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2’ Vol. 11 January 1998 No. 1
v A Publication of the Lexington Gay and Lesbian Services Organization

Safe Schools? Pride Center iFiilms Urban Bush Women

Safe Schools, a Washington statewide The Lesbigaytrans community has On Saturday, Jan. 315t, Urban Bush
coalition of 90 organizations, released a study produced some excellent documentaries Women is coming to the Singletary Center
recently revealing the profound failure of that could be useful in our outreach to the as part of the Next Stage Series at the
many adults in schools to address the anti— larger Lexington Community. The GLSO University of Kentucky. Using dance, live
gay harassment faced by students. in the Speakers Bureau will be showing a number music, theatre and vocalization, this group
past 4 years, 91 incidents were reported, of these films on Saturday, January 24th at explores the struggle, growth.
including 8 gang rapes, 19 physical assaults, the Pride Center starting at 2:00 PM. transformation, and survival of the human
14 cases of physical harassment and/or We want to invite everyone that is spirit.
sexual abuse short of rape and 34 cases of interested in viewing these films to attend. Urban Bush Women is an unusual
ongoing verbal or physical harassment, We are interested in stimulating discussion group in a number of ways. it is an

Eight of the cases involved adults who of how to reach out to the heterosexual ensemble of artists, educators, and
were approached for help, but who then community, particularly to schools and administrators who are dedicated to
offended the youth or actively contributed to churches. As the research reported in the exploring the use of culture as a basis of
their harassment, One teacher told a young adjourning article on safe schools shows, artistic expression. They draw on the
man, after his classmates spit on him, there are lesbigaytrans adolescents in great folklore, religion, and artistic expressions ,
“Maybe you should do more push—ups. need of our help. Although it maybe awhile of Africans throughout the diaspora.
What's the matter, don't you like girls?" before we can show gay positive films to They use the term “vocalization"

in incidents where teens or children high school students, we can reach out to rather than singing because they incIUde
were targets, about one—fourth had adult teachers, counselors, parents, and field hollers, chants, and shape note
witnesses. According to Beth Reis, from the ministers. singing within their performances. These
Seattle-King County Department of Public Two of the films we will be showing African American women have performed
Health and author of the report, “in half of were made particularly for religious to appreciative crowds at the Michigan

' those cases, the adults stood by in silence. groupsand are inspiring even if religious Womyn's Music Festival. Tickets are .

What young people are telling us, loudly and issues are not a personal concern. Straight available at the Student Center Box Office ,
clearly, is that they feel abandoned by the From the Heart portrays parents of gay for $19.
very adults whose job it is to protect them." children talking about their spiritual beliefs _—__——

The state of Massachusetts also and, for some, their struggles to accept and a

. conducts a survey of students every two love their gay children. All God's Children is Sponsor Of the
years in which they ask specifically for . . ‘ Month
information about sexual orientation, sexua' LTUHZHIHW/ on [211,233, c‘rilli'illlllll(i' [IL/Ill" _
behavior, and behaviors related to health and GLSO ONLINE 8' L L 8 IN N .
well being. Students who describe Peter: peter((zi§=uky.campus.mci.net
themselves as gay. lesbian, or bisexual _ . ..‘ .
and/or who'repon same sex sexual contact Mary' MaryqéfRCQflOI'com BED 8‘ BREAKFAST
€07lli07111€d 071 page 2 Terry: misterb(q,lgte.net

