Mrs. Flynn declaimed, " is like unto the start of a
great race, or the start of a noble sport; it is like -"
  Cicily was so enthusiastic over this explanation that
she interrupted the speaker in order to demonstrate
the fact that she understood the matter perfectly.
  "You mean," she exclaimed joyously, "that you
blow a whistle, or shoot a pistol! "
  This appalling ignorance of parliamentary tactics
induced some of the more learned to ill-concealed tit-
ters; Miss Johnson permitted herself to laugh in a
gurgling note that she affected. But it was Mrs.
Carrington who took it on herself to utter a veiled
  " I fear Mrs. Hamilton has not been a member of
many clubs," she remarked, icily.
  At Miss Johnson's open flouting, Cicily had flushed
painfully.  Now, however, she was ready with a re-
tort to Mrs. Carrington's implied criticism:
  " Oh, on the contrary! " she exclaimed. "Why,
I was chief rooter of the Pi Iota Gammas, when I went
to boarding-school at Briarcliff."
  Miss Johnson spoke with dangerous suavity of
  "Then, my dear, since you were one of the Pigs-