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The Cats' Pause
m   7 o x n o - 1 Z Q > o C T" X *
Z SX5 0D
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r a
A Rebounding Machine Against UNCC
.But At 6-0, Still Falls To Second In AP Poll T&2
f77u> (jaU' iAmr
{December /p<9/
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Date: 12-21-1987
(6-0 Overall; 0-0 SEC) (5-0 Home; 0-0 Away;  1-0 Neutral) UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY WILDCATS Pet     3PT 3PTA   Pet     ri JJlJ^LJ^^lJi^     TO   B1K   Stl ,
6        6     205   34.2       44     84   52.4       10     29   34.5    15     17 88.2
6        6     214   35.7       33     71    46.5 5
6        6     176    29.3       38     71 53.5
6 6     175    29.2       23     45 51.1
V:'::::;'; '6
82    13. 7       12     27 44.4
6 6     131    21.f
10 21
?. 6
48 9.6 10 21 47.6 18     6.0        4       8 50.0
13     15 86.7
3      10 30.0
6 -      101 16.8
4-26 6.5
3- 30 10.0
4- 19 4.8
19 3.
9 1.5
42 7.0
52 8.7
13 2.2
28 4.7
1225    204.      184    388    47.4        15      48    31.3 131    171 76.6
1225   204.      172    353 48.;
23     62   37.1    72    110 65.5
105 17.5
97 16.2
1 1
107    5   97 70
197   32.8    140   9   92    117      11 39
28V 4.7
23     4 .6
10 3.3
14 2.3
. 7
514 85.7
439 73.2
UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY SCHEDULE Record UK     Opp    Opponent Margin    Top Scorer
Top Reboundcr
AC tendance
Nov.	28	1-	0	86
Dec.	01	2-	0	101
Dec.	05	3-	0	82
Dec.	L2	4-	0	76
Dec.	18	5-	0	85
Dec.	19	6-	0	84
59 Hawaii
77 Cincinnati
76 Indiana
75 Louisville
71 Miami (Ohio)
81 North Carolina-Charl
27 18 LOCK, ROB
14 28 BENNETT, W.
9 BENNETT, W. 23,049 (H)
13 LOCK, ROB 22,865 (H)
10 JENKINS, CEDRIC 43,601 (N-Indy)
11 JENKINS, CEDRIC 23,489 (H) 10 BENNETT, W. 23,995 (H) 16 MADISON,RICHARD 23,995 (H)
Dec .	28	Alaska		(H)
Dec.	31	Vanderbilt		(H)
Jan.	02	Georgia		(A)
Jan.	06	Mississippi	State	(H)
Jan.	09	Auburn		(H)
Jan.	13	Alabama		(A)
Jan.	16	Tennessee		(H)
Jan.	20	Florida		(H)
Jan.	23	LSU		(A)
Jan.	27	Vanderbilt		(A)
Jan.	31	Notre Dame		(H)
Feb.	03-	Ole Miss		(H)
Feb.	06	Mississippi	State	(A)
Feb.	10	Auburn		(A)
Feb.	13	Alabama		00
Feb.	17	Tennessee		(A)
Feb.	20	Florida		(A)
Feb.	24	LSU		(H)
Feb.	28	Syracuse		(10
Mar.	02	Georgia		00
Mar.	05	Ole Miss. ,		(A)
SEC Awaits UK Following Battle (?) With Alaska
With a perfect 6-0 mark and a championship trophy from the University of Kentucky Invitational Tournament safely tucked away, the Wildcats went home for the holidays last weekend but returned back to campus on Christmas Eve to get ready for Monday's date with Alaska-Anchorage.
While down-to-the-wire battles were expected with the likes of the Indianas and Louisvilles of the world, Kentucky's showdowns with Miami of Ohio and UNCC last weekend were anything but blowouts.
Kentucky had to pull out all stops to capture its own invitational, but the Big Blue pulled it off.
There's an old saying that great teams make their breaks and there's another old saying that it's better to be lucky than good, at times.
Take your pick, but this December has been a month where the Wildcats have taken advantage of good play, a little luck and more than a few breaks.
UK coach Eddie Sutton certainly has to be pleased with his club's progress to date as far as the won-loss record is concerned, but he'd also like to see a blowout or two where he could perform a few experiments.
