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.._.. __( W 5,,“




Who is Who on Convention Program

Dr. I. Rupert Picott
Richmond. Virginia

Dr. Sadie M. Yancey is a native of Lex-
ington, Kentucky. She received the AB.
degree, summa cum laude, from Kentucky
State College, the M.E. from the University
of Cincinnati, and the Ph.D. from Cornell
University where, as a result of scholastic
attainment, she was elected to member-
ship in Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society. She
is also a Rosenwald Fellow.

Prior to her present appointment as
Dean of Women at Howard University,
Washington, D. C,, she had experience in
the secretarial field, taught at the Dunbar
High School, Lexington, Kentucky, and
served as Dean of Women and then Dean
of Students at Florida A. and M. Univer-
sit .

Dr. Yancey is a member of many civic,
cultural, and professional organizations.

She will address a joint meeting of all
college and secondary teachers on Thurs-
day afternoon at 2:30 p.m. in the auditor—
ium, She will speak on the theme of our
Convention, "Education for lob Place-

Dr. I. Rupert Picott, a native Virginian,
received his educational training at Vir-
ginia Union University (BS. and D.Pd.
degrees) and Hampton Institute in Vir-
ginia; Temple University (M.Ed. degree),
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; New York
University, New York City; and Harvard
University, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Since 1944 Dr. Picott has been executive
secretary of the Virginia Teachers Asso-
ciation, Richmond, and editor of the Asso—
ciation's publications. He has served as a
high school teacher, a college teacher,
and on the staff of two newspapers.

National and State offices held include
Vice President, National Education Asso-
ciation of the United States; NBA repres-
entative, NEA-ATA Joint Committee; East-

ern Vice President of Alpha Phi Alpha
Fraternity, and many other offices.

Dr. Picott will keynote the convention
when he speaks Wednesday, April 13 at
the General Session on the subject:
"Horizons for the Abundant Life."

Dr. Sadie M. Yancey
Washington, D. C.













Who is Who on Convention Program

Dr. Margaret lust Butcher received a
PhD. from Boston University in 1947. She
has been the recipient of many academic

distinctions, including that of being the
only woman in a group of eleven design-
ated by the State Department to serve as
a Fulbright lecturer in France, 1949-50. Dr.
Butcher is a member of the American
Association of Women; American Associa-
tion of University Professors,- National
Council of Negro Women; Alpha Kappa
Sorority and other professional and civic

At present Dr. Butcher is an associate
professor of English at Howard University
and a member of the Board of Education,
Washington, D. C.

She is a noted author and lecturer and
will be the main speaker on the Thursday
evening General Session.


Dr. William G. Carr
Washington, D. C.

Dr. Margaret Iust Butcher
Washington. D. C.

William G. Carr, executive secretary of
the National Education Association, took
office August 1, 1952. Dr. Carr joined the
NEA headquarters staff in 1929. Previously
he was director of research in the Calif—
ornia Teachers Association. From 1931 he
was director of the NEA Research Division
until 1940 when he was appointed asso-
ciate secretary of NBA. From 1936 to 1951
Dr. Carr served as secretary of the Educa—
tional Policies Commission.

Drt Carr received his A.B. degree from
Stanford University in 1924, a master's
degree in 1926, and his PhD. in 1929. He
was awarded the L.L.D. degree‘ honoris
causa, by Miami University in 1953, and
the LHD. degree, honoris causa, by Col-
umbia University in 1954.

Dr. Carr will address the Second Gen-
eral Session on Thursday morning, April
14, 1955, at the school auditorium at 9:45














Who is Who on Convention Program

Dr. Margaret Meade
Chicago. Illinois

Mr. Russell W. Switzer is a graduate of
Cleveland School of Music, Western Re-
serve University (B.S. degree) and Michi-
gan State College (M.M. degree). He has
had twenty years experience teaching
piano and band instruments privately. He
has also served as church organist, choir
director and Minister of Music and has
had twelve years of teaching experience.

Mr. Switzer has been very active in
many professional groups. Among many,
he has served as past-president of the
Michigan School Vocal Association, EX—
ecutive Secretary of that organization, and
also editor of the M.S.V.A. Iournal.

