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Vol. XCII. No. 68

Established 1894

University of Kentucky, Lexington. Kentucky

Independent since 1971 Tuesday. November 15, t988


Group helps individuals overcome fears of being in public

Assignment Editor

Susan Holbrook. a graduate student in
the UK College of Social Work, is starting
the first self-help group in Kentucky tor
agoraphobics. The group. which WI“ he a
new chapter (it the non-profit organization.
Agorophohics in Motion, WI” hold its tirst
meeting this week.

Started in 1983 by recovering agoroplioh
ic Maryann Miller, AIM currently has Iii
chapters nationwide, many of which are lo
cated in Michigan, llolhrook said

llolbrook's interest in starting the tirst
agorophotiia selt»help group iii Kentucky
stetns from her job as a social worker. she
said. “It is an opportunity to start some
thing tiew and I think that is really inipor


Cats waltz
past Sweden
in exhibition

ll) 'I'tHl Sl'.\lilll\ti
Sports Editor

The new edition ol the l'K basketball
team scored a hit with Wildcat tans on
a night when l'K's opponent i'ollld hard
ly score at all

By diyini: lor loose halls. playing ter
nacious detense and playing at ltill
speed. the young}. t‘ats dauled the hap-
less team troni (isterlund. Sweden. and
made a good l'irst impression with l'K
tans en route to a lit} to victory last
night at ltupp Arena

“I thought the etlort we time was an
:\ plus.” [TK basketball coach Eddie
Sutton said lollowinu the game ‘You
can't ask tor more than «thatv .\s long
as we do that we've not a chatice to ”UV
prove ‘

The Swedes, who their lottrth
straight game on their current .-\nieri-
can tour. put themselves in a hole in the
middleot the tirst hall

It was a hole they couldn‘t climb out

Behind rust zortit with it 'tti leit in the
lit'st halt the Swedes went ice cold .\nd
l'K took advantage ol the scoring
drought. reeling oll t1! consectitiye
pointstoincreasetheii' leadtofiz lt'i

l’K. which hit I: ol '_it shots tor a 3‘: ‘3
held goal slltitlllllL‘. percentage. led at
the hall.“ 2o

Sweden. which had a horrible tirst
hall :shtltlllllL’. percentaue at -:t u. did
even worse in the second traine when
the) connected ononly lt'ipercent

How horrible was it" From the t‘ltllll
minute mark Ill the t‘irst halt to the two
minute mark in the hall the
Swedes scored only eight points

"We played some pretty
tense.” l'K ll‘t'sllttitltt torward .tohii l‘el
plirey said "They had a couple ot euys
a\‘el'at_',iiiifit Ztt points a name t_’,tllllL‘ in
that didn't coitie close to that

Sweden‘s leading scorer was tilool it
torward .loon ttlav Karlssori \iid ot his



good ile


tant." she said “It's a growing thing and
hopetully someday it will he as hip; as \l
coholics Anonymous ”

Agoraphobia, which allects one otit ot
every If) people, is a complex set ot tears
and avoidance behaviors that causes
victims to teel anXious when they are Ill a

i-Xgoraphobics tear llttVIllL’, panic attacks
in the open where they may be eiiiharrass
ed or where they may not recciye help.
llollirook suid

Home agoiapliobics are minimally et
lected and avoid places such as [lllllllt
transports. but others are allected to the
point that they tte\et' leaye home and hate
to be attended by a sitter, llolbrook said

\Villai'd Scott and Barbara Streisand.
lioth l't‘t'tht‘l‘lllL‘. aeoraphobns are



Richie Farmer attempts to throw a lose

t’iall tr, Doirm Feldhaus against :tii-

'eaiii ltlLllli ll ot 'llt'lll came in
theiiist ivalt
'l'lie \wedes tirade itist ltilll' ol .‘3 tield

lialt tltll


:loal attttiipts in ‘he set‘iitltl

'M't'e otit si'oi‘eil L3 ltt

l\cHHitl«.\ was piacticiiiLI 'Illlttllll


prominent people .lllt‘t ted by the disorder

“There haye been people employed by
t‘K that hayi- stillL‘lll treatment she said
"Students as well a- tat ally and stall can
stitlet‘ lroiii this

