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       Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the University of Kentucky,
Tuesday, March 12, 1968

       In accordance with action taken by the Board of Trustees on May 2, 1967,
which established monthly meetings of the Board during the academic year, the
Board met on Tuesday, March 12, 1968, at 2:00 o'clock (Eastern Standard Time),
in the Board Room of the Administration Building on the campus of the University
with the following members present: Dr. Ralph Angelucci, Vice Chairman, Mrs.
Rexford Blazer, former Governor A. B. Chandler, Mr. Richard Cooper, Dr.
Harry Denham, Mr. G. W. Griffin, Mr. Robert Hillenmeyer, Mr. J. Robert Miller,
Mr. B. Hudson Milner, Dr. N. N. Nicholas and non-voting faculty members
Professor Stephen Diachun and Professor Paul Oberst. Absent were Governor
Louie Nunn, Mr. William R. Black, Mr. Smith Broadbent, Mr. Wendell P. Butler,
and Mr. Sam Ezelle. President John W. Oswald, Vice Presidents A. D. Albright,
William R. Willard, Robert F. Kerley, Robert L. Johnson and Lewis W. Cochran
were in attendance as were 'Members of the various news media. Mr. Steve Cook,
President of Student Government, was present as the representative of the student

      A. Meeting Opened

      The meeting was called to order at 2:00 p. m. Following the invocation
pronounced by Dr. Stephen Diachun, Mrs. Rexford Blazer, named acting secretary
for the meeting, called the roll and reported a quorum present. Dr. Angelucci then
declared the meeting officially open for the conduct of business at 2:05 p. m.

      B. Minutes Approved

      Mr. Hillenmeyer moved that the reading of the Minutes of the February 13,
1968 meeting of the Board of Trustees be dispensed with and that the Minutes be
approved as published. His motion was seconded by Governor Chandler and passed
unanimous ly.

      C. President's Report to the Trustees

      After briefly discussing the items contained in PR 1, President Oswald
concluded his report with the statement that as usual it was merely an attempt to
cover matters which he felt would be of particular interest to the Board of Trustees
and that it was not a complete and comprehensive report of all activities which had
occurred since the February report.

      Dr. Angelucci asked if there were any additions to be made and, since there
were none, accepted the report and ordered it filed.


       D. Students Speak Against Proposed Legislative Increase in
Out-of-State Tuition Charges

       Just prior to the opening of the meeting, Dr. Angelucci indicated that a
group of students had requested permission to appear before the Board to present
a petition relative to the proposed increase by the Legislature in out-of-state
tuition charges. He had told them he would present their request to the Board and,
upon receiving concurrence from the members, asked Mr. Steve Cook, President
of Student Government, to introduce the two students who would speak for the
group. Mr. Cook then introduced Miss Robin Lowry and Mr. Allen Youngman.
Mr. Youngman read the following statement which the students had prepared and
distributed to the Governor and members of the General Assembly expressing their
objection to HB 110 (as amended by the Senate Education Committee).

                        OF A DIVERSE UNIVERSITY

   RE: HB 110 (as amended by the Senate Education Committee)

      When it left the House, HB 110 was a good bill. It called for the raising
   of tuition for non-resident students to the level equal to the average of the
   highest non- resident tuition fee charged by a state college or university in
   each of the adjoining states.

      Of course, out-of-state students would rather not see their tuition rasied.
   However, it is obvious to them that there are problems existent in Kentucky
   that must be solved. This they readily accept. HB 110, as it passed the
   House, provided a reasonable solution.

      The Senate Education Committee, however, did not take a reasonable
   approach. They amended a good bill out of all proportion.

      They deleted the 15% limitation on the number of non-resident students;
   they increased the fees for those students to $1500 at the universities of
   Kentucky and Louisville and $1100 at the other state-supported schools.
   Similarly, SB 394 (Harris) called for raising fees at UK to $2000 per year.

      The problem that needs to be solved is, basically, that there is an
   overabundance of non-resident students at certain Kentucky schools. This
   problem needs to be solved, but we must go about it in a manner that in no
   way lessens the quality of our education.

      Consider the method of lowering the numbers of non-resident students
   proposed by the Senate. They seem to feel that merely making the cost
   prohibitive will effectively solve the problem. THIS IS UNREASONABLE.



    It would make wealth the sole criteria for admission to Kentucky schools.
    SCHOLASTIC MERIT. This method, proposed by the House is obviously
    the better solution.