For the past ten years he has been
Music Consultant for Silver—Burdett con-

ducting workshops for teachers, lecturing
to college and university classes, and
putting on demonstrations with children.
Mr. Switzer will be the consultant for the
pr0gram ot the Music Department that
Will be held at 8:30 am. Friday, April 15,
in the auditorium of Central High School.

Dr. Margaret Meade, noted anthropol-
ogist is internationally known as a student
of primitive and contemporary cultures.

She is a graduate of Barnard College
and received her MA. and PhD. degrees
from Columbia University. She holds
honorary D.Sc. and LL.D. degrees from
Wilson College, Rutgers University, and
Elmira College. She is recipient of the

National Achievement Award, Women
Geographers Medal, and the Avon

Dr. Meade is recognized as a specialist
in education and culture and is the author
of many scientific papers. She has served
as visiting lecturer at leading universities

in the country as well as for the O.W.I. in
Great Britain and for UNESCO Workshop
for International Understanding in Sevres,
France. She holds membership in numer-
ous scientific associations.

Dr. Meade will address the Friday after-
noon General Session at 2:30 p.m. on the
subject: “Rearing Children for Change."


Russell W. Switzer












Who is Who on Convention Program


Dr. E. T. Buford
(Principal. High Street High School

Bowling Green, Kentucky

Dr. R. P. Elser

Dr. R. P. Elser, State Consultant of Speech
and Hearing Service in the Department of
Education at Nashville, Tennessee, will be
the guest speaker of the Elementary Depart—
ment of the K.T.A., Thursday, April 14, 1955,
at 2:30 pm. in the Central High School Build-
ing. Mrs. Catherine Taylor, Speech Therapist
will preside at this departmental meeting.

He is also to serve as the consultant on
Wednesday, April 13, 1955, at an all—day
special education teacher work shop. The
theme of the workshop will be “Class Place-
ment For Children.” Miss Mary May Wyman,
Supervisor of Safety and Special Education
in the Louisville Public Schools, is the spon-
sor of this workshop.



Louisville, Kentucky

1207 West Chestnut Street

One of the most modern schools in
Kentucky has been recently erected in
Bowling Green, Kentucky, to mainly serve
the Negro youth of that city. Dr. Buford
is the very progressive principal of this

Dr. Buford received his AB. from Fisk
University, did graduate Work at North
Western and received his MS. from Indi-
ana University. After becoming interested
in the ministry and being assigned as a
pastor in the AME. church at Wilberforce
University, conferred upon him was the
L.L.D. degree.

Dr. Buford has served as president of
the third district teachers' association,
chairman of the Principals' conference of
the K,N.E.A., chairman of the High School
Department of the K.N.E.A., director of the
K.N.E.A. and vice—president of the K.N.E.A.
Dr. Buford is now a candidate for the
presidency of the K.T.A. at the 1955 con-
vention. His record indicates that he has
been a loyal worker in our Teachers Asso-
ciation for more than twenty years, that he
is highly qualified to give the necessary
guidance needed by the K.T.A. during
these years when problems of moment are
facing the organization.

Teachers” Confidential

$50 to $300

On your signature only
Repay in small monthly payments
Details free — write today


Dept. 17 Brundidge, Ala.

Wa. 1021










The K.T.A. Officers for 1954-55

Resident, A. R. Lasley, Hopkinsville, Ky».
lst Vice—President, Theda Van Lowe, Lexington, Ky.
2nd Vice—President, William Wood, Harlan, Ky.

A. R. Lasley, President, Hopkinsville, Ky.

H. C. Mathis, Drakesboro, Ky. *E. W. Whiteside, Paducah, Ky.
j. A. Carroll, Lincoln Ridge, Ky. *C. B. Nuckolls, Ashland, Ky.
Atwood S. Wilson Consultant and Associate Editor of K. T. A. Iournal

=“Terms expire 1955. Both will be candidates for re—election.
Secretary—Treasurer, Anita W. Robinson, Louisville, Ky.
Assistant Secretary, Robert S. Lawery, Louisville, Ky.
Historian, Alice D. Samuels, Frankfort, Ky.

