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ruled unconstitutional by the Kentucky
Supreme Court in the Wasson decision.
As this issue of the GLSO News went to (Senate Bill .69' sponsored by Senators Gex
. Wilhams, Richard Roedmg, and Charlle
press, the 1994 Regular Sess1on of the General
. . Borders)
Assembly had already seen the 1ntroductlon of .. _
five bills that, if passed, will threaten gay, D _ The General Assembly shall define the
lesbian, and bisexual Kentuckians. crime 0f sodomy, and prov1de purushment
Four of the bills propose amending the state for Its_ commission; including between
constitution to add a new section. Here is how consenting persons. (House B111 10’
that section would read, according to the bills in sponsored Py Representatlves. James E"
question: Bruce, Lonnie Napier, Ray Mullmrx, Danny
E] "The General Assembly shall have the Ford, Walter Gee, Thomas TOdd’ Stephen C’
right to ban sodomy, including between Kelth’ and Woody Allen)
consenting persons." (Senate Bill 18, Strangely, Philpot’s bill is the most lenient
sponsored by Senator Tim Philpot) (although still reprehensible). The other two
Cl "Deviate sexual conduct between indi- Senate bills specifically target same-sex re-
viduals of the same sex shall be illegal. lations, and homosexual activity would no
Deviate sexual conduct includes the follow- dOUbt be th? focus 0f the definition allowed by
ing acts when performed for the purpose'of the House bln'
sexual stimulation or gratification: sodomy, If any of these constitutional amendments
flagellation, bestiality, sexual intercourse, were put on the ballot by the General Assembly
excretion, and other deviate sexual acts de- and then aPPYOVE-‘d by the VOIQYSI there WOUId
fined by the General Assembly by law. The be little or no possible recourse to the state
General Assembly shall, by law, fix the Supreme Court, WhiCh rendered the gay-
penalties for such acts." (Senate Bill 35, friendly Wasson decision in 1992-
sponsored by Senator Gex Williams) The fifth troublesome bill before the
I] "The General Assembly shall prohibit legislature does not address gay issues directly,
deviate sexual intercourse between persons but could be just as dangerous for us. Senate
of the same sex, regardless of whether or Bill 36 (sponsored by Senator Tim Philpot)
not the other person consented to the act." would allow citizensto petition directly to get
Upon passage by voters, this amendment proposed laws or amendments on the ballot for
would reactivate KRS 510.100, the very law approval by voters. Currently, voting on consti-

 tutional amendments must be approved in a bill her many months of work. Elizabeth Gillium
passed by the Legislature, but this bill would has volunteered to try her hand at this task.
provide a bypass. Changes to our state laws The most difficult problem we are facing is
could be put up for passage by popular vote if a financial. We do not have enough money in
petition for the change were signed by a group the bank to publish another issue of the GLSO
of people equal to 5% (in the case of a laW) or News in it’s present form, and if we do not
8% (for a constitutional amendment) of the increase our economic support from the com-
number who voted in the most recent gubema- munity, we will have to cut other services as
torial election. well. There are emergency measures we can
This bypass could conceivably be used by take, but in the long run, we have to have a
our community statewide to get a gay-friendly regular income from subscriptions to continue
amendment on the ballot, but in terms of to put a sixteen page newsletter in your hands
numbers and organization, it is much more monthly.
likely that the religious right would be able to There have been several factors con-
mobilize to make same-sex activity illegal tributing to this situation over the last few
through the constitution. Banning gay and years. The GLSO News has been improved
lesbian sex would become a core value of our and enlarged, and has cost us more to produce
state. and to mail. We have covered some of this ex-
It is difficult to predict how these five bills pense through advertising. Unfortunately, we
will fare in the legislature, and action might have quite a few unpaid ad bills. We are con-
well have been taken by the time this issue fident that many of these will be paid and we
reaches you. But if the bills are still under con- are moving to a pre-pay advertising policy to
sideration, WRITE to your senator and repre- prevent this problem in the future.
sentative. Mention the bills by their number, We increased the cost of the newsletter
and say that you oppose these proposals. If about a year ago from five to ten dollars for a
you are unsure who represents you in year’s subscription. We gave people time to re-
Frankfort, your public library reference desk new at the old rate and many of you did. In
can help you identify their name and address. retrospect, this was not a smart decision. If we
Don’t waste time, and don’t assume had started receiving the ten dollars per sub-
everything will turn out okay by itself. You scription then, we would not be so short now.
must stand up for what you think is right. In addition, we simply need more than 225
Write today. Kentuckians willing to subscribe to the newslet-
ter. If you have been picking up a free issue or
have let your subscription run out, please use
the form in this lssue to start or renew your
subscription. In addition, please consider
Several months ago, Iwrote an article about sending us the extra five dollars to become a
GLSO’s need for community support. The member and/or include a donation. We need
response has been good; we have several new this money not just to cover the expenses of the
writers for the newsletter; Brian Throckmorton newsletter, but to pay for the gayline, to place
is in the process of becoming the editor. We are ads in programs of either lesbigay events, and
looking for an ad manager. Kristin Smith has to support our community’s growth in other
resigned as typeset editor. We thank her for ways. For example, in the last six months, we