‘ l’leiity ol peopli out there. ll\'t‘ perteiit
ot the population haw the pi'ohleiii and
don‘t know what it iU said In Walter
.\1ai‘titi.a l‘l\' }'*itli.lll'l t who treats .i._‘

"l‘licre are .i lot or groups toriiied
around the country tor people ~yith aeora
phobia. Martiii ‘l'hey aporapholi
l('\‘ really tan l't' helped by tindniu others



:\)_‘_”l'll|lll‘ll'lt is one oi the easiest mental
disorders to treat and can be treated with
inedicatioiiandtliei ipx licsaid





ll‘i ltl_
the \l‘ilrtta‘s ' tltllt] .iiii

\\l| Ilt



New med dean reaches to students

lly \l.\'l"l‘ S'I'llll,
Stall Writer

.-\s dean ol the l'K
(‘olleue ot Medicine.
Dr Emery \lilson
wants to he accessible
"tine thing with the
students you always
heard about deans is
tlial you see him on
the lirst day ol school
and the last day ot WILSON
school I hope that
doesn't happen to me." said Wilson. a tfititi
l'K medical school graduate

\l'ilsoii. to. was iiatiied interiin dean ior
the medical school and yice chancellor lol'
clinical protessional seryices alter loriiier
deaii l)r Ilobin ll l'owcll resigned July (1.

The t'K l’ioai'd ol 'l‘rustees olticialh .ip
pointed “Ilstlll as dean in August He was
recommended by an Albert H t'handler
Medical (‘enter search committee. which
re\ iewcd about ttitl applicants

“llstlll said his philosophy is "it you take
care ot the students while they‘re here.
you don‘t have to worry about them when
they 'i‘egone "

Wilson is a “person with vision. natural
leadership skills. atid thei has a wry

oroad 't.i~t' ol tiitei’iial and t'\lt'l|I.il sup
port llr l’i-tei ]‘ l-‘iosiitriwoilli
chancellor tor the iiicdical renter
peel the college to tiiaintain and accelerate

Wilson. a natne ot staniord.
ceiyed his undergraduate tll‘L‘lt't' lll ttiiil
trotii l'liiiorx liiiyersity ’ll \tlaiita .‘vltei'
graduating troni l‘K's lllt‘tllt'.it school, \yil
sot. toiiipleted his resident y :n olistttiics
andgyiiet olotiy .iit K II] tliit'

ltieini; i lxentucky probably
makes a little tllllt‘l't'llt‘t' '.'I the way I look
at Kentucky and specilit ad) the t'ollette ot
Medicine. ‘ Wilson said
real opportunity and an honor to represent

\lilsoti said he
this position attci graduating; troiii lllt‘tlt



by re


'l do see it as a

timer t\pccted to be at

t‘til st liool
\tter medical school. he said

lllllll,‘,\ I knew ldidiit wait: to do were ob
stctrics and gynecology It \ou dont know
ii uch things. it s

\lilsoii said he thought at the lllllt' that
he wanted to establish .i taimly practitc ltl

But he said he tll\ttt\t'lt'tl that
rics gynecology was tannly praitice
women. and that he would be able to do
some surgery It was a happy medium
llt‘l\\t‘l‘lllht'l\\tl. \tilsonsaid

lltiring the last his


.itioiil easy to throw


year ot residency,

eaii tiara: 't',‘i lr‘



minnow-tile tl'\ltlt'll\\ ‘t‘iilsiii.
t'l‘.i'tl 'i "‘t
\l.it»a:iia i:i'


\i'liool ll. lzllst'lli tictoii

,leiiital toip

ltatvii’rl \It'tlltn:
iwftitniiit; 'o l l\ :‘
"l t’ll,\lt‘lllt\

flit-it 'iaL: . .t
ltllti .i- .It: i .w port-Via

iltttt '.’\l1t'l‘t‘tt"". '1' ’.r- g'ptrittli'tt pr'titi‘s
«it is] l‘lll.’

In 'itLi wits-m. .i-mit‘twitzieitoi of lllt
ll\ [torsion rt lteprodiit il'\t' l iidot'rinoio
:‘y tirei toi t r ttie l\".llllt kt t enter tor llt'

piodnt ll\t \leti t lllt and Junior oi the
ltepiodiit ti\e l‘:tltlt>t'l‘ttlt)ltiu_\
l,.‘itioiatory aiid l-ellow ~liipl'roi:iairi
l =ia». on
at - \tit-oi ltii

st ltiiiii

lleseai‘i t.

