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The Kernel Replies
To Postwarrior:

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UK May Day
Is Scheduled

Campus Honoraries"
inna Cook, Danville; Mary Keith
Hutchlap Xr
Dosker. Louisville;
iew lemoers, craft, Paris; Amelia Helen Johnston,Ann
Announce Awards Wilmington, Del.; Katherine John- -

One hundred and fifty University
uuimica mesaay nieni
the annual "Stare in the Night"
women's convocation when campus
tapped new members, an- nounced awards, and cited women
scholastic achievement.
Board, senior women's
leadership society, tapped 14; Cwens.
sophomore honorary, pledged 80;
nd Alpha Lambda Delta, freshman
society, accepted 17 into membership. Other groups pledging members were Beta Gamma Sigma. 4;
Theta Sigma Phi. 2; and Chi Delta
Phi. 6.
Before the presentation of honors.
"From Bloomers to Blue Jeans,"
was enacted by members of Tau
Sigma. Home Ec club, and Women's
Glee club.
Cite Perfect Standings
Dean of Women Sarah B. Holmes
cited women students with perfect
standings of 3.; Dr. Jane Haselden.
assistant dean of women, gave the
invocation, and Miss Lenora Henri--,
Lexington, president of the Women's
Administrative Council, which sponsored the program, gave the welcoming address.
Tapped for Mortar Board, senior
women's honorary leadership fraternity, were:
Dorothy Adams, Lexington; Cor- t


NUMIiKK li'i



for the senior woman with the highest standing who was a lormer member of the freshman honorary.
Helen Deiss, freshman from Lex- ington, won the Tlieta Sigma Phi
stone. Russellville; Jean Kesler, Bag- award for the most outstanding
aaa riove Mumnaix. cjoroin: May iresnman in journalism.
Belle Reichenback. Anchorage; Eliz- Other senior women and former
abeth Smith, Irvine; Alice Street, members of Alpha Lambda Delta
- who made standings of 2.5 or bet- Lexington; James Leslie Toll, Lawrenceburg;


included Sue Ann Bradford,
Ann Burnett. Margaret
Boone Davis. Jo Ann Gorham. Sarah
Gay Hal1; Mary Bennett LaMaster,

Ellen Wood. Lexington,


and Martha Yates, Lexington.
,, d :
-- ..
The Alpha Lambda Delta cup for
the outstanding freshman girl was
awarded to Katherine Barnett. Shel- with hnnnrahlp mpntinn he- -

u'""a,x' ""
Margaret Skinner. Betty Jo
lum Ogden and Martha Yates.
r'"-v- e


Kappa Delta Pi Award
Lee Trabue. Hopkinsville. received
the Kappa Delta Pi award for the
most outsTanding senior woman in
IiPVV T pv.
ington. the League of Women Voters
award for the outstanding senior
Mortar Board scholarship plaques
for sophomore women with stand- or nhove
ngsT nf

ing given to Helen Deiss. Lexing-

ton; Anne Park, Harrodsburg,



Virginia Henry, Lexington.
Jerry Hinson. Lexington received
the Mortar Board cup for the fresh
man girl with the highest scholastic
standing; Judith Keen Johnson,
Richmond, the Chi Omega cup for
the senior woman with the highest
.t.nriinc ln
" liarv
"":?,' nri
Keith Dosker. Louisville, the SGA
award for the outstanding woman
member of the assembly, with Mary
Hilleary Bryant, Louisville, and Sue
Ann Bradford, Lexington, receiving
honorable mention.
Phi Beta awards went to Char
lotte corn, Harrodsburg;