 w 349m” comrmrmjmmpage ’ ‘
— reported being significantly more likely than Taken together, these surveys indicated
"x . .. ~ _ their peers toface threats, attempt suicide, or that lesbigay youth are on the front lines of
LESBIAN r abusedrugs. Only 4.4% otthe students in this homophobic abuse. As the adult queer p
3;.:. , ERVIC r»; ' survey describe themselves as lesbigay or as community has become more out, and as our a
L .. ORG;- having same sex sexual contact. Because lives are increasingly portrayed on TV and in ir
. . KM over four thousand high school students are movies, teenagers, particularly the more i
‘/ randomly surveyed, the results of this study obvious ones, have been put in a vulnerable e
v are considered to be representative of position. It is more difficult for them to stay in 1:
Massachusetts students in general. denial, or to pass as straight even if they want a
“‘9 GL5“ N e w 5 1995 Massachusetts Youth Risk Behavior Survery a
.VOL 11 Issue 1 Reported Behavior GLB Students Other Students 5'
Published Monthly by the it
Lexington Gay/ Lesbian Services Attempted guided in past year 35.5% 8.9% 0
Organization _ . ‘ g _ i
321 E 2nd Street Was in a phySical fight in the past year 62.3% 37.3% re
Lexmgmn’ KY 40508 Skipped school in the past month because it
of feeling unsafe en route to or at school 20.1% 4.5% re
11 dttor 5‘ Was threatened/injured with a weapon at 2
Peter Taylor school in the past year 28.8% 6.7% ”
Mary Crone 'r
Used cocaine in their life 31 % 6.8% 2
Layout Editor: C
Charlle Perkms Networking ‘ '. . , to. Often adults in the schools do not do
,_ 3 Fflf‘um 3. enough to support them by stoping
- . and V; . ‘ __ ;- {j harassment when they see it or by offering
GLSO Annual Duos and , P . .61 Pl .. ._.... them safe space to talk about their concerns. k
1 . ' - " . ' . " ' _ . ‘ , i know it is particularly difficult for P
NCWSICWF: $15 V r} e 7.1" “7.1.7- ann'ng ‘7 lesbigaytrans teachers and administrators to ”
Dues and Newsletter For 7 fittiffi} know how to make helpful interventions while ‘0
Couples: $20 ' Tflafiflagdfinzs maintaining job security. 5
6‘ j “‘ There are things we can do to make a
'mfl‘m'pa‘fh‘cx difference. We have a youth group and we 0
Views or opinions expressed in the CWSfiWéfQOd could work on increasing referrals to this
GLSO News are those of the authors and 3-«ji}.;g}7j_:=}-isli=l:.=;;:fg’,‘-__f.-«3-; group.(pager# 222-1919) We could do a
don‘t necessarily represent ”1058 Of the andrnfarmation; ._ outreach to school counselors and social 0
GLsguifirsdsgngweggrswelcome All 7%: Pfidecentar 3' éf’w . workers. We could also do outreach to area :
submissions become the property of ‘. y SQYMRHQFRHB . .. churches and hope to reach adults who rr
GLSO and must indicate full name and 1.1.1:} influence these young people’s lives. b
address of the author. The staff reserves . The .G.LSO Speakers Bureau is o
the right to edit submissions and ads to NeWCQmarszthfsmv interested in increasing its numbers and in
meet publishing requirements, as well as . ' '_ j} 31:33:32, , ’ , , j developing strategies for working with schools
the right to reject any submissions. ‘3 great ”face ' t0; get ‘ and churches. As a starting point, come to the d
j COWHGC ted; fl M - films at the Pride Center on Jan. 24th at 2 PM N
.__________ ’ . H ' and discuss possible alternatives.(see page 1) -