 have made donations towards rent for a youth vertising income to $200.00 a month, we would
group and for a banner for P-FLAG, placed ads be in good shape. I believe the lesbigay
in TSGRA and Men’s Chorus programs, and community in Lexington and surrounding areas
started sending out Welcome Pacs. is large enough to do more than that minimum.

The GLSO Board is considering other ways With more subscriptions and more volunteer
of raising funds or cutting expenses. One idea energy, our community has great potential. Let
is to accept 1-900 ads. You will find two differ- us hear from you soon.
ing points of view expressed later in this issue Mary Sojourner Crone
of GLSO News. If you have an opinion, please
let us hear from you. We are also considering
the POSSibflitY 0f sharing phone expenses With Geel I’m very impressed with your need for
the Community Center which several of our me to subscribe. Sign me up for...
board members are working to make a reality.
We are also planning a social fund raising m GLSO NEWS Subscription
event. If you have any fund raising experience
or ideas you would be willing to share, please # GLSO Membership (which
give 115 a C311. includes not only the GLSO NEWS but

Following is a sununary of our monthly ex- also a membership card and the right
penses and income based on averages over the to vote on matters that affect our
last six months. The expense list does not in— organization).
clude the donations or ad income that is over-
due and that we are working to bring in this A Tax-Deductible Gift to the GLSO
month. It also does not include the occasional ~—
larger donations we receive a couple of times a _ Change my address
year. Pegasus Travel Agency, for example,
sends us a donation of 1% of all tickets sold to NAME
people who say to credit GLSO. (Pegasus has
asked us to remind everyone doing business ADDRESS _~__
with them to mention GLSO.) Also this year,
we were one of the beneficiaries of the Imperial CITY/ZIP __
Court of the Bluegrass (now "of Kentucky"). #__
We appreciate these donations. __ 1 DO NOT want my name on

the mailing list for anything other than the
Monthly Expenses Monthly Income GLSO and it’s direct subsidiaries.
GTE $ 8700 Newsletter 35 14500 Mail this ad to with your payment to:
Phoenix Advertising
(phone line) 45.00 subscriptions 73.00 NEWSLETTER
Copy Company 240.00 Memberships & PO. Box 11471
Bulk Mail 30.00 Donations 42.00 Lexington KY 40575
Total $ 470.00 Total $ 260.00

