xt7dbr8mds3g https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7dbr8mds3g/data/mets.xml Hale, Gracie.  McDowell, Agnes. 1992 149 p. ; 28 cm. books  English Lexington, Ky. : University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, 1992. Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station--Bibliography. Bibliography of the literature from the Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station, 1885-1985. text Bibliography of the literature from the Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station, 1885-1985. 1992 2013 true xt7dbr8mds3g section xt7dbr8mds3g Bulletin Number 724
August 1992
 E6 };/2;*
 § me  vane esl/ 
Literature from the
Kentucky Ag ricultural
Experiment Station
University of Kentucky
College of Agriculture
Agricultural Experiment Station
Lexington, Kentucky 40546-0091

 Bibliography of the
Literature from the
Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station
By Agnes S. McDowell
Gracie Hale
With the assistance of
Lillian R. Mesner
Amelie E.M. Clzarron
Anminerte Paris Powell

, »   e
  ’ii’ ~=    
" . fi'.}, *¥   ·· _ TQ?  "’T»· , j  
  . »      
Dr. Charles E. Barnhart
Dean, College 0fAgriculture
T his project would not have happened without the vision of one man, Dr. Charles E.
Barnhart. Dean of the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture and Director of
the Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension Service from 1969
through 1988.
Dr. Bamhart believed in the project from its inception, and believed in our ability to
complete it. He faithfully funded it when no results were evident. He bought equipment,
funded additional help, and never gave us a deadline.
He did this because he had a keen interest in past research and felt that we needed to
link the past and present together. He was proud of the accomplishments of the researchers in
the College and when asked on his retirement what he felt was his greatest accomplishment,
he said the quality of the faculty.
More than one third of the entries in the bibliography were written during
` Dr. Bamhart’s tenure as Dean of the College of Agriculture and Director of the Kentucky
Agricultural Experiment Station. This volume is not only a tribute to the researchers who did
the work, it is a testament to the man who guided them through so many years of research.

A number of people worked on and supported The KAES Index expanded beyond the Agri-
the KAES Indexing Project over the years: culture Library walls and various other people
Agnes McDowell began indexing at the beginning aided the effort:
and after her retirement continues to index Dr. C.O. Little, Dean of the College of Agriculture
the next phase of this project. Agnes did and former Associate Dean for Research,
subject analysis on 90% of the documents and supported the project from its inception and
virtually created the subject index. Agnes not provided funding for personnel. Dr. Little
only assigned subject descriptors, but also funded the indexing activity during the
spent a considerable amount of time research- current phase in some tight financial times.
ing the terminology on the older publications. Dr. Jan1esBoling, Associate Dean for Research,
Lil/ian Mesner designed the indexing portion of secured the funding for printing this index in
the project and worked on indexing until her a tight budget year. His enthusiasm for the
energy had to go into bringing up our online project when he saw the final product was
catalog. Lillian set the standards to be used in rewarding to those of us who worked on it.
the project and acted as technical consultant Mr. Paul Willis, Director of Libraries at the
through the entire project. University of Kentucky, provided funding for
Amelie Cltarron was hired as project manager and copying of worksheets, which was a large
handled the physical end of the project. She amount of copying.
continued to do this after she accepted an- Mr. Joseph Howard, Director of the National
other position in the Agriculture Library, and Agricultural Library, was interested enough
still acts as coordinator with the National to provide some planning and training money
Agricultural Library in submitting the to get the project off the ground.
worksheets. Dr. Robert Fe/ir, head of the Agricultural Data
Gracie Hale organized the electronic end of this Center. was interested in the project from the
project and continues to act as the technical beginning and provided the services of Jan
advisor on the production of this printed Hilton, d-Base programmer, at no cost. Jan
index as well as the electronic file. Gracie wrote a program to do what we needed; this
joined the staff of the Agriculture Library in was the key to the success of the indexing.
October of 1988 and still devotes part of her Dr. RoySigajQ1s, then a faculty member in the
time to the KAES Indexing Project. Agronomy Department. helped in researching
Graduate Assistants Lisa Amato, Loren Curtis, and old common plant names, a thankless task.