Beta Gamma Sigma (junior or
senior women in commerce with 2.2
standing) Mrs. Greenwood
Patsy Bonney, Alva Math- erly, and Mary Foreman.
Alnh I.nmhdn rvlta (freshmen
r uian ah,
garet K Bondurant Doris Mae
Bender Kathleen Bealmear
erine A. Barnett Marjorie Anne
cutler Helen Deiss Venita L. Daw-fVirginia L Henry Mrs
V;, 1
Jo Mayse' Hilda New- land, Anne Field Park, Joan Marie
Rehm, Katherine P. Winebrinier,
and Dorrett Jean White.
Cwens Members
Cwens (sophomore women)
Katherine Barnett, Mary C. Carver,
Betty Compton
Venita Dawson,
Helen Deiss, Charlotte Garr, Virginia Henry, Betty Spragens, Dorrett White, Ann Dorroh, Joan
Rehm, Ann Park, Mary Anewalt,
Betty Scrivner, Marjorie Cutler,


Ha's- - Barbara Holeman. Suzanne
R,6ers- - Patricia Storey, Mary Prib- ble- Martha Pennebaker. Hilda New- land- - Allce Poole- Margaret Wright,
Pat Lawson and Betty Jean Triplett.
Theta Sigma Phi (Journalism)
Martha Evans and Cecelia Florence.
Chi Delta Phi (literary
Hmrv Helen rwi .inrfu rtrnart
dus, Dorrett White, Garnett Gayle,
and Betsy Lowry.



PRs Initiate
26 Members
During Trip

At Assembly
Four Engineers

Actives And Alumni

Receive Keys
For Efforts

Join In Problems,

March, Ceremonies


Professor EdvVard W. Ranncs,
head of the art department, spoke
on "Modern Art" to members of the
Art Club at a meeting held Wednesday niht, April 23.

were appointed
make arrangements for the state
high school art exhibit, and for the
art department's annual spring exhibit, both of which will be on display in the Student Union building.
Plans are being made for an "Art
in Action" display in connection with
the art department exhibit.




148-fo- ot

Fox To Get
Silver Star

'47 Kentuckian
Will Be Late
Distribution of the 1947 Kentuckian will be delayed until
August when all copies of the

yearbook will be mailed prepaid and insured to graduating
seniors and other students who
have made full payment. Thomas E. Gish, editor, announced
An announcement for students
to make balance payments and
leave mailing addresses at the
Kentuckian office will be made
in next week's Kernel.
Delay in release of the Kentuckian was due to the record
size of the book and difficulty
materials, Gish
in obtaining


dealing with conditions at home.
Arnall said, "It is elemental that if
we are to deal with the problems
facing the world, we must measure
up to the responsibility in 'our own
places. Contributions must be made
in our own community our own
Misunderstanding One Cause
The South has been greatly criticized, the speaker said, through a
great deal of misunderstanding.
"Many of the chains that are binding us were forged out of our domain."
"But the South has too long been
aDathetic. What we nppd nrimarilv
to dowill to rin
is couraf?
We will never achieve position until
we ask for it demand it
Outlining a program cf action for
the South, Arnall supported more
adequate educational facilities, bet'
ter health facilities, an industrialized
South, and revision to get the state
and local governments in step with
what the people want.
Education, he asserted. Is the key
to the Droblem Tone is educated, ac- fnrHinc7 ti Mr Amnll '
ho ran2
:.7 ,
uwunguisu ueiwccn guou aim
is antagonistic to nis weuare.
South Is 'Appendage
' On the question
of economics.
ited examples and said.
"Those of the 'Imperial Domain'
make the profits while we of the
colonial appendage continue to exist
on a
standard of living."


In addition to industrialization,

progress in agriculture and the service fields was advocated by the
Georgia statesman.
"The people never gave their
the right to remain
static. States can do things if they
Will, we may mane oi ourselves
(Continued on Page Five)

Siiky May Day coininiltee.
The parade commencing the day's
activities will form in the loop in
front of the Administration building
at 2 p.m., and will proceed from the
University down South Limestone
to Maxwell street, down Maxwell to