If We could increase our subscribers to 400,

giving us about $333.00 a month, and our ad-

 I l the one that took everyone’s heart in the audi-
l WINTER SOLSTICE l ence was Bill Loggins singing of the Flirtations
(a well-known gay group) song, "Everything
Possible". The olde English carol, "Tomorrow
The winter concert by the Lexington Men’s Shall Be My Dancing Day", featured a soprano
Chorus was again a huge success. Nancy Ward, soloist and a fantastic harpist, along with the
the musical director, noted that two years ago EKU. Theatre Dance Ensemble dressed in Vic-
the Christmas concert was in the director’s torian costumes. The highlight of the program
(Michael B.’s) house. Last year we were at the was "God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen", a long
Unitarian Universalist Church. This year, we piece arranged by the gay composer Mark
performed in the Recital Hall at the Singletary Riese. The accompanist, Ian Martin, really
Center for the Arts on the University of Ken- worked on this one, which was written more in
tucky campus Is that mainstream, or what! the Philharmonic style. Several directors in the
Many people, including the Herald-Leader Arts Lexington choral community told Nancy that
editor, were scrambling to get tickets--the con- this was the best concert during the entire
cert had been sold out 2 weeks before! The Christmas season.
stage was set with red poinsettias, but the high- As a group, we strive to sing to every single
light was the chorus--38 men in black tuxedos, person in every single seat, and our audience is
with red AIDS pins and red carnations. NanCy very diverse: children, grandparents, fathers
wore a new sweater with gold embroidered and mothers, ex-wives, friends, lovers. Our
stitching--she looked great. broad base of support is also shown in the
The music for the concert was memorized program for the concert " it had over 78 paid
(all 18 pieces!) which really adds to the overall advertisements and was 44 pages long!
quality of the performance. According to the We also performed this concert again at the
director, the music was more challenging with Connection Complex in Louisville and at the
many pieces on a semi-professional level of Lafayette Retirement Center. Even though our
difficulty, yet all were performed exceptionally group is a volunteer group we all PUt in a let 0t
well. The music’s diversity again showed the t1me,1tls a labor of love!
broad range the chorus has. From the touching For those 0t you who missed this concert, or
"Who Are the Brave?" to the new-age "Winter have never heard this group, there is hope!
Solstice" featuring an oboe solo and the chorus Oh Monday, February 7/ we Will be part Of the
doing interpretive signing, the concert was full Lexington Arts and Cultural Council Arts
of surprises. “Christmas is Delicious", a song Showcase at the Opera House. The spring
with over a thousand words and no repeats, concert is on Friday, April 29/ in connection
featured a bass player. "Deck the Halls" was a with the second annual AIDS Walk for Life.
jazz piece arranged for the Windy City Men's This concert Will also be at the Singletary
Chorus, and featured four scantily-clad women Center. Buy your tickets EARL“ Thanks also
dancers from the EKU. Theater Department. to everyone Who helped make this concert such
Several typical Christmas pieces were done, a success, and especially to our audience for
with an overwhelming audience response sing- their fantastic support.
ing the counter melody of "Peace, Peace" which Steve Ross
is "Silent Night". The Quartet, an ensemble
group of the chorus, did several numbers, but