       It stands to reason that the better applicants would go to better state
    schools or prestige private institutions and Kentucky would be left with a
    small number of non-resident students who were second-rate scholars.

       The House has provided a wise solution to a complex problem. The
    2, 700 students (1,650 of which are Kentucky residents and voters) who
    signed the petition opposing the unreasonable Senate solution, urge you to
    stand by your decision to keep the quality of Kentucky education as your
    first concern.

       Following Mr. Youngman's presentation, Miss Lowry read a petition urging
the defeat of Senate Bill No. 394. She stated that the petition had been signed by
2, 673 students, of which 1, 641 were in-state students and 1, 032 were out-of-state
students. The two students requested the Board of Trustees to pass a resolution
stating its position with respect to the out-of-state tuition charges.

       Dr. Oswald stated that under Kentucky Statutes the responsibility for setting
fees lies with the Council on Public Higher Education. The Council has met and has
acted. The Council action, which is supported by the University of Kentucky,
raised out-of-state tuition at the University of Kentucky from $820 a year to $980 a
year, with an increase for the Medical Center from $1, 280 to $1, 500. This is the
action to which the University has responded and he urged the students to support
the action of the Council on Public Higher Education rather than any of the bills before
the General Assembly. Governor Chandler suggested that all future efforts be
directed toward the Governor since he has the power to veto.

      Dr. Angelucci thanked the students for appearing and for their interest in the
welfare of the University and both Miss Lowry and Mr. Youngman left the meeting.

      E, Recommendations of the President (PR 2)

      Since copies of PR 2, as well as all other agenda items, had been mailed to
the members of the Board in advance of the meeting, Dr. Oswald indicated that he
had no comments to make other than to mention the recommended appointment of
Mr. Albert Clay of Mt. Sterling as a member of the Development Council, but would
be pleased to answer any questions.

Governor Chandler moved that PR 2 be approved as a whole and made an



official part of the Minutes of the meeting. His motion was seconded by Mr.
Hillenmeyer and passed without dissent. (See PR 2 at the end of the Minutes.)

       F. Supplemental Recommendations of the President (PR 3)

       Dr. Oswald indicated that there were no additional recommendations to be
sibmitted and hence there was no PR 3.

       G. Appointment of Dr. Harry M. Bohannon as Dean of the College
of Dentistry Approved (PR 4)

       Dr. Willard enlarged on the background material submitted as part of PR 4
and recommended approval of the appointment of Dr. Harry M. Bohannon, Associ-
ate Dean and Professor of Periodontics of the University of Kentucky College of
Dentistry, as Dean of the College of Dentistry, effective immediately.

       Dr. Nicholas said that he and other members of the dental profession in the
state regarded Dr. Bohannon as most capable and he moved that his appointment be
approved. Dr. Denham seconded his motion and all members present voted aye.
(See PR 4 at the end of the Minutes. )

       H. Clarification of Status of Northern Community College

       Dr. Oswald indicated he had no further matters requiring action by the
Board but wished to make a statement relative to the status of the Northern Com-
munity College. He said that recent newspaper stories from the Northern Kentucky
area showed some apparent misunderstanding of the action taken by the Board of
Trustees in February. At that time the Board withdrew its application for Title I
funds for the Northern Community College and canceled the Title I grant received.
At the same time it requested that all available funds in the grant be redistributed
to other University of Kentucky Community College projects. In order to clarify
the matter, he made the following statement:

  On March 6, 1968, the General Assembly completed action on H1B 255, a
  measure to establish a four-year college to serve the Northern Kentucky area.
  The measure was approved by both houses without a dissenting vote.

  The action culminated intensive activity by citizens of the region who expressed
  a legitimate concern for such an institution to meet the growing needs of the area.

  A year or so before the current activity of the community for a four-year college
  commenced, the University's Board of Trustees directed that a long-range
  development plan be structured for the Northern Community College in Northern



Following this long-range study of the present site, preliminary planning
for a $2. 95 million structure was authorized to meet the growing demands
(approximately $1. 0 million from a federal grant and $2. 0 million from
the University of Kentucky's Community College revenue bonds).

At this juncture several citizen organizations expressed doubts over the
feasibility of putting additional buildings on the present restricted tract of
land. It was pointed out by those groups and individuals that in their
opinion the Northern Community College site was inadequate to meet the
growing needs of the student body and faculty.