Guignol, University little theater,
Presenl "Joan of Lorraine." a
iwo-apiay uy iviaxwtu niiuciauu,
May 12 to 19 at the University hifih
school auditorium, with performan- Broadway, down Broadway to Main,
ces beginning at 8:30 p.m., each up Main to Rose, and out Rose
street to Stoll field.
The cast is as follows: Mary Grey
Twenty-si- x
Floats Entered
(Joan). Susan Hinkle; Cordwell
Floats sponsored and built by var(Jean d'Arc)., Gordon Brown; Abbey ious campus organizations will make
(Jacques d'Arc i, Neville Duncan; up the parade. Twenty-si- x
Marie, (costumehl, Anna Freeman; nities, sororities, dormitories, and
i csiaye manager., iwipii airier, societies had applied to SuKy
Wallace terday to nave a representative
N. Briggs; Dollner (Pierre d'Arc), flnot in tVl nararo
Kent Hollingsworth: Farwell (Jean
The floats will be divided into
de Metzi, Ed Linville; Ward Uhe two classes with a prize for the best
Dauphin), Bill Hess.
float in each class. The sororities
Long (Dunois, Bastard of Or- - will use as their float theme fairy
Douglas Hancock; Tessie (as- -i tales while the fraternities will
sistant stage manager), Beth Caddy; build their floats around legends.
Quirke (St. Michael), James Snow- To Crown Queen On Stoll Field
(den; Miss Reeves (St. Catherine!,
Upon the conclusion of the parade
Mary Mulligan; Miss Sadler (St. at Stoll field, the winner of the May
'Margareti, Charlotte Corn; Miss QUeen contest will be announced.
.Howe (Aurorei, tsitty jo ugaen and the May Queen will be crowned
Kipner (Archbishop of Rheimsi by University President Herman L.
Edmund Mills; Jeffson (de TremoilDonovan.
le), Charles Drew.
The queen will be chosen by a
committee of townspeople from a
Charlie (electrician i. Bill b'Ban-nonJack i musician). Jack Feiera' group of nine girls who were selected
bend; Elling (Duiand Laxart), Ken- by students in a campus-wid- e
neth Scott; Sheppard Alain Char-tier- ), tion Wednesday in the Student Un- Conrad Richardson : Gardner ion building. The nine girls were
(Bertrand de Poulcngy), Tom Wil- chosen by the students from an orliams; Rife (Cauchon, Bishop of iginal group of 18 candidates nomBeauvaisi, Jim Sherburne; Cham- - inated by campus organizations.
plain (Father Massieui,, Allan Wat-- i
The girls selected in Wednesday's
C. B election are:
son ; Soner (executioner),
Jean Asbury, Alpha Delta Pi;
Angela Meisch Blair, Delta Delta
Delta; Sue Ann Bradford, Kappa
Kappa Gamma; Martha Sue Crosby,
Kappa Delta; Emogene Gregory, Al- pha Xi Delta; Judy Johnson. Chi
umega; Ann Lair, Alpna oamma
girls Delta; Joan Rehm, Independent;
Three hundred high
who will graduate in June from Lex- - and Margaret Skinner, Alpha Gam- and Fayette county high ma Delta.
schools will be guests at a tea and! The coronation of the queen on
at the Home Economics Stoil field will conclude the after- Wednesday from 4 to G p.m. noon's activities. The program for







elected to llie Student G'(in
ment assoc ialion asM in!i . .
student IxhU at the pIK if
clav. were installed .11 a sneli
coiiMHation Weilnesc!.i. .1!;
in Mtiniii i.d
Hon. Ellis G. Anu.il. I.i:.
governor of Ceoigia. w.: ' "

r- -



principal sjn.ikn.












Police Quiet


Late Serenaders





Geology Department
To Leave June

Dr. Clark
To Spcali

For Southern Tovr


Jewell Hall To Give
'Maytime Ball'




Student Art Works

Home Ec Students
To Take Field Trip

In Union Display

Stephenson, Dosker
Get SGA Awards

The third student
a lithograph by Ruth Albright
Home economics students, who are
members of a class in institution entitled "Street Scene.'" will be on
picture-of-the-wee- k.

will accompany
Elizabeth Helton, assistant professor
in home economics, on a field trip
to Cincinnati tomorrow. The purpose of the trip is to observe types
of large equipment, kitchen arrangement and organization of working

riisnlav in Ihe Union hnildin npxt
week, the Student Art club has an-- !
The student picture on display this
is an oil painting, "Quarry," bv
Danny Shindclbower. Also on
play is a reproduction of George
Bellows' oil painting "Sand Team."



