would cost over 2\ times the above price, say 1500 to   7,500 sterling per English acre.

I know of a number of persons who were at one time poor, but on whose land coal has been found, and who have therefore become very rich, (say) some of them are considered worth a million of thalers, such as Mr. Kastwer, who perhaps owns one hundred German acres.

W. Getjther, von L'lienslern.

As Mr. Triplett seemed very anxious that there should be no mistake as to the correctness of the foregoing information, I took this paper to Mr. v. L'lienslern, to whom Mr. T. had a letter of introduction, but being prevented from calling on the gentleman had not yet seen him, who has been a manager of coal mines, he pronounces the statements correct, and as evidence to it adds his signature to mine. I also submitted the same queries to Mr. Deumel, himself an owner of a coal mine, who also pronounces the statements correct, and added the additional sale of 54,000 thalers in one instance for coal property per German (Saxon) acre, being about 125,000 per English acre.

W. Geuther.

Zwickau, July 6, 1849.


*<77k.99 Ac ?7

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