Others voiced the view that seeking a new community college site at the
same time that legislation was being sought for the establishment of a
four-year institution might confuse the issues. Certainly if the Legislature
had decided to 'convert" the existing Community College to the new four-
year campus, proceeding with a new major building on the small site would
have been most unwise.

All these factors were considered in a number of meetings held with citizens
and officials of the community and with the Community College Advisory
Board, and therefore, planning on a new structure was suspended.

On October 31, 1967, the Advisory Board of the Northern Community College
concluded several sessions with these conclusions and recommendations to
the University Board of Trustees:

       1.  The present site is inadequate to meet the needs of a
           two-year or four-year institution.

       2. It would be unwise to expend additional funds to construct
           permanent facilities in view of the uncertain future.

Further, the Advisory Board pointed out to the Board of Trustees in the same
letter these factors:

       1. A consulting firm is presently preparing for the Council
           on Public Higher Education a report on educational needs
           for the entire state, including the possibility of a four-
           year institution serving the Northern Kentucky area. And,

       2.  This report is expected to be submitted soon to the
           Council en Higher Education. And,

       3.  The Council, in turn, must submit its recommendations
           to the Governor and the General Assembly. And,

       4.  The General Assembly then must take such action as
           it deems best for the Commonwealth.



The Advisory Board then concluded that report to the Board of Trustees with
two recommendations:

       1. That every appropriate effort be made to meet en-
           rollment demands on the present site by housing
           students and faculty in temporary structures.

       2. That the Board of Trustees await whatever action
           might occur in the next General Assembly relative
           to higher education in Northern Kentucky before
           seeking actively a new site for the Community College.

These recommendations have been followed by the Board of Trustees and the
University administration.

To care for the increased enrollment, 7, 600 square feet in temporary structures
at the cost of $108, 000 were placed on the Northern Community College campus,
in the summer of 1967. In addition, 10, 000 additional square feet of facilities,
will be placed on the site next summer to care for the projected 1968-69 en-
rollment. These latter facilities are estimated to cost $226, 000. Certain
improvements to the main building also are planned at an estimated cost of
$30, 000. Meanwhile, the University administration was faced with a decision
concerning the federal government grant for the college under Title I, of the
Higher Education Facilities Act.

It was pointed out that if the funds granted to the Board of Trustees for Northern
Community College construction were not used by June, 1968, the monies would
revert to the federal government and be redistributed to other states. Therefore,
at the February, 1968, meeting of the Board of Trustees, the application was
withdrawn. The available allocation then was redistributed to support the Com-
munity College System building program in Kentucky.

This action will not interfere in any way with a new federal grant being secured
for permanent construction on the campus as soon as a decision is made on the
site. Northern Community College with its large enrollment will most certainly
have top priority in Kentucky under the 1968-b9 federal appropriation measure
for public community colleges.

It is also equally clear that the University's bonding capacity for community
college construction will be sufficient to meet the additional financial require-
ments to provide added and permanent facilities at Northern Community College
as soon as the matter is settled as to where the new permanent building will be

The next step will be a meeting with the Community College Advisory Board to
review the future development of the Community College, especially as to the
matter of its site, now that the General Assembly has acted.



       Representatives from Northern Kentucky papers were present and,,Dx.
Oswal.d asked-ifthey had any questions. There being none, Dr. Angelucci ac-
cepted the report and ordered it filed.

       I. Financial Report Accepted (FCR 1)

       Dr. Denham Daoiittd out that copies of the Financial Report for the period
endedJanuary 31, 1968 had been sent out in advance and asked Mr. Kerley if he
wished to make any comments. Mr, Kerley said that income realized and expendi-
ture experience were according to plan. The report reflected the reduction in
budget income and expenditure authority approved in January.

       There being no questions. Dr. Denham moved acceptance of the Financial
Report for the period ended January 31, 1968. His motion was seconded by Governor
Chandler and all present voted aye. (See FOR 1 at the end of the Minutes.)

       J. Investment Policies Restated (FCR 2)

       Dr. Denba said that four members of the Finance Committee, who met on
the morning of March 12, spent considerable time discussing the investment policy
of the University of Kentucky and they had unanimously concurred in the recommen-
dations presented in FCR 2 with respect to investment of available current funds.
He added that the policy was in essence a restatement of existing policies and a
codification of practices of the past four years. Representatives of the Chase
Manhattan Bank had met with the Finance Committee members and the policy
statement comes to the Board with their endorsement as well as that of the Finance
C ommittee.