Lisa Maciejak worked on some of the index- Dr. Deborah B. Witliain, editor at the Kentucky
ing as part of their training but took it seri— Agricultural Experiment Station, has moni-
ously and followed through on it. tored this project from the beginning.
Mr. Jejj9·ey Hines, graphic designer in Agricultural
Communications. is responsible for the fine
appearance of this work.
The KAES Index is truly a joint effort of a number of people. and all of these people sustained their
interest and labor over a number of years to produce a publication of high quality.
Aiztoinette Paris Powell
Director. Agricultural Library

T he Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station completion in the Spring of 1985 with copies of
(KAES) Index has existed in author, title, and the publication to be available in November for
limited subject form since the late 1960s. This the centennial celebration of the Experiment
index resided as a card file in the University of Station. Unfortunately, department needs and
Kentucky Agriculture Library and was used by unanticipated developments put this project in the
library staff to locate major KAES publications. In background for the last half of 1985 and most of
the late 1970s plans were made to provide detailed 1986. Work continued, but at a slower pace.
electronic access to this material. In March of The years passed, but we never lost sight of our
1984, when plans were underway to celebrate the goal, and in the spring of 1990 indexing was
centennial of the Kentucky Agricultural Experi— completed, records were submitted to NAL, and
ment Station, the time seemed right the electronic file for printing was
to pursue a more sophisticated created. The end result was a
access to the publications. bibliography with 2,884 entries, an
The project was designed to get author index with more than 6,000
maximum results from this effort. entries, and a subject index with
The National Agricultural Library more than 12,000 subject access
(NAL) was contacted about the KENTUCKY points to the publications.
_ . _ _ .. AGRICULTURAL . . .
project to see it they wanted to EXPERIMENT The publication of this tool was
include indexing from the KAES STATION designed to honor our past re-
project into the AGRICOLA data- $§8l*g1E9l;l;lAL searchers by providing access to
base. NAL was not only interested, their efforts. This index will not be
but they agreed to train the indexing updated in its printed form, but
supervisor at their expense. A mini proposal for indexing will continue to be contributed to the
funding was written and the Dean of the College AGRICOLA database.
of Agriculture agreed to fund equipment and The final phase of this project will be the
additional personnel to get the project off the addition of full text of descriptions of research
ground. projects in the Kentucltjr Agricultural Experiment
The project was also designed so it could be Station Annual Report. This sub—file will contain
easily duplicated by other institutions. d—Base III thousands of entries and will be available elec-
Plus was chosen as the indexing program, since tronically through the University of Kentucky
most libraries had access to it. The services of a d- Agriculture Library. As with this project, the final
Base programmer in the Agricultural Data Center phase of the KAES project has been temporarily
were put at our disposal at no cost, and a program put on hold due to budget constraints, but we hope
was written to provide both the online access and to retum to it this year.
produce the paper copy. Indexing conventions
were drawn up and the CAB Thesaurus was
selected to provide the controlled vocabulary. In Antoinette Paris Powell
early 1985 indexing began in earnest. Director. Agriculture Library `
As is common with similar projects, the index July 1992
took longer than anticipated. It was slated for

Instructions for Use .................................................... 1
Bibliography .............................................................. 3
Bulletin .............................................................. 3
Circular ............................................................ 24
Kentucky Livestock Field Day ......................... 26
Progress Report ................................................ 34
Regulatory Bulletin .......................................... 87
Special Report .............................,.................... 95
Author .............................................................. 96
Title ................................................................ 104
Subject ........................................................... 131

 Instructions for Use
General Notes about the Index exchanged with other institutions. The continuous
This bibliography and index is comprehensive ¤Umb€1`i¤g WEIS Pf€f€1'Y€d TROY indexing PU1'P0$€$-
for the series that are included. Each piece within This index is organized into four major subdivi-
the series was accounted for and given comprehen— Si0I1S2 Bibli0gf8ph)’, AUUWOY lf1d€X, Tlil€ Index,
sive treatment. The only major series not indexed Hfld Subject l¤d€X-
for this publication is the Kentucky Agricultural
Experinzent Station Annual Reports. The Bibli0gI‘3phy
The Annual Reports are the last phase of the The Bibliography is arranged chronologically
KAES project, a full-text project. Complete by series and within the series. The Bulletin series
indexing is now being done on each entry in the appears first as it was the first series to be pub-
reports. and this will be included in an electronic lished by the Kentucky Agricultural Experiment
file with a lull text entry of the research report. To Station. The publications are then listed in the
date more than 1,000 worksheets have been order that they were issued. The entries are num-
generated with subject analysis done. Once that is bered consecutively through the entire issue with
completed there will be a comprehensive record of Bulletin nO_ 1 being entry number 1 and Special
the research done by the Kentucky Agricultural Report no. 86-2 being entry no. 288-4. The index
Experiment Station, and the mechanism will be in entries refer the user back to the entry number.