“W ,'l

tlltttv. lsell



’it‘tl .iYitt tilt

and 'Hc alurii

»o I want the i when

oiil\ at- ttl
iii .!lt \ llltll’lx

\tittt' istttiitiiLwt'il \\tlsotrsaitt


sti'otiiLcs? posi‘wii .is l.il as t iiiiaa;

ahooi tIIl .l yoiiia; one s lll
edit: alioiiatiilii-si a ch. lit-said
he tolleiLe s «it t e“ is lt‘st'dlt li liiiidiiie
'lii- las’ l.\i‘
\ides cxu llent i ltiia-al t are .llltl i‘ has out

Hui students
tillt'.‘ “Ilsitll


aid lllt‘lt' arc llllt‘i ieasoiis tot

tias iloiililed 't '.t.tl~< st pro

toiiipete \tlll any
ltii ,in t‘\illilpli' ot


M. \I \\. l‘ai'i ‘


The new help all iiip which tool; tliii-e -,‘,.‘r,.,i‘l.’_.
months' planning. ’sll't‘sst“~ .tllttll\ltl|l\ .iwt : ‘_ . 1,,
contidencc. llollirook said

"The support group .
symptom swappiiie

They will actually in
ery the whole 'llllt' :~.
small groups usoia
L‘Jlt‘sl speakers and Ham
places such as mall»

The lociis ol the lllt‘t‘l‘liL“ .ili
goal oriented. lt'll tool .ecou r’.
\eloped tiy .\l.\l. sht- ‘wdl'l

liiirini: the \U‘t‘hl.
will lie stared
>el. she said \\t'
Malina helper _ spoiist- "l 1' it 1a:

.‘Iiltlt‘ll rule is no
Alit'kttii,‘ oti :et my
lil't'ilhilli.‘ lii

l litil slla'.
srlltl i~¢i(~‘.‘,i“,!” y

.l‘tlill tiltl‘ llt'tl‘ ti;

tiiit t., t on.


it t‘t’lll‘i.

stories .i'al

t'ta .itliaJt

were sent to .’!t an til'vlt

-ioiials and pos .lili . - ' ‘-i i

Bush is expected
to name several
advisers this week

\ssm rated l’i l“-~

\\ \\ll§\til t‘.
lit‘litfit' lLtl l.
.‘."tl\ I i'
trifi llitia

tailor earl:

l'lot'Mti \. .ir


l.v l‘l'


Growth, lottery wonit meet
state’s needs, Forgy says.

\s\IN llllt‘ll l’ress

:ll.\\ ~.\l tziit

iiiiiiiiirrt. ,"tlll li.‘

a't‘ l lietx

.iaitt ttiiia

it'll"lt I it' it I'i'
lair-t lotiiy

-t|ii '-«‘.\ii: .«

“lllt'l'll !, l'.tlil\.l'

.,lx ‘iiitis, .irti

tat l‘. si litiiil lli\lllli
s' ,i‘o per shideri

ttiit ital ".ili 'r‘iitiii

\ iititt”t:'-"


tilits tlii‘Il ‘

l.i\ .tti It'ti‘..'

"it’ l\t'tittttl\f. , tbs"

‘tiitl ll. .. tiltii

:- itie\i'..l‘.ii

st lltltll ilisll ll 's

». ltl
’iidciitsinveaittia‘i id:-

“V 'lii't liiltts : i: o.

t‘l ‘lli.\ iraii ll tram“

”mt. .i

ion“. -.iitl .it .i t itili‘litiiv

>\ i
i. \

1"“ liil‘itll‘ “_ \i‘s .t l ti.i'

taxi-'ii totiiity, ttii vanity

\ lat :tl

ail-[.tt 'lir i'riis'
't‘tltll‘» 'llt‘ ,s'iv.
.‘tlt \a'ir'nili'.

pi i.? pct s‘iiiii'iit pi: .t.ii

l liix

:t‘a .' a‘ ‘1

l’ \‘lll ate a pot isf Mal sa.
or iii; lath s'iidctit
Elixil‘i' l'titllily liilL‘)
ilt litlhlllfi alioiit shoe tiiillaiii

llll \\ei.iti t dothal

:ip 'ii "‘


l.t"lltll|lit .‘towlli 'lt.l\ lionc

lwhict .ilioii‘ \Jal' tiiitltoii a \t at ital




65‘ 770‘


Today: Sunny
Tomorrow; Mostly cloudy








Weathermen prepare for

Paul K. and the


arc the bowl games
shaping up‘.’


