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Von Allmen Underwrites Gatton College UK Gets $7.5 Million
EHlZI'€pI'€I1€Ufl3l/E-COIHIHEYCG G€Ht€I' to Study AlZl'1€l1'H€1"S Disease
Douglas j. Von Allmen, a 1965 UK _
, graduate with at degree ln aeeonntlngl ·The UK SandersiBrown Center on Aging re-
hes given $700,000 to the Getton . cerved $7.5 mlllron in renewed funding for 1tS
College of Business & Eeononnes and ll   Alzheimers Disease Researeh Center program from
pledged $65 nnlllon to eteete two   at   e.llli to the -Nat1onal Institute on Aging, a division of the
, endowment funds One fund of $5 I e»Ve     National Institutes of I—Iealth. The five-year award l
l mjlllon will benefit the School of     will help   to remain among the leaders in I
l Aeeountdnevl The second fund of $2   V Alzheimers disease research. I
I million will establish and support the Y P
I Center for Entrepreneurship and E-  
  Commerce. The gift is contingent on
Z the University receiving matching Dgugfgg t/On Aymgn
  funds. Von Allmen is chairman of
I Group One Capital, a venture capital business. "\X/hen I  
I went to UK, I got a lot of help in grants and other things. To F['()m [hg   Of Dgvglopmgm
I a very great extent, the life we enjoy now is a direct result of ;——-—- ———
 t that education," said Von Allmen. “You can’t imagine the joy
it gives me to do this. The University is still giving me more
‘ than I give them." l l
  I I ,
I n impressive challenge in any setting, A Call To ships, research initiative, undergraduate scholarships and
· A Greatness is the theme of the University’s first-ever graduate fellowships, the library and athletics, as well as
comprehensive fund-raising campaign that is being funds for new and renovated facilities.
I formally announced in September 2000. The to—be-an- Below are highlights of the just-concluded fiscal year.
nounced campaign goal is expected to be the largest ever , Annual support eohtjhues to grow at a record
in the history Of the COIT1H101'1W€21lIl`1. 'As Of_lUH€ 30, the paCc_ FOI- the ygay gndjngjune 50, 2000, the
campaign had amassed $275,709,95l in gifts and pledges. University received gifts totaling $48564,365,
It mes fm m1d·1997 thmugh June 2005 an increase of one percent over the previous
Alumni and friends of UK from around the country are veee The nmhber of donors totaled 43,000,
mobilizing to support the campaign with contributions of which included 24,613 almhhi dohoI.s_
their time and resources. Volunteer committees are adding , The UK Fellows Soeietv continues to be one of ,
to the excitement and momentum that drives a comprehen- UK»s greet sueeess stories There are now some
sive campaign. james W. Stuckert, a UK alumnus who is 4,860 individuals, organizations, eorpomtiohs
chairman and CEO of ].].B. Hilliard, WL. Lyons in Louis- and foundations recognized as UK Fellows A
ville, chairs the capital campaigns volunteer national steer- Individuals are recognized for gifts of $10,000
ing committee. The campaign is seen as a required first and above, and recognition for deferred gifts,
step in achieving status as a top-20 public university. organizations, eorpomtions and foundations
A vital component of the fund—raising effort is the state`s begins at $50,000
I Research Challenge Trust Fund, which matches gifts and , The UK Phohathon program had its most sue_
pledges that enhance research. In less than a year, UK do- eessftd veal. ever with 19,250 donors giving
nors, alumni and others, answered the challenge by giving $925,000 when contacted bv student eauels
and pledging $66.7 million, which when matched will in-
erease the UK endewmem by $154 mdhed Newt the State The success of the past fiscal year is the result of over-
has adthedzed a Seeded Ren: that is again Seeding UK whelming support from the University’s loyal advocates and
Sdppeders td aedee te match aeedaer $667 mdlied donors. Such continued support will help enable UK to
In addiden te mefeased funding fer endowed Chairs and reach its ambitious but attainable campaign goal. Together,
professorships, the campaign will provide funds for aca- We ate answering the Cell to greatness
demic program and public service enhancements, lecture-