Financial Planning in Denver, Walter W. Aton ’48 is the Cline C, Duff ’52 has bccn
Colo. He has a master’s degree owner of Carmel Cryogenics in named a vice president of Mer-
. Irmcl N. Brown ,33 is a m_ in business administration and Carmel, Ind. He is a member rill -Lynch Pience Fenner ·&
Q tiled electrical engineer from electrical engineering, Helspe- ofltlie American Society of Smith, I-ic lcincd Meinl]
, . cializes in business and individ- Mining Engineers. He earned Lynch in 1969 as an account
the RCA Corporation. He was l n . l l . d l ll. b ll l , d . , _ h S A
. . ua nancia annin an acs is ac eors e ree in me- executive in t t
·* a minor mcmberpf Phe engl- as aconsultanpi on cog orate re- chanical en ineerifi from the Calif office HC fantil d  
neering staff and lives in Glass- . P . . g g " ' €_ mm C O
bowl NJ. H6 ls a member Ola tirement plans. University. Fullerton office in 1977 and
the Institute of Electrical and acted as manager for fhrcc
ll Electronic Engineers, Tau Bela   years. He has been an assistant
· -   ··`d t ` ~ 1977 d
l P1 and a life member ofthe UK Garland K_ Grace »49 re_ uw PHO! cn Smw _ an _O
l National Alumni Association. cenlly retired and llves ln member Of the Chairman O
l He earned a bachelor’s degree William H. McCollum ’47, l_lunlS\,llle Ala? He was Self_   if thO_pOst {Our YOOfO‘ In
i in mechanical engineering from ’49, a professor and virologist i O resisted thO manage`
- , employed. Grace earned a ment Ol lhe been h cl _
i UK. in UK’·s department of veteri- baelleloris degree ln meehann lumed lo Work asca Slrllcllxc
nary science since-1961,lhas in- Cal englneerlng from UK. broker
l ——— fluenced other virologists all ‘
over the world. But it was dur-
—   _J•¤i}°<=i¤<>¤_ Davis K¤ki>¤i· ing last year’s outbreak of ;
» mk 37 mired Wm the Gm sqnins Viiai arteritis on Ksn-
l im] MOtOIiS Cl54 has been
’ WOO ‘“. OO OO"; ‘ ‘ .O lvm s¤i¤<¢d r¤¤¤g¤iti¤¤ iii this S named the director or comput-
$.?;£‘i$;’.’?;3i*Z.5;°*§i‘§§.§.d€i’¥§i£“   Sim my Y Cais ds Gatch s..i..,.. Mains ss is at Csminis Sim Um
J g g · veloping a vaccine to combat _ _ _ _y _ sity in San Bernardino, Calif.
i the dissass amd it was the isis €""‘?O h‘S O"?g"*°.'“ OW'] "¥‘g" Part of his responsibilities win
1960’s before he perfected it. Ilccmng   ls rstifsd and livss include developing training
Wllgus S Bmem ,38 is re He stored it in the tisszsi until iii Mwssviiici Ind- Comes tc, faculty and Stall
i tired {mm. General Motors last spring’s outbreak called for Slaton is a Cclsllncd public ac-
i Cmp. and llvcs ln lndlanapd its use. Now the vaccine is be-  " Connlann a data processor and
lis, Ind. He is a life member of Fgb markémq ily Foillgodgli Gloria Doughty ’51 was ¤¤é¤l¤g¤¤l OOdit°r· who Oamc
. h UK N · l Al · Pi 0i`21i0Y1€$ 1¤ 0W€i- toug l d lll. { h L b_ to a tate nine years ago. He
iksiociation. atlcma umm he Shams the patcm Withfhme gefclfapiinlei (Sigiiifz (fnfefnatiiorfial fctlmd from the Air FOrOO·
Other mcniijamcs C' WllSOn’ Pharmacy Fraternity at the na- samsd 8 bachclofis dcsrss in
 — Dr` John T' BryanS’ DOW tional convention held at the accounting from UK and a
¤hsim¤ of the d¢¤mm¤¤*· eww., pim in sista. Wash. masters degree in computer
.Ia1'1'€d M· Barron ,39 is ¥h€ and the late Elvis R- DOu—it She was elected grand Vice science from Stanford. He also
chairman of the board of Bar- was his pet project after Doll’s .d d . d h O _ earned H rnaslcrls dcgl-cc [mm
. . . presi ent an receive te ut
ron Homes Inc. in Owens- death in 1967, until present. . Calslald
,’ standing Alumnus Award at
boro. He is a member of the Last November, McCollum the Plllsbur ll mcclln in 1982
National Association of Home traveled to Ireland as a featured g g `  
Builders and a life member of s eaker at the international
the UK National Alumni Asso- seminar on the disease. His ,
    imdsd him   ir   ...J§‘..‘L`f§.i$g.fZ“s.1ZZ?$Z§.ff.;
he has traveled widely in his l .. i _ . . . _. _ .
. work. Shortly after he joined y* i °  Ohlci _hnan_L_ml Omkcr Wlih
UKiS faculty, he accepted 3 , I  __ J.,  Georgia-Pacific Corp., also will
  · _ h l t Q dy I direct chemical operations. Hc
S two-year assignment to ep » .s_ 7 . l _ .bl l _
· · —.  , is a so rcsponsi e or the com-
l   train students and teachers in ,`ve  ;.» l E eh e O_l & G"
il   F.   742 Il'ldOI$€Sl3.. In   he pre- » I { , gl?lI;;;diaryxcI_?€n§gin€é the COT`?
` retired this year as a sales engl- Sem'? _a Papcf On { C Vaccmc 7 ”— mation lll l983
nee, {Or the Cabo, COcnO,e_ at an international conference   P ‘
.. tion. He lives in Wilmington, m Franca About 10 Years agoi \
`O Del., and is a member of the hs acted as teacher {Or O
. American gnclely Ol Mechanl_ veternarian who was sent. to Dorothy S. Teater·’51 was l l l
cal Enelneere He earned his UK from the japanese racing elected. as a commissioner oi jerry B. Ol Daniel 57 has
. masleris degree in mechanical commission to study the dis- Franklin Co., Ohio. She has been named director of quality
englneerlng l-mm UK. ease. Although McCollum”s served on the Columbus City for IBM’s information products
contributions have been signifi- Council for five years. Her hus— division. He will direct the
cant, he continues to study the band, Robert W. Teater ’51 is quality programs at the compa-
viruses and devotes much ofhis a major general in the Ohio ny’s plants in Boulder, Colo.,
James M. Hisle ’46 has time to the laboratory at UK. Army National Guard and was Charlotte, N.C. and Lexing-
been named a certified linan- He is a life member of thc UK a candidate for governor in the ton. O’Danicl resides in
cial planner by the College of National Alumni Association. 1982 Republican primary. Lexington.
UK l9