i Kathleen L. Paulter ’91 is a staff l Theresa E. Siemer ’92, Navy lieu- 1 Peggy Silhanek has been appointed
` accountant for Deloitte 84: Touche in 1 tenant, recently reported for duty at 1 to the position of director of develop-
V Cincinnati.   the Naval Hospital in Newport, R.I. j ment for the _].B. Speed Art Museum
; l She is a nurse.   on the University of Louisville campus.
j Ashley Judd '9'I, the only sibling of     She and her husband, Fred Silhanek
  Wynonnajudd and the youngest child   Jackie Appleby ’92 is executive assis-   ’54, moved back to Kentucky last
J of Naomi, is appearing in the NBC   tant to the executive director of j October from Newjersey.
drama “Sisters" as teenager "Reid,   Multinational Business Services in  
daughter ofAlex." j Washington, D.C., ajoint venture 1 e*rmefmee"*"‘>*a eeeee "“`
. , l which coordinates exports and trade l ASSOCICTB M€n`Ib€I`$
A Christal A. Schrader ’9'I is an associ-   for U.S. and foreign businesses.    ———— -——%
. ate with the Lexington law office of     W.B. Griffin has made a gift of sever-
Q Wyatt, Tarrant Sc Combs. 4 Peter Krug '92 is a field organizer   al music tapes to the UK library. Some
1 j and consultant for political campaigns tapes in this collection include organ
Frank B. Ueltschi '9'I is working in   in California. His current project is j music by Bob Peck at the Imperial
j Underberg, South Africa developing   with the San jose Giants Stadium j House in the 1960s, music from the
1 12,000 acres for a tree farm. Committee, where he has helped raise y Ringling Brothers and Barnum and
j more than $500,000. Bailey Circus, the Antioch Shrine
. Kym M. Voorhees ’9'I isworking in cus-   Circus, the Clyde Beatty — Cole
tomer relations at the]. Peterman Co. in   Craig Vandevelde '92 is teaching Brothers Circus, and the University of
Lexington and plans to attend graduate economics courses to university stu- 1 Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra. In
A school foranMBA in marketing. i dent in the Ukraine for the 1992-93   the past Grifiin has given several gifts
A academic year through Yale Uni-   to UK, including other tapes, and cir-
y Sara Melton ’9'I is an international versity’s Civic Education Project. He g cus and railroad pictures.
i trade specialist with the Department of lives at Donetsk, which is north of the   .
T Commerce’s International Trade Azov Sea in the Donbas region.   James C. MCG¤ry, Lexington gen-
Administration in San Diego. She __; eral agent for the
  counsels small and medium sized com- Brenda Ward ’92 has joined Our   r   Ohio National Life
Q panies on exporting products. Lady of Bellefonte Hospital in    g \\ Insurance Com-
, Ashland as director of social services l  "   pany, was awarded
  Matt O’Brien ’9'I is aresearch associate and discharge planning. Prior to this l N _    the Medal of Hon-
  with the Institute for Defense Analysis’ she was the regional planner of the 1 *   or Award by the
. Technology Identification and Analyses Older American Act Programs for the ·     Kentucky State
  Center in Washington, D.C., where he , FIVCO Area Development District.    i ii Association of Life
  researches non-proliferation, export .   Underwriters. He is a UK Fellow and a
ll controls, and the Department of ‘ i’"i"iT*T'T"’ 'iiiiii WWP ii``   Life Member of the UK Alumni
  Defense’s new acquisitions. FOI"H"I€I` STUd€I`ITS   Association. He has been honored as
  ·—··*X  r’r·’ rr s V ’··’ * **7******* an Outstanding Alumni of Sigma Phi
  Karin Stramqvist ’9'I is "drinks and Darrell L. Christian is managing edi-   Epsilon fraternity, and has continued
, drinkers project manager" for Coca- A tor of the news service for the A his affiliation with UK by teaching
` Cola Nordic Division (which now Associated Press. He had been AP’s 2 chartered life underwriter courses.
, includes the Baltic states and the sports editor for seven years before  
‘ Soviet Union), in Stockholm. this appointment. As sports editor he  
coordinated AP’s coverage of the 1988 .
Lee Tatum '9'I is a marketing repre- and 1992 Winter and Summer I
,, sentative for the Louisville region for Olyunpics. A native of Henderson, he ~
3 Gallo Brothers Winery. began his newspaper career as a sports
lj writer and sports editor on the A
,* D. Drew Pringle '9`I is director of Henderson Gleaner in 1964. He is with
li the total fitness lifestyle program at the Washington D.C. bureau.
; Wright State University in Dayton, I
  Ohio. He also teaches courses in
  health and wellness. I
  Spring 1993 Kentucky Alumnus 27