3.    The Educational Psychology Program has been ranked 1 9th among peer programs.
             As mentioned before, the way to get to "top 20" is to have different departments
             move up, and others move up later. It is great to be in that category.

      4.    As a part of the effort to diversify campus, the Commission on Diversity
             recommended that a President's Award for Diversity be established, and the
             President will present the award each year. Those nominations are now being
             sought across campus.

       5.    The Arts and Sciences Assistant Dean, Richard Greissman, developed a UK
             graduation contract. This was previously passed through the University Senate
             and has the Senate's support. The way the contract will work is there will be
             certain things that the students will have to abide by. If the students abide by
             those things and cannot graduate on time because of a University problem, then
             the University will pay that tuition.

       6.    Dr. James K. Patterson's statue has moved to a new location in front of the
             Patterson Office Tower. There are four ways that Dr. Patterson could face, and
             the architects made recommendations. Dr. Patterson is now facing the "Main
             Building" that he put money into, as well as 40 years of his life. In the beginning,
             that was the University's only building, and as you look at the back of the "Main
             Building", the large opening will be the Welcome Center. The concept is that Dr.
             Patterson will be there to welcome all the new students and faculty as they come
             to campus.

       7.    Dr. Thomas D. Clark, historian, celebrated his 100th birthday. There was a great
             turnout for one of his celebrations at the W. T. Young Library.

      H.    Robinson Forest Report

      President Todd said that the Board had received a Robinson Forest report in their Board
packets and hopefully had a chance to review the report prior to the meeting. The report has
some very good information. He thanked Dr. Grady Stumbo for his resolution in asking for the
report to come forward. He also thanked Jack Blanton, Scott Smith, Paul Van Booven, and Jim
Cobb of the Kentucky Geological Survey, for their work. Each of them was assigned different
components of the report. He asked Dr. Jack Blanton to give a very brief summary of the report
and said that Dean Smith would talk about the work that he had done on the report. Following
their reports, he would take questions regarding the report.

      Dr. Blanton thanked President Todd and said that he is living testimony to the fact that
old vice presidents never die they just fade away, and this is his valedictory, he hoped. He said
that his appearance before the Board is to conclude the one major item that was left unfinished
from his watch as vice president.