800 l 'agc






 2 — Kontuctiy Kornol. Toad-y. Novombor 15. im



Continued from Page I

most unexpected source Mike
Scott The 6—1] center grabbed it
rebounds and hit SIX of seven shots
for a team high 1:3 points

“it there was a player of the
game it would have to be Mike
Scott," Sutton said "lie played a
very fine basketball game "

“It‘s a good ieeling. ' Scott said.
“Ihadagixxinight '

Reggie Hanson. I'K's talented
sophomore forward. chipped in H
points LeRoii Ellis added I2

“If everybody played and gave
the effort Reggie Hanson gave
we’d be a better team." Stilton

”(Is shooting trailed oft just a
hit in the second halt. but the Wild»
cats Sllll hit on 24 ot 3i shots for a
47] shooting percentage tor the

But beyond the scoring was the
players‘ hustle \Alllt‘ll delighted the
estimated crowd of may;

“I think the fans noticed.” Scott
said “There was a lot oi diving on
the Moor. eyeryone was real enthtt
siastic I think they i't‘illllt‘ we're
not as talented as other Kentucky
teams We‘ll hate to pull together
and play hard '

It was the biggest crowd in the
preseason to watch I'K Both
team's coaches agreed that the
tans were a factor All the game


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Freshman Deron Feldhaus goes up for two against the team from
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CKBC and Medic Regional Blood Center in Knoxville. TN have
challenged each other. The Center collecting the most donations
between Nov. 14 and 18 will be declared the winner at the UK-UT
game on Saturday. All donors will be eligible for gifts donated by
Wildcat Country in the Turtland Mall.


9ATTLE F02 9LO0V l

élVE 9909
IF “”6 eLUE!

LET '9 curve/tn


HON-Ffi'l/ NOV. l4—l5


Drawings held Nov. 21.

Donate at 330 Walter Ave. Monday-Friday or at Patterson Office
Tower on Wednesday. Nov. 16.


Torn Spaldlng
Sports Editor

Bowl bids begin to shape up

There are many theories of how
to go about being selected for a

You might choose University of
Louisville Coach Howard Schnel<
lenberger route and schedule more
cupcakes than you can find in a
bakery. That won‘t impress a boy
scout. much less a bowl Scout,

You might try the University of
Notre Dame method by scheduling
Top 20 teams.

Any way you look at it. press
boxes will be full in the next two
weeks tring to pick who will com-
pete in the bowls.

California: Look for a Western
Michigan University-Fresno State
matchup on Dec. 10. My pick is a
Fresno State victory, 24-13.

Independence — The University
of Southern Mississippi has already
locked this bid with a 92
creampuff record. Look for their
opponent to be either University of
Texas at El Paso. Duke University
or North Carolina State University.
Look for a Southern Mississippi vs.
NC. State shootout with N.(‘. State
coming out on top, 21-10.

Sun - This bowl could be a mis-
match, as the University of Ala-
bama takes on the Army Academy.
Harv's hunch is 30-17 in favor of
the Tide.

Aloha e» Washington State Uni—
versity and the University of Hous-



ton should enjoy the Hawaiian ls-
lands on (‘hristmas Look for
Washington State to just get by
Houston. 17-14.

Liberty —— Looks like the bells
will be ringing for the University of
South (‘arolina and Indiana Univer-
sity in Memphis. Tenn. Indiana
might find its ears ringing after the
Gamecocks drill them 28-14.

All American A rejuvenated
University of Florida club will take
on the University of Illinois on Dec.
29. Make it 20714. in favor of Flory

Freedom This was U of L's
best shot. but it won't happen this
year, (Yards. lIarv's hunch is for
the University of (.‘olorado and
Brigham Young University to bat
tie in Anaheim. Calif. with (‘olora-
do winning. 2421.

Holiday Rumors point to a
University of WyominglTniversity
of Oklahoma matchup. If this game
goes down. llarv‘s hunch is for an
Oklahoma 41—17 blowout

Peach . Look for a l'niversity

Iowa-Duke University game to take
place in Atlanta on Dec. iii In a
defensive struggle look for the Itlue
Devils to win. 14-?