place to continue recording the research. The bibliographic entry includes all authors of
In this bibliography. analytic entries are pro- the publication, the complete title, the series and
vided for some of the publications that had mul- number it was issued as, the page numbers, and
tiple articles in one issue. Indexing was done on the location call number in the University of
each element in the number. at times creating more Kentucky Agriculture Library. This was added to
than fifty indexing entries for one number of a the paper file for the benefit of the local people
publication. The majority of the analytics were using this publication.
done in the Progress Reports series. but some `
analyzing was also necessary for the Bulletins. The Author Index
The authors` names and page numbering were The Author Index ruotuoos up to 10 authors for
recorded as they were found on the publications. Cach uuhhoatrour arrauooo ahahahotroahy by tho
In some instances we knew the author`s name was authors» last namcsl All authors» uauaos appear as
misspelled but did not correct it in the index. Page last uaruo_ thou rust uauro_ aud middle initial rr
numbering varied on some of the older Bulletins arauahlousouao authors oooasrouahy Varrod tho
dud dudl ¤¤mb¢¤‘i¤s wud ddud lu Sdmu df [ud form of their names. If the middle initial appeared
bulletins issued but not all of them. Generally, the ou ouo uuhhoatrou and nct tho othorr tho author is
Annual Reports, the Bulletins, and the Circulars listed twroor uudor each \.·arrattou_ The rrussrroh_
Weld uduud [d‘é€u‘°" lu dud Vdlumc dt the dud df ings were also troublesome but were not corrected
the vw and ¤¤¤ti¤¤¤¤Sly eased- I¤di~tid¤¤l as that is how they will appear th the hattehai
numbers of the Bulletins and Circulars were also rudortruu svstour
paged at the time they were published so they I J
could be sent out as single pieces. These went to The Title Indox
the general public, and the bound volumes were Thu True rndux urphabuucurry ustst by the mst
major temi in the title. all titles issued by the

 KAES that are indexed in this publication. Initial ms but were needed l`or retrieval of the document.
articles are excluded in the alphabetical sequence Examples of uncontrolled terms are the regional
of the index but are sorting elements within the common names for fruits or vegetables. The
title itself. scientific name would be in the controlled vocabu-
lary but we felt that the common name should also
The Subject Index be included for retrieval purposes.
The Subject Index is the most comprehensive The "gengfapnieii tenna Wele Mtldcd na" time
bait dt this bnbiieatibn and was the mbst iabbi publications dealing with a specific area in Ken-
intensive tb biddnee SOm€ enti-ies i-eeeived as tacky. whether it was an Extension area or a
many as 26 snbieet headings tb adednateiy de_ particular county. This was done to provide re-
scribe the content of the document. The Subject n`le"al <>ft>¤l>1i¤=¤i<>¤¤ nil IMI nnefeal-
Index actually reflects the merging of three fields Because [ne Subject index Waa d¤~’iS¢<* aa a
Of the eieeti-Onie file intb One aibhabetieai iistinai machine file with retrieval to be done using Bool—
the controlled subject headings, the uncontrolled ean Searching teehnnlne$» 'nneh eleannla ann
Subjgct headings, and [hc g€Ogl·aphiC terms- €IlI`iChITl€I][ had to be CTOIIC {OY [TTC pJ.lpCl` PYOCTUCI.