Departmental and Conference Chairmen Room Page
Agriculture Teachers, P. I. Manley, Frankfort ________________________________ 201 15
Art Teachers, Mrs. Anna L. Huddleson, Louisville ____________________________ 333 14
Business Education Teachers, Alfred W. Eason, Frankfort ____________________ 304 15
English Teachers, Miss Alice Samuels, Frankfort as. _________________________ 20G 15
fbreign Language Teachers, A. I. Richards, Frankfort ________________________ 340 15
Future Teachers of America, Hoyt Harper, Frankfort _________________________ 323 15
Guidance Workers, Mrs. Lucille Mandry, Louisville ___________________________ 230 12
Home Economics Teachers, Mrs. Ada P. Hodges _____________________________ 105 17
Intermediate Teachers, Mrs. M. R. Morris, Louisville __________________________ 322 14
Librarians, Iames O'Rourke, Frankfort _______________________________________ 318 16
Mathematics Teachers, A. 1. Ramsey, Louisville _____________________________ 205 17
Music Teachers, R. Lillian Carpenter, Louisville _____________________________ 135 10
Physical Education Teachers, W. L. Kean, Louisville _________________________ 203 18
Primary Teachers, Mrs. A. E. Bertram, Louisville _____________________________ 320 14
*Principals, Mrs. Agnes Duncan, Buechel ___________________________________ 135 13
Rural School Teachers, Mrs. E. B. Bennett, Louisville _________________________ 212 17
Science Teachers, Iames Washington, Lincoln Ridge ________________________ 204 17
Teachers of Exceptional Children, Mrs. Katherine E. Taylor, Louisville ssssssss 202 16
Vocational Educational Teachers, M. W. Taylor, Paducah ___________________ 128 12

*Luncheon Meeting at Central High School Cafeteria, Friday, April 15, Noon


First, Prof, H, S. Osborne, Princeton Second, Mr. H, E. Goodloe, Madisonville
Third, F, B. Simpson, Elkton Fourth, Mr. I. V. Robinson, Elizabethtown
Fifth, L. I. Harper, Louisville Bluegrass Mrs. Clara W. Taylor, Lexington

Sixth, Mrs. Emma I. Oglesby, Covington Upper Cumberland, Mrs. Geneva T. Coleman, Lynch
Eastern, G. V. Curry, lenkins


1- Legislative: Pres. R. B. Atwood, Frankfort, Room 102

2. Resolutions: Prof. H. E. Goodloe, Owensboro, Room 103

3- Vocational Education: Prof. M. W. Taylor, Paducah, Room 104

4- Rural School Problems: Mrs. Mayme Morris, Louisville, Room 105
(5- Scholarship Loan: Prof. H. S. Osborne, Middlesboro, Room 201

5. Social Security: Prof. I. A. Bishop, Louisville, Room 202

7. Research: Dr. G. D. Wilson, Frankfort, Room 139

84 Necrology: Prof. G. V. Curry, Ienkins, Room 140

1:. Nominating: Prof. L. I. Harper, Louisville, Room 137

Professional Standards: Pres. W. M. Young, Lincoln Ridge, Room 203
(To meet Wednesday, April 13, 1955, at 7:00 PM. in Central High School Building)











10:00 AM.
2:00 P. M.

3:00 P. M.

7:00 P. M.

8:00 P. M.

9:00 AM.

11:00 AM.
12:00 Noon

1:45 P. M.
2:30 P. M.

6:00 P. M.
71:00 P. M.

8:15 P. M.

10:00 P. M.

Louisville, Kentucky, April 13, 14, and 15, 1955
Central High School, 1130 West Chestnut Street

CENTRAL THEME: ”Education for lob Placement"

Wednesday April 13. 1955

Teacher Registration and Setting up Exhibits

1. Principals' Department — Mrs. Agnes Duncan, Chairman ——
Room 230

2. Art Department—Mrs. Anna Huddleston, Chairman—Room 33:3

All City Musicale — Miss R. Lillian Carpenter, Assistant Super-
visor ot Music in the Louisville Public Schools (C. H. S.

l. K.T.A. Committees meet in assigned rooms (C. H. S. Bldg.)