; ,. < we r .
: 1’3"” CWMWd/m’”fi'o’l’P‘1ge celebration are from June 6th through June Although tnterweave is connected to
I a similar film with an African American iocus, 219i. Several groups have already begun the Unitarian Universalist Church, individuals
1 includes interviews with ministers, political planning their pride event and members of from the community are always welcome.
; leaders, parents, and gay activists. Both of last year‘s Pride committee will be For more information about lnterweave,
; these films were nominated for academy available to help other groups get started. pleasecall Davina at 2716174. ®
1 awards for best documentary. As we begin to form a Pride
The third film we are hoping to show is Committee, we are looking for individuals Dept. of Justice
a documentary featuring Mel White who interested in working on advertising or on Employees Organize
shows clips oi Pat Robinson and debunks his planning the Pride Picnic. We hope some A local group of Department of Justice
misstatements (and lies) concerning gay new people will be willing to take on employees are organizing an, Eastern KY
people. Before coming out and teaming to leadership roles for Pride 98. chapter of DOJ PRIDE. The US. Dept. of
accept himselt, Met use to be a speech writer The Networking Committee will not be Justice PRIDE is an organization for gay,
for Robertson and other conservative absorbed into the Pride Committee as in lesbian and bisexual in all DOJ offices.
religious leaders. He has good insights into previous years but will continue to meet. boards and divisions; the FBl, DEA, USMS.
the misuse of biblical references by the Come on Out and join us on Jan 20th and lNS,BOP. OJP, and the US. Attorneys‘
religious right. see where you can put some of your time ottices; AND contractors in any of these
Join us for these films and a discussion and energy to benefit our community. We components.
on how we might outreach to the Lexington need you! For more information, contact Membership is open to any Department
Community. i am particularly intereted Mike Taylor at 225-1828. @ employees, former employees. individual
inhearing trorn people who attend contractor/s, or employee ofa coniactor who
mainstream churches and think that their Interweave is interested in the association‘s activities and
minister might be open to talking with us. Break out oi the winter dcldrums by concerns. Associate (non-voting)
Catt Mary Crone for information. (266-5904) attending one of tnterweave’s events this membership may be accorded by the Board
0 @ month. of Directors to any individual not qualified tor
Networking Meeting Tuesday, January 6 marks the voting membership who shares the
9 Initial Pride Planning beginning ot another video festival. associations goals and interests.
9 The next Networking Meeting is set Lesbigay-themed movies will be shown at Any DOJ employee or others employed
;r for Tuesday evening, Jan. 20th at the Pride 7:00 pm. in the Fellowship House (behind in local or state agencies similar to those in
,0 Center. We encourage all community the Unitarian Universalist Church) on the first the US. Department oi Justice who are
He .organizations to send a representative. and third Tuesdays through March. interested in icining our local chapter. please
Everyone is invited and we particularly Admission is free, but we ask for donations to contact Skeet at (606) 2770450.
a enjoy meeting people who are new to our cover the cost of movie rentals and snacks. <§
re community. Titles we hope to show include Everything SISTERSOUND
is We will begin with pot luck at 6 PM Relative, Love! Velour! Compassion, Losing SisterSound will resume its practice
to and we are looking for a group willing to Chase, and Breaking the Surface. sessions on Sunday. Jan. 4th ai6pm. at Park
at bring the entree that evening. The Our next luncheon will be Sunday, United Methodist Church on the corner of
E a Bourbon Street Restaurant and GLSO January it iottowing the church service at Clay and High. There is plenty of parking in
)0 Board have provided a main dish in the 12:30 pm in the Fellowship House. Please the lot behind the churchoron the street. We
recent past. Everyone else is invited to bring a dish to share. will begin preparing for our Spring concert
is bring some food and join us for informal The Unitarian Universalist Church will which is scheduled for the end of March. This
in conversation before the meeting, also be participating in the Martin Luther King concert will be in honor of Women’s History
is This meeting will include some march Monday, January 19. it you are Month. All interested women are invited to
1e discussion of how to organize for Pride locking tcragrcup to march with, please feel join us. Q .
M Month. in June. The dates for Lexington's treetoioin us. "WI/”711640" We”