The tteenti-Oiiedn snbieet headings were devised The general terms (such as regulations or variety
{tem the CAB Tjiesnni-its, the same thesanms used trials) that added nothing to the index were deleted
{Ot indexing in AGRi(jOLA’ the database bt the or moved under the subject they dealt with. Some
Us Nettettet Agricultural Lietett-y. Every attempt Subdividiw WM d<>¤¢ ¤¤ the l¤¤‘e¢¤‘ Subiws te
was made te adednateiy desei-ibe the document help users narrow their focus. The subject index
using these headings, but at times they Simply did required the most human intervention on this
not reflect the local nature of the subject. Pfnleel and {eek many hnnfa in elean nl) ann
To compensate, we added "uncontrolled" eOmPle[e·
headings, terms that were not in the CAB Thesau-

1 Bulletin - Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station
N0. 1- 1885-
ISO The Bulletin series was the first major series produced by the Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station. The
series reported the results of research on a variety of topics and was the primary source of publication of Experiment
Station research. Included in the last Bulletin for some years was additional material called Analyses, Mineral Waters, and
i Meteorological Summaries. Some Bulletins were also called Research Bulletins. The Bulletin series continues today but
· publication activity is light.
1. Merike. .-\.l2. 12. Seovell. M.A. 21. Connell. J.H. 31. Scovell. M.A.
Do Fertilizers Affect the Quality of Fertilizer Analyses Experiments in Pig Feeding Experiments with Commercial
'1`ohaeeo‘? Bulletin no. 12; 1887. 3p. Bulletin no. 19; 1889. 19p. Fertilizers on Hemp
Bulletin no. 1; 1885. 2p. 630.72 K419b 630.72 K419b Bulletin no. 27: 1890. 11p.
630.72 K-1191i 630.72 K4l9b
13. Scoyell. M.A. 22. Seovell. M.A.
)l` 2. Scovell. 1\1.A. Commercial Fcrtilimrs Artificial or Commercial Fertilizers 32. Seovell. M.A.
Com-fodder as Food 1`or Stock Bulletin no. 13; 1888. 8p. Bulletin no. 20; 1889. 20p. Experiments with Fertilizers on
Bulletin rio. 2; 1886. -1p. 630.72 K-119b 630.72 K—3l9b Tobacco
l. 630.72 K-119b Bulletin no. 28; 1890. 15p.
V 14. Scoxcll. M.A. 23. Scoyell. M.A. 630.72 K-119b
- 3. Menkc. .»\.E. Artificial or Commercial Fertilizers Curtis. C.L.
[gd Milk Bulletin no. 1-1; 1888. 22p. Experiments with Wheat 33. Scovell. M.A.
Bulletin no. 3; 1886. 3p. 630.72 K-119b Bulletin no. 21: 1889. p. 1-15 Analyses of Commercial Fertilizers
10 630.72 K419h 630.72 K-119b Bulletin no. 29: 1890. 16p.
15. Scoyell. M.A. 630.72 K-119b
-1. Menlte. .~\.E.. Gunn. R.T. Experiments with Wheat 2-1. Garman. H.
Distillery Slop Bulletin no. 15; 1888. 16p. Grain Louse (Sip[01r0pl10ra urenae) 3-1. Scovell. M.A.
Bulletin no. 4; 1886. 6p. 630.72 K~119b Bulletin no. 21; 1889. p. 16-22 Experiments with Wheat—1890
630.72 K-119b 630.72 K-119b Bulletin no. 30: 1890. p. 1-16
16. Scoyell. M.A. 630.72 K-119b
5. Scovell. M.A. Peter. A.M. 25. Seoyell. M.A.
Analyses of Feeding-stuffs Experiments with Potatoes Peter. A.M. 35. Garman. H.
