" Yes, ladies of the CiN itas Club, Mrs. Plynn is
perfectly right."  She indicated the identity of the
militant suffragette, who was a stranger to most of
those in the company, by a sweeping gesture. " It
is our duty to follow firmly on the path which our
sister has indicated toward the emancipation of
woman. We should get the club started at once, and
the work done immediately. Lent will be over soon,
and then there will be no time for it."
  " Yes, indeed," Cicily agreed enthusiastically, as
Mrs. Morton again subsided into her chair; " let's get
the club going right away." The presiding officer
hesitated for a moment, fumbling among the papers
on the table. " What's the name - Oh, here it
is! " she concluded, lifting a sheet from the litter be-
fore her. " Listen! It's the Civitas Society for the
Uplift of Woman and for Encouraging the Spread
of Social Equality among the Masses."
  As this gratifyingly sonorous designation was
enunciated by Cicily in her most impressive voice,
the members of the club straightened in their places
with obvious pride, and there was a burst of hand-
clapping. Ruth Howard's great eyes rolled de-