      Dr. Denhairn moved acceptance of FCR 2 as presented. His motion was
seconded by Governor Chandler and passed unanimously.

       The Finance Committee will meet again before the April 2 meeting of the
Board of Trustees and plans to present at that time a policy statement with respect
to investment of endowrment funds. (See FCR 2 at the end of the Minutes.

      K. Connection Fee for the Quicksand Sewer District (FCR 3)

      Mr. Kerrey explained that the Finance Committee had discussed FCR 3
relative to the expenditure of up to $35, 000 as a connection fee to the Quicksand
Water District for a Sanitary Sewer System at Robinson Substation and recommended
its approval.

      Dr. Denha rm moved that FCR 3 be approved as presented. Mr. Hillenmeyer
seconded his motion and it carried, (See FCR 3 at the end of the Minutes. )



        L,. Real Property Matters (FCR 4)

        Mr. Kerley explained that Item I was a routine easement for the installation
of water and sewer facilities at the Henderson Community College; Item II involved
a minor reduction in rental payments for three Greek organizations leasing housing
facilities from the University of Kentucky; and Item III requested authority to
dispose of certain property located at 504 South Upper Street which is not needed
for the purpose of expanding the plant or extending the usefulness of the University.

       Governor Chanidler asked for clarification on the location of the lot and its
appraised value. After seeing the location on a plat map and being told that the lot
had been appraised at $18, 000, he indicated his agreement with the proposed dis-
position of the property at a price no lower than $18, 000.

       On motion by Dr Denham, seconded by Mr. Coqper and passed, FCR 4 was
approved as a whole. (See FCR 4 at the end of the Minutes.

        M. Special Fee Authorized for External Audit (FCR 5)

        Mr. Kgrle.y said that at the time the fee of $25, 000 was approved for the
external audit for 1966-67. it was not contemplated that the audit would include the
College Work Study Program and the National Defense Student Loan Fund. The
request that such an audit be made came from the Department of Health, Education
and Welfare and the University will recover a substantial part of the $3, 000 ad-
ditional fee from the government. Governor Chandler indicated that he did not
approve of paying additional fees but would go along with the recommendation of the
Finance Committee in this instance. Dr. Denham indicated that the Finance Com-
mittee had discussed it and felt it was a justifiable expenditure.

       On motion by Dr. Denham, seconded by Mr. Hillenmeyer, FCR 5 was
approved as presented, (See FCR 5 at the end of the Minutes.

       N. Management Letter From External Auditors for 1966-67 Accepted
(FCR 6)

       Dr. Denham reported that the Finance Committee had spent over an hour
discussing the management letter and had gone over the findings and recommen-
dations contained in it. The Finance Committee is satisfied that the Office of
Business Affairs will implement the recommendations made in the report to the
extent that they can do so with the funds available,

       Governor Chandler questioned the section of the letter dealing with dupli-
cation of effort by the Commonwealth and the University and was assured that
progress was being made in eliminating this but that certain duplication could not
be avoided under present statutes.



       Dr. Denham said that the management letter this year was much better than
last year's ar.d complimented Mr. Kerley and his staff on the progress which had
been made. He moved acceptance of the management letter. His motion was
seconded by Mr. Cooper and passed. (See FCR 6 at the end of the Minutes. The
management letter is not duplicated in the Minutes but is available in the files of the
March 12, 1968 meeting. )

       0. Recovery of Workmen's Compensation Payments (FCR 7)

       The University of Kentucky, being self-insured, is permitted to recover from
negligent third parties Workmen's Compensation payments made to employees as a
result of negligent accidents committed by a third party. The recommendation made
to the Board of Trustees by Mr. Kerley was that he, as Vice President - Business
Affairs and Treasurer, be authorized to take the necessary steps to provide for re-
covery of Workmen's Compensaticn by the University and resulting from negligent
acts by a third party. Dr. Angeli.cci asked if this was infringing upon the legal
profession and was assured that the University was not attempting to help persons
recover damages but was merely trying to recover from the third party damages
paid out by the University because of his negligence.

