used per week? 4th. Number of hands and weekly pay roll? 5th. Wholesale prices of nails? 6th. Capital invested? 7th. Dividend per annum ?

Yours respectfully,


To which Mr. Stephens answers, as to the 1st. Fifty tons: 2nd. 1,000 kegs (100 pounds each): 3rd. 3,000 bushels: 4th. 150 hands, and $1,000 pay roll: 5th. average 84 per keg : 6th. $100,000: 7th. 25 per cent.


Gentlemen.   To complete my answer to queries from the Western Journal of Agriculture, Commerce and Manufactures, it is necessary to have information as to the health of Bon Harbor. As you have practised there for years past, I ask the favour of your opinion on the subject.

Very respectfully,

ROBERT TRIPLETT. To Drs. ft. W. Murray and Win. H. Howard..

(Answer.) Owens boro', 1st. January, 1849.

Mr. Triplett.

Dear Sir.   In reply to your note we can state, that from experience, based on our practice at Bon Harbor for a number of years, upon the operatives, we consider it more healthy than any part of the county of Daviss,

As to the future, we think there will be less disease than in times past, judging from the progress of improvements there, in clearing out the timber, building comfortable houses, &c.