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  of Rebecca Hagood
  .   T           graduate
Q V   . _ " 25 ‘j;,.j_  A AMW A A. I Rebecca Hagood
l "ifgf M il M I l    traces her very job to
  ‘ " Management 301. The
  A course at the University of
  A   Kentucky includes a seg-
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  ment and culture.
    Something clicked. A
  _A __g%W_  ;   . couple of months later she
  I    ll   4 it A _ interviewed for a job with
( . _   g p   i · Toyota. Within weeks the
  lldl jd         i f '_ flfm called Elfld left word
    y    that the job was hers!
      _.._  u p - . . - Now assistant manager of
  A     raw material purchasing,
      ‘'&L ` MS. Hagood SLlp€l'VlS€S E1
        R staff of six.
  I   g i She returns to UK every
I  ~~  l     semester to hel
V    .         '{€&1Ch...]&p&I`l€S5 1'I`lE1Il&g€·
_  1;;  A   ment and culture. The
  ~   `S  ‘iV' education that graduates like
_  _y x .    `   Rebecca Hagood received at
..   yygg   UK is another reason,.
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, Another loyal member of the UK Alumni Association