I have taken the liberty of rewriting the application
in such a way as to interpret accurately (I hope) your
purposes, and at the same time to give the fullet state-
ment that we desire.   In doind this I have not attempted
to fill in the budgetary forecast, as I am still in doubt
of course as to exactly that should go into that.   (Thd
extra application form is to be returned by you in dupli-

     If this restatement is satisfactory to you and you will
return the application with the budgetary forecast completed
and the proper signatures, I shall be glad to present your
application with favorable recommendation at the next meet-
ing of the Board.

     A plan of cooperation between the State University and
the State Department of Education has been worked out in
Mississippi whereby a special allotment may be made through
the State University to establish in the State Department
of Education a Division of Educational Hygiene.   Dr. Ji W.
Catr has consulted with Doctbr Small about the possibility
Of establishing such a relationship in Kentucky, and has
*eceived the necessary information in regard to this matter,
from Doctor Small.

      I am enclosing herewith copies of the form of agree-
ment worked out for Mississippi, which is applicable to
other states.

      I am just now in receipt of a letter from the State
 Superintendent, Doctor Co`,vin, in regard to the matter.
 It will be a distinct satisfaction to me if we can be of
 assistance in this way to the State Department of Educa-
 tion in putting into effect the new law fok physical educa-
 tion in Kentucky. -

                                     Very truly yours,

                                          T. A. Storey

       Executive Secretary
Interdepartmental Social Hygiene Board.