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Pregnant during the Pandemic — Changes 5/11/2020

A lot has happened in the span ofjust a couple of weeks. We found out that the baby had flipped and
was breech. He was also measuring bigger than average (just over a pound of the average weight). All of
that lead to the discussion of a Cesarean Section. This was not something that we had planned for or
anticipated, especially as we discussed induction from the very beginning. Add that to all of the
restrictions, that lead to a very different outlook for the hospital stay and recovery period.

As we re—prepared for a different hospital experience, we also discovered that my husband will be
allowed to leave our hospital room, just not the hospital itself. That made things a little less stressful,
knowing that he could go to the vending machines and be allowed to go to the car upon discharge time
to get the car seat. Getting ready for a cesarean section is not much different from a normal birth, you
just need a couple of specific items to help with recovery period. But then again, during a pandemic,
everything gets thrown off.

Just as we prepared ourselves for a c-section, he flipped back. Nothing like a baby to keep you on your
toes! So now, we are back to an induction on May 17th. We are spending this week to prepare as much
as possible with last minute home projects, washing every item of clothing possible, making sure that
we have groceries for a least two weeks once we return home, and double-checking our hospital bag
(Nathan still needs to pack deodorant).

Being nine months pregnant does mean that I am limited on the things I am physically able to do. Deep
cleaning ofthe house did not happen. With us still isolating, no one can come to the house to help clean
or help us prepare. My parents are quarantining themselves and will be getting Covid—19 test tomorrow.
If they are negative, then they plan to come up to stay with us for a couple of days before we leave for
the hospital and for a few days once, we return. In any other time, they would be able to come and go
as needed, but now we have to schedule. We have to plan. We have to prepare. We have to test. Once,
they leave, they cannot return without going through the process again. Our pediatrician recommended
a minimum two-week quarantine. The quarantine could possibly be extended if the number of Covid-19
cases goes back up or we stay in a stagnant period with the number of cases staying steady. Which
means an even longer period for everyone to meet our baby.

While it is frustrating for our family, Nathan and I understand what we have to do to keep our son safe.
At this point, we have gotten very good at saying ”No” to people and their request. We had to come to
the decision that our child’s health takes precedent over your feelings. I think that is something every
parent has struggled with during this pandemic. It does not feel great and we do not enjoy being the bad
guys. But there are somethings you just have to say ”no” to, even if you wish you didn’t. Having set
boundaries is a good idea, but it is essential even more so now. | just hope that soon enough, there will
be a time to say ”yes” in the near future. Until that time, we just keep staying inside and promising to
take several pictures for people.

Jeretta Robinson