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  strated concern for students. accounting and business con- The UK Alumni Association ex- Donald E. Wilmhott ’59 of
aj McDowell earned a bachelor's sulting firm since 1998. tends its sympathy to the family Erlanger, luly 9, 1999
` degree from Marillac College, and friends of the deceased. David C. Webb ’61 of Marietta,
a master's from the University Wini Yunker ’98 CS joined the Ga., April 24, 1999
_ of Mississippi, and her doc- Peace Corps at the beginning Anna Colton Thompson ’31 of Jerry M. uoode ’65 of Lexing- `
toral degree from UK. of this year at the age of 65. Fulton, August 7, 1999. Life ton, Iuly 18, 1999
  McDowell has taught at EKU She will teach Ukrainians how Member Ronald A. Erpenbeek ’65 of St.
l since 1979. to run a business in a free- Helva Giles Crum ’33 of Harris- Petersburg, Fla., March 3, 2000
` market democracy. The coun- burg, Pa., November 25, 1999. Ruger W. Perry ’75 of Benton, l
Zhuo Huang ’96 EN is a senior try was a republic of the Thomas M. Cwsley Jr. ’33 of lanuary 6, 2000. Alumni Fellow r
V driver software developer for former Soviet Union until Dublin, Ohio, May 1, 2000. Life Anthony J. Mazzaro Sr. ’8D of ‘
Mimeo.com. Huang is respon- 1991. Member Covington, March 4, 2000 l
sible for the architecture, de- John H. Ewing Jr. ’33 of James H. Cornish of Ft. Myers,  
¤ sign, and implementation of Andrew D. Smith ’99 LAW is an Greensburg, May 9, 2000. Life Fla., November 4, 1999 .
J Exact Print software for the associate with the law firm of Member, Alumni Fellow Laia Hanau of Patterson, N.Y.,
2 internet company. Mimeo.com Sinkler 8 Boyd in Charleston, William H. Donelson ’35 of india- May 31, 2000
l provides business document S.C. He practices in the area napolis, ind., Mareh 9, 2000. Stanley L. Hellard of Lexington,
printing, binding and delivery of worker's compensation. Life Member lanuary 1, 1999
r and has corporate offices in James E. Moore '36 of Venice, A. Graydon Mellrannahan Jr. of
  New York City and Memphis. Assgciatesy Fla., March 6, 2000 Maysville, November 10, 1998.
· Helen Gogswell uieenia ’37 bf Life Member
l Matthew A. Blandford ’96 CIS is Communlty Chatham, N.1., February 2, 2000. Frank B. Roberts of Decatur,
  regional marketing director for Cgllege Alurnnl lélle lvlenanlbear 38 Ga., March 10, 2000.
` Nationwide Financial Services ar es . atton ’ of Louis- Life Member
in Alexandria, Va. He sells in- and Former ville, lune 3, 2000. Alumni Fel- Marjorie B. Stafford of
' K dividual annuity products and Students low Carrollton, May 22, 2000.
r is responsible for sales in William Holster ’38 of Bergen Alumni Fellow ,
· Washington, D.C., Maryland, Donald Mrmtgnmery rs a ner_ County, N.]., March 18, 2000. Charles Sternberg of Lexing- l
and Virginia. Senal llnee rarenerry and eaSu_ Joyce C. Threlkeld 40 of Lexing- ton, May 3, 2000
‘ a alry underwriter Wrrn Kenruelry ton, May 9, 2000 C. K. Wood of Hopkinsville,
l Brad Hebebrand ’97 DIS is the Farrn Bureau lneuranee cern Lyman H. Everly ’42 df Lexing- May 28, 1999
l in-store marketing designer panles ln laeulevllle He also ls ton, March 16, 1999. Life Mem-
l for the Abercrombie SY Fitch On the lsersenal Llnes lslan_ ber, Alumni Fellow l
l Home Office in Columbus, nine Cernrnlrree Ol the Nerrn Elijah Keith ’47 of Greenfield,
  Ohm American Mutual insurance lnd~ March 1712000 1
  Companies, a trade organiza- James w' Tuwlel ,48 Ol SL P9  
  Paul Matthew Blanton ’97 AS rlen repreeenrlne all nnaler tersburg, Fla., March 24, 2000
l recently received a law degree rnurual lnsuranee eemraanles Keller J. Dunn ’49 of Spring Hill,
from Mississippi College in rn Nerrn Annerlea The Fla., May 2, 2000
l Clinton, Miss. Blanton earned eennnrrreee nrrrnan, raek re re Gloria Johnson Thompson ’49 bi
l allc>achelcllr’s degree from UK in nlan anel eraanrze an annual Atlanéa, Ga., April 14, 2000. Life
l P l OSOP Y· conference. Mem El
7 Forest K. Hobson Jr. ’5o of
  Saundra Eftinger ’97 CIS is an Andalusia, Ala., December 23,
  assistant account executive 1999
l with Mehleely Pigott s Fox 0 Edward G. Haramore ’50 OlSé1C·
§ Public Relations in Nashville.       ramento, Calif., March 21, 2000
l Leon V. Pearson ’52 bf Highland
·   Steven Callaghan ’97 AC is with       Heights, September 25, 1999
  the landscaping department of · II ' I William F. Carroll Ill ’57 of
  Tryck Nyman Hayes in Anchor-     . Cedarburg, Wis., December 3,
l age, Alaska. He previously C0[P_ yp #77;.02,.8290 1999
. i worked for the Bureau of Land I Robert F. Meoarthy ’57 of
  Management.   Hendersonville, N.C., May 17,
C ‘ ”"’”°”’” 1999
  Matthew R. Vish ’97 BE is a se- Robert W. Anderson ’59 or
l nior accountant for Hausser Danville, April 12, 1999
  and Taylor in Elyria, Ohio. Michael W. Buiee ’59 of
{ Vish, a CPA, has been with the Carrollton, Ga., November 1,
» 1999
? Kentucky ALUMNUS 43