 THE PEV. FEED SPEAKS Let it be clearly understood that I speak commm’ly NM mmumflommge 4
11me crane ot the sin and not the siner. Even it you have PINK PAGES TASK FORCE
The tollowing is selected phrases from a edtor years, thereistime to be saved. No longer “Just in the planning
sermon by evangelist Fenwick Reed printed There are but two classes oi people who stages”, The Pink Pages Task Force is
around 1935. Your mission, it you should , those who are pure and innocent, scheduled to meet on January 19, 1998 at
choose to accept it, is to determine what evil and those who know the evil and the Pride Center at 7:00 pm. YOU ARE
sin the Reverend is warning us about. because they enjoy it. Now that you lNVlTED to come and join us as we begin
“I charge the with being a know it to be evil, you must stop ”and return the next issue of this important publication.
hotbed of immorality (in which) modesty is to God." Your ideas and comments are needed
played with and virtue is tempted to ruin. The All profits on sale ot this sermon will be as we discuss tormat changes and options
shameful way in which the women dress is used in the work at spreading the gospel and available to us. The target date for
decidedly unnatural, unbecoming and rescuing the lost. completion of this issue of the PlNK PAGES
injurious to health. it is injurious to health mp" ova? mp QEVELATjQN or gm will be June tst, just as we begin Pride
because it is practiced in rooms heated by Month celebrations.
excited people, people who have breathed ii5ul3UBD U0 It you can’t come to this meeting and
continuously for hours near one another. (169» DUB ""UBO 00" BJGHM DUB USUM lilo you’re interested in working with us, please
The modern is worse than the 6"110008 '919U0!SSBdU100910U19LU009q DUE call Charlie Perkins (Facilitatorj at (606)
saloon in its influence. i can persuade ten USDBOJQ $191190 Halli “BUM dillSJOM 10 89012id 389-9352. He can also be reached on the
men to give up drinking, where i can M9” Pull DUE 99110an 91ml Sldoecl 7195 !nternet at charlieky@hotmail.oom. Your
persuade only one young man to give up the Si SUB? UISHOO 10 "18 Spun M0U>l Kelli UGUM talents and expertise are needed as we join
and be saved. The greatest feeder of will 01 U915” DUE its 0110 Jell3991d 9141 9A31l9q together to build community and lasting
passion and lust is the ___, as every man 01 31901119111 lilllUBl 101 ianlillp 310w uonw triendships. ®
who will be able to testiiy. It leads sawmeqtl elemifiuwueplowle eutlSUlefie
to sexual depravity oi the worst torms. SSDEJll 19ml ”0‘ Op U91l0 MOH '95U9Li019/l9u
Young man, it you would be pure and till/1 fiuw lufill sill lBLll talieq allt 01 ur 9M5 P'FLAG MEETING ,
health, physically, mentally, and morally lou oo ‘seltlunwmoo snOtfillel 95U9ll3 lllM Pa’emst F’Pndsr and Fam'w 0‘ LeSb‘ans
noble, shun the Was you would a viper. ll pueeldoadsefiumloiefi euoewosfiuwoux and Gays (P'FLAW is 6935“ SChedU‘lng
Young women, beware! inmates of the '3iqE 91? 3M ’59 ejdoed AUBW SE 011110 5Utw00 regular meetings 0” the second Tuesday at
brothel point to jng school as one of liq sseoord Slut dn peeds ueo 9M each month. We meet at the Chapel Hill
the direct causes oi their ruin. And they were 185191 Presbyterian Church at the corner of Tates
often sent to these schools by well meaning MSU 9 DUB Kalil 59 efiumlo ll!M SUOLUIGS Halli Creek and Armstrong Mill. Contact Perry
parents! AilenluaAe mg “9099 "510‘“ *0 esneo loieul (502-226-5478) for more intormation. Q
eut se eldoad A96 fiuppene dn ehlfi uoos
Toadd 01‘ update a ”W Map mo to SlalSlUllU iSlleiueuiepunt 19141 Lexington Fairness
dIrIECtory hstmg, ION 'rttllleldep jHJOUJ Jeplsuoo 01 5Uljle ale Annual Election
Mgiiezgéggg4 eldoed mum Ul eoueleiilp 9 9wa seep awtl Lexington Fairness Campaign will
. ' to 859539“ Stu ‘JBlllel Uiewel stueutnfile hold the annual election oi the steering
For mailing address } Sill l0 PUPOS 3H1 USU/Vi UBAG sebueuo committee on Jan. 21, 1998, to fill several
label corrections ! aOUPJeiOlUl SPOiSlISJ 10 109500 alli 9Ulll spots for 3-year terms. The meeting is at
I JBAO will SMOllS ll eU0!19U5lpUl ii?JOLU SM 40 7:30 pm at the Pride Center.
please contact Peter l lownu 9U1DU0/\3q 189mm! to Stills! All/vi Fairness is gearing up for the
at 2 739649 isefied ta 10193U9D to srouou Kentucky Legislative session which will be
. eut tnoqe uo 8806 8H ‘lueseld linensn starting in January. We need committed
'F YOU? MAUNG LABEL ale Stueled LpluM he settled pue Sulouep people to combat homophobic legislation.
is YELLOW womlqu 01 5U1119191 5! all will reels Si ll 1X91 Call the LFC Hotline at (606) 296-7812 tor
PLEASE PENEW j Sill W011 puv i5UlOUBG esxeeds 0998 has more information. There is now a LFC
| Bill mum lo the 12916 Slut Si tBLlM Us Website: http://iextairhome.ml.org