Bulletin rio. S; 1886. 26p. Bulletin no. 16; 1888. p. 1-21 Potato Experiments—1889 New Wheat Fly (Oscinis
630.72 K4l9b 630.72 K-119b Bulletin no. 22; 1889. 23p. rariabilis? Lowew.)
630.72 K-119b Bulletin no. 30; 1890. p. 16-20
6. Menlo:. .—\.E.. Hillerimeyer. H.F. 17. Scovell. M.A. 630.72 K-11911
Clover Peter. A.M. 26. Scoyell. M.A.
Bulletin rio. 6; 1886. 7p. On the Use of London Purple to Experiments with Oats 36. Garman. 1-1.
630.72 K-1196 Destroy the Potato Bug Bulletin no. 23; 1890. p. 1-9 Some Strawberry Pests
Bulletin no. 16; 1888. p. 22 630.72 K-119b Bulletin no. 31; 1890. 27p.
7. Setwell. M..·\. 630.72 K-$19b 630.72 K-119b
Fertilizers 27. Scovell. l\·f.A.
Bulletin no. 7; 1886. 1-lp. 18. Seoyell. M.A. Fertilizer Experiments on Meadow 37. Curtis. C.L.
630.72 K-119b Peter. .-\.1\1. Land Strawberries—Test of Varieties
Field Experiments with Com Bulletin no. 23; 1890. p. 9-13 Bulletin no. 32; 1891. p. 1-9
8. Scoyell. M.A. Bulletin no. 17; 1889. 2lp. 630.72 K—l19b 630.72 K-119b
Experiments with Wheat 630.72 K-119b
Bulletin no. 8; 1886. 12p. 28. Garman. H. 38. Curtis. C.L.
630.72 K-119b 19. Seoyell. l\1..-\. Broom·rape of Hemp and Tobacco Vegetables
Peter. A.l\-1. Bulletin no. 2-1: 1890. 20p. Bulletin no. 32; 1891. p. 10-20
9. Scoyell. 1\1.A. Hemp Experiments 630.72 K~·119b 630.72 K-119b
Experiments with Potatoes Bulletin no. 18; 1889. p. 1-8
Btilletin no, 9; 1887. 13p. 630.72 K-119b 29. Scoxell. M.A. 39. Scovell. M.A.
630.72 K-119h Strawberiies—1890 Experiments with Com
20. Scoyell. l\r1.A. Bulletin no. 25; 1890. 3p. Bulletin no. 33; 1891. 15p.
10. Scovell. 1\1.A. Peter. A.l\1. 630.72 K-119b 630.72 K-119b
Fertilizer Analyses Notes on the Treatment of an Old
Btrlletin no. 10; 1887. 16p. Apple Orchard 30. Scovell. M.A. -10. Scoyell. M.A.
630.72 K419b Bulletin no. 18; 1889. p. 9-1-1 Peter. A.M. Commercial Fertilizers
630.72 K-119b Experiments with Com Bulletin no. 3-1: 1891. 23p.
11. Scoyell. M.A. Btilletiri no. 26; 1890. 30p. 630.72 K-119b
Experiments with Wheat 630.72 K-119b
Bulletin no. 11; 1887. 15p.
630.72 K-119b

 _A gg g Bulletin g g
41. Scovell. M.A. 5-1. Scovell. M.A. 67. Garman. H. 79. Mathews, C.W.
Experiments with Wheat—1891 Field Experiments with Fertilizers Use ot` Bisulphide o1` Carbon and Strawberries New and Old
Bulletin no. 35: 1891. p. 1-14 Bulletin no. 45; 1893. 18p. Hydrocyanic Acid Gas 1`or the Bulletin no. 62; 1896, p. -13-57
630.72 K4l9b 630.72 K4l9b lnseet Enemies of Low-Growing 630.72 K4l9b
42. Scovell. M.A. 55. Scovell. M.A. Bulletin no. 53; 1894. p. 144-150 80. Scovell. M.A.
Curtis. C.L. Commercial Fertilizers 630.72 K-119b Peter. A.M.
