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    School of Mechanncal and Electrical Engxncernng _
l flu .lum- 21, 151511, the Heliool ol Klee-hunicul uml lileelricul liugiueering, State sons will be prepared to occupy those positions that will be created by Kentucky ’V‘
[ l’oll¤·g¢· ol' l{•·n1m·k_r. wus orgunizecl lor the purpose ol` giving to the young men of capital.  
  the <-ouulr_r_ uml <·spe<·iull_r ol l{¢·utm·ky, that training fitting them to he designers Aside From this feature of the ease, a school of technology is bound to be of- `l·nt —
Q uml |»ui|·l··rs ol' ull kimls ol` mu<·him·ry, uml prepuriug them to he operators uml su- leetive hy pointing out definitely the real merit of newly developed resources, and   L
  p··riuI··mIents of muuutue-turing pluuls. luter in presenting to new eomyerns the most improved methods ot operation. Much 1
Y it ` Nhurp compmition in l1l|‘(’l12llllt‘ urls has nrs· lIIl‘l`l‘ !ll<‘lll|l|‘$ uml 11l1¢ili‘1‘sla111¢l l°ll<" \‘»'O1`l{iI1g` ol' l1111li‘I'li1lS State This jiigtjtuiioi] is ut ull times eager to tuke up any prolyleiii l00l(i11g‘ l`<)\\‘u1‘Ll  
-l nl, ¤·ons|ri1¢·tion within *;c·i‘y ll:ll'l'<1\\` limits. .·\ lnfry will 0]»1*1‘2ll<* ll (Sl1ll1l1it'X l1121f‘l1iT1L‘ the deyelopuient of the Stuteis l1l(illlSi_l`l(}S. I l)l'(‘tllUl» that i11 ten _\’CHI`% 21 1112111 Wl1O is
V   ·in¤l turn out us mmh work in u iluy us u man. not u grutluate from a teclmicul school will not he able to hold a responsible posi- ‘·
A \\`li··r·· do we look lor the lllillllg el il 111<··l¢»‘1‘f1 111=¤1111l'=1<‘i11¤'lY1Q` [>l¤111l? NW V1 tion us u superintendent ol’ u manufacturing concern. or as u designer of special ma- i i i
  the ui;u·him· epi-i·ul·u·s. hut to the mui·hin¤· huilders und §§`l'¢’$$l\`(‘ States munul'ueturing plunts have come to feel that it is no longer possible to truin a man _
` Q ``i·4   . nl the liuion to pr»u·i·F·» ollu·r iueuus ol. lruiuine their sons to <·urr_r on the 111%111U- in the reul science ol machine huilding without u thorough knowledge of physics, ‘"
?"_·`¥Q l'u4·|iiriiig imIusiri·=s —·» essentiul lo the wellure ol uny nation. chemistry and mutliemutics us u foundation upon whieh to build the theory of ma— "
  'l'h·· h···lmi»ul sl-liuol is m. Ioii_1u·i· uu ·»t,»·i-iuu·ui. lss inlluence uml power has chine design, which iuelmles kinematies——the science ol 1notion—and strength of it
iii ·l»~im·us1i·uii·d rhul u munuul 1ruinin_1;· school is superior in muny res;»c:·ts to that muteriuls, whieh is the science ol the resistance ottered by various materials of all »
__   —Vxsi··nu which uiimwl ut pru¢·iii·¤· ulon·· with lillle l.'i';;`2Il'|l lor llu·oi‘_1.’. kinds of stress, ,  
V '|'h.· in··¤·li;ii1i¤·¤»l' t•»—•l;1_\’ lilills his Iiehl ol us··l‘ulm·ss in the l1:1s¤· Oli li1l111:1i1 il1<'lH#l’1‘_\' lials il"- here u legitimute lield lor truimed niechaiiieal und Oleelifieiil. C1;1gi110€11‘S, :111d OllI` PX-  
  t··Io;u··l the l|il'l‘l1;l]lil' :1 rls lo such un l‘.`(l\’lll llizll El li1l`Q|‘ li<‘l¤l Ul! 1lsf*l'l1l11•“Ss is 011011 perieuee hus been such us lo (‘(>11\`ll1C(] us ot this fact, iiO1‘ 1.1e211'ly all ol? OL11’ g1`f1(l11E1.}£€S is
_j·; l*1 ll1*‘ 11·•‘<‘l1¢111l*’¤1l *‘*1;1°l11¤‘·‘1` W*‘ll l1'¤1l11*’i'_\‘ 4111*l l11'11<‘ll<.‘*~‘ ol llie i11'0l'0¥¥i0H· are compelled to go into other States lor employment. There is no legitimate rea-  
  I V I Y _ A p V V son tor this, itor with the vast resources in tiniher and eoal, Kentucky should be one . .5.gQ
A if M t I M5 ml Hmm ‘\rM°N` ol the foremost of manulueturing States. We are hopeful und encouraged in our  
  ll hus heen z···_gr·¤·th-el lhul most. ol our grunluutes huve been sont to the Rust and luhor of technical education, for we know the day must come when there will be 21  
syl North, hut us the l'f'S¢||ll'(’t‘i ol the Slate ure developed, and as the munufucturing large demund for young men thoroughly trained and skilled in the science of nm-~  
  - interests ol the Slate are tuken up more compreliensively, we feel that Kentueky’s ehine design, machine building and machine operation. ,  
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