eim Lesser,





of the Siucit't.i tint
eminent Association, were r
the "outstanding man ami vvmii.h
have contributed m.-- '
SGA assembly at a mt .Mm
(body Monday niaht. Thev "
ceive SGA keys as recoar.i' ;ni:.
Approval was give a rtst:;
'negotiate wua Jimmy Wilb'ir i:
his band for an aprearaiv
senior prom to bo heid 1:1
grass room of the St tide:: t I'm
Blue-Whit- e
May 17.
The measure ca'Iins for Th- K
nel inquiry was tabled ti.ttt !:.
On Monday night "Miss K" wills- .
graphed forms could be
be chosen by members of the "K"
and submitted to the sttiil- !i inr :
club from the seven finalists chosen
i I:
gist rat ion of their opinion
this week.
The finalists are: Doll Price. Kapstudent newsDaper.
pa Delta; Mary Montague. Alpha
Stephenson told the avn;l:;v
Delta Pi; Betty Hensley. Delta Zeta;
ob- - selection of the Utuversr.v
Plans for the first post-wBuff Alford. Kappa Kappa Gamma;
"IMP A ioremil
r,f tho animal aunir.r nir.l
.rvanNancy Shearer. Chi Omega; Cody
thus summer had been 'err,,
Mantle. Alpha Xi Delta; and Jean nic for engineers have been set tenpostponed bv the rommi"
gtevens. Alpha Gamma Delta.
for the first week In more applications are recri".
"Miss K" and her six attendants June. The dinner is being planned
will occupy a reserved box on the for about 200 faculty members
line at the game between
the blue and white squads on Friday senior engineering students who will
night. May 9. At a special cere- graduate before June. 1948.
mony at
"Miss K" will . Howard G. Stewart, president of
be presented to the student body.
In order to devo'e m "
Fourteen candidates were origin the engineering council is in charge
page space to news K
ally chosen bv a "K" club committee of arrangements.
Kernels have been ir. v-composed of Ed Landers. Rudy
Ann Phillips, engineering queen,
inside pane.
sin. Kenny Rollins, Alex Groza, and
was selected at the meeting as the
Today they will be f .;.!!
John Stough. These candidates
Colleee of Engineering candidate for
pi"? 4.
resented each sorority and all
en s resident quarters.
May queen.
vice president







Miss K' To Be Presented



Jo Ann Kloeeker





Annual Senior Picnic

the crowning ceremony has not been
Dance From 9 to 12
The queen will preside over the
May Day dance to be held in her
honor in the Bluetrrass room of the
Union that night from 9 to 12
o'clock. Bobby Bleidt and his Blue
and White orchestra will play for
the dance.
The May Day hop, concluding the
annual observance, will be an in- formal affair, and SuKy will
sent each girl at the dance with
a wrist corsage, making it unneces- sary for men to send their dates
flowers. Tickets for the dance will
be on sale next week at $1.75, stag
or drag.


