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Unless you’ve been out of 'town for the last Hhen adults like this have to revert to the
month you surely will recognize the the two words manipulation of children to eoploy with bribes,
’THE HA L“ and"T E BAR’ as he nedia Jackpot for entrapment, and coerce with Ioney to pursue criae
Septenber. Hhile there can really be no purpose in and try to solve social probleas, t at’s about
recapping the news stories we all have heard over enough. _ .
and over again, we would like to print a few Fron Editorials: ‘
excerpts from some of the lore reasonable responses No latter what safeguards are in hlace, though,
that have appeared in the Editoral Pages of the the use of Juveniles in any potetia ly dangerous
Herald-Leader in the last couple of weeks. He undercover operation is troubling. It is all the
would also like to thank those individuals who were nore troubling when they are used in investigations
willing to take the tine to exgress their of sexual ac ivity. No latter how ex erienced the
frustration at what was often sensa ionalisn and kids in question night be, they are still victils
the insinuation of guilt ained at theBay Cog-unity of sexual explaitation. And there is an
at large. One E itoral article in particular, inescapable air of ex loitation about an decision
written by The Reverend Charles B. Kast of the to send then onto the streets to telpt and snare
Unitarian Universalist Church is reprinted below in those who victimize then.
full since it points out the illogical approach The And Snoopy’s Two Cents North:
City of Lexington (and our socie l in general) has
taken to deal with the colplex pro lens that have . .
been labeled THE HALL. .
Shohlehthrs th thedEg'i‘thr: l d th t h . YOU WANT US :W
irs a au e a on revea e a suc 1,4.
a problem existgpin Lexington): but after day three 1b DO M? '45 I...
I realized that all this exposure was doing lore W/ , 5g===
harl than good.....Host of the people I have alked /‘ , 'r‘if‘i‘il
. to never Itinewh tbqltltlthlits hlgce, buthnow oany h’r‘e (:3) /.'_1 - 2' ,. ""'
curious as o w a 1 oo 5 1 e, er aps as e “ F
unfortunate victin of the recent shooting was (I {:3 [LET—fl [£an
curious......Hext Inote that you never fail to C «M /‘/ FaL'
link the activities of these boys with the fact ,4/ _
that they occur near a gag bar. I especially like 46—3». ’ .
the article that stated t at the killing too place ' . ,, _ a...“
behind hhe Elar,_anl establi'ishlgnt that tcater? “he 31.3,... ‘=' / AW; ‘3'. ‘
ga s. ou are inp yin m y assoCia ion 0 e . . ; ,, E- 4‘ h“: aggfgfig
patrons of The Bar, aria (that is unfair. Hy letter $733.7wm1'”m mgm
is not a defense nor an indictaent of its patrons’
Constant surveillance. arresting people, 'no
trespassing signs,” locking a gate and arassing —
teen-agers are all Band-hid echniques offered as 5mm—
solutions to persuade the Lexington citizens that
steps are being taken to al eviate problels “mm
surrounding ”the Hall'. _


By Charles 5. Kast But, our coaiunity does not have the resources

nor the will to do this. So we esscentially ignore

As part of ay sewinary training, I nrovided a the boys or, even worse, force thee to return one.
street ainistry in a San Francisco neigh orhood for Even wose than .that the police recruit the: as
eight aonths in 1981. The Iajority of people I decoys. To recru1t a boy as a decoy is to say that
dealt with in that ministry were teenaned sale that youth is 'expendable' and not worth saving.
'hustlers“ (boys who sell thelselves, sexua 1y, for It is ecause we are lore interested in arresting
IDHEK). the men and punishing. thea than in helping the

H at I leanred then was suppleaented by Iy study youth. that the authorities feel _justified in
of the literature (which is very snarse dealing engaging in the awful act of using children as
with hustlers. In the past severa years here in decoys. _ .