2. Band Concert (Central High School Auditorium)

First General Session of the K.T.A. (Central High School Audi-

1. Welcome Address and Response

2. Secretary's Annual Report

3. Address: Dr. I. Rupert Picott, Richmond, Virginia

4. Convention Announcements

Thursday. April 14. 1955

Second General Session of K. T. A. (Central High School Audi-

1. Necrology Report and Memorial Services

2. Address: William Carr, Executive Secretary of N. E. A.

3. Report of the Nominating Committee, L. I. Harper, Chairman

4. Panel Discussion: "The Kentucky Teacher and Integration"

Inspection of Commercial Exhibits

Meeting of District Presidents, Local Association Presidents and
interested persons with Mrs. Arline Allen in Teachers’ Cafe- u
teria, Room 215 1

Special Business Session of K.T.A. (C.H.‘S. Auditorium)

Departmental Sessions of K.T.A. in rooms at Central High School

1. High School and College (Followed by Group Conferences) ‘

2. Elementary (Followed by Teacher Conferences) 1

Picture Story of W K. V. T. S. (C. H. S. Auditorium) ‘

One- hour Musicale, Kentucky School for Blind Band and Lincoln
High School Band, Paducah, Kentucky

Third General Session of the K.T.A. (Central High School Audi- 1
torium) 1

1. President's Annual Address a

2. Address: Dr. Margaret I. Butcher, Washington, D. C. t

3. Awards and Citations, Mr. C. B. Nuckolls, Ashland

Annual Reception for Kentucky Teachers and their Friends in
High School Cafeteria, Room 215






in 33g

H. S.



5 and
Cafe- 1

ces) ‘

.incoln i




'ldS in

8:00 AM.
8:30 AM.

Friday, April 15. 1955

Annual Election of Officers (8:00 AM. to 4:00 P.M.—Room 140)
Music Department Session—Miss R. L. Carpenter, Chairman


11:00 AM. Business Sessions of KTA Departments and Teacher Conferences
Election of Officers and Reports
12:15 P. M. Principals' Luncheon Meeting (Central High School Cafeteria)
1:00 P. M. Picture Story of W.K.V.T.S. (CI-IS. Auditorium)
2:00 PM. Fourth General Session of K. T. A. (Central High School Audi-
torium .
1. Booker T. Washington Orchestra, Ashland, Kentucky
2. Address: Dr. Margaret Meade, Chicago, Illinois
3:30 P. M. Business Session of K.T.A. Report of Resolutions, Legislative and
other committees
6:30 P. M. Board of Directors Meeting, Room 140
8:15 P. M. 25th Annual Musicale, Central High School Auditorium
10:30 P. M. Adjournment of Convention




Wednesday. April 13, 1955 —- 7:00 P.M.
Band Concert
1. ‘Madison Jr. High School, Louisville
2. Iackson Ir. High School, Louisville

8:00 P.M.

Seated on the rostrum: Past Presidents, Past Secretaries, Officers, and
Departmental Chairmen

Presiding: President A. R. Lasley, Hopkinsville, Ky.

National Anthem _________________________ Mrs. Mary E. Smith at the organ
MUSiC — ”This Is My Country" _________________________________ Tom Scott
”Night Sounds" ____________________________ Frances McCollin
"In Spring" — Swabian Folk Tune _____________ Arr. by Leavitt
Elementary Chorus — James Bond School, Mrs. Billy Daniel,

Invocation __________________________________ Rev. Homer E. Nutter, Pastor,
First Baptist Church, Lexington, Ky.
Welcome Address _____________________________________ Mrs. Viola Baker,
Du Valle Ir. High School, Louisville, Ky.
RESponse to Welcome ________________________________ Mrs. Pearl P. Arnett,
Rosenwald High School, Madisonville, Ky.
Secretary—Treasurer's Annual Report _____________ Mrs. Anita W. Robinson,
Louisville, Ky.

MUSiC —— "The Hammock" — Folk Song _____________ Arr. by Gladys Pitcher
“Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child" —— Spiritual
________________________________ Arr. by Wayne Howorth
Girl’s Glee Club — Madison Iunior High School, Mrs. Wilma
Streat, Director













Address — “Horizons for the Abundant Life" ____________ Dr. I. Rupert Picott,

Virginia Teachers Association,
Introduced by President R. B. Atwood, Frankfort, Ky.