 I LE SBIANS AT LARGE straight people have no similar historical frame
of reference.
BY LINDA WEST If they did have such a frame of reference,
here are some of the things they would know:
PUBLIC IGNORANCE OF OUR HISTORY 1. That in World War II, no effort was made
CRIPPLES CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT to purge Gay and Lesbian military personnel
_ . until the war ended, at which time, once we
After last year’s election, I attended a
F . . . . were no longer needed, thousands of us were
aimess meeting at which various Urban- . . .
. , . . . . given undeSirable discharges so that we could
County CounCil members c1v1] rights Views .
. . . be demed all veterans benefits.
were summarized. When the woman givmg r , , ,
th’ . 2. That in the 50s, the federal government
e summary came to Councfl at Large repre- t d . f , h l
sentative David Stevens, she stated that Stevens moune a campaign 0 purging , omosexua S
. . . . . from its employment and fired literally thou-
has said he is Willing to consider the need for
. . . . . . sands of people. That state governments and
c1v11 rights protections for Lesbians and Gays fl .
. . . . . private employers around the country followed
we show him that we are discriminated against. . . . .
. _ _ tlus federal lead and adopted expliCitly dis-
Iieanng this, Virtually everyone at the criminatory policies.
meeting groaned. We groaned, of course, 3. That throughout the ’50’s and ‘60’s it was
because we know we live wuh discrirrunation universally illegal to operate a place of business
9Y8? day, ?“d_Y?‘ tomost straight people, that which attracted homosexuals. That under these
discrimination 15 mVlSlble‘ laws gay bars were subjected to raids at which
A primary source Of this invisibility is the bar patrons would be hauled away to jail, their
closet. Because most of us succeed in passing names printed in the paper, and their employ-
fOI' Straight, it’s OI'lly the occasional member 0f erg notified that they were employing a "known
0111' community who is fired, denied employ- homosexual." That in Philadelphia alone, for
merit, refused an apartment, or denied a public example, such arrests averaged 100 per month
accommodation. By making ourselves invisible, throughout the ’50’s. That many, even most,
We make discrimination against US invisible. people arrested lost their jobs and experienced
But there’s also another reason for the prolonged unemployment as a result of this
straight demand that we "prove" we are dis- poverty machine.
criminated against, and that is straight people’s 4. That until the ’70’s it was illegal in many
ignorance of our history This puts us at a dis- cities to serve alcohol to homosexuals. That, as
advantage which other minorities do not face. a result of such laws, bars and restaurants in
Consider the cases of African-Americans and New York, whether or not they owned liquor
JeWs Both of these groups have a "known" licenses commonly posted signs that said, "if
history which includes singularly momentous you’re gay, stay away."
experiences: slavery and segregation, and the 5. That although we have not been denied
Holocaust. Common knowledge of this history hotel or restaurant service so long as we pass
enables straight white gentiles to understand for straight, we have been denied public ac-
that if there are no laws to prohibit discrimina- commodations on a massive scale in the form of
tion against these two groups, history shows printing companies which refuse to print any-
ithat they will be discriminated against. thing with the words "Gay" or "Lesbian"; news-
However, when it comes to Lesbians and Gays, papers which refuse to print notices of our

 commitment ceremonies; airlines, buses, and Lesbian and Gay parents were regarded as un-
trains, which refuse to charter to Gay and fit m ge, That our children have been taken
Lesbian groups: television and radio stations from us not just by individuals, but by the state
which refuse to air community ads; and more. and handed over to foster homes. That some-
6. That until recent years, students who were times those children have themselves been Gay
discovered to be Gay or Lesbian were routinely or Lesbian and have experienced the denial to
expelled from public universities That until them of their parents as their first punishment
very recently, universities and colleges routinely for being who they are.
refused to recognize Gay student organizations. 10. That until 1990, the immigration laws of
7. That Gays and Lesbians could be and were this country denied visas to homosexuals, 50
involuntarily committed to mental institutions that, for instance, Gay HOIOCiiUSt SUI'ViVOIS,
by the thousands from the end of the nine- whom German Records showed to be Gay,
teenth century until 1973. That the "treatments" were denied entrance.
we were given differed tellingly from those 11- That police brutality against US has been
given genuine patients in that we Were sub- the 110111]. That in New Orleans in 1976, when
jected to extreme electroshock, lobotomy, drug an arSOTfiSt'S fire at a Gay bar killed 32 PEOPIE,
overdose, castration, hysterectomy, and clito- the police refused to investigate it. That in San
ridectomy. That involuntarily committed Gay Francisco in 1961: three young Gays were
men were used as guinea pigs for the testing of beaten to death by police. That in HOUStOH in
new drugs. That our incarceration in mental the '60'5 the police killed Gay men and dumped
hospitals was not unlike the mental hospital their bodies on roadsides. That after the 1979
imprisonment of Soviet dissidents. riots sparked by the verdict in the Harvey Milk
8. That we are not now, nor have we ever murder trial, the police COhdUCted a pogrom
been, allowed to marry. That this means that a against the 33“ Francisco Gay ghetto, smashing
friend of mine who recently became unem- windows and beating people while shouting
ployed cannot obtain health insurance under SUCh epithets as "dirty cocksuckers".
his spouse’s employer-provided policy. That 12- That the vast majority 0t straight people
this means that an American Lesbian I know are ignorant 0t any Of this because they have
who entered Canada under a temporary work effectively banned any teaching Of our htStOI'Y
visa, and who had the misfortune to form a in public schools. That what is listed here only
committed relationship with a Canadian scratches the surface.
woman, can only stay with her spouse by re- We were never told in school that we have
maining in Canada illegally and risk of someday a history, and 50, perhaps most tragically Of all,
being deported alone. That this means we can most Gay people know no more about our past
be denied custody of a disabled spouse who than do straight people. This needs to change.
cannot express their wishes, that we can be Not lUSt because our past is worth preserving,
barred from visiting that spouse by third par- but because until that past becomes visible,
ties, and that we can finally be excluded from even well-meaning straight people Wilt demand
their funeral because we have no recognized "proof" that we are targets 0f discrimination.
rdationShip With them” Sources for the preceding article are: Kate, Gay American
9. That our children have been taken from us Histom Meridian, 19761 Doberman, Hidden from 5510136
by the thousands in this country because in $22;W’Eegsgntggygngggi’lretgf’bggam“; 33:23:;
virtually every state, until the last five years, Fire, Plume, 1991.)