Lexington I have spoken with aany of he boys who I we were truly .interested in 'solving the
frefluent the area known as "the Hall.‘ prohlea' we nould‘ invest our tile and aonies and
ere is what I have learned. resources in identifying and helping youth who

First of all lost of the hustlers do so as a desperately need help.
matter of survival. Host of the: are victils of _
broken bones and of truly terrible hone situations.

Hany, for exaaple, have been physically or sexually

abused by their fathers or 0 her Ia e relatives.

Hany cone froa hoses where the narents are alcohol AIDS VIRUS CLDNED

and/or drug abusers and are p ysically abusive to . _ _

their children. Many run away 0 survive. Hany Sc1entists of the Chiron Corp., a biotechnology
are thrown out because they are gay. Many are no conpany in EneryVille, California, announced the
gay. they have success ully grown in the laboratory all

Not all of these boys run away or leave hone. of the genetic eaterial iron 3 virus tha is a
Sole cope with intolerable situations by living at probable cause of acquired iaaune deficiency
hole but gaining ‘independence' through aoney hey syndrome, or AIDS. Cloning the genes of the virus
get froa selling their bodies or drugs (Iany sel is considered an iaportant step toward developing a

oth). There are SDIE, of course who ustle treatlent for AIDS.
because they enjoy it and they like tbe Ioney. Copies of individual genes can be used to turn

Hhat does a boy do wi bout a hole, without laboratory bacteria or yeast into living factories
Ioney, without a hig school dinioaa? How does he that can Ianufacture large quantities of key
surVive? He can survive by nros ituting hiaself and substances from the virus. uch laboratory grown
by selling drugs. The peop e who engage the boys substances eight be used for iaproved diagnostic
for sexua purposes are alaost always aale adults. tests or as a vaccine against the desease.

Faced wit this very rea problel the Now, there is no vaccine against AIDS, no known
authorities have chosen to focus their eforts on effective treateent, and most experts say AIDS
catching the adults who use the boys and punishing kills lost people who contract it. (762 of all
then with iaprisonant. The situation becoaes AIDS patients diagnosed before July of 1982 have
sensationalized in the aedia and the violence died)
increases when lore people, looking for trouble,
are attracted to the area.

The police 'wire' teen/agers and use then as
decoys. Recently, a teen sho to death another
teen. The vio ence spirals ugward. I do believe
that adults involved should be rought to justice. '" " '

But I believe that focusing on then, as the
crilinals is wrong because it tends to undervalue HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARK ‘
and aliost ignore he victias.

I believe that in order to reduce the violence .
and to help the real victias, the boys, and to 29 and holdlng - - -
reduce the incidence of criae in this area, the
focus of our atention has to shift to then. b/

A boy found to be engaging in hustling and/or .-— -
drug trafficina should be 0 fered help in changing ' 2} IJCDTKS CDP‘ 1LC)\7EJ
his behavior. is parents oust be brought into the
situation and they sust heln the au horities to ' STPIBTZEJ
encourage change. f the paren s are part of the
problea, the youth must be taken away froa the ‘4 _w -,_ - g , (um
parents and he oust receive all the help nossible.
Job training, counseling, education and a1 ernative FI’
activities need to be available. Sending a boy 8..
back to a destructive hone life only exacerbates a
bad situation.