(‘otton k The li'niversny oi Ar
kansas. the Southwest (‘oiiierenee
champion, will take on Florida
State University in Dallas on Jan
2. Harv‘s hunch is fora :5 lo Semi
nole slaughter.

Fiesta —» West Virginia l'niversi
ty will battle the Irish ol Notre
Dame in Tempe. :\l‘ll . on .iaii 2
Hai'v's hunch is for the Irish to \\lll
the national title with a :1 Bo tit-to

Rose —— Look for the l'niyersiiy
of Michigan to play l'iiiiei-sity oi
California. Los Angeles III l’asade
na. Calif. on Jan. 2. llarvs Iiiiiicli
is for UCLA to down the \\ol\er

Sugar Auburn's \yar Eagles
Will entertain the I'niyersity oi
Southern t‘aliiornia 'i‘roians down
in the Louisiana Superiloiiie on
Jan. 2. Expect [St to \\III III a It

Orange Look for the l‘ntyeixi
ty of Miami to pt)SSll)l_\ battle ttkla
homa in Miami on Jan '3. as llill'\
is leaning toward \Iiiiiii:
the Sooners go, it

til ltt‘Jl

(Vllt'lS ”(It‘ii‘i is it f,v,i,. ‘Vt
sports (’lillinltllxl

jrt’sllt‘lltl’l um:



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Mater! Press

ALGIERS, Algeria ,_ 'I‘he Pales-
tine National Council endorsed a
new PLO political strategy yester—
day night that renounces terrorism
and implicitly recognizes Israel.

PLO spokesmen said the official
declaration of an independent Pa|~
estinian state in the West Bank and
Gaza Strip, which Israel captured
from Jordan and Egypt in the 1967
Middle East war and has occupied
since, would be made later

Approval of the new strategy was
a victory for Yasser Arafat. who
sought a more moderate policy to
meet at least some conditions the
United States has set for dealing
with his Palestine Liberation ()rga-
nization, The Arab League tormed

the council in 1964. but it has as-
sumed the role of PLO legislature

The council endorsed the ”politi«
cal declaration," with 253 of mem-
bers voting in favor. 46 against and
to abstaining, said Dr. Assaad
Abdelrliahman. a council member
irom Jordan, confirming reports
from council sources.

Some members of 450-seat coun-
cil were absent because the vote
was called on short notice immedi-
ately after the political committee
finished drafting the declaration.

“It was read in its entirety be-
fore the voting," a council source
said privately. “When endorsed,
the hall broke in applause and ev-
er yone appeared relaxed.“

Asked why the vote was called so
quickly. he said: "We wanted this
out of the way so we can declare

Palestinian indeix-ndence in the
early hours oi Nov i5. From here
on, Nov. 15 is the Palestinians in
dependence day. "

He confirmed that George lla-
bash. leader of the radical Popular
Front for the Liberation of Palcs~
tine, and others of his group in the
council were among those voting
against the new policy in a show of

Habash had said too many coit-
cessions were being offered with no
guaranteed response irorn the I'm!»
ed States and Israel ('onierence
sources quoted him earlier, howev
er. as saying with unaccustomed
moderation that he would “express
reservations in public htit how to
the rule of the IIIiIJOI‘II) “

In Washington, President Reagan
said implicit I’Lti recognition of Is

Transportation workers to be

Associated Press

WASHINGTON The 'l‘i‘aiispor»
tation Department yesterday or
dered a wide range oi drug testing.
including random checks. tor more
than 4 million transimrtation work
ers from airline pilots and iltght atr
tendants to truckers and railroad

Transportation Secretary .hin
Burnley said the transportation lllr
dustries are no more immune from
drug abuse as other parts of
society, listing a series of accidents
and other indicators he said shows
narcotics to be a piohlein among
truck and bus driiers. contrni-ri hil
pilots and railroad workers

Shamir is

.-\ssociated Press

JERI'SALI‘IM i’rt-sidi-nt
(fhaim Iler/og yesterdm ihost
Yitzhak Shaniii‘. lcadcr oi the
rightist l.ikud bloc. to toriii a ’it".\
government that llkt‘l\ wilt on End.
religious parties and tat-trons ”ta!
want to annex lllt \Vcst Rant. and
Gaza Strip

In accepting the nod tioin tic:
10g. Shamir sought to deiuw titli‘l
national concern over the tar
right's hardlute stance on peace
talks, pledging to make a 'rcincn

“The American people demand
and expect a druglree transportae
tion s} stem.

