purposes of development and potential management of a student housing proj ect. This ground lease is
only one proj ect which consists of two buildings with 601 beds on Haggin Field. The committee
welcomed Angie Martin, Vice President of Finance, to the meeting and she provided an overview of
the proj ect. On behalf ofthe Finance Committee, Dr. Gannon moved for the approval of FCR 8.
There was discussion by Board members regarding FCR 8. Questions were posed as to
the scope ofthe project in FCR 8, the cost to the student, the fees to EdR, the environmental
footprint that the new dorm(s) will create, and what plans have been made for University of Kentucky
staff assigned to Haggin Hall.
There being no further discussion, Dr. Brockman called for a vote and it passed without
dissent. (See FCR 8 on the Board of Trustees website, www.uky.edu/Trustees, under agenda.)
R. Human Resources Committee Report
Mr. Roberts, chair of the Human Resources Committee, reported that the committee
welcomed Kimberly Wilson, Associate Vice President for Human Resources, Robyn Pease,
WorldLife Director and fonner member ofthe Board, and Chair of the Staff Senate, Mike
Adams to the meeting. They presented an overview of the results from the most recent
WorldLife Survey. The survey results showed progress and improvement from the 2005 survey. The
response rate for the survey from the Faculty was 55% and 58% from the staff
The faculty reported satisfaction with their faculty positions, would accept the position with
UK again, are committed to UK’s strategic mission, and are content with their workloads in tenns of
teaching, service, and advising. The faculty believes they are respected. They are satisfied with their
quality of life, and they believe that their chairs and colleagues are supportive of their personal and
family responsibilities. Faculty, the survey also revealed, agree that multi-culturalism is part of
UK’s mission and that intolerance and bigotry are not accepted at UK.
With regard to the staff; the survey revealed again, that staff members are satisfied with
their jobs. They are committed to UK and intend to stay at UK until retirement. The staff is
committed to UK’s strategic mission. They are satisfied with many aspects of their jobs, i.e. hours,
challenges, benefits, job security, supervisors. They feel respected by their co-workers ,
supervisors and students. They are satisfied with their quality of life and they also agree that multi-
culturalism is a big part of UK’s mission and that intolerance and bigotry are not accepted at UK.
Finally, they feel that their personal and family lives are supported at UK and they are satisfied with
their ability to balance work life with personal and family life. These results show great progress
compared to 2005.
Mr. Roberts reported that the survey did show some areas of opportunity for improvement
that were noted for both faculty and staff For both, there was high bum out reported. For faculty,
there was a low perception of trust at UK. There was, the survey revealed, little confidence that
leaders understood faculty concems. There were concems about compensation related to peers. And
also concems about staff resources. With regard to staff; there was concem about compensation and
also how they were valued by UK.