 Q 0
majority of us who: ,
D Pam“ y MOV‘eS a) Don't fall into any particular gay ‘
1.9 stereotype
'5 OUT ON VIDEO She is a complex woman, who is secure b) Don‘t want to play games in bars
‘aEt by Davina Warner enough to explore who she is without making 0) Do very much dream of falling in love
, excuses for her ch0ices. As the story It also appeals totherestusthanks toa
“” So many women I know didn’t like progresses, we see that she has learned fine cast. Stand-up comedian Judy Tenuta
" Chasing Amy that I’ve been reluctant to from her life experiences. She tries to remain delivers a hilarious performance as the
3d review it. Kevin Smith, who wrote and true to herself and refuses to let anyone camp's whip-cracking commandant. The
“5 directed Clerks, also wrote and directed this make her something she isnt That includes Butch Camp of the title is a place somewhere
or comedy about a young man who falls in love men and the lesbian community. over the rainbow where blue boys fly and
:S withalesbian. if you’ve seen Clerks, you are For me, this became the underlying learn to defend themselves against some
je familiar with Smith’s dialogue which is filled message of Chasing Amy. Everyone needs straight and narrow minds. To tell more
with lots of cursing and explicit sexual to be true to themselves, and we need to love would rob you of the many surprises the film
1d descriptions. and accept people for who they are. We cant holds.
5e ChasingAmy is no exception, lbelieve put people ina particular (ategory because of Butch Camp recently played at the
6) this language which includes “sexist" and their gender, ethnic background or sexuality. Kentucky Theater. it may turn up there again
‘9 “homophobic” terms may have been in exploring this theme, Smith has soon. Look for it coming out on video
i,” offensive to some women. in most cases, created a fresh and funny film. The sometime in the near future. That'sanorder.
"n however, Smith offers a counterpoint to this characters are complex and interesting, and Now, drop and give me ten... Butch!
‘9 language. The supporting character Banky is the plot is unpredictable. Smith remains true
very sexist and homophobic, but his best to his story offering an ending which felt National Black
friend does not condone this behavior. in fact realistic. ll you can get past Smith’s Lesbian & Gay
latent homesexuallty and lealousy are language and let go of your own stereotypes, Leadership Forum
ns gzzlgzdwjrzs 2:33;:leon:xplanations for lthink you ll enloy Chasrng Amy. . This February between the 12th
1 ‘ n h 1 th, lh l v nth nnual Black
09: Another complaint i heard regarded BUTCH l5 CAM PY EegderghlpsForumewiellgeeheld :1 Washington
iill Alyssa Jones, the lesbian character played FROM TOP TO BOTTOM D.C. Established in l988, the Forum works to
by Joey Lauren Adams. Many women did not by J on Shelton empower black lesbians, gays, bisexuals and
as like her representation of lesbians. What a versatile title that is! What a transgendered by developing leadership
‘ry i personally liked the character of versatile film Butch Camp is! This movie SkillS. increasing their visibility, and building
Alyssa. At first glance, she seems very manages to be both a slapstick comedy and bridges between various communities.
feminine with Jewel-like looks and a Jennifer a slap in the face. it‘s the kind of slap that The “’5‘ day of the forum will be a health
Tilly-voice. But viewers soon learn she is a wakes yOu up to reality. What writer-director and wellness institute. The followmg days
. . - . . Will have a variety of workshops. Last year
iill strong woman who lives life on her own Alessandro de Gaetano hasfashioned is a workshops included: Healing the Pain pl
19 terms.Sh . . fine, funny flick that is full of itself. its filled Racism and Homophobia, Transgender
_ e works in the predominantly male With wonderful contradictions, familiar yet Awareness Lesbian Health issues, Black
al field of comic book writing, creating and original situations, cartoonish yet cool Lesbian and Gav Domestic Violence, and
at selling a comic book which is described as characters and padded with predictably Yoruban Culture and Religion
"touchy/feely“ and "personal.” She is also unpredictable predicaments. There is an open call for workshops this
79 very secure with her sexuality and sex in That‘s a lot of...dlction, but Butch Camp year with a deadline of January 7m For
De general. This is clearly exhibited when she is the little pink comedy that could and does more information and registration material
3d and Banky share stories about “permanent deliver the goods by being both campy and contact: National Black Lesbian and Gay
n. injuries” they have sustained while having insightful. it's like Paul Rudnick (author of in Leadership Forum, 1436 U. 31, NW, Suite
90' sex. & Out) on a budget 200, Washington DC 20009. (202) 483-6786
The thing I liked most about Alyssa is Butch Camp tells the story most gay Fax (202) 483-4970 or on line at
that she does not fit into some stereotype. people would like to tell, it appeals to the NBGLLF@ao|.com.
_ _______________________________