"'I‘hese new rules Will take us as
tar as practically possible toward
that goal.” Burnley said at a news

Ilc acknowledged the tests,
which take effect in a year, likely
w ill be challenged in the courts.

The Supreme (Tourt has before it
two separate drugAtesting cases. ut~
cluding one involvmg post-accident
testing of railroad workers. that
are c\pccted to he decided next

:\Iit‘l Burnley‘s announcement,
the head oi the io,ooo-iiiember Air
Lint- l'ilots .\\MN‘HIIIOII vowed to go

to ('ongress and it) the tedcral
courts to overturn thi- requirement
for random testing

"Random testing is a counter
productive. shotgun strategy that is
at the same time an unwarranted
invasion of privacy and iii no sig-
nificant value iii the battle against
drug abuse," said \I.I’»\ l'l't"\tlit'lli
IIenry I)ul'i_\

The series oi tedei'al rectilations
announced by liiirnlcy call tor
transportation companies to hau- .i
coniprehensnc testaig program :ri
place by licceinhcr iéttltt

('oinpaincs with ill or letter i'lli
ployces including tens ot 'iton
sands ot o\t'r thi- r'ml -lltli‘{u"“1t'll

rael "would be some progress. '
but added: "There are other prob
lems that remain to be solved."

Israel rejected results of the Al
git-rs meeting in advance.

"We Will not negotiate With the
PLO," said Prime Minister YII/r
liak Shamir. "It‘s not a problem oi
definition and formulations of var
rious positions. We‘ll not negotiate
With them because they're opposed
to peace with Israel."

Arafat and other PLO leaders
consider the independence declara~
tion a historic step toward creation
of an independent state in the West
Bank and Gaza. The council meet-
ing is called the "Intefadeh" ses-
sion after the II-month-old uprising
among the 1.5 million Palestinians
oi the occupied lands.

.-\nother resolution on the docket



have a second year to

The 'l‘ransportation Department
estimated the testing will cost bust
nesscs more than $2.1 billion dur
ing tltc first 10 years. but Burnley
said the testing will sate the same
companies about $8.7 hillton in in
creased pI‘OdlIt'llVIl). accidcnt re
dtictions aitd medical cost savings

Besides requiring random
checks. the regulations call tor
drug testing beiot‘e employment.
periodically during annual phys:
cals ii there is i‘casonahlc causi- to
suspect drug use and iiIIi‘I .in in t:

.i, i

chosen to form government


in parliamentary elections
\o‘. i. neither l.ikud nor its rival.
the center left Labor Party. won
enough parliament seats to gain a
:niiiority in tltc 120—member body
\t t oiiting to Israeli law, the presir
tlt'lli calls on the party with the
must support to try to forth a gov
c"tiittg coalition

.\hannr has six weeks to form a
t'itiilltlltli, and he was expected to
get the needed tiI~seat majority
with the help of six small religious
and right-wing parties Two of

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Illitfil‘ltitrtiiui v 'ltll‘sd'l! 9- tr, Mat 5 n.

lit-Flog. litt.\t“.t‘t tutu-d .\iliilli‘.’
to include tht- I'..r"\ ‘: .i
hi‘oatl coalition similar to the \a


tional l'nit; JIRHI‘IEIIVH ‘t..tt has
been in power , ,. . my“ .
elections in I‘titt

The president said ins "li‘i r .’i id
licen llooded u 'h “tt,.».ir‘-ds ti!
calls urging i unfit :Jt‘t‘ltillit'tt'
.\Ian) Isracizs iii=t\' ~.t:t-r~i .1t'i‘
secular, tear the 'vtts‘ous lain‘tes

will force the passaa‘t .,t int.» that

will restrict their 'iz-itx ‘i‘ .