Engineers Schedule


High School Girls
To Be Guests Here




five-pie- ce

yes-Jim- nv




Claude Sprowls defa't-'- i
1.491 to 918 in the presklt'iu;,,l :
Mary Hilleary Bryant was !
a vote of IA'
Mary Hilleary Bryant
Claude Sprowls
945 over George Gcodykoor.tz,
Much of the Ccnstifu-iim.majority was built up in :l.c a '
and sciences college, where c.n.y i.::
Independent and nine Gr" ks
M: .
named to serve in the lcHi.-lClean sweeps were made bv Independents in the gradua:e -- n:i u- gineering colleges.
Barry Hingham, president of the Louisville Cin
Increased Participation
Approximately 38 per cm ot :!
and the Louisville Times and editor of the Cimii
will deliver the address at the eightieth auuu.U commencement student as compared with 1:1 ;.t
exercises to he held bv the L'nivefsitv ai 7:3 p.m., Eiiclav, per cent who voted in the las: SGA
June ti on Stoll field.
Sprowls. in a statment to Thp K :
According to an announcement
nel. said. "At this time may I o.T
y UK officials,
of SOA
the complete
week will begin Sunday, June 1. at
all the organizations on the cai .;
4 p.m. with the baccalaureate ser- forthcoming year I t. ...
During the
mon. by Dr- Walter A. Groves, new
it will be possible for us t l"
president of Centre college, in Me
service to you.
morial hall.
"In the flush of enthusiasm, i' i
An old University tradition
Commencement Schedule
easy to make extravagant prnm:
was brought to an abrupt halt
Schedule of other commencement
which later, when unforsecn
by the city police at 12:40 a.m.,
arise, may be d. T;
week activities announced follows:
April 24, when they stopped a
ne Quarterly
shall not
i"0- 8- of Trustees will meeting serenade which was being given to fulfill. IHowever. IIndulgesay ::.a
of the Board
be held
at various sorority houses by
at io a.m. in university president
SGA will do all in its powr to r
members of Delta Tau Delta
Herman L. nonovan s office
tegrate student effort toward t:.
Thursday President and Mrs.
advancement of our University."
This was the first time
Donovan will be at home to trustees,
custom has even been officially
faculty, seniors, and guests of the
objected to by the police.
Representatives install-.- !
4 p.m. at Maxgraduating class at
College of Engineering J. D. ( a a
According to a United Press
Ellis Foster d and r'a::a
dispatch, Austin B. Price. LexAnnual Banquet
Lewiss ili.
ington police chief, said that
College of Agriculture and II"ii.
The alumni banquet will be held
all other late serenades will be
(Continued on Page Five
at 7 p.m. at the Lafayette hotel.
The annual meeting of the Alumni
association will be conducted and
new officers will be installed. The
speaker will be Mr. John B. Hutson,
'17. New York City.
Friday Alumni will register at
10 a.m. in the Great hall of the
union building.
ior, .Tne
and tne New ed by 18 university students or classes, South- - Rural tne topic of an ad ogv on June
guests, friends,
to July 22. by
alumni, trustees, and faculty will be drpss next wee . Dr
u. ' dents participating in the a:iii
at 1 p.m. in tne Biuegrass room oi
nf tour of the eeolotv
n'. In
the Union. Mrs. Paul G. Blazer, the year" and head of the history Arthur C. McFarlan, hea l ot ;;.
Ashland, member of the Board of department, Dr. Alberta Wilson Ser- department, announced Tuesck.y.
Trustees, will speak.
Department trucks will be i..v(! ;i
ver, chairman of the committee on
arrangements, has announced. Dr. transportation for the studen'.-- . I'.n
Clark will present his paper Tues will inspect iron ore depoM'- - i.
day evening at 8 o'clock, in Memo- - Birmingham. .Ia . marb.e qtuu-riaiitr.
in Georgia.
Dean P. P. Boyd of the arts and and metamorphic rocks and mm
deposits in the Blue Ridye and r
Jewell hall will give a "Maytime sciences college will introduce the mont country of North Cprol.n i
Ball" Friday, May 9, from 9 to 12. speaker.
In addition to Dr. Server, mem- - tertiary stratigraphy and lv.
Arrangements will be made bv LuYorktown. Va.
cille Crawford, social chairman. bers of the committee are Professor near the return trip to Lexin.
R. G. Lunde. Dr. J. R. Meadow, and
orchesHarvey Berry's
they will stop at Esgleston
Dr. R. H. Weaver
tra has been engaged for the
This address by the faculty mem- - Narrows. Va.. to obtain i:.io:m.i
ber elected by the arts and sciences, on the structure and srraricrnoi.
Three hundred invitations will be faculty as the year's outstanding that section. Dr. McFarian
extended and all fraternities and professor in that college, is an anDr. McFarlan and Dr. Virn
men's dormitories will receive nual event
Nelson, associate profess r ot u
blanket bids.
logy, will accompany stucleir
group will include 15 mta nv.ii ;!.'
women majoring in geol y.