Experiments with Oats Bulletin no. -16; 1893. 22p. Tobacco. 1. Test o1` Fertilizers
Bulletin no. 35; 1891. p. 14-16 630.72 K4l9b 68. Notes on Vegetables Bulletin no. 63; 1896, p. 59-68
630.72 K4l9b Bulletin no. 54; 1895. 36p. 630.72 K4l9b
56. Garman. H. 630.72 K-119b
43. Scovell. M.A. Pests of Shade and Omarnental 81. Garman. H.
Commercial Fertilizers Trees 69. Scovell. M.A. Tobacco. 2. The Use ot` Arsenites
Bulletin no. 36; 1891. 4p. Bulletin no. -17; 1893, p. 1-53. Field Experiments with Fertilizers on Tobacco
630.72 K4l9b 630.72 K4l9b Bulletin no. 55; 1895. p. 37-55 Bulletin no. 63; 1896, p. 69-80
630.72 K4l9b 630.72 K4l9b
44. Scovell. M.A. 57. Garman. H.
Potato Experiments—1891 Experiment on Plum Rot 70. Scovell. l\1.A. 82. Scovell. l\1.A.
Bulletin no. 37; 1891, 16p. Bulletin no. 47; 1893, p. 53-55 Peter. A.M. Peter. A.M.
630.72 K4l9b 630.72 K4l9b Curtis. H.E. Curtis. 11.E.
Analyses of Commercial Fertilizers Analyses ol` Commercial Fertilizers
45. Curtis. C.L. 58. Scovell. M.A. Bulletin no. 56; 1895, p. 57-72 Bulletin no. 6-1; 1896, p. 81-96
Experiments with Vegetables Commercial Fertilizers 630.72 K4l9b 630.72 K-119b
Bulletin no. 382 1892. p. 1-20. Bulletin no. 48: 1894, 4p.
630.72 K4l9b 630.72 K4l9b 71. Scovell. M.A. 83. Scovell. M.A.
Wheat Experiments Peter. A.M.
46. Curtis. C.L. 59. Garman. H. Bulletin no. 57; 1895, p. 73-83 Curtis. H.E.
Experiments with Strawberries Destructive Locusts in Kentucky 630.72 K4l9b Analyses of Commercial Fertilizers
Bulletin no. 38; 1892, p. 21-22 Bulletin no. 49; 1894. p. 5-22 Bulletin no. 65; 1896. p. 97- 108
630.72 K4l9b 630.72 K4l9b 72. Scovell. M.A. 630.72 K4l9b
Experiments with Oats
47. Peter. A.M. 60. Garman, H. Bulletin no. 57; 1895, p. 84-86 84. Scoxcll. M.A.
Preliminary Work on Some Bud-Worm of Tobacco 630.72 K-119b Spurr. RJ.
Kentucky Marls Bulletin no. 49: 189-1, p. 23-2-1 Tobacco. 1. Test of Fertilizers
Bulletin no. 39; 1892, 11p. 630.72 K4l9b 73. Garman. H. Bulletin no. 66; 1897. p. 1-6
630.72 K4l9b Cutworms in Kentucky 630.72 K-119b
61. Mathews. C.W. Bulletin no. 58: 1895. p. 87-109
48. Garman, H. Fruit Growing in Kentucky 630.72 K4l9b 85. Garman, H.
Some Common Pests of the Farm Bulletin no. 50; 1894. p. 25-41 Tobacco. 2. Notes on Tobacco
and Garden 630.72 K4l9b 7-1. Garman, H. Worms, from Observations Made
Bulletin no. 40; 1892, 5lp. Experiments for Checking Apple in 1896
630.72 K4l9b 62. Mathews, C.W. Rot and Codling Moth. in 1895 Bulletin no. 66; 1897. p. 6-32
Notes upon Vegetables Bulletin no. 59; 1895, p. 111-129 630.72 K4l9b
49. Scovell. M.A. Bulletin no. 50; 1894, p. 42-53 630.72 K4l9b
Commercial Fertilizers 630.72 K4l9b 86. Garman. H.