Benediction __________________________________ Rev. Horace Green, Pastor,
Iones Temple, Louisville, Ky.
Thursday, April 14. 1955 ——- 9:00 A.M.
Organ Music _______________________________ Mrs. Mary E. Smith, Organist,

Plymouth Congregational Church
Presiding: Mr. William Wood, Second Vice—President
Invocation _______________________________________ Rev. Wm. Byrd,,Pastor,

Grace Presbyterian Church, Louisville, Ky.
Report of Necrology Committee

In Memorium — Deceased Members of the K.T.A., Service conducted by Prof.
G. V. Curry, Chairman
Music — “The F orty—Second Psalm" — French Chant ____ Elementary Chorus
Douglas School — Mrs. Ella Marie I-Iinnant and Mrs. Alberta
Overall, Instructors
Address _________________________ Dr. William G. Carr, Executive Secretary,

National Educational Association
Report of Nominating Committee

Music ~— ”In Spring" — S‘Wabiana Folk Tune _______________ Arr. by Leavitt
Elementary Chorus — Douglas School
Panel Discussion: "The Kentucky Teacher and Integration"
Participants: Mrs. Elizabeth Alexander, Louisville, moderator;
Dr. G. D. Wilson, Chairman of KTA Research Committee,
Frankfort, Ky; Mrs. Margaret W. Dagen, Executive Director,
Kentucky Council on Human Relations, Inc., Louisville; Mr.

James A. Crumlin, State Director, NAACP, Louisville.
Announcements Benediction

Thursday, April 14. 1955 —— 1:30 P.M.
Music ~ Audience Singing lead by Mrs. Selma Flack, Accompanied by Mrs.

Thelma Hampton, Louisville
Special Reports:
1. Scholarship Loans
2. Research
3. Commission on Professional Standards (see page 5 for Chair-
New Business
Announcements and Adjournment

Thursday, April 14. 1955 —— 7:00 P.M.
Band Concert (One Hour):
1. Kentucky School for the Blind, Louisville
2. Lincoln High School Band, Paducah, Ky.
8:00 P.M.
Seated on the Rostrum: Board of Directors and Presidents of District and Local
Education Associations of K.T.A.



 icott Presiding: Mrs. Theda Van Lowe, First Vice-President of Kentucky Teachers

ition, Association, Lexington, Ky.
, KY‘ ' National Anthem _________________________ Mrs. Mary E. Smith at the organ
Invocation _________________________________________ Rev. Felix Anderson,
rstor Broadway Temple, Louisville, Ky.
K ’ Music — “To Music” ___________________________________________ Schubert
’ Y' “The Blind Ploughman" ______________________________ Clarke
Mixed Glee Club — Du Valle Junior High School, Miss Alyce
K. Holden, Director
mist, President's Address _______________________________ President A. R. Lasley,
lurch Hopkinsville, Ky.
Music e “The Hills of Home” _________________________________ Oscar Fox
[stor, “Cast Thy Burden Upon the Lord" _______________ Mendelssohn
KY- “Goodnight” ' ________________________________________ Norlin
I Mixed ChorusfiNewburg Junior High School, Mrs. Elizabeth
Prof. Buford, Director
Address ___________________________________________ Dr. Margaret Butcher,
LOI‘US ’* Washington, D. C.
Jerta Introduced by Mrs. Hazel R. Bolan, Louisville, Ky.
Solo —~ “Has Anybody Here Seen My Jesus” ______________ Charles Mamaey
tary, Mrs. Helen Smith, Louisville, Ky.
I‘llOI’l Award of Lincoln Institute Key ______________________ Mr. I. Mansir Tydings,
Lincoln Ridge, Ky.
avitt Citations — Dr. Sadie M. Yancey, Pres. R. B. Atwood, Pres. C. L.
Timberlake, Pres. Whitney M. Young, PrOf. W. L. Shobe, Rev.
Felix Anderson
Benediction ____________________________________________ Prof E. T. Buford,
ator; State St. School, Bowling Green, Ky.
lttee, Reception for Teachers and friends in C H. S. Cafeteria
Friday. April 15. 1955 — 2:00 P.M.
Band Concert — Booker T. Washington School, Ashland, Mrs. Thora Louise
Cooksey, Director
2:30 P.M. 1
ljmsiding: A. R. Lasley, President, Hopkinsville t
Mrs. Invocation _____________________________________________ Dr. I. V. Bottoms, 3
.2 Simmons University, Louisville, Ky.
Music — “Island of My Desire" —— Philippino Folk Tune
”In Spring" — Swabain Folk Tune
”The Dance" — Mexican Folk Tune
hGiT' Sixth Grade Chorus —- Booker T. Washington School, Wiley
‘ B. Daniel, Director
Address ____________________________________________ Dr. Margaret Mead,