 ’ ° ° W '- 9 ° ° ‘ '
I.C.B.E. Now I.C.K! '5L}@¢”‘ .g’@t\:}
. k /§ . o a. K
For the past 11 1/2 years, the Imperial Court . .
of the Bluegrass Empire, Inc. has operated as a VV lne & D1116
fundraising organization. During this period, .
thousands of dollars have been raised and
donated to local charities such as A.V.O.L., Your valantlne
God’s Pantry, Save the Children, and a variety
of other charities. During the first year of at
Community Health Trust in Louisville, the court
made a large donation toward its establishment.
For several years, the court has considered
changing its name to more clearly reflect where N . u
we are located. As part of an International or- EB," _ - 2 ': ’ /
ganization, name recognition is important. Our /":,:.,,ll"'l_'., aft/”W f ""
original plan was to reincorporate under our ,. 7",." - 0 I947?" ‘5‘.” M:
new name and preserve the old corporate name “ 2 l
to prevent any public confusion.
During the last renewal period for the cor-
poration, due to a clerical error by the Board of Op en ESPECIaHX for
Directors, the corporation known as the
Imperial Court of the Bluegrass Empire, Inc. Valentine's Dag:
was administratively dissolved by Kentucky’s
Secretary Of State. _ Monday Night 5:30 to 9:00
Prior to the Board of Directors being aware
of this situation, some local individuals formed February 14th
a new corporation using our old name. The
past monarchs, current monarchs, and Board of
Directors of the old I.C.B.E. want everyone in .
the community to know that the new corpora- TOrtOISE and Hare
tion known as the I.C.B.E. has no connection .
with the old corporation. WI
The old I.C.B.E., Inc. that you have known 0 , _
for the past 11 1/2 years has incorporated under 10 /0 Off your entlre thket
the new name of the Royal Sovereign Imperial
Court of All Kentucky. We will do business as from 11:300-1130 and 1::30'200
the Imperial Court of Kentucky. We are still a
not-for-profit corporation and are currently in
the rocess of filin for non- rofit status (501- .
C3) I\DNith the I.R.S.g Please feIeDI free to contact 557 south leGSlODB 253-0014
Thom at 255-2299, Terry at 266-8715, or Mark at ’ . . W . a . . 3
255-0675. Thank you for your cooperation. .flyv W! &@ W"
”'K )‘.Oo.' K t.