And if he wants to enjoy an easy win, he'd better grab one over Alaska Monday night, or it could be quite some time. After Monday's date with Alaska, it'll be the rugged roads of the Southeastern Conference, first at home with Vanderbilt and then an all-important road trip to Atlanta to face the Georgia Bulldogs at The Omni.
As we pointed out last week when UK was 4-0, the 'Cats could have been 2-2 with a bad break or two. Those two games in the UKIT could have been placed in the same category.
But Wildcat fans shouldn't sound the alarm just yet.
Kentucky has not only played well, but the No. 1 national ranking it held until this week also drew the best from the opposition. Louisville, Miami and UNCC all played three great games against the 'Cats, save the Cards' first-half performance.
UNCC's exhibition the first 20 minutes was about as great a show as I've ever seen by a losing team at Rupp Arena. Any other night, and Kentucky would have been a sure loser.
Still, Kentucky must continue its steady improvement. This club has the makings of a great team, but there is so much parity in the country, anything less than a full effort will find a team on the losing end of the scoreboard.
Kentucky has been going at a torrid pace since Oct. 15, so perhaps three days off earlier in the week is just the tonic needed for the 'Cats to regain some of their freshness.
We certainly hope so because the second season begins next week and the 'Cats will find out that Ole Miss in Oxford and Mississippi State in Starkville can be just as tough as the UNCC 49ers were last week.
? ? ?
If the early pre-SEC slates are any indication, the league is off to a great start and appears to be well on its way to proving it is one of, if not, the top conferences in the country.
Florida's Gators, with only a road loss to
SMU preventing a perfect mark, are certainly Top Ten caliber (the pollsters agree, Norm Sloan's club is ranked eighth this week) and are going to be a legitimate threat to not only make a run at the Final Four, but the national championship as well.
Georgia is going to be a very good club and despite a close loss to Georgia Tech, the Bulldogs will be NCAA bound and among the Top 25 before the end of the season.
Ditto for Auburn which was down by as much as 15 with less than four minutes left in regulation at Illinois before forcing the game into overtime. The Tigers finally lost 107-103.
LSU lost last week to Arkansas State, but don't let that one fool you. The Tigers will bounce back. And Wimp Sanderson will have his Crimson Tide battling as soon as his youngsters gain a little experience.
That gets us to Vanderbilt which is shocking a lot of people these days. If you don't believe me, ask Dean Smith and his North Carolina Tar Heels, which were upset earlier in the month. A few nights later. C.M.'s cagers pushed Indiana right to the w ire before losing in Bloomington.
But the biggest news of all could be in another Tennessee town where Don DeVoe is battling for his coaching life. With a new 25.000-seat arena in place, he has the terrible pressure of filling the arena.
That could be tough when considering that he no longer has Tony White around to bomb the lights out. But DeVoe is off to a good start this winter, winning all four games to date. Sure, the competition isn't of the Top Twenty caliber, but the Vols will take any kind of a win at this time.
With a softer schedule, the Vols obviously believe that confidence is more important right now than the caliber of opposition. After the Volunteer Classic next week, the Big Orange will dig into the SEC card and then we'll see just how good they really are.
? ? ?
HITS AND MISSES . . . Friday and Saturday looked more like the an NBA try-out camp, what with nine different NBA scouts in attendance for the annual UKIT. Cotton Fitzsimmons of the Phoenix Suns told us senior Ed Davender's stock has risen significantly during the early portion of the season. He also said NBA scouts have paid more than casual notice to Davender's newfound shooting eye. Cotton also said Winston Bennett will be a strong candidate. Commenting on Cedric Jenkins and Rob Lock, the NBA scout said either will have their own shot at the pro circuit if they prove themselves this winter. With a great deal of talk surrounding Rex Chapman's talent and some even suggesting he could play in the NBA today, Fitzsimmons said he, for one, believes Chapman should not even consider the NBA until after four years at Kentucky: "He's a great talent, but I believe he should play his four years here, at least I hope he does, and then let us have him in the NBA. When he does, he'll definitely be a No. 1 pick . . . Arizona State of the Pac-10 announced last week it will participate in the UKIT next season . . . Speaking of Arizona, Lute Olson of the Arizona Wildcats was quoted in the Louisville
Courier-Journal Sunday as saying his club would welcome the opportunity to take on the No. 1 nationally ranked Kentucky Wildcats. The article was a feature on Lute and his 'Cats and their drive to Top Ten status in college basketball. It also detailed Olson's interest in the head coaching job at the University of Kentucky when Joe B. Hall retired after the 1985 season. The article suggested that he was a leading candidate, but what it didn't say is that at one point Lute was being introduced to then-UK players as the new Wildcat coach before negotiations between the coach and the school broke down. Less than 24 hours later, Eddie Sutton was hired . . .Now, of course, the shoe is on the other foot. Olson's Wildcats are ranked No. 1, having inched past Sutton's Wildcats by a slim eight-vote margin in the Dec. 1 Associated Press poll. . .There was more than basketball talk floating around Rupp Arena over the weekend. With Jerry Claiborne trying to shore up his roster for a murdereous schedule next fall, at least six talented junior college propsects were on campus making official visits . . . The nation's top junior prep hoop prospect was also in town over the weekend when Jimmy Jackson and his Toledo Macomber team needed Johnson's last second shot to defeated Lexington Bryan Station in
?WLEX-TV, Channel 18 in Lexington will replay "A Cats Christmas With Cox and Combs," hosted by sport-swriter Earl Cox and TCP Publisher Oscar Combs Dec. 26 at 7:00 p.m.
