vantageous mode both for the economy of grate bars and for that of fuel. If the boilers do not make steam as rapidly as with wood, the obvious expedient is not to increase the depth of the stratum of coal, but to enlarge the area of the grate.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant.


Zwickau, Saxony, July 5, 1849. Mr. William Geuther,

Dear Sir,   As I wish to be certain in regard to the information obtained to-day at the coal mines of Planitz, having a partner interested with me in Kentucky in coal mines there, and having also friends who will be interested in knowing accurately the facts I shall present, I annex queries embracing the information given us to-day by the manager of said mines about two miles from this place, and will be obliged to you to answer them, with an understanding that I may publish your answer, and therefore with a full sense of the importance of being certainly correct.


1st. What quantity of coal is delivered daily from those mines at one shaft ?

2nd. What price is paid for digging it ?

3rd. What additional cost is there for delivering it ?

4th. What is the value of it at the mines ?

5th. How many of such mines are there near Zwickau ?

6 th. Where is the market for this coal ?

7th.   What is land valued at containing this coal?