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Did lever think that during my first pregnancy there would be a worldwide pandemic that would knock
countries across the globe to their knees, create shortages of essential items, have people quarantine in
their homes for weeks, or cause severe economic impact on a massive scale? NOPE! This is definitely not
what I expected when I found out that I was pregnant in the Fall on 2019.

Other than some health issues, I expected to have a relatively ”normal” pregnancy. I had some minor
restrictions throughout, but nothing too bad (no lifting anything over 10 lbs, minimal exercise, etc).
Today is a different story. I am required to stay in as much as possible, wear a mask in public at all times,
try not to touch anything in the public without gloves or hand sanitizer, and minimize contact with
people other than those living in my home. When public areas and other colleges began to close for the
remainder ofthe semester, my doctor specifically asked if I would be able to work from home and if not,
she could write a recommendation letter suggesting | work from home as much as possible. Thankfully, I
am able to work remotely from my home.

Currently, I have been in my home forjust over a month now. I am very grateful for this opportunity.
Working from home does have some advantages for a pregnant woman:

1. Wearing yoga/stretchy pants every day

2. All the snacks — as long as I am stocked up

3. Setting the temperature to whatever I want

4. Cats that help me ”work”

5. The commute time is awesome

Bonus: Being able to work from the comfort of home in your last trimester of pregnancy is a huge relief
both physically and mentally.

There are some drawbacks from time to time:

1. Interacting with my regular patrons —working with the public does make me miss them even more
right now

2. The wonderful collection at the Education Library

3. My student workers — I still keep in touch, but it isn’t the same

4. Living with your spouse and working with your spouse are two different things

5. Differentiating between ”work time” and ”home time”

Now that we have been at it for nearly a month, it still feels a little weird, but I have developed a routine
that has helped. Having a regular routine and regular tasks to do, helps me to feel as though I am not
completely alone in this and am making this feel ”normal.” I think I speak for everyone in the UK Library
system when I say this has been a large adjustment period. Going from a physical location to solely
online with very little warning is huge. Yet we have managed to make it work. I am still able to get some
of my primary work done all the while in my stretchy pants. Is this howl planned for the rest of the
semester to go? Again, nope! But here we are and we are doing what we can to make the best of it.

Jeretta Robinson