(dire-Con- ,


Thirteen Constitution
including the piesidc ill .Old
president, and H ludt p n

With the South "011 the
threshold ol (he greatest era in
development it has ever known"
the young men and women "can
make their most worthwhile
tonli ilmtion by reiogniing that
the place to Mart is right where
we are," sited Ellis G. Ainull,
statesman and
Georgia at a student convocation Wednesday afternoon. The
Student Government association,
sponsor of ihe progrm, installed
newly-ele- c
led olliceis.
Emphasizing the importance of

) Frederick Xi hols
Coronation of the holiday tjuccii, selection of the Ixst parade
floats,, and a dance are planned lor ihe University's annual May
Day celebration, according to Jo Ann kloeeker, chairman of the

Guignol Cast

Sprowls And Bryant
Victorious; Parties
Split Posts 13 To S


Youth To Launch
Reforms In South

May Day Festivities
Scheduled For May 10

steel antenna being hoisted to the top
Picture shows new
of the
radio tower of WBKY, University radio station. It is
hoped that the new transmitter will be ready for testing in about a
week, according to E. G. Sulzer, head of the radio arts department.
This transmitter and the one new in use will be used simultaneously
when the new one begins operation. Radius will be between 38 and
40 miles. Picture was taken by T. K. Threlkeld, University student.

Journalism Picnic
Will lie Held May

Art Club Hears
Prof. Rannells' Talk




members were
initiated Saturday by Company C- -l
Pershing Rifles, professional military society, at an overnight eamp
along the Kentucky river, according
to an announcement by- J ft Capt.
Elbert A. Cheek
All active members, and
of alumni members participated in
the activities of the trip which Included the working out of a practical
field problem, and a march from
Versailles to the final camping site.
PR "courtesy" week started April
21 and ended with the initiation
ceremonies. During this period all
pledges wore with "their uniforms,
manilla cord, which symbolizes the
PR salutation cord, and white gloves.
New Initiates
The new initiates are: J. M. Clayton, J. L. Craig, O. S. JJennis. R. N.
Ferguson, D.
Fields, R. K. Fuller.
E. M. Good, D. K. Holland. H. W.
Holtzclaw, S. J. Jones, J. Q. Lackey,
(Continued on Page Four)
Twenty-si- x

Eugene H. Fox, senior in the Col- lege of Agriculture, will be awarded
the Silver Star this afternoon at the
ROTC review and decorating
monies by Col. B. E. Brewer, on the
front campus. Col. G. T. MacKenzie,
head of the military science depart-iden- t;
'ment announced.
e citation reads "
In an at- and treasurer.
tack against a stubbornly defended
will be held Thursday enemy position. Private Fox, ammu-a- t
A banquet
the Lafayette hotel as the finale nition ytter for a light machine
IO lniuawon. ur. w. u. r uuiwuuuaci , gun section, abondoned his personal
dean of the Graduate School, will weapon to carry extra boxes of ambpeak.
munition. As he advanced .he observed on enemy soldier creeping into position and bringing automatic
fire on advancing riflemen. Dashing
to the enemy. Private Fox disarmed
him and killed him with a trench
A picnic for journalism juniors knif,, A moment later he bravelv
and seniors will be held Friday, May exposed himself to intense fire as he
9. at Boonesboro Beach.
ran forward and destroyed a hostile
The food committee Is: Amy Price, flat gun with a grenade. "
chairman. Helen Dorr, Marjorie
Taylor, Charles Harris, and George

