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. ··     Vg Robinson Scholar Program Changes
I I     1 »ar¤   Lives in Kentucky
  . J UK has welcomed a record 3,693 students into its freshman class, in-
,     5 cluding 33 students carrying more than just books and supplies They
.     "  V   are Robinson Scholars, and they carry the hopes and dreams of fami-
;? lies who were never afforded the opportunity to reach this level of edu-
{ The Robinson Scholars Program provides full college tuition, room
T . and board, and books to first generation college students from 29 east-
~ i ern Kentucky counties. However, the program is underfunded and
. . T faces an uncertain future.
Ktfh Madlsm and Brad Goan Former UK baseball coach Keith Madison has joined the Office of  
_ i _ _ , Development staff and is charged with finding new funding for this
—   '_s\ ,_ V V Q" . groundbreaking program. Madison and Brad Goan, the Director of the
s   `fj * {V N F?     V.,ji. Robinson Scholar program, work together to raise awareness of the
  "     ,.     V ·~ " f’“`°".;g,; V V   program and of the effect it has on the lives of the scholars, their fami-
. " g T Q, ri ` ‘ ‘   j VV   ‘ — lies, and the eastern Kentucky region. “Robinson Scholars receive T
  ;_` _ `   ‘ti‘   ‘     ‘ more than simply money for college," says Madison. "They are given l
  IV r Vi;. B VV   ~ 2 °``` L the opportunity and guidance to change their future." i
__ VV _   ~ 1 V;   t ._r· ·V V   -   __ .   Unlike most scholarships that are awarded in the junior or senior .
i `   `  1      _.`i` “   F iii year of high school, Robinson Scholars are selected as eighth graders.  
i   __ '?  a ~     V   This early intervention is key to the success of these students who dem-  
Earl imgpvenmn is chg ka E  im Rgbm n ` onstrate potential to succeed but who might encounter economic, cul-  
Schglars, SUCCESS V tural, or institutional impediments to completing a four-year degree. ln t‘
` the area served by the program, for example, only 56 percent of the  
adult population holds high school diplomas, and only 8 percent com- ,  
plete undergraduate degrees. >  
UK Celebrates Successful Campaign; I
Resets the Goal to S1 Billion I j
The University of Kentucky’s first ever capital campaign reached its goal.Then the university I
decided to take advantage of its momentum and reset the goal to $1 billion. i
The $600 million goal was achieved in late summer and officially announced at the October   l O  
24 session of the UK Development Council and celebrated that night at the annual Fellows So-  
J ciety dinner.
“ThiS iS a remarkable event in the history of the university," said President Lee T. Todd J r,  
"The goal was reached through the hard work of many people and the generosity of thousands
of alumni and friends as well as the support received from hundreds of foundations. corporations and other organiza-
Vice President of Development Terry B. Mobley noted that more than 350.000 gifts were received during the life of
the campaign, which was announced in September 2000 after a two-year quiet phase. He said the campaign resulted
T in 58 new endowed chairs and 148 endowed professorships.
Fourteen colleges and other programs exceeded their campaign goals and more than 20 other colleges and pro-
, __ grams achieved more than 70 percent of their goals V V V
  Among the many notable successes of the campaign was the dramatic increase
°     , in the UK Libraries endowment, which is now ranked first among the nation`s
public institutions. i
» ' Mobley praised the successful work of the Campaign Steering Committee ’
`sg ~ ` headed by James W. Stuckert. Other members ofthe committee are Paul W _
Y I  J Chellgren, James F Hardymon, C. W. "Bill" Gatton, Linda and Jack Gill, Michael
D. Malone, Chris T. Sullivan, Myra Leigh Tobin, William T Young and the late
Lucille Little.
President Lee T Todd Jr. and James VV
Stuckert, Chain UK Development Council KENTUCKY ALUMNI I I