mer breaks as a student. lungs to speak to me,” The Postal Inspection
3 Breckinridge, a descendant of U.S. chuckled Whitcomb. "So Service, founded by Ben-
  Vice President john C. Breckinridge, Crowe never knew of my   jamin Franklin, is one of  
l knew philanthropic individuals from all musical aspirations? ·»=;- . _ the oldest federal law en-
. over the world, and many visited the Whitcomb’s first teach- `- " forcement agencies. The
l FNS. She also brought nurses to Ken- ing job after UK was a I I agency helps to fight
, tucky, a lot of them coming from En- half-year assignment at a ` . criminals who attempt to _
A gland. Whitcomb first heard opera at middle school in Lexing- . ll attack the postal system or
V Wendover, the FNS headquarters, be- ton. Family obligations ‘ use it to defraud, endanger
cause the British nurses would play took her to Alabama, or threaten the public. For-
their records. "It was almost like a cul- where she landed a job ‘ . rensic scientists and tech-
tural enclave dropped in the middle of as a science and chemis- . nical specialists assist
southeastern Kentucky. My mother try teacher. But money postal inspectors by ana-
would make cakes and take them up to was tight and Whitcomb l lyzing material to identify
tea and there would be people from all learned she could earn T , , ., and trace suspects. They
over the world there. They would talk more working nearby for       also provide expert testi-
about the most marvelous adventures the Alabama Department   'l‘H1"l‘ mony if a case goes to z
of travel and fighting disease around of Toxicology and Crum- I ` ` trial. 2;
the world. It just opened my mind. nal Investigation. She ap- I   {LJ. Collecting evidence §°
"Tea at four, sherry at five, and din- plied for the job and was   properly is very important, §
ner at six," said Whitcomb. "Very British hired, she believes, be- :` ` l` 1 I ` Whitcomb said. It must be Q
. . . a little silver bell would ring and cause of her familiarity I     I collected so that it is not §
then servers would bring in the new with the equi ment being a w ¤ a contaminated, is labeled §
biscuits. It was a British enclave in used in the Aetbama lab.     properly, and there must (
Leslie County." "The instruments they AS j.\   be a proper chain of cus- jg
Whitcomb remembers overhearin a were usin for blood al- 1 r y tod . .
conversation between two women tzlglk— cohol andgdrug analysis     l‘T()I Illots of photographs l
ing about flying airplanes when she in the toxicology section 11}  J]  are taken at the scene of
was a junior courier. “Two women! of the laboratory were , ` T 1 , a crime because one must l:
They talked about flying in here (Ken- the same instruments I ll•‘Tll)l$h(#ll• be able to extrapolate
tucky) and flying in Africa. This stuck in had used at UK in the back to where each piece c
my mind that women can fly airplanes," chemistry laboratory. And of evidence was found. s
said Whitcomb. no doubt, it was my familiarity of the Once the evidence is collected, c
Later, while living in Washington, instruments that put me ahead of other bagged, tagged, and properly stored, tl
D.C., Whitcomb obtained her own applicants," said Whitcomb. it`s sent to the laboratory. tl
pilot’s license. Whitcomb started on the ground “Forensic means debate," said tl
_ floor in that Alabama forensic science Whitcomb. "And forensic science is v
G¢¤1¤g Started laboratory. Several family moves put debate of science in the arena of the s
Ar   \x/hitcoulb l·nujOl·€d in ZOOlOgyy her   Washington,   where she Ob' COl.lI`t.ll
mmowd in Chclmsuyy and Obtained her tained a masterls degree in forensic sci- Whitcomb agreed that the OJ. F
Su-Omlmy School [Caching Cemficmg ence in 1976 at George Washington Simpson trial might have served as a c
Blu ghc byigfly     [hg idga Of UHlV€YSlty. pI`lYI'l€I` fOI` how HO! to collect €Vld€1'IC€. C
becoming a ljanjo pgayerldurinlg her Exmnining Evidence for the gglfggggghcitlqqgg  gyiieg/ltraégglgylg uu L
junior year w ren a nent taug t · · » ·
Whitcomb how to play a song learned U.S. Postal  ctlon Service has leellY helped ellme labs le gel F
from the legendary _].D.Crowe. On gee   lgelldhlled bY §ll;U‘S‘ l’OS*¤l llmdlllg fel lmPYeVeme¤l$·” le
lhursday nights, Whitcomb and friends felvlee S hea _ellmllelS_ 3 ggillely Zia Mail Bombs
would congregate at a Lexington estab- Olellslc e emlsl eSSOelHle‘ llleem , _ U
Iishment to hear Crowe play. One night Welkeel her Way up lhleuglllhe lilllks ll? nm unusual for Cllme labs le Wolk e
  let her any ··eappre creeier on Of the POS?] 1¤Sr>€<>¤¤¤ Semce [O be- with sash Om _¤¤¤* Whlmmb WOM C
his banjo in the back room. She did eeme the fllsl female Cllleelel Of the Wllh the FBI elullllg the early days Ol S
pretty well until she realized she didn`t lleflelqllzlllels l2lbO_mlOly‘ eaten when what Some mlghl Cemsldel the mest fa- ll
renew irew re end are piece. After that, the POM l“$P€C“F’“ Semce l·ll?°“i‘l°" llllllls lllllll belllll me lll le°elll.lllSl°lV C
Whitcomb took a fancy to the banjo lles were lllldelgelllg all eeeledllallell _,lh€ Umlbemben She was belllg
and told her mother she wanted to take pleeessr She leekell lhe rele Ol: men` mllned when Olle Ol the lllsl _ I 9
a semester off and be an apprentice llgeefelellsle Selvleesr felflve l2lbOllllO` Ullelmmbel devlces Wee Submllled le l
hum,) Picker with Ill). Crowe. 1'l€S QICYOSS the f121[1OIl: CllIC2lgO, New the laboratory fOI` 3U·9·lY$15·· It had been y.
"lvly banjo career lasted about as Yelkr Memphlsr and Sell Flfmelseer Sem llmugh the lllallr S9 ll fell undef ll
time tie rt were mt- mother to inflate her along with the “l"*5hl“=‘€·l°“» Der l“l°· the Pllslfll Selvlfe lllllslllcllell ll was 3
` ' one of two such devices in the lab and
12 KENTUCKY Aturvmus