Students on the committee to
locate a ploce for the picnic and obtaining transportation: Joann Gorham, chairman; Janice Timmons,
Judy Maier, Jack Adams, and John


jacuson, jeau
"uiy Liuyre, tueenSteele. Carolyn
Sherman, Margaret

Tau Beta Pi
Taps Six Men

By Harry Wright
Outstanding students in the College of Engineering were honored
Thursday morning in Memorial halL
Of primary interest was the tapping ceremony held by the UK chapter of Tau Beta Pi, national engineering honor society. Six men were
tapped by various members of the
chapter. They were:
W. W. Aton, Milbourne; Vernon
Paducah; Earl Boggs,
Blacky; W. O. Marks. C. T. Maney,
and R. H. Richie, all of Lexington.
Traditional Ceremony
The tapping ceremony traditionally consists of the carrying of
replica of a sledge hammer through
the audience and touching the initiate, who then Joins the old members to receive a symbol of his honor.
The men will be required to carry
n eight pound sledge tied with
jjreen ribbon for the next week.
Tau Beta Pi selects Its members
from the outstanding members of
the college. A student must have a
consistent scholastic standing of 2.0
to be considered. However, the personal qualities such as character,
integrity, honesty, and variety of
interests and abilities have an important bearing on the selection.
Four Seniors Get Keys
Outstanding work was also recognized by the awarding of gold
keys to four seniors who "have given
extensively of their time and efforts and have made outstanding
contributions," in their work on The
Kentucky Engineer.
Those thus honored were: Betty
Peters. Marie Kemper, Ann Phillips, and Jeanette Reynolds. Previously awarded keys went to John
Miller. Ellen Zigler, Alice Kaback.
and Prolessor F. R. Cheek, faculty
adviser, at the end of last fall's
quarter. Bob Ingram, senior C.E.
and editor of the magazine, pre- the keys.
The recently elected officers of
Tau Beta Pi are W. H. Finnic pres- J. T. Maupin, vice president;
J. W. Frasure, recording secretary

Speaker Challenges!





During Arnall Convocation

Kath-honorari- es

nell, Jane Garrett. Eloise Meyer,
Nancv Jean Potts and Nancy Shin- nlck in the College of Arts and Sci- ences; to Janet Scott, Mary Delores
Slaughter and Marion Talbott. of
the College of Commerce, and Amy
rvan nolleee of Agriculture and
Hutchcraft. Paris; and Margaret Home Economics.
stunner. 01 Arunsas.
New members announced by va- Betty Pardo. Lexington, received rious honorary and leadership groups
the Alpha Lambda Delta book award were as follows:


SGA Assemblymen

150 UK Women Receive Honors

For Next Saturday




Kampus Kernels
Moved Inside






* Friday, May 2, 1947

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Say it with flowers.
Say it with sweets.
Say it, with jewelry.
Say it with eats.
Say it with flattery.
Say it with dt ink.
But brother be careful
Don't say it in ink.


National AdvertistngSenrce,lBC


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must have been Marge's shoe we
saw sailing out of the radio studio
Gary Lawson (Alpha Xi) and August Moore look like a sure thing.
This is one you can bet on.
Unpinnings from the Chi O way:
Lois Cheek and Boh Carter (SAEi;
Nancv Shearer and Herbie Sledd

By Amy Price and Helen Dorr

Boy meets girl; boy likes girl; boy

Business Manager

doesn't have nerve enough to ask
girl for a date; so why doesn't girl
(Louise Kinder DZ encourage boy
mrttrret i eomaaf ar to M conilderei tht
(Triangle Jack McElroyl?
talon 0 tin writeri themielvel, and ao aof accettarilf
reflect the opinion of Tht Kernel.
Sig Ep Jerry Bntt swears and de- clares there's no one in his life
for a sX'cial publication devoted to veterans' but Ruth Sayre other women?
with those
interests. Peihaps The Kernel roveiage was
MeComas DTD) is dating
inadetjiiate, att ovdiug to Veterans tlub standards. his old flame who is an airline hostess.
The POSTwavviov, whith is doing an extel- - v
lent job, contains a niinnnum ol four pages
existe.it but
Sttrfer III
Advertising Manager



1.N On YaU

Stephenson Commended
All fighting aside, the reliving administration
f ihe Student Government Association has
than any oilier group in the past
several ears.
lew students realize the votk and aidless
worry that tomes with an administrative position six h as the presidency f the student Ikkiv.
li isn't something to Ik' forgotten at the end of
i he day or oxer ihe week-end- .
The job last
eery miniiie until the next president takes over.
Ihe woik of Howdy Stephenson at the head
if the assembly has Ikcii commendable.
tHorts will Ik- - missed timing the next year.

