Proposal #3: Policy Statement Concerning Consent Agenda


"In cases where there seems to be no opposition in routine business or on questions of
little importance, time can often be saved by the procedure of unanimous consent, or, as
it is also called, general consent. Action in this manner is in accord with the principle
that rules are designed for the protection of the minority and generally need not be strictly
enforced when there is no minority to protect."
                           Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised, 9th Edition

Several universities have adopted the procedure of "unanimous consent" or "consent
agenda" to combine several agenda items into one motion. Items designated for the
consent agenda are generally those that are routine or are items where little or no
opposition is anticipated. The intent is to free up Board meeting time and allow
additional time for more in-depth discussion of other issues.


1.    When the Board Chair and the President prepare the agenda for the forthcoming
       meeting, they will organize it in a way to designate discussion items, action items,
       and the consent agenda.

2.    Action items that are of a routine nature (approval of degrees, approval of leases,
      personnel actions, etc.), that received a thorough discussion at the previous
      meeting, or where no opposition is expected will be assigned to the consent
      agenda. These items will not be discussed and will be voted on in one motion.

3.    Prior to voting on the consent agenda, any Board member may request that an
      item be removed from the consent agenda in order to provide an opportunity for
      discussion prior to action.

4.    Gifts and bequests to the University shall be recognized and acknowledged
      individually, but will be voted on in one motion.