Bulletin no. 41; 1892, 23p. 75. Scovell. M.A. Tobacco. 3. Notes on Several
630.72 K4l9b 63. Peter, A.M. Peter. A.M. Tobacco lnsects and on Two
Curtis, H.E. Cunis. H.E. lmperfectly Known Diseases of
50. Scovell. M.A. Scovell. M.A. Analyses of Commercial Fertilizers Tobacco
Wheat Experiments—1892 Commercial Fertilizers Bulletin no. 60; 1895, p. 131-1-12 Bulletin no. 66; 1897. p. 33-39
Bulletin no. 42; 1892, p. 1-14 Bulletin no. 51; 1894, p. 55-80 630.72 K4l9b 630.72 K4l9b
630.72 K4l9b 630.72 K4l9b
76. Scovell. M.A. 87. Garman. H. V
51. Scovell. M.A. 64. Scovell. M.A. Potatoes. 1. Tests with Fertilizers San Jose Scale in Kentucky
Experiments with Oats Commercial Fertilizers Bulletin no. 61; 1896, p. 1-13 Bulletin no. 67; 1897. p. 41-59
Bulletin no. 42; 1892, p. 15-16 Bulletin no. 52; 1894, p. 81-116 630.72 K4l9b 630.72 K4l9b
630.72 K4l9b 630.72 K4l9b
77. Garman, H. 88. Scovell. M.A.
52. Scovell. M.A. 65. Garman, H. Potatoes. 2. lnsect and Fungus Peter. A.M.
Commercial Fertilizers Spraying for Codling-Moth Enemies of Potatoes in Kentucky Curtis. H.E.
Bulletin no. 43; 1892, 2p. Bulletin no. 53; 1894, p. 117-125 Bulletin no. 61; 1896, p. 14-35 Analyses o1` Commercial Fertilizers
630.72 K4l9b 630.72 K4l9b 630.72 K4l9b Bulletin no. 68; 1897, p. 61-75
630.72 K4l9b
53. Garman, H. 66. Garman. H. 78. Mathews, C.W.
Bordeaux Mixture for Apple Pests Use of Arsenites of Tobacco Potatoes. 3. Varieties of Potatoes 89. Scovell. M.A.
Bulletin no. 44; 1893, 34p. Bulletin no. 53; 1894, p. 125-143 Bulletin no. 61; 1896, p. 36-42 Garman. H.
630.72 K4l9b 630.72 K4l9b 630.72 K4l9b Wheat
Bulletin no. 69; 1897. p. 77-96
630.72 K4l9b

 Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Statgnmy W gg   gm wg   W  A__
90. Garman. H. 101. Scovell. M.A. 1 13. Garman, H. 125. Analyses of Commercial
Woolly Mtillein (Verbu.rcirni Garman. H. Kentucky Forage P1ants—the Fertilizers
p/rlrmiriir/r·.i·) in Keritueky Wheat Grasses Bulletin no. 95; 1901, p. 131-190
Btilletin no. 70; 1897, p. 97-107 Bulletin no. 77; 1898. p. 107-122 Bulletin no. 87; 1900, p. 53-110 630.72 K419b
630.72 K-119b 630.72 K419b 630.72 K4l9b
126. Garman. H.
91. Garman. H. 102. Garman. H. 114. Peter, A.M. Hessian Fly
Gape Disease of Young Poultry Ginseng. its Nature and Culture Analyses of some Kentucky Bulletin no. 96: 1901, p. 191-198
Bulletin no. 70; 1897, p. 107-112 Bulletin no. 78; 1898. p. 123-156 Grasses 630.72 K419b
630.72 K-119b 630.72 K-119b Bulletin no. 87: 1900, p. 111-122
630.72 K419b 127. Garman. H.
92. Scovell. M.A. 103. Scovell. M.A. Dangerous Mosquitoes in Kentucky
‘ Peter. AM. Peter. AM. 115. Scovell. M.A. Bulletin no. 96; 1901, p. 199-215
Curtis. 11.12. Curtis. H.E. Peter. A.M. 630.72 K419b
Analyses l11`C()l`l1l1lCl’C1ll1 Fertilizers Commercial Fertilizers Curtis, H.E.
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 _ _ Bulletin
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