Chicago, Ill.
Introduced by Mr. Robert S. Lowery, Ass’t. Secretary K.T.A.
Special Reports:

1. Resolutions Committee

2. Legislative Committee

3. Departmental

4. Other Committees

(See Page 5 for Committee Chairmen)
.ocal Convention Business Benediction













Friday, April 15, 1955 —— 7:45 P.M.
Central High School — Auditorium

R. Lillian Carpenter, Mistress of Ceremonies


7:30 P.M.

Half-Hour Band Concert ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Central High School Band. Louisville
E. Allen White, Director (See Page II tor Program)

8:00 P.M.

The National Anthem


Selections —-

"Sanctus" ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Gounod

”There is A Balm ln Gilead" _ ,, Dawson

"Some Enchanted Evening" ______________________________________ Rogers and Hammerstein

Chorus - Lincoln Institute —- Mrs. Ann Fitzgerald, Director
"Hungarian Dance" ___________ , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ________________________________ Haesche
Iran Acton. Violinist; Genevieve Moss‘ Accompanist

Solo _____________________________________________ Juanita Hinds. Mezzo Soprano; Patricia McMillan. Accompanlfi

University of Louisville School of Music

"Rhapsody in Blue" ______________________________________________________________________ Gershwin for two pianos

Mrs. Mary Eliza Smith and William R. King, Pianists, Central High School

”I Waited For The Lord" Mendelssohn

The De Nalles, Mary F. Perry, Soloist

"Yonder! Yonder!" ________________________________________________________________ Folk Melody -— Arr. by- Gaines
The Special ChorusI Annette Oir’utt, Soloist; Jean CooperI Accompanist
Central High School — Mrs. Nannie B. Crumel Director
“America‘s Finest Arts" ____________________________________________________________________________ J. S. Jamecnlll
"Lustspeil Overture“ ___________________________________________________________ Reler — Bela Arr. by Laurendea"
Band — Kentucky School for the Blind, Otis EadesI Director

Dance Ensemble —

Song of Myself _____________________________________________________________ Choreography
Based on the poem "Song of Myselt" —— by Walt Whitman
Dancers —- Myrtle Haggins, Anna Mabson, Joan Lewis, Clara Cole
Suite of Spirituals ___________________________________________________________________________________ Interpretation
"Everytime I Feel the Spirit"
"Deep River”

Kentucky State College. Dance EnsembleI Winifred A. Jenkins, Director




Selections —
"Death. I Do Not Fear Thee" ,,,,,,,,,,, . _______ Bach
"0 Praise Ye God In The Heavens" ___________________________________________ Tchaikoosky
"O Occhi Manza Mia" (0 Eyes of My Beloved) _________ Lasso
"I've Been Buked" ___________________________________ _ Arr. by Hall Johnson
"Sinner, Please Don't Let This Harvest Pass" _________________________________ Arr. Montague
Kentucky State College Concert Choir, Richard L. James, Director



. .4.»









. (I)


Music Department

Central High School Auditorium
Wednesday, April 13, 1955
R. Lillian Carpenter, Chairman

Pupils of the following teachers will
participate: Mrs. Selma Flack, Mrs. Goldie
Hyatt, Miss Elizabeth Minnis, Miss Emma
Minnis, Mrs. Harrietta Roberts, and Mrs.
Mary Eliza Smith.