C95 Ne know that lots of you out there are closet On Sunday, October 28th, SSO will sponsor a
ore performers, so we’ve decided to give you all a Halloween Square Dance at Arts Place on North Hill
"9' chance to cone out! On November 28 h, SO will Street from 7:00po to ll:00p|. Adoission will be
as sponsor a Gong Show to give each and every one of on a sliding scale basis, fro: $3.00 to $10.00,
hat you an opportunity to show us what you’ve got. which includes snacks. Set ugs will be available
99- Auditions will be held on Tuesday, October 9th, at for $.50, and you are invited 0 bring your own
ing 7:30pm at the Unitarian Universalist Church on bottle. Our last Square Dance was a great success,
the Clays hill Road. Any act is welcole, singing. so put on a costume, grab a partner and join us for
1" dancing, comedy and drag are a few examples of what a great tine! Don’t worry about being
35 we night expect, but use your ioagination and inexperienced, instructions will be provided.
suprise us, we don’t mind. Cone on out and try out
the your number, the auditions nay just be as euc fun DUNN ON THE EARN
and as the show! If you would like more information,
HhO call Jim at 2?9- 352. ESO’s fourth annual calping trip will be on
Saturday, October 6th and Sunday, October 7th on
‘ Eddie’s fare in Saddieville, Ken ucky. This is
PHONELINE VOLUNTEERS CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE always one of our most popular events and usually
draws people froo both Lexington and Louisville, so
Everyone has those. nooents when they need eark you calender now and don’t Iiss this exciting
someone to talk to, but imagine what it would be weekend. Plan to arrive any tile after 3:00pl,
like if there was no one you could confide in, ask bring your own dinner and breakfast. This is
ogy adv1ce of, or Simply c at with when you are Erioitive camping (no facilities), and you should
ha experienc1ng that need. Hany of our_callers are In e prepared for fall tewperatures! COIE out and
all that very Situation, despera ly needing to talk to share our bon fire and lots of good colpanyl ln
s a another person who is gay, wondering Just what it case of rain, this trip will be held on October
incy means to e gay. or maybe Just to share the pain of 13th. For wore information, call Jim at 299'0352.
rus being different with saleone who ni‘ht understand. DIRECTIONS: Take 1-75 North to the Saddieville
g a For oany individuals their fist call to the 650 exit, then folow the lap below.
Phoneline say be the first step in cooing out and
urn learning to deal with their sexual idenity. As a
195 Phoneline listener, you can make a real difference Celebrating the
key in soneone’s life. Most everyone can spare a few
own hours each month, and this extremely worthwhile Gay Experience
tic project needs your help. If you would like lore
information about how to volunteer to take part in
own one of BSO’s post ilportant projects, call Barry at
268-3935. I‘#
;IDS gr v. if)
all {3/ 0 [>\
ave U t/U
/ J «3 N l
/ "A; 1 u“ u H
l e Lmé 7'?
,A/Ozf/ ~ a“: ‘” sad-Wide
,l A Cut-hill find. “[354 4'.“ Eco"
; W? K... / ‘ '9an @ ' POW/TV #136
i ’ \0 I.S....~u ‘ K
, 3/ .V .69.
‘I’ ‘7: Q7: /.7M.‘/Q p
i I ,4» Ll are)? I?
l I / 3) LV‘AC-wkkm " 00(9/
; I. C‘ ‘_ 'Tr-«X-‘nz (vac-v». ®
v / X 0 \i‘ (SI-.104“) -%\:
I 43 L” h —- - -——/‘
:‘ , ’v/ ~——-’*“"‘““‘\\\ //””_._
i R K ///
1- woodb' ‘1 1" mfles
Fifth Hon-S4. 9'3
3“”./ chV _’ r 4v
7 # \Z'» CCo ,1 T2“ J" '75 No H‘ Lti‘filo‘i
\ r? 0‘4)“. +0 Sad... V. [1‘ ELI! NQOmfilu


Dear Aunt Mary,

I hope you can help IE with IY probleo. Barry reported there were over 85 people on the
Hhenever Iy boyfriend and I are on a date, he new mailing list since the purge.
always insists on treating me like a wowan. Jin announced that reservations for the Elkorn
Holding doors for me, he ping me with Iy chair, cannoe trip were lined ug. He had nine nanes
even paying the bill when ever we ea out. Signed up. ’He was una le to reach Montie for
Honest y, unt Mary I appreciate his signs of progress on his canoe trip plans.
affection. but he feels hurt when I tell him that I arshall reported he led not yet mailed out
would rather he wasn’t so sootherin . I would thank you cards to sponsors of the show auction.
prefer wore equality in our relationship. Hhat also, he reported that It is illegal to sell
should 1 do? tickets for liquor on Sundays. You can, however,

Saothered close the event to non-oeobers and sell tickets in

advance that include bar privledges. An

Dear Soothered, alternative discussed was a BYOB type event.

