xt7dbr8mh09v https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7dbr8mh09v/data/mets.xml     books  Latin   This digital resource may be freely searched and displayed in accordance with U. S. copyright laws. Medieval Manuscripts Binding waste Stencil liturgy Gradual Musical notation Liturgy with Musical Notation, 18th century (MS Latin Kentucky XV) text Identifier: MS LAT KY XV Summary: Stenciled Early Modern Liturgy (18th century) in partial state. Origin: 18th century Decoration: Rubricated letters. Two black letters on red background. Notes: Starts at fol. 27. Missing fol. 55- 59, 69. Gap in circular orthography typical to stenciling throughout, particularly noticeable on the number foliating fol. 50 and 60. On fol. 60r, see also the gap in the rubricated O. See also fol. 73, three rubricated lines heavily marked with stencil gaps. Fol. 119 is backwards (the current recto does not have the foliation, the current verso does). Possible indication of tabs on fol. 37r. Palimpsets on fol. 79r. Script: Stenciled font Support: Parchment Binding:  Binding consists of an earlier, 16th or 17th century possibly Italian Antiphoner leaf with remnants of 'decorative' stitching along the edges. Layout: Folia throughout contain mix of lines of text and staves with musical notation with a max of 11 lines and 4 staves. Liturgy with Musical Notation, 18th century (MS Latin Kentucky XV)   2021 true xt7dbr8mh09v section xt7dbr8mh09v