and appointment of a Hearing Officer for each such additional
          board in conformity with sections 1.53 a., 1.54 c., 1.55d., and
          1.66 a; (b)  appointment of additional boards, for designated
          cases and time periods, of the size and general composition as
          provided in sections 1.53, 1.54, 1.55 and 1.66 and appointment of
          a Hearing Officer for each such additional board in conformity with
          sections 1.53 a., 1.54 c., 1.55 d., and 1.66 a.; (c)  appointment
          of three-person hearing panels for designated cases and time periods.
          In making the appointments to such three-person hearing panels the
          President of the University should, if reasonably possible, consult
          with the President of the Student Government Association. The
          authority, jurisdiction, and range of possible actions of, and
          the guaranteed rights of an accused person before, any special
          board or panel appointed or activated under the terms of (a),
          (b), or (c) above shall be the same as those applicable to the
          parent board supplemented by such appointment or activation.

Page 12
1.71      In the event that the [Vice President for Student Affairs] Vice Chan-
          cellor for Student Affairs, Lexington Campus has reasonable cause to
          believe that a student's presence may result in injury to others
          or University property, or in the event that the student has been
          charged with a crime so serious as to threaten the welfare of the
          University community, the [Vice President] Vice Chancellor may
          impose such temporary sanctions as the [Vice President] Vice
          Chancellor consider[sled necessary to protect members
          of the University community or its property, including exclusion
          from University property.  Upon taking such action, the [Vice
          President] Vice Chancellor shall notify the University Appeals
          Board. The student may appeal the [Vice President] Vice Chancellor's
          decision to the University Appeals Board in writing within 30 days.
          If requested in the written appeal, the Chairman will call a
          meeting of the Board to hear the case within 72 hours.   The Board
          shall consider the student's academic needs to attend class, to
          use the library, and to fulfill [his/her] any other academic
          responsibilities in making its recommendation.    This Board may
          recommend to the [President of the University] Chancellor of the
          academic sector in which the student is enrolled changes or
          extensions of the [Vice President's! Vice Chancellor's action.     The
          [President] Chancellor then shall determine tne sanctions to be
          imposed. Such temporary sanctions shall be enforced only for such
          time as the conditions requiring them exist.    Accordingly, the
          University official who made the final determination of the sanction
          to be imposed shall have jurisdiction for the purpose of reconsidering
          this sanction in the light of new circumstances.

          Alternatively, the circumstances shall be reviewed by the Board
          whenever there are indications that they have been changed and
          upon an appeal in writing from the student involved.