 l.— "— " _ '_ — ' "
Pegasus Travel Inc. ,
o o 0 0 O o ”Ii/7n fibfik-grm- 75m!
February 1994 2 : h/oé’m’fifyflfi aw... i
o o . _' 7 . '
GLSO W1shes Everyone a Happy Valentines LEV/J
1 2 3 4 5 $2.42 23.13%“ 2.322.
7%: WS'FilmFest: Just 620013111 an Iii-Woodland 7:30pm Men’s Chorus 8:00pm Gay/ Lesbian 9190“") anmm GisborEONAgiofi WIe;;%g§C?IPmc%SE!
er Girl on the IRT . Park . _ 7:30pm UK Lambda AA 10.008m HIV/AIDS S- t. -.
7:30pm Gay/Lesbian Al-Amn 3330‘“ nggfifl‘f {L 8:00pm "The Lisbon 8.00 "Th L- be
8245” Rmbw Ewan? 82%: Gay/Lesbian 78A ' Traviata"-Actors Guild .Trfvnilta“ 1:0“:er 11 8:00pm 'ThFdUSbon vaiatn'- P . F
“W 8:00pm HIV/AIDS Guild Am” 6"“ PGOIO U, UPI
‘ Sppt.Grp. .
Hll Brood Pal Grooming
6 7 8 9 10 1 1 12 E . d
WK... ' emeommsee ewmee 7...”... 7W. . “mm"
vamm "m?” Gm“ Board @Peter’s Al-Anon 6:30pm MCC—L’ville Chorus 830013111 Gay/ Lesbian 9:00am Frontrunners
zfoopm Brigg/flue (:3me 8:45pm Rainbow 7:00pm GLOBAL-U of L. 7:30pm UK Lambda AA , 10:00am HIV/AIDS
3?; Bowling—Southland 8=°°Pm Gay/153W“ 8:00pm HIV/AIDS slipper... 277 9365
7:00pm Gay/Lesbian AA Sppt.Grp. -
Bluegrass Classic Bowling XI-Lex.
13 14 1 5 1 6 1 7 1 8 1 9
3‘00?” MCC,Bib'° 5”” 3’7”“. St. . 7:30pm Gay/Lesbian A311 w°dm9day 7:30pm Men’s 8:00pm Gay/Lesbian Iris Events: The Cupid [ad/‘4 [ f /a/( My”
6:00pm Impcnnl Ct-Club U if 3 _ Al-ADO 6:00pm Frontrunners—Woodland Ch AA — l I
6:00pm MCC/ch.—Grecnleaf l‘e. r3; Valentme’s 1'1 . Park ‘ . OI'US Cafe 6/ . [(5) ih/ [5!”
7mm / bin 52” D8 8:45pm Rainbow 6330pm MCC-L vine 7:30pm UK Lambda 9.00am Frontrunners ”(ma am we
-00pm Gay 12m AA Bowling-Southland :2 0pm $814331; 30:" 3:00pm HIV/ AIDS 10:00am HIV/ AIDS fimfi/é’hfl/ba/fle/m/wmy aim/9»
B1 7:15pm GLSO , ”09‘” y ’ Sppt.Grp. Sppt.Grp.
g 10.00am Men 5 Network 436 Wmfm/m/ft/wt
20 21 22 23 24 25 26 [em .24., [V 401507
. . 5”
President 8 Da 63'“ anm's'wm‘fl’m 7:30pm Men’s 7:00pm Dignity Mass 9:00am Frontrunners /606/254~9772
3:00pm Mcc Bible Study 7:30pm Gay/Lesbian Al- 6:30pm meme Chorus 710013111 Dignity 10:00am HIV/AIDS
630p; MCC/Dex.~Greeulealr 7:15pm GLSO _ p Anon 7:00pm GLOBAL-U of L. 7:30pm UK Lambda 8:00pm Gay/Lesbian Sppt.Grp.
7:05pm Gay/Lesbian AA Su yo ort .G I . 8:35p? Raénbflrl’ d 8:00pm Gay/Lesbian AA 8 :gOpmGHIV/AIDS AA ‘ 3 5‘ J
K... .. o- r- . l Jo-‘Iiih
27 28 J M h Over 10 gears experience
. . . anuary arc ' ' '
4mm Diversity Business 7:15pm GLSO _ S M T W T F S S M T W T F S certlfle PPOfeSSlonal
6:00pm Imperial Ct—Club U. 811 art G . 2 3 5 6 £13 1 2 3 4 5 M 55 GE
6:00pm AVOL Mtg. ' 4 7 A A
6zwpmMCCbe--Gmemmf 9 1° 1‘ 12 ‘3 ‘4 15 1: 1: 1: 1: 13 1:3 1:
Motel 16 17 18 19 20 21 22
23 24 25 26 27 28 29 2° 2‘ ”- 23 24 25 26 255-6209
7:00pm Gay/1.295811 AA 30 31 27 28 29 30 31
1/ 16/ 1994