Featured on the program are visits with Mr. & Mrs. Eddie Sutton and Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Chapman.
Sean Woods
the last game of the annual Coca-Cola Thoroughbred Classic. He scored 17 of his 19 points in the second half. . . Earlier, UK-bound Sean Woods scored 11 points despite suffering from a sprained ankle as his Indianapolis Cathedral team defeated Lexington Lafayette 76-65. Chattanooga City's outstanding junior, Orlando Lightfoot, scored 25 points but it was not enough as Scott County
edged the out-of-towners 50^9. Scott County's Tony Wise paced his club with 22 points in the second game of the Thoroughbred Classic. In the opening game, Lexington Tates Creek could manage only two points in the final quarter but held on to defeat Lexington Catholic 36-34. The Creekers were led by 6-4 junior Aaron Greenfield's 11 points. . .The top recruiting experts in the country were on hand for the classic. Bob Gibbons of All-Star Sports Publications, the top recruiting expert in the country, took in the event and said he continues to believe Don MacLean will wind up with UK. "Georgia Tech would have to be considered the leader right now," said Gibbons, "But I believe they would have signed him in November if he was going to go to Tech. When it comes down to it, I believe it will be either Kentucky or  UCLA, and in the end I believe it will be Kentucky." . . . Bill Cronauer of B/C All-Star Sports Camps fame also was on hand and said he won't be surprised if Kentucky winds up with MacLean. But he does caution Kentucky fans about getting too excited about this UK team walking through the SEC on the way to the Final Four. Bill, who works out of Florida, said Norm Sloan's Gators are every bit as good as people say they are. He says Florida can go as far as the Gators want to if they get consistent play from center Dwayne Schintzius . . . Another of the recruiting experts at the classic was Van Coleman who puts out the National Cage Recruiting List. Coleman also had high praise for UK's November signing group and said MacLean would be a big way to top off the 'Cats' recruiting class next spring ... At least 15 colleges had recruiting bird dogs in the crowd including scouts from Syracuse, DePaul, Louisville, Michigan, Ohio State, Iowa, Kentucky, Purdue, Tennessee and Illinois among other schools . . . Remember the Fabulous Five of the Kentucky prep ranks of two years ago? The members were Chapman. Felton Spencer, Scott Draud, Reggie Hanson and Frank Persley. Well, they're all on the major college scene today. Chapman and Hanson at Kentucky, Spencer at Louisville, Draud at Vanderbilt and Persley at North Carolina-Charlotte. Among the five, Persley was perceived by many to have the least chance of cracking the big-time. But that was before this month. After sitting out last season as a Proposition 48 casualty, Persley returned to the 49er lineup this winter and then blossomed into a starter this past weekend for Jeff Mullins' team. Against Kentucky Saturday night, Persley taught the home folks a few lessons as he scored 15 points in a game which had UK on the verge of losing until the final horn . . . Want to hear of a possible nightmare in the making which would cause even Adolph Rupp to turn over in his grave? Well, the ultimate dig into Kentucky's storied basketball tradition could happen during the 'Cats' first visit to Tennessee's new 25,000-seat arena in February. The way things stand now, the Vols would own a winning record over the Wildcats at home if they can beat UK on that date. A victory would give the Vols a 37-36 mark against the 'Cats in games played in Knoxville. It would be the only school in the nation to own a winning mark, either at home or away, against the 'Cats in a series of 20 or more games. Clockwise From Top Left: Cedric Jenkins goes up as UNCC's Dan Plon-dke gives Academy Award performance; Chapman tosses up two as Jeff West applies pressure; 49ers' coach Jeff Mullins, former star at Lexington Lafayette High; Lock scrambles for position; UK's Ed Davender congratulates UNCC's Byron Dinkins for his fine showing.