I should have such a roblea! It sounds to ae as BarrY expressed concern over the cost 0* renting
if he was brought up to he a perfect gentleman is equipment. for Ca51no Nlte. It H85 VOtEd tD delay
his father available, by any chance? at any rate, I CESIDU Nlte and concentrate EttDFtS 0" _the
can see that this is of genuine concern tn yen. Halloween Sguare 'Dance.. J13 announced a DDSSIhlE
However, I see no simple solutions to this colplex Ehhtllfit 0* .ates 1” holding the Square Dance at
problem. One can not easily change values hat the SEHIDF Citizens Center. , _

ave been acquired ever a lltEtlflE, and in this Jim also announced that the phoneline 15 hDOkEU
instance I don’t think that would be desirable up and callers will receive a recorded masseus-
anywav. Dispite certain recent re-evaluations of The yard sale made 537-94-
na e/ienale social interactions, the basic values harqhe was not present to report on progress fit
that make up a true gentlelan are still very the Marquee. ,
desirable qua ities, particularly in soleone who 3111 reported the Bowling League hill aeet on
may prove to be a life partner. The fact that in Tuesdays a 9500 he at Joyland Bowling Alley
this case the relationship is sale/hale only adds starting October 2hd- . .
to the problem, but since one quality possesed by a Tentative 50h9 Show ehdltlhhe to be 1" Uctober.
gentleman is his consideration for others, with heith discussed at length holding a town leeting
some gentle encouragement from you, and some concerning recent media issues. dwin expresse
initiative on your par , I feel certain you can CONCEFh With the idea, also at length.
both find your relationship to be satisfying and
fulfilling. For instance, your boyfriend can’t
hold a door for you if you reach it irst and hold CARDS AND GAHES
it open for hi: can he? th not take turns
trea ing each other to dinner out, hll paying when Uur Cards and Games ni ht is the first and third
he invi es you out, and you paying when you inv1te Friday of each month ang is hosted by a different
him out. _ . . volun eer each night. Trivial Pursuit seeas to be
. I really don’t think the problem 15 entlFEly one the favorite gaae these da 5, but cards are alwa 5
Sided, and you will have to Iake an effort to help o ular also. For the location and directions call
resolve the Situation. Now, one last word of Bill at 231—0100,
advice before I close. If you don’t want to be
treated like a wonan, don’t wear a dress on your
next date! Good luck, and let IE know how Iy advice
works out.


If you would like to write to Aunt Mary, send GSU Gayline..............................231-0335
your 1e ter to: Aunt Mary, ZGSU. Post Office Box 650 Newsletter, General..................268-3935

1471, Lexington, Kentuc y 40511. Advertisenent............223-4598
Mailing List.............23l-0100

TUESDAY NIGHT BOHLING GSD Recreational Events..................231-0100

_ ' _ , Gay and Lesbian Denocrats................266-3934

If you would like to JDIh the 550 Bowling Dignity/Lexington........................269-8500
League, call 3111 at 231'0100 t0 519" UP- Bowling LouisVille Crisis Hotline..........(502l 637-4342
wil be on Tuesdays at 9:00 pl at Joyland Lanes. 0" Dwensboro Gay Alliance.............(502) 685-5246
Rodgers_ Road and North Broadway. he first night Cincinnati Ga Switchboard.........(513) 221-7800
of owling will be Tuesday, Octo er 2nd, ‘and you National Gay task Force Crisis LinelBOO) 221-7044
will need to Sign up by that date if YOU HISh to be NGTF AIDS Crisis Line..............(800) 221-7044
a League oeaber. Cone out and enjoy yourself, and
don’t worry if your not ready to turn professional,
lust of us are eginners, too!

 GSO Square GSO
Reel World String Band
I Price:
Sliding Scale
$3.00 - $10.00
oc1'. 28,1984
7 to 11 PM
161 N. Mill 4
No experience is necessary.
Just come by before 9:00pm
and we’ll have you dancing
like an old timer by the
time the fun starts.

