Research Heidi Anderson thanked President Capilouto, the
Board of Trustees, Provost Subbaswamy, and guests for the invitation. She explained that she would
like to try to do two things: l) give a refresher on accreditation and SACS, and 2) roles and
responsibilities ofthe individuals here at the University.
She explained that the goal of accreditation is to make sure institutions assure quality along
all areas ofthe accrediting body. It is done to ensure that students and parents are aware ofthe
standards that the institutions have met. There are four different types of accrediting bodies in the
United States. The University of Kentucky complies with standards by the regional accreditor,
Southem Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), as well as, over 80 different programmatic
accreditors. These are individuals who look at specialty groups such as Pharrnacy, Engineering,
Business, etc. Another role that accreditation does is to make sure that the University is able to
receive federal funds and our students can receive federal financial aid. In addition, as our students
graduate, it allows employers to have the confidence that the graduates have come from a quality
program. It also smoothes the transition process of individual students who transfer from different
Vice President Anderson then reviewed some ofthe mandates that SACS expects of the
University. The first being a commitment to key areas such as student leaming, thus we have student
leaming outcomes. SACS also wants to ensure that the University is enhancing quality throughout
all of our programs and that we engage in a continuous improvement system. Finally, SACS reviews
the University by having us prepare what is called the Compliance Certification Report. This report
has three categories: Core Requirements, Comprehensive Standards, and Federal Requirements.
There are over eighty (80) of these particular standards and the University must supply, not only a
written narrative of how we comply with those, but documentation.
SACS uses a multi-phase process. The first step is the University’s preparation ofthe
Compliance Certification Report. The University is in the middle of that preparation and it will be
submitted on September l0, 20l2. After SACS receives our report, they will give it to an off-site
committee in November of 20l2. That committee will review the report, where it may find certain
areas not compliant or compliant.

The second committee, the on-site committee will visit our campus on April 9-10, 2013 and
their duties are to examine our second report, which is called the QEP, the Quality Enhancement
Plan. While the committee is reviewing the Compliance Certification Report in November, the
University will be polishing the Quality Enhancement Plan and submitting that report in January
2013. Dr. Anderson emphasized to the Board that principle 1.1 is very critical, and that is the
principal of integrity. When the Board approves this document in December, President Capilouto
and the SACS liaison (Heidi Anderson), also have to sign of`f that is a truthful document.
SACS also wants the Board of Trustees to be aware of approximately eleven (11) standards
that impact the Board directly. SACS wants every Board to understand the difference between
govemance and administration. The Board’s govemance roll includes the oversight of establishing
and evaluating the policies of the mission, hiring someone to manage the University, the evaluation
of that individual, and approving policies and monitoring the University toward success. It is the
responsibility of the President and the President’s team of individuals, to ensure that he or she fulfills
these activities.
More specifically, in Core Requirement (CR) 2.2, SACS requires that the Board have a
goveming body, a certain number of individuals, and that this particular body is an active policy
making body. Dr. Anderson pointed out that the Board of Trustees is an active policy making body,
as is evidenced by the review of the Goveming Regulations at this meeting.
In Comprehensive Standard (CS) 3.1.1, SACS requires that the Board is aware ofthe mission,
that the mission should guide the University, and that the mission is reviewed periodically and
approved by the Board.
In CS 3.2.1, SACS requires the Board to hire one individual who is responsible for all of
these particular activities.
CS 3.2.2 covers a host of areas over which the Board has control. Dr. Anderson noted three
in particular, being the institution mission, fiscal responsibility and institutional policy.
CS 3.2.3, 3.2.4, and 3.2.5 state that the Board must adopt certain policies. First is a policy
that discusses conflict of interest. In 2004, the Board adopted an ethical and principal code of
conduct. That was an example of how the Board is adhering to CS 3.2.3. CS 3.2.4, states that the
Board cannot have extemal influence and 3.2.5 requires the Board to have a policy whereby members
can be dismissed for appropriate reasons in a fair process. CS 3.2.6 refers to the Board’s
responsibility to have a clear written distinction between the Board goveming responsibilities and the
University administrator responsibilities.
Dr. Anderson provided the example of Goveming Regulations and Administrative
Regulations oversight that is reviewed and approved. Another example she provided ofthe separate
responsibilities from Administration and Faculty, was in 2006, the Kentucky Legislature House Bill
55 passed the smoking cessation policy and asked all Boards in the state of Kentucky to add that
particular policy on the campus.

Finally, in CS 3.2.7, SACS requires that the Board has the responsibility for the
organizational structure. An example of this was in 2005, the Board approved the move from the
Chancellor system to the Provost system. Another example is in the Goveming Regulations that the
Board reviewed today and will approve at the next meeting.
Dr. Anderson reviewed the time table ofthe SACS Accreditation process, emphasizing the
September l0, 20l2 report deadline, the off-site review during November 6-9m, the January 20l3
final QEP report submission, and the on-site SACS visit on April 9-ll, 20l3. Dr. Anderson offered
that SACS prefers and the University prefers, that during that visit they focus only on the QEP and
not on anything non-compliant. The team is working very hard to make sure that doesn’t happen.
However, if there is something that is non-compliant, they give the University a second chance when
the team visits in April 20l3. Then we have a chance before they make a final decision, December of
20l3, to clarify or to correct anything that might have been mistaken as non-compliant.
Dr. Anderson thanked Dr. Jen Skaggs and Dr. Mia Alexander- Snow for their assistance with
the presentation. The Board gave a round of applause.
Drs. Voro and Wilson expressed concems regarding the process of the goveming regulations
and its presentation to the Board.
Provost Subbaswamy, General Counsel Barbara Jones, and Senate Chair Hollie Swanson
explained the vetting process for these changes. Provost Subbaswamy and General Counsel Barbara
Jones explained that proposed changes in the GR’s were cosmetic and not substantive.
Ms. May asked that the issue be referred to a committee that could meet to discuss the issues
and answer any questions before the next Board meeting.
Dr. Brockman motioned that the Board accept PR4 as the first reading and stated that before
the next Board meeting on March 27, 20l2, which will be the 2nd reading and the vote, the Academic
Affairs Committee ofthe Board of Trustees would review these GR changes. The motion was
approved and passed without dissent.
H. Petition to Address the Board of Trustees
Dr. Brockman reported that one petition to address the Board was received. Under the
Goveming Regulations, part II, the petition was found to be relevant and was referred to the Finance
Committee for the March 27th meeting. The subject matter ofthe petition is a follow up regarding a
presentation at the October Board meeting on renewable energy on campus.
I. Candidate for Degree (AACR l)
Dr. Gannon, chair of the Academic Affairs Committee, reported that the committee welcomed
Provost Subbaswamy, who presented an overview of scholarship and recruitment efforts and also Dr.
Heidi Anderson, who gave an assessment of programs and their effectiveness and relevance.

The committee had one item of business, which was AACR1, related to two Candidates for
Degrees that were left off ofthe previous request due to administrative errors. On behalf ofthe