Photos By Gun Cromwell &h& (do/A;' &cu/a&
No Need To Check This List Twice
Who Would Want An 'I Love Bobby' Button?
Dear Santa,
How are things up north ? / hope Mrs. Claus, the elves and the reindeer are all doing well. I've been a relatively good boy this year, but I don't really want much for Christmas.
	0	Dan Brandenburg Cats' Pause Columnist
You see, I got my best present, a son, about a month before your scheduled arrival this weekend and that will about cover the gift-giving season for me. OK, a new pair of Nikes would be nice. Size 12, Wildcat blue, if you please.
However, now that I've got your attention, there is a lengthy list of my friends and associates who have been especially well-behaved this year.
Since I'm pretty well satisified with the way things stand at my end now, why don't you use the time you would normally spend on me to stuff a little something extra into the stockings of those mentioned below.
I've enclosed a list of suggestions, also, and, as always, your milk and cookies will be under the tree. Have a safe trip.
Yours truly,
Danny Brandenburg, the 27th most revered sports columnist in Kentucky
For University of Kentucky basketball coach Eddie Sutton: I don't understand why everyone has been wanting to give Eddie a ticket to Kansas City in the spring. I flew over Kansas City once and it didn't look especially enticing. I think a voice-alteration machine that attaches to his car phone would be more appropriate.
For UK guard Ed Davender: A Rodney Dangerfield mask to go with his goggles. You see, Santa, Ed is the best defensive player in the country and not too shabby on the offensive end, either, but because of Rex Chapman, Winston Bennett and a crew of talented freshmen, he just doesn't get any respect.
For Herald-Leader sports columnist John McGill: An "I V Darrin Van Horn" button.
For Herald-Leader sports columnist Billy Reed: Less reverence. And an"I Bobby Knight" button.
For Sports Illustrated writer Curry Kirkpatrick: Even less reverence. And a necktie that's some other color besides pink.
For Sports Illustrated writer Frank Deford: Recognition that he is simply the best sportswriter in the country, much less at the revered SI.
For Cats' Pause publisher Oscar Combs: A warehouse in which to store his baseball cards. On second thought, I think I have a little extra space...
For UK center Rob Lock: A national free throw shooting title.
For UK guard Rex Chapman: A close-up of his face on the cover of yet another basketball magazine. Lord knows he needs the publicity. But it's not that he doesn't deserve the ink, it's just that teenage girls all across the Commonwealth don't yet have quite enough photos of him to cover all four of their walls.
For "Swoop," AKA Cedric Jenkins, the resurgent UK forward: A standing ovation and a very nice frame for the degree he managed to earn in only 3'/2 years at UK Not bad for a jock, huh Santa?
For sports personality Earl Cox: A nice, warm home for that small furry creature he has befriended on his television show.
For UK football coach Jerry Claiborne: Enough bodies, perserverence and good luck to survive that killer schedule he hasin '88. A winning record might be too much to ask for.
For UK assistant SID Joey Howard: a lifetime appointment to the UK sports information staff. He was a dream
this year.
To Dave Parker, formerly of the Reds: a Saks Fifth
Avenue credit card. Not valid at K-Mart, of course.
To Larry Vaught, assistant sports editor at Danville: another year as president of the Kentucky Associated Press Sports Editors Association.
To Indiana University: Someone with enough gumption to take control of Bobby Knight.
To UK guard Derrick Miller: A successful three-point attempt  he was 0-8 going into the UKIT  and a little more patience. His time will come.
To UK forward Winston Bennett: Continued progress toward a successful return to his pre-knee surgery form.
To Alabama coach and GQ coverboy Wimp Sanderson: A navy blue sportscoat. I would even settle for a solid-color sportscoat. Just skip the checks and plaid.
To Mark Higgs, Jerry Reese, Dermontti Dawson and the rest of the senior Wildcats: professional football contracts.
To Henry Harris, UK fan extraordinare: A Kentucky T-shirt featuring a Spuds MacKenzie look-a-like saying "Go, Cats, Go."
