lumni, UK faculty and UK staff - and those around them. The material   Magazine of Fantasy if Science Fiction,
Amembers are invited to submit 1 is presented in a question-answer for- Aboriginal Science Fiction, and the 1
material for UK Authors, a fea- I mat. (Consulting Psychologist Press, anthologies Final Shadows and Women
ture of the Association’s publications.   Inc. P.O. Box 10096, Palo Alto, CA 1 ofDarkness II. (Berkley/Ace Books, `
Books, magazine articles, plays, poems,   94303-0979. 1-800-624-1765. Book, 1 The Berkley Publishing Group, 200  
recordings and films published within 1 $1512.50 — Teachers Guide, $3.00.) ' Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016.
the past 24 months are among the y , Alien Eyes, $4.99; Alien Blues, $4.50.)
items listed. Please include publisher’s MARKETING PHARMACEUTICAL  
address. Send to the University of SERVICES, PATRON LOYALTY, 1 RIVERSIDE REMEMBERED by Wallace Q
Kentucky Alumni Association, King SATISFACTION, AND PREFERENCES, Briggs, retired professor of theater at .
Alumni House, Lexington, KY 40506- edited by Harry A. Smith ’49 and UK The book, "is a chance to take a ‘
0119. FAX 606-258-1063. Stephen joel Coons, provides data 1 trip to the 1920s when bilious chil-
, from which practicing pharmacists dren were given doses of Calomel, _
LEADERS IN AMERICAN GEO-   can develop a service program de- people traveled across country by I
GRAPHIC EDUCATION by UK geogra— signed for its patrons and marketing train, fishin’ poles were made from  
phy professor P.P. Karan, and Thomas 1 strategies for promoting those ser- i willow branches, and a flawed china A
F. Barton of Indiana University, is the vices. Smith is a professor at UK’s   plate was a treasure that every child `
first of a three-volume study. Based on   College of Pharmacy, and Coons is an 1 coveted." Briggs tells the story of a
a national survey, the book identifies 1 associate professor of pharmacy A young mother and her son who trav-
80 American geographers and their 1 administration at the University of y eled many summers to Mississippi to
contributions to geographic educa- Arizona in Tucson. (Pharmaceutical 1 stay with her parents and her married ¤
tion. The second volume on leaders in 1 Products Press, 10 Alice Street, sister. It is the story of change and
research will be published in 1995, Binghamton, NY 13904-1580. 3549.95, maturation. (University Press of
and the third volume on leaders in hard cover, $29.95, soft cover.) Kentucky, 663 South Limestone
world geography in 1996. (New Mex-   Street, Lexington, KY40508-4008. 606- `
ico Geographical Society, 2916 Snow NATURAL SELECTIONS by Jeff Wor- 257-5200. $25.00.) I
Road, Mesilla, NM 88046. $20.00 pp.) ley, associate editor of UK’s magazine I
( on research, Odyssey, in collaboration PRIMARY UNDERSTANDINGS IN
HOW IS JESUS GOOD NEWS? by   with Lance Olsen, former assistant PHILOSOPHY FOR UNDERSTAND- 1
Ray Notgrass ’75, minister with the 1 professor of English at UK and now y ING THEOLOGY, edited by Diogenes
Philo Road Church of Christ in 1 associate professor of English at the 1 Allen ’54 and Eric O. Springsted. 4
1 Urbana, Illinois since 1985, discusses University of Idaho, has won the Allen is Stuart Professor of Philosophy
. the basic claims of the Christian mes- national Still Waters Press Fourth- at Princeton Theological Seminary in
1 sage and how they apply to life today. Annual Poetry Competition. The col- Newjersey, and Springsted is chaplain
I (Resource Publications, 202 South . lection, which focuses on animal life,   and associate professor of Philosophy
Locust, Searcy,AR72143.) exhibits an "exquisite empathy with   and Religion at Illinois College in
, 1 the animal world . . . and the sense of 1 jacksonville, Illinois. This book
1 ARE YOU MY TYPE? or WHY p the human struggle with inevitabilities 1 explores philosophic terms or con-
. AREN’T YOU MORE LIKE ME? by   of life on earth." (Still Waters Press, 1 cepts vital to understanding many
1 Claudine G. Wirths ’46, ’48 and Mary   112 West Duerer Street, Galoway, N] 1 issues in Christian theology. The writ-
1 Bowman-Kruhm. Wirths is on the   08201-9402. 609-652-1790. $5.00)   ings included deal with philosophical 1
  adjunct faculty of Frederick Com-     issues crucial to the understanding of ,
munity College in Maryland, and a 1 ALIEN BLUES ¤nd ALIEN EYES, by   theology and show responses to those 1
full-time consultant and speaker.     Lynn S. Hightower  issues from Plato to the present. "
1 Bowman-Kuhn was a teacher at the   _,f,_     .;  ’77, are two in a   (Westminster/john Knox Press, 100  
1 University of Maryland and Western L,       series of futuristic   Witherspoon Street, Suite 1620, .
1 Maryland College, and is now a free- E      police procedurals. Louisville, KY40202-1396. $19.95.) ` 
1 lance writer, consultant and speaker. I .31 W X ,,  ..._   Her mystery/sus- 1
1 This book offers an introduction to _ I     pense novel, Satank   MARGARET THATCHER'S DOCTRINE
Y temperament theory and the concepts     Lambs, featuring 1 ON RECOGNITION OF CROATIA, by _
of psychological type specifically for A = 1. it   Kentucky—based P.I. Margaret Stewart Omrcanin ’37, ’41.  
teenagers at the middle and high Lena Padgett, will be brought out in (Ivor Press, 700 New Hampshire 1
· school level. Students will gain under- hardcover in june 1993. Hightower’s   Avenue, N.W., Apt. 701, Washington,
A standing and insight about themselves short fiction has appeared in The 1 D.C. 20037.) ` 
30 Kentucky Alumnus Spring 1993