       On motion duly made, seconded, and carried, the Vice President - Business
Affairs and Treasurer, was authorized to take steps necessary to provide for the
recovery of Workmen's Compensation payments made by the University as a result
of the negligent acts of third parties. (See FCR 7 at the end of the Minutes. )

       P. Contract for Heating and Cooling Services, Jefferson Community
College (FCR 8)

       Mr. Kerl*.y said that authorization was requested from the Board of Trustees
to execute a contract to provide steam and chilled water requirements of the
Jefferson Community College from a central steam plant located near thme 7-Le of the
college. He indicated that the University was not yet ready to sign the contract but
the time limit for signing would expire prior to the next meeting of the Board of
Trustees. He assured the Board that the contract would not be signed until the Uni-
versity was completely satisfied that it was not only the most economical way but
the best way to provide these requirements for the college. It was emphasized that
the contract, if signed, would provide the steam and chilled water for the new
developments at the college and would not affect the present facilities.

      On motion by Mr. Hillenmeyer, seconded by Dr. Denham, and passed without
dissent, the recommendation contained in FCR 8 was approved. (See FCR 8 at the
end of the Minutes. )



       Q. Report on Cash Flow Management (FCD 1)

       Dr. Denham asked Mr. Kerley to present the report on cash flow manage-
ment which was being made in response to questions raised by Dr. Nicholas at the
meeting of the Board of Trustees in February. Mr. Kerley read the items con-
tained in FCD I and, in answer to a question asked by Dr. Angelucci, indicated
that the University's return on investments made from current funds amounted to
approximately $400, 000 per year. Dr. Angelucci thanked Mr. Kerley for the report
and ordered it filed. (See FCD 1 at the end. of the Minutes.

       R. Discussion of Policy Regarding Investment of Endowment Funds

       Mr. Kerley said that one item which came out of the Finance Committee
discussion was the need to establish more clearly the investment policy of the Board
of Trustees toward endowment funds. Specifics were discussed and the consensus
was that the policy of this Board should be to achieve maximum growth consistent
with requirements for yield. One method of achieving this is to shift to a higher
ratio (perhaps 75-25) of commonstock with growth potential to fixed income stocks.
One technique discussed by the Finance Committee for carrying out the specifics
was to authorize the Treasurer of the University to make investment transactions
upon the advice and counsel of the Chase Manhattan Bank, the University's investment
counselor and custodian, and to report such transactions to the Board on a continuous
basis. Mr. Milner expressed concurrence with the latter suggestion indicating that it
would be a mistake to set up such a cumbersome procedure that maximum advantage
could not be taken of good situations in the market. He strongly favored following the
advice of the investment counselor and, if they made too many mistakes, to "fire
them' but give them an opportunity to take advantage of the market.

       Governor Chandler asked who served on the Finance Committee and was told
that Dr. Denham was Chairman and Mr. Black, Mr. Cooper, Mr. Hillenmeyer, Mr.
Ezelle and Mr. Milner served on the committee.

       Dr. Denham indicated that the Finance Committee would continue to discuss
the investment of endowment funds and hoped to have a policy statement to present
to the Board at the meeting in April.

       S. Executive Committee Report on University of Kentucky--University
of Louisville Relationship

       Dr. Angelucci reported that the Executive Committee had met in a special
called session on the evening of March 6 to discuss the resolution before the General
Assembly with respect to the future relationship of the University of Kentucky and
the University of Louisville. He then read the following report from the Committee:



The Executive Committee met formally on March 6, 1968,
to consider a resolution introduced before the General
Assembly at the request of officials of the University of

Inasmuch as this resolution did not implement significantly,
in the opinion of the Executive Committee, the Baker
Committee report which the Board of Trustees had endorsed
in principle, the Executive Committee decided that the
matter should be referred to the Board of Trustees.

Since this resolution has now passed the House and is in% the
process of consideration in the Senate, the Executive
Committee does not recommend action by the Board of

Further, the Executive Committee wishes to state that no
opposition exists to the resolution and that the Universityof
Kentixcky anticipates the continuance of work with the University
of Louisville in the implementation of the Baker Committee



        The Board indicated its agreement with the report of the Executive
 Committee and the report was accepted and ordered filed.

        T. Committee Reports

        The Chairmen of the Hospital Committee and the Governing Regulations
 Committee both indicated they had no reports to make.

       U. Meeting Adjourned

       Dr. Oswald reminded the members of the Board that the next meeting was
 a statutory meeting and would be held on April 2, 1968. Dr. Angelucci asked if
 there were any further business to come before the Board, and having determined
 there was not, entertained a motion for adjournment. The motion being duly made,
 seconded, and carried, the meeting was adjourned at 3:25 p. m.