To former governor and baseball commissioner Happy Chandler: Many more opportunities to sing "My Old Ken-
For Rob: A Free Throw-Shooting Title
tucky Home" at UK's final home basketball game each season.
To Dick Vitale, Keith Jackson and most sportscasters in general: Less volume and more substance. Everybody wants to know what the score is, how much time is left and what is happening on the field or court  not what Joe Football's mother did in high school.
To the University of Kentucky Athletics Department: No Proposition 48 casualties among the new recruits.
The Southeastern Conference has just released its first statistical package of the season and several Wildcats figure prominently in some of the categories.
Through games of Dec. 12, Rex Chapman was ninth in the league in scoring at 19.0 points per game and Ed Davender was 13th at 17.5.
Davender was also fifth in three-point percentage, hitting 3 of 5 for 60 percent; 11th in assists, 4.0 per game; fourth in steals with 3.0 per contest and ninth in free throw percentage, on 25 of 30 for 83.3 percent.
Kentucky had four representatives among the top 10 SEC free throw shooters, but no one in the top 15 in field
[Continued On Page 22]
UK Gets More lst-Place Votes, But Arizona Edges 'Cats For The Top Spot
Although Kentucky defeated Miami of Ohio and North Carolina-Charlotte to keep its record unblemished in six starts, UK lost ground in the Dec. 21 Associated Press poll, falling to No. 2 behind 9-0 Arizona. Kentucky received 29 first-place votes to just 26 for Arizona, but Lute Olson's Wildcats edged Eddie Sutton's Wildcats 1,096 to 1,088 in overall votes.
While Kentucky was slipping past Miami (85-71) and UNCC (84-81) Friday and Saturday in the UKIT, Arizona was busy burying Washington 110-71 Sunday, something that had to influence the pollsters.
Florida, which was 6-1 prior to a date with South Florida Dec. 23, moved from 11th to eighth. Norm Sloan's Gators was the only SEC team besides Kentucky to crack the poll.
AP Top Twenty  . i_
r 1 Points Pvs
1. Arizona (26)........................1,096 2
2. Kentucky (29).................1,088 1
a Pittsburgh (2).....................1,004 3
4. North Carolina......................942 4
5. Wyoming..............................825 6
6. Temple.................................804 8
7. Syracuse..............................694 9
a Florida.................................659 11
9. Duke....................................653 10
10. Purdue.................................565 12
11. Michigan...............................540 13
12. Oklahoma.............................511 14
13. Indiana.................................473 5
14. Iowa......................................374 7
15. Nevada-Las Vegas................357 15
16. Iowa State............................308 20
17. Missouri................................260 16
18. Kansas.................................252 17
19. Georgetown..........................185 18
20. Memphis State.....................105 "9
Sutton Talked' Madison Into Playing Well In Game With Charlotte
Following are Eddie Sutton's postgame comments after Kentucky's 84-81 victory over North Carolina-Charlotte in the championship game of the UKIT last Saturday night at Rupp Arena:
Question: Your thoughts of the contest.
Sutton: It was a great college basketball game. I'm just glad we won. For a spectator,
1 1 n m
Richard Madison
to watch a game like that it was truly a spec-tical. I've never seen three-point shooting like those guys (UNCC) did tonight. I kept thinking: "Gollee, they're going to miss pretty soon." That's a fine basketball team.
[Continued On Page 8] &7? (ja/A-' ifir/Mr
Plummer In The House?
Kentucky's Balanced Attack, Led By Winston Bennett' Much For Miami; Late 'Cat Flurry Floods Redskins 85-71
s 28 Points, Too In UKIT Opener
By TCP Staff Writer Jim Easterwood
The Kentucky Wildcats' offense is proving to be about as hard to plug as a leaky roof in a monsoon.
Plug one spot, and another hole opens up.' Fix that one and somebody else flows through a crack.
So it was Friday night when those pesky Redskins of Miami of Ohio suddenly ran out of patching tools against the Wildcats.
UK forward Winston Bennett proved to be the man who slipped up this time on the Redskins as he led the 'Cats to an 85-71 win in the opening round of the 35th University of Kentucky Invitational Tournament at Rupp Arena.
Miami coach Jerry Peirson entered Friday's game equipped with enough "junk" defenses to start a swap meet. He came out in a matchup zone, used a triangle-and-two and even a little man.