'Cowing Out to Your Parents“ iS_ a lb-page The National Association of Bay and Lesbian .
b00k19t, PUbllShEd for gaY IE" and 195b1305 ”“0 6T9 Democratic Clubs announced today .hat two openly !
considerin coaing ou to their parents. The Bay Bolitical leaders have been apgointed to serve ‘
booklet. 3y Philadelphia Parents at Says (P05), as ice Chairs of the nationa Hondale/Ferraro ‘
identifies six stages aost garents go through when Calgaign. . H l
the learn of their ay chi d’s sexual orientation. he new officers --_Jack Trujillo, Co-Chair ‘of
the six stages 0? understanding (shock, denial, the National AssoCiation of Bay and. Lesbian
guilt anger, personal decision-making and true Democratic Clubs, and Nary Nancarrow, PreSident of
acceptance) are described along with specific ways the Pennsylvania State National Organization for
oung adults can assist their parents in each of Honen -- have both been active in the_ Hondale
these stages. The author the father of a gay son calpaign. for aany _aonths. They will JOln a long
identifies the sta es based on his personal and distingUished list of other Democratic an
ex erience and hundreds of other parents who have golitical leaders who have also been selected for
attended Philadelphia POO. ' his special designation including Senator Daniel
The booklet begins by raising 12 questions that Patric: Hoynihan of New York; Judy Golds-1th,
need to be conSidered before one cones out to his Pres1dent o the National Organization for Noaen;
or her parents. It offers an annotated list of and, Mayor Andrew Young of A lanta.
resources about coling out to parents; it also He are delighted by the Hondale-Ferraro
rovides an ap endix of books and palphlets to give Calgaign’s special recogni ion of the ongoing
to one’s arents. con ri ution of the arty’s Lesbian and Say
A list of over 100 parent groups/contacts in 47 constituency,” Trujillo stated. In addition to his
states is rovided. These parent groups are leadership role in the National Association (a
aeobers of tfie Federation of Parents an Friends of network of 110 political organizations in 46 states
Lesbians ad Says (Parents of FLAG), whose and the District of Coluabia), Trujillo, a San
headquarters is in Los An eles. . . Francisco activist, also serves as the Northern
The booklet was publisged to use at Philadelphia Secretary of the California Delocratic Party.
POS’s Novelber 18, 1984 'Cowing Out to Your Parents Nancarro, who attended this sualer’s Deaocratic
Norkshop'. This annual wor shop is conducted by National Convention as an at-large Hondale delegate
POB because they want to assist _young adults In froa Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, praised the Hon ale
considering coaing out to their garents and to /Ferraro Caopaign’s 'continu1ng coalitlent to
enable then to do so in a Ianner tha is helpful social and economic justice for all Alericans.' In
and productive to the falily. 'He considered how 1983, Nancarrow was very active in helping to
we could strengthen the faaily during this usually secure passage of Harrisburg’s Lesbian an Say
stressful tile,I said POS firesident Too Saueraan. R1ghts ordinance.
IAs parents who know first- and the tull range of In gcceptina this honor on behalf of their
enotlons and responses, we felt we can guide young coaaunity bot Trujillo and Nancarrow stressed the
eople even before the aolent of disclosure to stark contrast between the Delocratic Platforl’s
their parents.‘ expanded coalitwent to end discrilination against
For a free single cogy send a self-addressed, Lesbians and Sax aen versus th Regu lican
staaped business envelope a POS, Post Office Box Platforn’s Far jaht tone and total 51 once on
15711, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania_19103. (Address Lesbian and Say igts. (The 1984 Denocratic
the envelope as ou wish; no additional Iarks. H111 Platfora calls for an end to discrilination against
be added b POE.) Additional copies are fifteen Lesbians and Say aen in eiploylent, iaoigration and
cents each; 110.00 per 100 includes postage. the military and gledges to redouble its efforts to
deal with t e AID crisis and anti-Say violence.)
The new Vice Chairs also took the occasion to
urge Lesbians and Say aen to actively participate
in the October 7th dinner parties being held in
private hDIES across the country: Alerica for
MYTHOLOGY IN 1984: ondale/Ferraro. This special event, which will
ONLY A VERY SHALL MINORITY OF help to build greater grass roots involvelent in
PEOPLE ARE HOHOSEXUAL the cawpaign, fal s on the evening of the first
_ presidential debate. Additional inforlation can be
Approxilately 102 of the _gopulation of the obtained fro: the local Delocratic Party or by
United States is, by self-defini ion, hoaosexual -- calling the National Association at (202) 47-3104.
20,000 000 adults. About 141 of the wen and 4.251 In an earlier developaent, the Mondale/Ferraro
of the wolen in the United States identify Caogaign announced last oonth that Sandra Sillis
theaselves as predoainately holosexual. These wil serve as Liaison to the Lesbian and Say
fi ures are based on self-identification, however, collunity. As a openly Lesbian aeober of the
and due to the stigwa attached to holosexuality in caagaign staff, Sandra will work closely with the
our society, they could represent an new y agpointed Vice Chairs and with the National
underestiwation. Associa ion.

