xt7dfn10q967 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7dfn10q967/data/mets.xml Lexington, Kentucky University of Kentucky. Libraries 19850726 The title, The Green Bean, was not used until December 14, 1973. During 1992-1993 some issues were sent via email with the title: Green Screen.
Unnumbered supplement with title, Wax Bean, accompanies some issues. journals  English University of Kentucky. Libraries Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The Green Bean The Green Bean, July 26, 1985, no. 460 text The Green Bean, July 26, 1985, no. 460 1985 2014 true xt7dfn10q967 section xt7dfn10q967 _ ,¤
/,// I a,o%>y (
7-26-85 A60
August 6 Purchasing Workshop A
August 7 Fire Alarm Test
August 8 Staff Development Program
August 13 · Peyrell Prvcedures W<>r·1p * 7
· August lM—l6 First World Conference on ·
" Continuing Education for
the Library and Information .
Science Professions
August l5 A 7 Personnel Policy and A
Procedure Review
Sept. lO-l2 Project Management: Planning,
~ Scheduling and Control
Next "Green Bean" issue: Friday, August 9, l985
Deadline for inclusion: Monday, August 5, l985
Production Staff: Cecil Madison, Sandy Duff, l
Rob Aken (editor)


INFORUM The incorporators of the non-profit i
' network include: Omer Hamlin, Jr., Gail {
Kennedy, and Paul Willis. E
Staff Development Meeting August 8 {
_ Toni Powell, Agriculture Librarian, will Photocopy Services in ARL Libraries {
" be the presenter at the next Staff §
Development noontime program on Thursday, Photocopy Services in ARL Libraries (SPEC 2
August 8. Toni will show slides of Kit #115, June 19855 contains a summary of §
libraries she visited during her recent survey responses, two policy statements, i
trip to Indonesia. Bring your lunch and an outline of cost factors, nine
join us in the 3rd Floor Staff Lounge at descriptions of services and price lists,
11:30 a.m. for this interesting program. 17 position descriptions, advertising copy
from three libraries, three user surveys,
(Paula Pope) and five vendor contracts. SPEC Kits are
housed in the Reference Department. §
Fire Alarm Test E
There will be a fire alarm test Wednesday, TRAINING AT UK E
August 7 between 7:35 and 8:15 a.m. in g
King Library. It is not necessary to i
evacuate the buildings at that time. The following training programs will be I
held in room 15 (basement) of Memorial E
Hall. To enroll, contact Rosemary Veach
I (7-1851). ` I
Kentucky Library Network Formed
_ Purchasing l0 - noon
Frankfort, KY (July 9, 1985) -- Aug. 6 or Oct. 22
Incorporation papers were filed with the .
Secretary of State's Office on Tuesday, This workshop shows how to use DAVs, _
July 9 for a Kentucky Library Network. requisitions, purchase orders, and
The purpose of the network will be "to receiving reports to make departmental F
promote and develop cooperation between purchases at the University. K
all types of libraries in an effort to
meet the informational, educational, i
recreational, and research needs of Payroll Procedures 9 - noon S
Kentucky's citizens and institutions." Aug. 13, Oct. 8 or Nov. 5 1
The emergence of networking is one of the This workshop shows how to fill out PARs
most notable developments in the history to activate, terminate, or continue
of libraries. Two major factors have departmental payroll; and how to maintain [
contributed to the networking movement. timesheets, etc.
First is the increased demand for books F
and other information sources, a demand E
has grown dramatically while library Personnel Policy and Procedure Review for
budgets have declined. The second factor Supervisors, Managers, Department Heads,
has evolved from the fast-paced and Administrators
improvements in computer and telecommuni-
cations technology, which makes possible 8:30 — noon f
timely, efficient communication among Aug. 15 5
libraries. {
The University's Personnel Policy and I
The Kentucky Library Network, Inc., is one Procedure Manual will be reviewed and time F
of the first library networks in the allotted to answer questions regarding I
United States to be organized as a non- interpretation, .
profit corporation. Over 2,000,000 -
volumes have already been committed to the E
network by a core-group of public and PROGRAMS
academic libraries in the state.
Potentially, this network will make Project Management: Planning, Scheduling
available to any citizen of the state and Control
books and other items held by its member Sept. l0-12,
libraries. University of Louisville
Recruitment of member institutions to E
participate in sharing their resources for This 3-day course examines every phase of §
the benefit of library patrons throughout project management and shows you step-by- j
Kentucky is ¤0H ¤¤d€FW8Y· Initial step how to bring projects in on time and i
membership fee is $50 and annual dues $25. within budget. n E

The program will be led by Richard J. Michigan
Manning, President of Project and Product
Management Support Company. Mr. Manning Head of Serials Unit, Michigan State
has worked in the area of project University. Salary: $30,000 minimum.
management with numerous large and small Deadline: August 16.
industrial companies, banks, hospitals,
' construction companies, high tech firms ·
and advertising agencies. He is an New Jersey
experienced seminar leader and project
management consultant. Assistant Order Librarian, Princeton
University. Salary: not specified.
To give each attendee ample opportunity to Deadline: August 16.
question and learn from Richard L.
Manning, attendance will be limited. Reference Librarian, Rutgers University.
Therefore, if you plan to attend, call Salary: $20,668 minimum. Deadline:
502-N26-0U27 at your earliest convenience. August 15.
Please note there is a 10% discount to any
company sending a team of three or more.
New York
For more information, see Rob Aken.
Reference Librarian, Syracuse University.
Salary: not specified. Deadline: August
PROFESSIONAL OPPORTUNITIES Head, Home Economics Library (3/U
(For more info, see the Reference Dept.) position), Ohio State University. Salary:
_ $lU,310-$l8,2N0. Deadline: July 30.
Alabama Reference/Information Services Librarian,
Ohio State University. Salary: $18,000-
Dean of Libraries, University of Alabama. $21,120. Deadline: August 31.
Salary: not specified. Deadline:
September l.
Head, Serials Department, University of
Alabama. Salary: $2U,0O0-$32,000. Social Science Reference Librarian,
5 Deadline: September 15. University of Oregon. Salary: $18,000
minimum. Deadline: August 31.
California Rare Books/Special Collections Librarian,
University of Oregon. Salary: $18,000
Head, Geology-Geophysics Library, UCLA. minimum. Deadline: October 1.
Salary: $21,02M-$36,996. Deadline:
October 1. Reference Librarian, Education Subject
Specialist, University of Oregon. Salary:
$18,000 minimum. Deadline: August 31.
Technical Services Librarian, The Florida Virginia
Center for Library Automation. Salary:
$25,000 maximum. Deadline: September 15. Arts and Humanities Collection Management
Librarian, Virginia Commonwealth
University. Salary: $17,000 minimum.
Illinois Deadline: August 31.
Serials Cataloger, Southern Illinois Head, Special Collections/Archives,
University at Carbondale. Salary: Virginia Commonwealth University. Salary:
$17,600 minimum. Deadline: September 15. $25,000 minimum. Deadline: August 31.
Head, Lending Branch, National
Agricultural Library. Salary: $37,599
minimum. Deadline: August 5.
Head, Farming and Forestry Reference
Branch, National Agricultural Library.
Salary: $37,599 minimum. Deadline:
August 5.