It worked. . .to a point. The "junk" held Ed Davender and Rex Chapman down from their usual norm but opened up things for Bennett.
Bennett scored a career-high 28 points and center Rob Lock added 17 as the 'Cats won their fifth game.
"If a team like Louisville can't match up for 40 minutes there's no way anybody else can," said Peirson. "We like to play man but we had to zone. I don't like to junk but felt we had to. Kentucky will see a lot of junk before the year is over." -
Balanced 'Cats Put Five In Double Figures
For sure the Wildcats will. But Kentucky provedat least for one nightthey have more guns in their arsenal than the long bombs of Chapman or the all-around firepower of Davender.
Bennett, hitting the 15 to 18 footers with consumate ease, had 17 points in the last half. These included two jumpers after Miami had pulled within one point (61-60) at the 9:54 mark on a shot by Karlton Clayborne.
Bennett's buckets got the Wildcats rolling. And rolling was something they had not been able to do all night long.
"Give Miami credit," said Bennett. "They played a heckuva game. But I wasn't really worried. When you are No. 1 you have to defend that billing. And Ed and Rex usually come through at crunch time. It's a matter of playing as a team."
Sutton wasn't surprised at Bennett's heroics. He'd seen the 6-7 senior do it before when teams sagged on All-American Kenny Walker two years ago.
"Miami was limiting the number of shots Ed and Rex put up,"said Sutton. "Winston was wide open. But that's what we have going for us. When a team slants its defense to one player, another can pick up the slack."
Friday night it was Winston, who felt as good as the Bennett of 1987-88 should. He popped in 13 of 21 from the field to go with a game-high 10 rebounds. Miami had one minor gasp after the two Bennett buckets.
Scrappy Redskins Finally Ran Out Of Gas
Jim Paul's layup cut it to 65-62 but then the Redskins ran out of gas. . .and buckets. Kentucky's use of the bench and the press had taken its toll. The 'Cats outscored Miami 12-0 over the next four minutes of play. Turnovers and blown layups hurt the tired 'Skins.
T got a cramp and so did (Todd) Staker," said point guard Eddie Schilling. "Definitely, fatigue played a role in this spurt."
It was Schilling (15 points) and Staker (14) who took it upon themselves to be more assertive offensively after spectacular scoring guard Eric Newsome took himself out of the starting lineup with a sprained shooting thumb.
Newsome had been averaging 24.2 points a game, but as so often happens, the Redskins seemed to solidify themselves with an all-around effort.
''Even though he (Newsome) didn't play they (the 'Skins) showed a lot of courage and guts to battle us like they did," said Davender.
Miami has uniforms that look like Indiana, and for 32 minutes the Redskins played a lot like the Hoosiers. They dived for loose basketballs and scrapped for every rebound. But, more importantly, they played within their talents.
Schilling set the tone for the game on the tip-off when he dove for a ball headed out of bounds and knocked it back in. From there, the Redskins took advantage of two Kentucky turnoversonly two of seven total for the nightto take a 5-0 lead in the opening 1:22 of play. Sutton signaled for a time out. The flat 'Cats then began to show signs of life.
Flat 'Cats Had Trouble Putting Miami Away
But, even then, the Redskins stuck around like a burr in the saddle of the thoroughbreds from Kentucky.
Kentucky took a 41-37 halftime lead after the lead had exchanged hands seven times with five ties. But. with Miami leading 29-28 Bennett muscled in a bucket with 5:01 left in the half and hit the foul shot to complete a three-point play. Kentucky never trailed again.
Kentucky then edged ahead by as much as eight points early in the second half (51-43 and 56-48), only to see the Redskins stay in the game on two three-point goals by Schilling and one by Staker, Many of Miami's buckets came after the 'Skins put on better picks than you will find in an eastern Kentucky coal mine.
"They did a nice job of running their patterns," said Sutton. "They ran what we call a flex."
Davender, who came on late in the game to finish with 11 points, shook his head after one of Schilling's bombs.
"Sometimes those things work in mysterious ways," said Davender. "I pushed him out to the NBA three-point line a couple of times and he still hit them. What can I say? I tried."
Kentucky played the game without star freshman forward LeRon Ellis, who was suspended for one game because he missed Thursday night's curfew. Chapman also wasn't up to par.
"I gave him time to go to the bathroom," said Sutton, smiling.