__ W_-__~ --__.W___________1
M ,. l r"’]”~\
”Am. Wm“ Mm. (311.1 Ckunseo 50min I sumo W, 30W;
! “393% MW WW“; 32116 iiirmmifi? fir???“ WWW THEY LEH
mmum '. my mm? mm. L0,, 516mm; \WY Willing”: $351!. W59: Teenage, y
‘334/ "W - TIAEJHE 5mm . THAT'S WHAT 1
Aw 511011150 up ~ HAPPENED!
_ . - \ __ AGAIN! X '
M I .
{—1 cu.-
Doors... l
1r- , -477. {p A ,g . 2:77 {:‘;':‘"—o__‘. 67———1—1:
l ' I ’ '[ i! ’1 “'7‘ I l "if" "'1, :-
MDV'NG ? ‘ LXNHSI , ‘ ! (.mlgfisl li),;).\*\ 851:3? i I: lufifiv! ,
\ ,/ ‘ 77; flit l 1 l '
. . . . 22:12:. I . was; 1 l" 3 L-%J é Lé'l-"E—l
‘ 'o 0 {A V .‘ i ‘ . Q
l ' . , ‘ .
Please send us your l' = . ‘ - 1 l ' ‘ l
Change of address ’ ‘ ‘ '» ~=
‘ - - - - h - - - E‘
before you move. ".---------‘
- - II -
Newsletter Check here to receive your free
copy of the 1550 Newsletter:____
4' @g \
’ Helbership To becone a 1380 lelber, include
" the eelbership fee of $10.00 or
$5.00 for students.
‘ NAHE: ___________________________________________________
j \ ADDRESS: 4_________________________________.________________
30PPOR7 00R CITY/STATE/ZIP: ___________________________________________________
AprRr/kas Please nail above fare to: 650, PO Box 11471, Lexington, KY 40575