 3 : 33 333 l " 3 :33:
3333333 3333333333 ‘3: ‘ 33‘33333- 33.13 3333:333‘ 3:333:33. 31333315333333 3:33.. 3333333 33. ' 333331;: 3333‘ “323333 33.1l‘333333333333‘3’3353333 333333 333-3333 3 ' ‘ 3 ' ' ‘ ' ' ’ ' ' ‘ ' ‘
3 3:33:31 33333113 3:13:33 3333:? .3 ‘ 3 :33 2333.31; 3:33:33 3 3 3333333 3 7 :30 pm 9:00 cm.
3 ‘ 3 l 3 ill Gav/Lesbian AA Fronrrunners
333333 3;: ~33: 3. . :33- 3‘33333333333333: “333. 3 3 3333;, 3333‘ (Arborerurm
3333333333333 333323: '3‘ '3'”: r 3 '333‘333 3‘ .33“: ‘ 3 ‘3 i333533533 3 "3353333 ‘ 33353" 3:333 133333333333 '3 33333333 3 ‘3 E“3333.343: 7:30 p’m'
Gay/Lesbian AA 5‘-
—‘_‘ __“_.._____ 7“__” "7377‘“"7'77 , 3 33 ‘M 3’_‘_—’—7‘—‘ 3:3. _____ QT: @
10:45 am. 8:00 pm. 7:00 pm. 0:00 pm. 7:00 pm. 7:30 pm. 9:00 am.
Unitarian Universalist AA Step Study Movie Night Frontrunners (W. Park) Men’s Chorus Rehearsal Gay/Lesbian AA Frontrunners
Church (U.U, Church) 0:00 pm. (Pride Center) (Arboretum)
11:30 am, 8:30 pm. HIV/AIDS Support Group 7:30 pm. .
Lexington’s Metropolitan Rainbow Bowling League 7:00 pm. Gay/lesbian AA
. ‘ N v v
Community Church 'MCC Study Group R E S T ‘3‘ '13 R ‘3‘ N T
6:00 pm, 8.00 pm.
SisterSound Rehearsal Gay/Lesbian AA 1- 3' ‘ .
(Park Methodist Church) 8:00 pm. a) O) 7 S 0 IA I In “St" ll 0-
7:00 pm. Dignity (Pride 2 Step & Swing Dancing . 7
Cenren _. __,u . ._._._.. ~,_._. ____,-,,___._, 49031.43) m_.. .,____,._____,__. _ __~,.___ _. .__..___C__ _ L e x I ngton . I; Y
33 _ 3 ‘_ 3 3 33 ._ ’6
10:45 am. 7:00 pm. 7:30 pm. 0:00 pm: 0:00 pm. 7:30 pm. 9:00 am,
Unitarian Universalist GLSO Board Meeting PHAG Frontrunners (W Park) HIV/AIDS Support Group Gay/Lesbian AA Frontrunners . .
Church (Pride Center) (Chapel Hill Presby. Ch.) 0:00 pm. 7:00 pm. .. (Arboretum) i ‘1‘. I II I' I n g ‘h ‘3
11:30 am. 800 pm. 8:30 pm. HIV/AIDS Support Group Men’s Chorus Rehearsal /:30 pm. I‘ ‘ E i Ii
Lexington's Metropolitan AA Step Study Rainbow Bowling league 7:00 pm. (Pride Center) Gay/lesbian AA { a s .
Community Church MCC Study Group 8:00 pm a Iii ii “ S ‘ a a
12: 15 pm, 7:30 pm. Bluegrass Colts members f .
lnterweave Pot Luck Fairness (Pride Center) 9:00 pm. “ ‘b 1- k 4.. !l q! l; I. I! I. 1.3 I! :
(U.U. Church) 8:00 pm. Colts non-members I 3
6:00 pm. Gay/Lesbian AA) 1 servlng blueberry
SisterSound Rehearsal 8:00 pm. I
(Park Methodist Church) Ballroom Dancing b u C kVVhC at p a n C 3k 6 S , 3
._.______ .___,__._M.______ .____ (Club 141) ‘___ __._____ ___ _.__,__.. l