Chapman finished with 13 points while Rob Lock had 17. Freshman guard Eric Manuel came off the bench to score 10.
Lamont Hanna matched Schilling with 15 points but blew a couple of layups in the stretch where the 'Cats outscored them 12-0 to break the game open.
"We were tired the last six minutes," admitted Peirson. "We played one of the best teams in the history of Miami of Ohio basketball. We have character and I'll put my kids' heart up with anybody."
But next time the 'Skins will have to bring more patchwork.
(J>, Dec.  18/87 Slt8 UningtOn, Ky 
No	MIAMI {OHIO}	<',	1-.'	-i I3	"7.T	FT	FTA		--	*,<	?i	rp
2U	Haywood, Trlmi11 1	1	6	0	0	0	0	1	1	2	<,	2
S3	Fuerst, Jeff 1	0	1	0	0	c	0	1	2	3	5	C
54	Paul, Jim C	*	?	0	0	1	2	1	i	2	5	
5	Schi11ing, Eddie g		':	!	;	0	0	0	(	k	3	15
25	Staker, Todd 5		13	2	7	0	0	7	2	*	0	14
|i.	Clayborne, Karlton	i	7	0	0	0	0	2	k	i	:	11
21	Bledsoe, Dorlon	1	1	0	0	0	0	:	0	0	I	:
42	Reeves . Chip	g	P	0	0	Q	0	0	fl	0	7.	D
43	Scott. Jeff	i	1	0	C	0	0	p	2	2	1	2
44	Hanna, Lanont		9	0	0	7	9	0	3	)	;	'5
kS	Stewart, Tim	0	C	0 I 0		0	o	;	!	1	0	;
				1					1			
	1			1								
	TEAM RESOUNDS (included m Touts							3	1	l		
	TOTALS	29	58	5	Ik	B				3:	23 |7.	
A | TO | BUC			s	WIN
0	3	0	1	15
1	k	0	1	22
2		Q	1	25
6	s	0	1	
0	2	0	0	ri
1		0	Q	11
1	-	n	0	fl
n	n	n	ft	1
0	1	0	f|	s
2	0	0	2	2 2
0	:	c	0	
15   19   0     6 200
TOTAL FG %-. 1st Hill SJ-TX   2nd Hit l*1:}*..11^'* G.m.2l-58, 50-03
up, er .,., 2-6. 25.6t       ,,,, 3-6. Scot   G,.,5;i<. n.n_
Deadbatl Rebounds.
FT X: 1st Half 5-6. 83-3* HOME (Last Name. Firs!)
9^h.h VS. feO.Oa    n.m,8-11. 72.7?
NO	KENTUCKY	w.c    1 _			CT	; -1				PF	TP
		W	tu	:    r -,			O-I 0*1				
	Bennett, Winston 1	'3	2 1	0   1 0	2	5	4	6	10	0	28
55	Jenkins, Cedric 1	0	1	0   1 0	2	2	2	2	-	3	2
	Lock, Rob e	;	6	0 1 0	: 1	12		5	:	5	17
3	Chapman, Rex g	I	1 	1 I*	0	0	o	1	1	?	O
'5	Davender, Ed g	k	6	0 1 1	3	4	0	2	2	0	1 1
	Ml 1 ler. Derrick	0	1	0 ll	0	0	0	0	0	c	0
20	Sutton, Sean	0	0	c 1 0	0	1	0 1 0		p	0	g
23	Manuel, Eric	3	"	0 1 0	'-	k	0	k	'-	1	10
y--	Hanson, Reqg i e	0	c	0 ! 0	0	0	0	0	0	0	?
'-2	Madison, Richard	0	2	0 1 0	0	0	Q	1	1	0	0
	Scott, Mike	1	?	0 10	2	2	1	0	t	0	
	TEAM REBOUNDS (included in Totals)						1	D			
|   TOTALS                          | 30 j 60 | 1   [6    p4   j 30							12	2!	53	11 1 85	
	ro	BUX	B	
3	)	0	\	li
j	0	1	c	15
	2	I	0	2?
3	:	c	2	|i
1	:	0	;	34
	0	0	0	
;	0	E	1	
t	0	0	0	21
C	c	0	p	1
1	0	0	0	7
0	0	0	Q	B
total FGVi.in,ii 15-31. kl.k\ ?nri Maf '5-29. 51  n r,.m.30-60. S0.0X
[17 | 7  | k \ 5 |200
Deadball Reboundi_3_