r3;;;* [CBC News Calendar
7 33"}; anvil-l it": fr, ' 5..”- HP: " - t.- 5 .
.-.it_ti”: acoij tl:-_4_c . d?xtrtls_ [in the Sunday Dct. 14 Dance Party
utHEiE-LLEE , ilesEE :Eli-fl; y’E’ttt‘ e4] :2va ane Carri-"t CerUS DiSCO
:; bee. 9.5, to: 224?:, Lexington, 5y teats. See 3 ,_.,dn, ht
the calendar t5? the oeestetter deadline. Doe ta ,3 adnissgon
oestal_regoiatieos, we reserve the right to refuse %
ajrrr 4-1-1 we 5‘; rasteet c'er‘ rm“- ayai‘ehittti
— e . e..: is - —-!§E;ic—- —te—e - e-IeJl-sLt- Sunday Oct. 28 Celebrate Halloween Early
, ,, _ ref—e , ,, with our Costuoe Skate Part
re': F'ae '3H‘Ho Y
Hat? PR3: i de *?; he 5-V - Chalps Hollerdrone Ego-12
g”;}+é;;§fiiE ;;;'55 Clays Hill Shopping enter
EFréie'plff 1-5=;; $5 adIISSIOn
Ltufrétaa .dqt: + u.‘v.-“-.-‘ I '
r,%::,,,_3 t as:1<§+pr Frizes for best costuies
.‘--..-_-l'~1'.'.’ ' :U..rl:-.-=
(1%" Him-He} . - - -
.._ .L th "-1 Sunday Nov. 11 Veterans Day 'Fiqhting Forties'
, The eee neesietter ta eebttshed eeothte a; the g§2c32°g,sco
Lexingteo Sag Sertices firgaoizatien Eocarporated. Spl-Iidnight
9.3. Sex 224:2. Lexington. ty 455?5. 538 is g 7
nan-erotit oraenizatioo' ehose ooroose is to ’0 adIISSIOH or TOY of greater
arevide edoeationet. recreational. ':nrial and valge. All proceeds t9 benefit
reterral eereéces directiy ineoiVing' er relatioe nee y children at Christnas.
+n Hovf:':h5~' -~r~:a '
2-.» ‘i'?!l;t—'HA:H lJt'JLut- ’ ' _
tzeee er oozezoos exoreesed in stories or Ending in NOV' E9?f gigflg; Bay Kentucky
Eettere are these o? the writers and do not _a{ t-‘qu or further '
efcessarilf reoreeeot those at the ESQ beerd or in area 10" or for applications.
LHE newsletter statf. Publication of the oaee or - a -
photograph or any person. organization or other Sunday Dec. 2 Stilt Annual Elperor 5 Hhite
enti_y in articles or advertisino to the
eeestetter is to no way indication at the sexuat ghgrgtggilgg Brand Ballroo-
otientetioo of such person, ergaoization or BPOD-Cocktails Available
entity. ' . . .
Sehoissiooe for the newstetter are eelcooe. 8 30_g3:eiv1ngttinecgpens
e21_ submissions become the property of the ' ToaptigenEary a=pggne
texzogton Say Serrices fireanizatien. Inc. St} Greg Leg lperor ’
submisSioos oust indicate the tel} oaoe and 9'00-Dinger Serv d
aodress of the author, although no byline eiil he ' 5 inach Salgd V' - tt
neotished althoot permisSioo at the author. p - - inaiare E
Hon-eriginat materiel en=t indicate the enurre Roast Fri-e Rib Au us
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_ IHPERQL CDURT NEHS with four Boloand Perforlances
Once again, The Ilperial. Court of the Bluegrass selected by His Hajesty.
Empire represented LeXington and. the state of
Kentucky in an out-of-state coronation. Those in By invitation only.
attendance at Coronation IV of the Sovere19n Court Call_26S—2329 for lore info. and
of the People of Denver, Colorado, Inc. on August for 1nv1tations.
25th were Elperor 111 Greg Lee Elpress Ill Renie
Alexander, Elperor II Chuch Druner, and Crown $50.90 per couple in advance.
Princess 11 Jerry Bray. .ICBE Iade oany new C1051n9 date for reservations
friends, renewed old friendships, and received the is Novenber 26th.
trophy for best out-of-town entrance. The newly
elected nonarchs of Denver, Diagond Heart and D.J.
H111 be attending our upcoling coronation with
approxxlately five out-of-s ate court systens in

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, \\
I expect and receive only the
best in dining pleasures from
2909 Richmond Road
Lexmgton, KY 40502

