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··—··*· G R E E El!
30 July — Staff Organization l
picnic (see note). B E A M
NEWSLETTER MO . 137 7/].6/76
David Farrell,Editor Ext.886ll
Library Staff Organization News: U V ‘
First, some good news...
The Library Staff Organization wishes to welcome Alice
Morgan as its new Secretary. Nancy Congleton will leave `
the staff on August 13 and Alice will take over the res-
ponsibilities of Secretary until the next regular election
of officers. The officers would like to thank Trudi Bellardo
and the members of her nominating committee, Gwen Curtis,
Jane Dean, and Mildred Moore, for handling the balloting
so expertly.
...and some bad news... _ ·
Complaints are being made again concerning the recurring
problem of non—existent dishwashers in the MIK North Staff
Room. The Staff Room facilities are our responsibility.
All that is asked is that you please wash, dry, and put
away any dishes that you use. If a glass is simply rinsed
and Kdrip dried" on the counter, it remains there forever.
Unfortunately, some staff members simply leave dirty dishes
in the sink unwashed. It is not and should not be the
responsibility of any one staff member to wash a sinkful
of dirty dishes that have been left by others. PLEASE
. . .and some more good news. . .
Date: Friday, July 30th
Time: 3:00-8:00 pm
Place: Carnahan House (directional map will follow in
the next Green Bean) _
Persons/families who have not signed up are not precluded ’
from attending, but will be asked to bring their own picnic
dinners. _
Thanks to everyone who did sign up; it looks as if we
will have ample food. We would like to ask that those
who signed up for sandwiches to bring a dozen. Please

 A X -2- _ V y  
remember that the Staff orga¤1za¤1¤n will only be providing
drinks and paper cups. All food and other eating utensils
(plates, silverware, napkins) must be provided by individuals.
L Also, please include a serving spoon if the dish you bring
requires one. A
N0 RAIN DATE, so hope for a sunny 3d!
Open Records Law:
A state law dated l9 June requires that records of all
state agencies (including the Libraries) must be open
to public inspection, and copies must be furnished upon
request (and payment of copying fee). The requester must
submit a written application to Mr. Blanton's office;
any questions relating to Library materials should be directed
to Ruth Brown. Although a list of exemptions has not
yet been compiled, it is expected that personal and oral
history files are two certain exemptions.
One More Call for Guide Revision: vi
Larry Greenwood is still entertaining suggestions to improve
the Guide to the University of Kentucky Libraries, which
will appear this fall in a revised format.
Mildred Moore's title has been clarified as an Administrative
Liaison Librarian, working out of the Director's Office
with direct responsibility to John Bryant. Mildred will
perform those duties in special projects as those projects
are identified and continue to offer supervisory assistance
in the branch libraries on a need basis.
Medical Appointments: `
Two promotions were recently announced at the Medical
Center Library: Sara Leech will be Associate Director;
and Janet Stith will be Assistant Director for Planning
and Development.
Another New Library Assistant:
Sharon Smith's name was accidentally left off last week's
list of new library science student assistants working
this summer in Instructional Services. In the fall they
will be working at Reference.
Position open:
LT III Cataloging (Medical). Call Bernadette Badini,
Ext. 35949.