 e M JV
gauge d6 soc
93% W Mae, these phrases, aha thats la'aaab/e sagar bat to her
How 010 9] get ”a 0H7”? We've beeh together/‘or3 gears, they re phrases ofhope becaase they re hot comrete.
J m' I; 6' Al": t 1’; ‘
aha livea together for 2 1/2, E7 told her two months ago _ l/ lease, do" t b; raa [Wt do; be [,9 '4 to 5mm”
. , v . /l hr I V f It! I ’ l t " /
that E7 alah’t thihk It was work/rig oat, theh E7 moved 1h thugs oxe. ' WSt “8” MW thc... 570” re 50% [774" Its oxer,
with a frieha Bat she still calls or arops bg almost aailg, that goa do hot wahtto be m a relatiohshlp WM? her, W701
9 keep tellihg her thatflaori’t believe it was meahtfor that 15’0” at least, W1” 5? kWWW?" 0?th from her. Igloa
as to be a couple or that we ,01 be happier apart. {Tm shoala also corISIaer sett/hg some lirmts, tellihg her that
alwags friehalg bat 9’ hex/er tell her that we tom/a get 9'0“ W,” 0m” see her once a week if eveh. [’m’tMQ ball”
back together ifs...v,or ahgthihg like that, bat she ”mad to a fol/70H? (all a week. there ‘5 ”0 reaa/hg
keeps thihkihg that we might. What C ah g 010 to get betvveeh the l/hes With these statemehts, theg are matter
throag h to her? of fat; aha to the flOIth
{w t 5/“ 53?, 8 E! dz 4 fshe SUN-W074 tleave goa aIOhe aftel goa have been
blaht aha set lirhits, she mag have a problem that needs
“ r‘ ” to be aaaressea bg a professlohal. Hopeful/g that is hot
33W Want J,a {Be the case, becaase who khows what the coarts are aoihg
MOW trouble 1'5 EQSWJ VGVVYQW'EM Stop M5049 me with protectiori oraers aha stalkihg behaviors ih same sex
phrases "E7 aoh't believe." "-_7 aOh't thihh" or we woala ye/gn'gygsm‘ps mesé aags.
probablg..," Ijoa aiah't sag it, batgoa're trgihg to let her Quad fuck!
aowri easg, areh’t goa? E7’ve seeh it all before hot/reg , ga g I. u
thihk goa're beihg kiha bg softehihg goar statements with
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t. .. Proudly Servmg Kentucky 5 Lesbian
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 In Memorium twenty years, Jim Slaline. He is also survived hospitals and courts, and provide referrals for
Tim Banks by his mother, three brothers. a sister and vital follow-up services. The training program
their families all living in the central Ky. area. is scheduled as follows:

