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When Heaven pulls it’s curtains down'

And pins it with a star,
I'll remember you, sweetheart,

No matter where you are.

Each lonely night when the moon comee
And stars come out to play,
I start wondering of sou, sweetheart,

Four thousand miles aan.

And I hope you are thinking too,
Of the boy that will return some day,
To you, sweetneert, the one I love,

So many miles away.

We'll live our lives in happiness,
And dream of days gone by,
No more eed hearts and lonelinese

Sweetheart, Just you and I.

The day will come, and soon I none,
“hen I‘ll be happy and tree,
Until I an RV love, my own,

Sweetheart, remember me.



Last night I received your letter,

That was written a month ago.
You.know it hurt me, Darling,

The way I love you so.

You.eaid you had oroved untrue, Deer,
You said that you mad done wrong.
And'now my heart is broken,

50 near Wiles trom.nome.

And as I read your letter,
Sweet memories come to me.
The times we spent together,

but now it's plain to see.

How I wish it could have been different,
But time Can never be.
To mend the link that's broken,

Sweetheart, With you and me.

I guess I'll always love you,
SometiMes I wonder nny.
For now we've separated,

And darkness has filled tne sVy.

And now I've read your letter,
Although I'm sad and blue.
I none you find another,

Whose love doesn't Drove untrue.



And now, good by, Dariing,

I‘ll tr to forget and Ioraive.
L4 C/

but I guess I’ll aiways love you,


As long as I must live.


To The Grant Park First Reg. Baptist Church, And other friends.
James H. Stewart, Pastor.
These Bulletins are printed almost weekly, and mailed to many families in several
different states. We have nothing to offer but Jesus Christ and Him Crucified,

We believe that Jesus Christ is the only hope of the world; The only source of
help in times of greatest need, and if then, He is the only source of help in times
of greatest need, He deserves our love and greatest recognition when we can enjoy
ourselves the most, So to-day, we recmmnend Jesus Christ to you, Not the many things
that have confused the world, But Jesus Christ and Him Crucified.


It is with pleaSure that we present the following Mother's day poem by permission,

written by Marshall Webb, Written in Hines Veteran's Hospital, Hines, Ill Room 319.

Mother, on this beautiful day

Within my heart I wish to say,

No other Mother could take your place

with your wing care, and smiling face. --+—-

On Mothers Day we think or you,

Where ever'we are, or what ever we do
A kindly word, a helping hand

Which only Mother could understand.

There are many things, I wish for you

And hope and pray they will all come true;
For I know your love will always be
Within my heart, inside of me;

Here on this day, we hope and pray

Your tender loVe will always stay,

With loving care as you have shown,
Since the day that I was born.

Every day as we think of you,

And we know you are thinking too,
Your helping hand as it may be

Is something that no one could see.

Remembering you Mother, on this day
Is'nb llO-L‘ ' or me 4:0 90.3”, ~ . ~ =
All my 1_ we hope and pray, T
Health anfiappiness, until next Mother's day.-
By Marshall Webb.
" Strength and honor are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in thne to come. She
openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness.
She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idle-

h Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth
Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all. Favor is deceit~
ful, and beauty 18 vain: But a Woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised.
Give her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates."


James H. Stewart, Pastor, Grant Park, First Regular Baptist Church.


To night I take great pleasure in presenting (3) poems written by'Marshall Webb,
Hines Veterns Hospital, 12th. and Rosevelt Road, Hines, 111. (Chicago Area) Room 319.

He is receiving many letters from many friends and loved ones from all over the
country. Please pray for Him and many others that are confined to the Hospital.

I believe these poems express the heart felt conviction, and love, not only of him«
self but of many in Hospitals and homes every where.

By Marshall Webb.

I pray to God in Heaven
That my illness will go away,
That I’Ll be happy in knowing
He watches me every day.

And hears the prayers of those around

That my faith in Him, I believe

Though I may walk the Straight and narrow path,
And my blessings I shall receive.

The courage to have his nearness,
His power to heal and bless,

As I look to th and say my Prayers
He brings me Happiness.

My faith in knowing He is near,
And watches me every day;
And hears my many earneSt prayers,
To take my illness away.
I hope that I’m improving May God in all His Leroy
And it won‘t be long, Shine on me to day,
Before I’m in good health again And send me faith aid courage,
And feeling well and stror Until dark cloudsj‘ge passed away.

And I know that special thoughts And hope that will sustain me
Are being sent my way, In every thing I do,

From ones I love, so dear to me, Remember me in His glory

to cheer me up to day. And make my life anew.

And I hope it's soon, very soon Remembering me, and wondering to
That I'll be on my way to If I could ever guess,

Head for home, where I belong How many times He sends His love,
Feeling fine and new. And brings me happiness.

Intil that day, I‘ll sit and wait, The bright and shining light above

1nd try to pen a letter, Will guide me through each day,

Lnd put my trust in God alone, For with Him everything is possible

Then I'll feel much better. To carry me on my way.

FROM THE BIBLE: "Thou dhalt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee."
"Becayse he trusteth in thee." Please remember the Sick in prayer.