2.319     The accused student shall have the right to either an open or
          closed hearing.  All hearings before any judicial agency shall be
          closed unless the accused student requests that said hearing be
          open. If a student desires an open hearing, [he/she] the student
          must file a written request with the Hearing Officer at least 24
          hours prior to the time set for the hearing. The Hearing Officer
          will then admit to the hearing, in addition to those admiited to
          closed hearings,]:   one properly identified member of the working
          press from the student newspaper[,] and from each established
          newspaper, magazine, television station or radio station
          requesting admissions; four persons invited by the accused student;
          and four persons invited by the University Counsel.  The Hearing
          Officer may order the removal of any disruptive person from the

2.321      Failure to adhere to the procedures contained in this Code or a
           violation of the rights of students contained in this Code shall be
           sufficient basis for reconsideration of the case by the appropriate
           judicial body.