(Programs will be distributed at the per-

Band Concerts
Wednesday, April 13, 1955 —— 7:00 P.M.
One Half Hour in CBS. Auditorium

”His Honor" —— March _______ H. Fillmore
“Surprise Symphony” —— Hayden — Ex-
cerpts irom the movie “Beebe"
"Rampage oi the Old Gray Mare" — A
Hybrid Skit ________________ K. Stacy
"Sounds of the Hudson"—Trumpet Solo——
H. L. Clarke, Lorenzo Goatley
“Concert Overture in G Minor" Isaac and
“Sunset Silhouettes" _________ C. lohnson
Madison Iunior High School, Mr. Russell
Crider, Director

7:30 PM.

One Half Hour Band Concert
C.H.S. Auditorium

”Come Sweet Death" _____________ Bach

"Magnus Overture" _____________ Mesang

”Anchors Aweigh" ,,,,,,,,, Angel Yoder

"Fuggetto" ______________________ Stainer

uOur Director” __________________ BagIeY

Iackson Iunior High School, E. Alan White,

Thursday, April 14, 1955 — 7:30 PM.
Band Concert in C.H.S. Auditorium

Selections, Band Concert
in C. H. S. Auditorium


“Pomp and Circumstances” — March
_______________________________ Elgar
"Coronation" — March from uAida"
____ Verdi
“Theme from Finlandia” ________ Sibelins

"The Lovliest Night of the Year" -— From
the Picture “The Great Caruso"


“Because” ______________ d’Hardelot-Lake
"I Believe”

"The Lord's Prayer” ____________ Malotte
“Barcarolle” — From "Tales of Hoffman"
Hungarian Dance" No. 5 ________ Brahms

Lincoln High School, Paducah, Ky, L. I.
Milligen, Director

Friday, April 15, 1955 — 8:30 A.M.
Central High School Auditorium

Workshop —- Music Education
Miss R. Lillian Carpenter, Chairman
Mr. L. A. Diggs, Co-Chairman

Russell Switzer, Silver Burdett Company,
Chicago, Ill., Consultant

Demonstrations in Sightreading

Second. Grade — Mrs. Evelyn L. Beard‘s
class, Booker T. Washington School

Fourth Grade — Mrs. Carrie Evans’ class,
S. C. Taylor School, Mr. Switzer

Demonstration: The use of Rhythm Instru-
ments—Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Grades,
Mrs. Mary E. Henderson, Highland
Park School

Demonstrations: In Sightreading — Fifth
Grade, Mrs. Ethel Lancaster's class,
W. H. Perry, Sr. Elementary School—-
Mr. Switzer

Evaluation —— Mr. Switzer

Planning Committee -— Mrs. Marianne
Scott, Chairman; Mrs. Edwina Mc-
Farland, Recorder; Mrs. Elizabeth
Hicks, Mrs. Ruth Davis, Mrs. Beatrice
Webster and Mrs. Evelyn Beard.

Directors of bands are invited to a meet-
ing in Room 328, Band Room at 10:00

Friday, April 15, 1955 —- 7:30 PM.

Band Concert in C.H.S. Auditorium
Prelude to 25th Annual Musicale


nCome Sweet Death" ____________ Bach
“Overture 1812” _________ Tschaikowsky
“Concerto for Clarinet" Third Movement

_________________________ Von Weber
"Die Fledermaus" _____________ Strauss
“Concerto for Trumpet" — First Move-

ment ________________________ Haydn
"Second Symphony" __________ Borodin

Central High School, Louisville, Ky., E.
Alan White, Director










Guidance Workers

Room 230 — Central High School
Wednesday, April 13, 1955

(Vocational Teachers are to meet with the
Guidance Workers)

9:00-9:30 A.M. — Welcome remarks by
chairman, Mrs. Lucille Madry, Louis-
ville, Guidance Worker, Mr. Melvin
Taylor, Paducah, Vocational Teachers.
Coffee Period — Room 108 — Central
High School.

10:00 AM. — Tour of International Harv-
ester Company. A special program of
the Company has been arranged in—
cluding lunch as a courtesy of the
Company. Buses will be on hand at
Twelfth and Chestnut Streets for this
trip. Those who go should pay 70c in
advance and register with Mrs. Lucille
Madry by April 8, 1955.

