He pointed out some of the important decisions which will be
faced in the next decade, and said he feels that the statutory
responsibility which each Board member has to the citizens of the
Commonwealth of Kentucky is awesome. He encouraged the Trustees
not to abdicate that responsibility but rather to become
activists and to speak out about the problems facing Kentucky's
flagship university so that all Kentuckians may comprehend and
appreciate the problems facing higher education.

    In closing, Mr. McBrayer said he cherishes each and every
moment he has spent on the Board and the friendships he has made
or cultivated during his tenure. He said he stands willing,
ready, and able to assist in any way he can to make the
University better tomorrow than it is today. Mr. McBrayer was
given a round of applause.

   Mr. Sturgill, on behalf of the Board, thanked Mr. McBrayer
for his observations as well as his valuable contributions to the
University. Mr. Sturgill agreed that the Board members do have a
responsibility to see that the University continues the progress
it has made in the last several years.

    President Singletary expressed thanks to Mr. McBrayer for his
service on the Board and said he was particularly appreciative of
what he said about the role of a Trustee. He also said he was
counting on Mr. McBrayer's continuing to be a good friend of the
University and to him personally.

    Z.   Announcement of Vice President Donald B. ClanD's

    President Singletary said that he was accepting, with a deep
sense of loss, the resignation of Vice President Donald B. Clapp
from the University of Kentucky's administrative staff. He will
terminate his full-time association on August 31, 1983. President
Singletary said that "Dr. Clapp's unusual and demonstrated
competence, his knowledge of and affection for this institution,
and his unwavering loyalty over the years are a combination of
characteristics that will be difficult, if not impossible, to
replace." He stressed the University's great loss and pointed
out that Vice President Clapp possesses a combination of detailed
knowledge blended with an overview of the University and its
proper mission and direction. He added that Vice President Clapp
had been not only a close personal friend but also an intensely
loyal associate. In closing he asked the Board to join him in
thanking Vice President Clapp. His comments were followed by a
round of applause.

    Mr. Sturgill, on behalf of the Board, said he could only echo
what President Singletary had said, and he thanked Vice President
Clapp for being a servant of the University. He expressed
appreciation for his tour of duty and his many contributions to
the University and extended best wishes for the future.