GLD will be set up at The Bar for a voters
J'IDIE registration drive from September 22nd through
Oc.ober 5th. If you are not registered, but wish
IB‘D'IJD‘BN \DS to vote in the Noveaber election, just stop by the
[\A booth on your next visit to The Bar and they will
have the correct foras and will give you any help
RESTAURANT you may need in filling it out. You lust register
on or before October oth to be eligable to vote in
2909 RICHMOND ROAD GLD will continue to can their booth fro-
355 SOUTHLAND DRIVE 05:03:25 6th to November 5th for inforaation
I———--~----——~—-~——————————————, SLD is begining its fall schedule of aeetings at
EFAMOUS GARLIC STICK Sgturggly; agnbiggemeafe. All aeetings hel on
I Buy One, Get One 1 geeginqngatee
I E . a;
I FREE out. I.
: IEirr:;tS1t?cks Expires DEL. 20
l___________JeE_Beco_G_~e's__“EL/8:- NOV' '3'
l II On October 7th Ga and Lesbian Deaocratic
} 14 PIZZA Of LARGER Organizations across the country, including GLD of
I $2 00 Kentucky, will be holding fund raisers to benifit
i ' the Mondale/Ferraro campaign. If you are
I OFF interested in the local fund raisers please contact
; Noum 133F153: Kieth. Elston at 266-3934.. Honey raised will go
I JOE BOLOGNAS back into the State Deaocratic Party to show t e
:""—‘——————"-——--——~—-————-———I power of the gay vote.
| , .
; PARTY ROOM AVAILABLE ‘ _""_m’"ggfl_'“— SPONSORS "' S ”W_'
! FOR ______________m___________“f‘_’_______m__
1 365 SOUTHLAND DRIVE _ i The Stylists, 1641 Nicholasville Rd. 278-7481
F________-"—____"“__““”"”_ The Bar 224 E. Main St. 255—1551
| u 1
I 10 PIZZA or LARGER Joe Bologna’s, 103 w. Haxwell St. 252—4933
I $1_00 ; 1 Lady Diana Hair Design, 508 E. Main St. 252—4595
1 OFF Kentucky Theatre, 214 E. Hain St. 254—6010
T . Expm 3 Brett Johnson Gallery, 144 Harrison Ave. 255—2124
t__i:L:n:_____JQE_BQLO_G_NA'§__ ‘0’31/8“ . Hovieola, 1759 Alexandria Dr. 278—1451
I “__—‘*_—- ’ '
: EGGPLANT on ZUCCHINI PARMESAN ‘ 2"le :Iathels’Hzloqu‘Fh'Ond “126M226 q:
I DINNER WITH SPAGHETTI e ec ions in. air High, 835 Hinchester Rd. 255-332.:
g I Richardson Vision Center, 1757 Alexandria Dr. 278-0618
I $4_75 1 Flowers by Don, 200 Soothland Dr. 278-0555
y . Expires Cafe’ LHNOP, 337 E. Main St. 252-7131
I N° “m" JOE aocoeua's 10(31/84 Bluegrass Landscape Design, 4387 Harrodsburg Rd. 223-9114
_-__T______T_“__?-TZ.EZTT______ Silk Green House 1050 Chinoe Rd. 268—8100
A: fitu’vq 2:33.: -'
1 Harque Cross Productions, PO Box 25601, Lex., Ky. 40524
' -\a.,§“_,fl_§4w Jesters, 107 H. Short St. 252—6510
”LEON” Green Earth Landscaping Coapany, 272—1100
1 Ask about DISCOUNTS for GSO leabers!! [I

The Silded Cage (either as a restaurant or nite club) although
by Greg Lee you’ll always hear people talking about I'when t e
. . Living Roon urned'.

The Gilded Cage was the appropriately naled During the tine that Hontparnasse was closed for
ancester of The ar. Brass chandaliers and a gold repair, a temporary facility was wade available to
bust at the front door were no doubt intended to (according to one interview) 'get the gueens off
give_ the place a "gilded' look, but as far as the stree.‘ Eight-forty-five Lane Allen illed this
calling it a 'cage' goes, l’a not sure whether it need (which was recent y the Hidden Door). Blacked
was a prophetic gesture or a coincidence. Although out windows, booths, beer and a dance floor with a
many of us now hold the assumption that the Silded Juke Box are the only real aenories of the
Cage was nothing sore and nothing less