Timothy Glenn Banks, 38, died The Rev, Steven Banks, Tim's brother Friday, Jan. 23,........5:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Thursday December 12th of a heart attack. and the minister of a Lexington Baptist Saturdays: Jan. 24, Jan.31,& Feb.7
Tim worked as an accountant for Aids Church, delivered the eulogy at his funeral. It from 8:30 am-4:30 pm
Volunteers of Lexington and coordinated their was particularly touching to hear ot Tim's life To apply for this training, please contact
spring fund-raising walk, a iob he treasured from a family member. Rev. Banks spoke Stephanie Perry, Rape Crisis Center

. because he could make good use of his warmly of Tim and Jim‘s long term Education and Counseling Coordinator at
accounting skills in an atmosphere that also relationship. He acknowledged that Tim's (606)253-2615.
valued his warm heart and good humor. extended family had to struggle at times with

Tim volunteered a lot oi time and the reality of Tim‘s life but it was obvious that .
energy to the Lesbigaytrans community. He this family worked to maintain and cherish Pamphlets Purchased
served as the treasurer of the GLSO Board their loving bonds.
and was a member of the auxiliary for the Tim Banks loved well and was well GLSO has recently purchased
Lexington Men's Chorus. During their loved. He will be deeply missed. pamphlets printed by P-FLAG to help
Holiday Concert, the Men‘s Chorus honored individuals who are coming out and their
fim for his work in support of LMC to which Rape Crisis Center families. We would like to thank P-FLAG for
he gave financially, emotionally, and Seeks Volunteers ordering these pamphlets and for helping us
spiritually. get a low price by ordering some for

The GLSO Board was greatly The Lexington Rape Crisis Center themselves. We would also like to thank
appreciative of Tim‘s work with us. Not only needs volunteers to answer the HOTLINE in Interweave for ordering some for the
did he take on the management of increasing their homes. Shift choices are flexible. Unitarian Church and for donating some
financial responsibility as we added the Pride Volunteers must be a least 2t years old and money toward our purchase.

Center to our projects, he was a delightful are asked to make a six month commitment. We have three titles: Be Your Self,
person to work with. Tim willberemembered Upon successiul completion of the Questions and Answers tor Gay, Lesbian,
for his thoughtful comments, his ability to comprehensive (and free) training sessions, and Bisexual Youth, Beyond the Bible, and
notice and express appreciation to those volunteers will be asked to staff the 24 hour Our Daughters and Sons, written for parents.
working with him, and for his warmth and RAPE CFilSIS HOTLINE, providing support We mail these pamphlets to individuals, to
kindness. and information for victims and their loved therapists, and, perhaps in the future, to

Tim is survived by his partner of over ones. They will also meet victims at local ministers.