l'eZret-lima Feed, Poluz—l.·erl1el Meal, Ett·.,f0r1)uz'r;; C0ll'S 37
_ For roughage these cows were fed 30 pounds silage and 6
pounds barley straw, per day. and 1 pound molasses on the A
` straw.
From our tests it is evident that pahn-kernel meal eould
} be used to replaee some of the wheat bran that is now heing
used in Kentueky, if this feed eould he procured at the same
priee as bran. or cheaper. and if a regular and certain supply .
were available. It is not very palatable. but eows learn to eat
._ Pilllll-l(l‘l'll(‘l meal if gradually aeeustomed to it. Some of the
l cows absolutely refused it at first, but finally were taught to
eat it hy kindly persuasion and patienee. lt was added to their
ration, at first. at the rate of l/5 pound per day. Palm-l