3:30 PM. —— Evaluation of Trip—Room 128
—Central High School
Mr. Charles Steele, Louisville Urban
League; Mr. Ben X. Freeman, Louis-
ville Board of Education; Mr. Iames E.
Hayes, Central High School; Mr. Frank
Shauntee, Kentucky State College.
Thursday. April 14. 1955 — 2:30 P.1VI.
Central High School Auditorium

Ioint meeting with other High School de<
partments as announced — Mr. Whit-
ney M. Young, Presiding.

Address: "Education for lob Placement" -——
Dr. Sadie Yancey, Howard University,
Washington, D. C., presented by Mrs.
Lucille Madry.

Group conferences to follow this address
in rooms as designated on page 5.


Thursday, April 14, 1955 — 3:30 P.M.
Room 230 »— Central High School

Mrs. Lucille Madry, Presiding
Panel: Problems and Factors in Preparing
lob Opportunities Among Negro Youth

1. Counseling—Teaching for Job Oppor-
tunities, Dr. Vera Edwards, Cincinnati
Public Schools.

2. Personnel Factors in Employment —-
Mr. Rufus Stout, Personnel Director,
National Carbide Company, Louisville,

3. Community Responsibilities
A. Mr. Iames Wolfe, Educational Di—
rector of American Federation of

B. Dr. Iames Patton, Director of Voca-
tional Education, State Department of
Education, Frankfort, Ky.

4. Opportunities for Job Placement —
Mr. Edward Weyler, Employment Div-
ision of Public Assistance and Eco—
nomic Security

Evaluation and summary of discussion —
Dr. Sadie M. Yancey, Consultant

in Job

Friday, April 15, 1955 — 11 A.M.
Room 132

Guidance Workers Conference ——
Lucille Madry, Presiding
Room 128
Vocational Teachers Conference, Mr. Mel-
vin Taylor, Presiding
Agenda of Both Conferences:

1. Evaluation of the guidance posters
and other teaching material for all in
Room 128.

2. Business and Election of Officers



Peoples Dispensary
12th and Chestnut Sts.

Louisville, Kentucky

Drugs and School Supplies
Opposite the

K.T.A. Convention Comer I






White Printing Company
927 West Chestnut Street

WAbash 6977 Louisville, Ky.















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Louisville 1. Kentucky







Princi als’ De artment

Wednesday, April 13, 1955 — 2:00 P.M.
Room 230

Presiding: Mrs. Agnes G. Duncan, Princi—
pal, Newburg School

Invocation: Prof. E. W. Whiteside, Padu-
cah, Ky.

Discussion: Problems of Integration
Principal Speakers:

Mr. Sam Taylor, Ass’t. Director, Division
of Supervision, State Department of

Rev. Homer Nutter, Pastor of First
Baptist Church, Lexington, Ky.
1. Mr. William Wood, Harlan School,
Harlan, Ky.
2. Mrs. Viola Baker, Duvalle Ir. High
School, Louisville, Ky.
3. Mrs. Katie Wells, LaGrange Training
School, LaGrange, Ky.
4. Mr. Melvin Strong, Durham High
School, Campbellsville, Ky.
5. Mr. Robert Turner, Iames Russell Lo-
well School, Louisville, Ky.
6. Mr. Wendell Whyte, Fee High School,
Maysville, Ky.
Question Period

Recorders: Miss Alice Samuels, Mayo-
Underwood School, Frankfort, Ky.;
Mrs. Carrie Fox. Secretary of Kentucky
Congress of PTA.


Annual Luncheon

Central High School Cafeteria
Room 220 (South End)
Friday, April 15, 1955 — 12:15 P.M.

Presiding: Mrs. Agnes Duncan

Panel Discussion: "Sharing Experiences
and Facilities, Media in Improving
Community Relations."


Mr. Charles H. Woodson, Bardstown
Training School

Mr. H. S. Oshorne, Dotson High School,
Princeton, Ky.

Mr. I. Vernon Coleman, Lynch High

Mrs. Clara W. Taylor, Carver School,
Lexington, Ky.

Echoes from the National Elementary
Principals’ Conference: Mrs. Carrye F.
Smythe, Perry Elementary School, and