                                           Respectfully submitted,

                                           Mrs. Rexford S. Blazer
                                           Acting Secretary, Board of Trustees

(PR 2, PR 4, FCR 1, FCR 2, FCR 3, FCR 4, FCR 5, FCR 6, FCR 7, FCR & and
FCD 1 which follow are official parts of the Minutes of the March 12, 1968 meeting
of the Board of Trustees of the University of Kentucky. )


Missing report(s)


                                                         Office of the President
                                                         March 12, 1968

 Members, Board of Trustees.


 I. Patent Assignment

    Recommendation:r that authorization be given to the proper officials of the
    University of Kentucky Board of Trustees to execute an assignment on behalf
    of the Board to the University of Kentucky Research Foundation of the follow-
    ing application for Letters Patent of the United States and the invention
    represented thereby: Edward M., Higgins; Harold D. Rosenbaum; Waldo D.
    DeVore - Serial No. 697, 233, filed January 11, 1968.

    Background: The above named inventors have assigned all rights to their
    invention, "Method and Apparatus for Analyzing and Calibrating Radiation
    Beams of X-Ray Generators" to the University of Kentucky. In accordance
    with past practice and the Patent Policy of the University, it is recommended
    that such assignment be transferred to the University of Kentucky Research
    Foundation by the Board of Trustees.

 II. Appoint-ient to University of Kentucky Development Council

    Recommendation: that Mr. Albert G. Clay, Mt. Sterling, be appointed to
    membership on the University of Kentucky Development Council.

    Background: At the April 5, 1966 meeting of the Board of Trustees, the
    University of Kentucky Development Council was established to serve in an
    advisory capacity to the President, and through him to the Board of Trustees,
    for all private fund development for the entire University. The Council may
    have as many as twenty members, two of whom are Trustees appointed by
    the Board of Trustees and five ex officio members - the Chairman of the Board
    of Trustees, the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board of
    Trustees, the Presidents the Vice President-University Relations, and the
    Director of Development.

    Mr. Clay, President of the Clay Tobacco Company, Mt. Sterling, and Chairman
    of the Board of Directors, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, is recommended
    to fill the lone vacancy now existing.

III. Appointments and Other Staff Changes

   Recommendation. that approval be given to the appointments and/or other
   changes which require Board action and that the report relative to appointments



and/or changes already approved by the administration be accepted.

Background: Approval of the Board of Trustees is required for all appointments
to the positions with the rank of Associate Professor and above, for promotions,
for the granting of tenure, and for salary changes above $12, 000 for non-
academic personnel and $15, 000 for academic personnel. All other appointments
and/or changes may be made by the President and reported to the Board.

                           BOARD ACTION

New Appointment

Rupert T. iLeslie, Professor, with tenure, Department of Statistics, College
   of Arts and Sciences, effective September 1, 1968


Joe W. Daugherty, Department of Oral Surgery, College of Dentistry, from
   Instructor, part-time to Assistant Professor, part-time
Warren E. Fischer, Department of Restorative Dentistry, College of Dentistry,
   from Instructor, part-time to Assistant Professor, part-time
William C. Kranz, Department of Oral Surgery, College of Dentistry, from
   Instructor, part-time to Assistant Professor, part-time
Karl W. Lan ge, Department of Prosthodontics, College of Dentistry, from
   Instructor, part-time to Assistant Professor, part-time
James C. Murphy, Department of Oral Diagnosis and Oral Medicine, College
   of Dentistry, from Instructor, part-time to Assistant Professor, part-time
Andrew T. Polites, Department of Periodontics, College of Dentistry, from
   Instructor, part-time to Assistant Professor, part-time

                      ADMINISTRATIVE ACTION

New Appointments

Ira S. Fink, Instructor, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, College of
   Pharmacy, retroactive to January 1, 1968
Joe Dennis Fox, Assistant Professor, Department of Animal Sciences, College
  of Agriculture, retroactive to February 1, 1968
Loys L. Major, Assistant Professor, Department of Agricultural Economics,
  College of Agriculture, retroactive to February 5, 1968
Eugenie. L. Moss, Librarian III, retroactive to February 19, 1968
Gretchen E. Price, Librarian IV, Medical Center Library, retroactive to