Later yesterday .\hatnir Il‘.\lIi"l
labor leader .\hinion I‘t-res tor -..i
.ihtion talks lurid} said .\lhilttil
.itde .\\i I’d/net. l’cre.s atiepitd

the imitation I’a/ner said He t'-~
\ tIIIll_\ gtwerninent would :to’.

only blunt the power ot the tti'ttit»
tto\ parties hut would rotten sh.

ilitl‘ oi pressure trout the t‘Ul’t‘Ilii'

right. which demands .innt'\.i‘1or.
o: the \tcst I-iank and Mara .ind 'hi
c\pi,ilsioti ot tit inilhoit I‘iicstti:
.iIl\ \\hoh\o~thi-ri-




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s varnished on class days durtnq the academic
mi in» rnrnrner sessmn
r. i cxtngton. KY 40511 Mailed ‘~.it)9(tttt\tto,"~

The Kcrnei :7, nr.nted a: Standard Publishing and Printing. 334 Bum
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notitucn, Kernel, Tuesday. November 15. 1988 - 3

PLO moves toward the center as PNC meeting winds up

would empower the PIA) s Ifrinaii
Executive (‘oinriiittee and the ('en-
tral t‘ouitcil. a Tit-member senate
like bod) tn the Palestine National
t‘ouncil. to tortn a [)l'lt\t\ttlli.il gm
ernmeiit later

Palestinian oiitcials say such a
government iii the tei ritories would
not replatc the Pill) which Arab
summits have declared the sole Ie
gitiinate representatne oi the Pa]
estinians, but would .u' .i
tl~ institutions

'lhey said the new umvrrnncttt
would haie .i iii.ii.tia‘e to negotiate
tor i'aiestinians in the homework
oi an interna'ioiiai conference 'llt

tl[_l' iii

\litltllt‘ this? in .ti .litlt'l i \‘s
.\ entitii ant. or llii‘ new \'I.Ill‘

_‘\ :~ liv initii ~.i- 'iie I'l.tt s Ill-ILI'

:v. it. a.

tor the I‘iill'SllIiliilt lt'ttltd‘v.’

I‘Lai'ly drafts ot 'he point ‘tl tt-t
ioi'isiii and l' \ set in '.
Resolution 24‘:


\IlU‘A ii ".t'h'

ilit’ltitlt‘ti (1111.;qu ”A ,


ltcsolutions and la: .1 'nt

lul\l> toi an inteiiiaiioitai tilftlt'l
t‘lltt‘ \\Iillt‘ sll't'ssilit.’ Ilii Ill i i"-‘ '
’o L’Jlillillllt‘t‘ I‘.ilesti:..i': ';.i’.ot.
.tiiti pontu a. i'tgh' met .ir‘
.\iiicii w "w '3" 'r l w.
lie-HEM .Ii; stint . ,
‘m. .-.x: intuit l '-t . t
id“; ha t'it it u t
'a'es .t I:t It It i ..
Uitli'lll "" Iii" " ‘i '4 ‘t ‘
t'l\ i tistt

iSkinheads linked to

I’.\,\\ll\t \I’tl’l-\ll l3lt\ll

i . ‘t

i‘ttiz i it . it
’Hli' _.!tt.i .l t Z i
'i-i ‘.i l .i - H».
l." ‘i’iil l t Limit
t . : ’- tii'
t r 1‘ i
n .- ,
K , i
.v I 'l
i .
ii l‘n'
I iii.

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 4 —- Kentucky Kernel. Tuesday. November 15. 1985


CA. Dunno Bonita
Editorial Editor

Mich-oi Brennan
Editorial Cartoonist

Thomas J. autumn
Executive Editor

S . F . ll'

Joy Innton
Editor mChiei

Jim Whit.


More can be done
to aid handicapped
students on campus

It seems it takes a tragedy to raise the campus‘s aware-
ness about the traffic safety for wheelchair-bound students
tin Nov. ti John Hyde. a UK senior, was struck by a car
while attempting to cross Euclid Avenue.

Fortunately. Hyde was not seriously
wheelchair was destroyed.

Last year. another wheelchair~bound student was not so

Handy Lewis was killed when he tried to cross South
Limestone Street. The incident prompted Lexington
Fayette t'rban (.‘ounty (.‘ouncilwoiiiaii Debra Hensley to
form a committee to study traffic safety for wheelchair»
bound students

Although buildings acceSSibility to handi'apped stu-
dents has improved. the campus and surrounding area still
has a long way to go before the lives of handicapped stu-
dents will be safer