 b She's probably expecting
5' another bottle of perfume. f
93m thlsyear, lm glvmg
her butterflies. @- , kW ,1,
. q. ~ raw. . 1%?)
. - :- If f
(MC‘ «1% fl
U r
» ‘5
t f
glowing adds extra happy ’i» :ng
lo Happ Birthda like _ '9'“ . ‘
adelivcélromui “”3 X. '* i '
.".-‘v“(.75v‘;7:2§{;3 TMPERIAL FLOWERS & GIFTS
’tfj-efifétt'é 393 WALLER AVE.
i335§i2§ LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY 40504
' ‘9’” MM“ (606) 233-7486

 stop living by double standards. Censorship is
wrong no matter who is doing the censoring.
Lastly, consider the financial issue. The
As you know by now from reading majority of our subscribers are womyn. This is
this issue of the GLSO News, we are in the group that the board is primarily afraid of
real financial trouble. The GLSO board mem- alienating. Since womyn are our most loyal
bers have been struggling for some time with readers, surely we want to see the newsletter
ways to deal with the situation. I have been continue and to provide the quality information
informed that we have received a substantial we expect. By accepting 1'900 ads, we “Qt only
donation which should allow us to put out the receive the revenue from the ads, but we have
newsletter another month, but this is not a good chance 0f picking up new subscribers
enough in the larger scheme of things. We who are interested in receiving such informa-
need money coming in on a more consistent tion. Consequently, if we can pick up a SUb'
basis than we presently experience or the GLSO stantial new group of readers, we can provide a
News may cease to exist. better newsletter.

One way in which we can keep publishing True, many 13% lines have sexually
the newsletter is to increase our advertising in- explic1t content when called. This does not
come. As you read in the article by the mean, however, that the ads in our GLSO
President, one way we can do this is by accept- News would be exp hcrt. We are putting out a
ing ads for 1-900 lines. The board is divided newspaper “Yam“ and! as “1““? we a“
over this issue. As a board member, I have know that sex 15 a V“? real part Of hfe‘ Who
taken the responsibility of giving you one point are we to say that tl'us ‘5 not anap p rop We
of view in the debate. way for someone to express her/his sexuality?

. _ _ . After all, in the age of AIDS, there is no safer

I have a very strong opinion regarding this way for this expression.
controversy. It 15 no less than a Constitutional As the Declaration of In de en dence sa 3
issue. Freedom of speech and freedom of the . . p y ’

. . we have a right to Life, LIBERTY, and the
press are the mam focus of the issue. I support Pursuit of Ha iness The business should be
the publication of the ads regardless of the po- f bl' hPP d ' d b _ . d d
tential windfall they could bring to GLSO. I ree to pu 15 an our rea ers e open nun e
firmly believe that the proprietors of these enough to accept divergent Views of sexual ex-
businesses have a right to operate and to have pressmn.
their advertisement accepted by a press that
publishes to the clientele they wish to reach. Unfortunately, throughout our