Arnall Solves Problem
student annotations neetl are more
sKaLers like former Governor Ellis Arnall. It
was not necessary to hoodwink students into
healing the famous Georgian. Memotial hall was
filled to capaiity Wednesday ten minute before the stheduled addvess and several
were forced to stand.
Moral: Gie the students what they want
and we will have rapacity attendance at more





day night?"
'The Alpha Slg candidate for the
new ZTA dream man is Hubert
Havoc occurred last week-en- d
when five thousand high school stu- dents invaded the campus for a
two-da- y
stand. The grill wasn't
even the same. The UK students
must have gone into hiding because
there wasn't a familiar face to be


other day. The whole journalism
n would have to run a niin- - department
lo Club an is it
and all of Coaperstown
Dick iPappy) Stofer pace
iniimi of two pages inr issue of nothing but vet- - helped ..
. . il
hiiu .1
in 111c
vidiis inn ii in.ii ii mi. iiciri.in
uiiinii iiien prpg nm'i. helped iiiiiuriitrgiving a
out by
take up from one fonvih to one half of The Kev- - baby shower.
Har- Bobbie
nel. That would leave two to six pages for ker- - old Hunt Lou Foilare havingand diffi.
nel coverage of lac uh news, convoc ai ions, simm ts, cult time of it.
Excerpt from
and the activities of almost one hundred oilier mother. "Mom, a girl's letter to boy
you know that
chasing all year. Well,
besides Guigtiol
student organizations,
and I've been
caught up with me."
various music al prog, ams on the ampus.
Miler Alp, x and phj,
Thompson till up all the parking
ct. ap)arently. the Veterans tlub believes space within two blocks of the Al- f
that is what 1 he Kernel should have clone.
cars together.
(DTD) is still mak-- ,
mr Tatum
The Kerne l 'does not agree. It be lieves that
ing the rounds with Jean Stevens

question of the week Is
was Bill Hockensmith Tues- -



Naval Reserve Plans
Enlistment Drive

Tennis Days Are Here

campaign for recruitment of members into the new
civilian naval reserve will be instituted by the Navy Department during the months of May and June
in an effort to swell the ranks of
the reserve to peacetime capacity.
Stressing the great variety of
courses that will be available to
enrollees in the naval reserve, the
Navy has indicated that naval
serve training stations are now be- inB built in many localities for the
h- b
" t"
ing in radar, sonar, radio, and elec- tronics in addition to the regular
courses in connection with the
gram. The regular courses will
ciuae accounting, air conditioning,
construction, engineering, lathework.
elec- photography,
tricity. welding, and a host of other
connected courses.






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$1.2' - $l".0ft
$2..'0 I P










V- -

tuajoniy ol stiidenl veterans on t ampus want
to be siudents first, eteians second. So that is
The Kernel iK.licy rescuing the Veterans club.
When the Club does something newswovihy, it
is printed. P.ut every activity of the Veterans
', .
club is not news, and is not of interest to the
whole student ImmIv.




Department of Vital Statistics:
Congratulations to: the Stars of
tne NB" ana me new bua mem- "ers-




Gregory (Alpha Xi and Bill Huff-- !
man (KS; Dusty Newland (ZTA)
and Jim Stone (Sig Ep); Betty
Oates (Chi O, and Johnny Owen,
(PDT; Cy Vaughn (DDD) and
Bill Kimball; Marie Goff (AGD1
and Dud Mauingly.
Plnnings: Jane Outland (KD) and
Tommy Hoffman (ATO).



Phone 23

236 E. Main

Thone 3100
Lexington, Kentucky

Small Gifts Are The Ones

That Always Please


While speaking of the Delts we'd
Jl,hnny , WaW-hat.nkI,ow whyweek-endevery



romance Is that of
John R. Clifford (