As a community, we have taken strong ex- soc1ety, negative stereotypes have
ception to Sen. Philpot and his campaign plagued the homosexual community. These
against certain businesses in the area. I have stereotypes hurt “5 as individuals and as a
heard no one defending his actions. Therefore, WhOIe by perpetuating fear and hatred. The
how can we in all good conscience censure ad- fear felt by some gays and lesbians 0f being
vertising in our own newsletter? Does this not alienated from family and friend is due to the
make us just as bigoted as he and the Christian stereotypes we represent.
right who want to take Catcher in the Rye off There are the negative stereotypes used by
library shelves? As a community, it is time we those who vehemently oppose the notion of

 homosexuality and use those stereotypes to room or need to consider these ads. I see the
influence voters to enact sodomy laws. GLSO NE W5 as a local newsletter, meant to in-
If we lived in an ideal society, each of us form and encourage discussion within our di-
would be permitted to live without prejudice. verse community. The goals, as I see them, are
We don’t live in a perfect world. The GLSO greater understanding and acceptance among
News offers gays and lesbians as well as het- ourselves, a decrease of internalized homopho-
erosexuals the opportunity to see the diversity bia, and an increase in community strength. I
of our community. There are other resources do not believe accepting 1-900 numbers will fur:
available if someone wants to call a 1-900 ther these goals.
number. Permitting 1-900’s to advertise in the If you have an opinion on this, please give a
GLSO News would reflect a financial business board member a call or drop us a note. We
decision. Solutions to the financial dilemma of want to have a clearer idea of community
the GLSO News can be solved in other ways. I opinions.
feel 1-900’s perpetuate the negative stereotypes
the gay community is trying to change. ANNOUNCING
CON 2 I. {10 not see the choice of There will be an AIDS Benefit on March
PUthhH‘g 1'900 numbers 35 a 26th at the Connection Show Room. Featured
freedom 0f speech/censorslup 155113 Anyone performers will be jetting in from Cincinnati,
how has tried to get a b00k or other piece 0f Toronto, Lexington, Atlanta and all points in-
writing published knows that freedom of between. For more information call Mike
speech does not include acceptance for Blevins at 255-9331.
publication. Publishing a newsletter does not _' “an“; mm “mm: mm 5mm “L, mm“ w
mean we are required to print every article or 43-10“ . me
advertisement that is sent to us. For example, m me he am
we would certainly not feel obliged to publish a ’ ”"3” "0 c e “ ~"
religious right account of how homosexuality "T's ' "”5
0U 11!: i‘.‘
can and should be cured or an advertisement , 5 , . . .- . . L N
I N in‘QEI!‘ EXPOJUFE I‘DEI L‘l C1T..E‘l5‘il7 .‘l YIN-3E fi'E) TH:
for such a process... well, perhaps if it was really we “moo "he. mue- sxu sum :3? :rir .».--.-. ms.” ..
funny! _ ":5 . #:5323132: ‘0": .‘sszvssiazsane
. I personally find 1-900 pumeers _unappeal- L.. ,5: segue:1:121:32; zest-53:2: ;:;: {:2
me because I feel them a enamel np off and m .. :zn;::.i°ire:"2:s:::l:s 2:33:52.
A .
an encouragement for people to stay closeted. e mm 255:3;ng- o;"gv’g;”:fi's‘cuj;§“%‘$35,"; “In. ,
They are easy .to find m my gay pubheaeons ..... 33:52.:"ssgsstzmsmzeas: ”:52?
so I do not beheve they would attract new sub- "" “ “US": ”0'06“”! "15 ENV'ROWEHY- “m"
_ ”new.” FILII. noozrm PmunuEs. Pouncs. U, ___
scnbers. Ausnunrwe LIFESTYLES. POD cuuune. "
Havrng a new source of advertlsmg income mm "‘“""‘- "‘E “5 “5° “m“ 55‘5““ u. e
would provide some financial support. IWOUld an au LARGE SELECIION OF mDEFEMDEMI‘ COMICS ,, .._‘
prefer to get support from local advertisers and “’5 “W" "“0333"; 0:;San